More Ringing Endorsements for Rich Rodriguez’s Spread Offense

The Detroit Free Press published an article today that is sure to piss off just about every Michigan fan with an internet connection.

If Terrelle Pryor, perhaps the No. 1 football recruit in the country, wants to start as a freshman, he should go to Michigan. There’s no doubt about that.

He’s a quarterback in the mold of Vince Young, tall and mobile. Given the depleted state of the Wolverines’ depth chart, the Jeannette, Pa., product would be the first-stringer the moment he signed on the dotted line.

But if his ultimate designs are on the NFL – and whose aren’t at that age? – he should go to Ohio State. There, he won’t be thrown to the wolves before he’s ready.
There, he’ll have to earn his position. And there, he’ll better learn how to be an NFL signal caller.

Rich Rodriguez’s zone-read offense is tailor-made for Pryor. But what will that do for him at the next level? West Virginia quarterback Pat White – Rodriguez’s former pupil — is a terrific college player, but his best bet for an NFL future is as a cornerback or kick returner. Granted, Pryor has better physical tools than White. But NFL teams will be skeptical of a QB coming out of a zone-read offense, no matter how talented he is.

Wow.  That article would make even Jeff Carroll blush.  Mind you this article was written by an MSU alum, but that doesn’t explain how an editor let this print.

Can you imagine the uproar in South Bend if someone from the South Bend Tribune published an article stating a linebacker or corner shouldn’t go to Notre Dame because our defense has been weak the last couple of years?  Weis would blow through the freakin’ roof.

Add this to the fairly unflattering articles about Ryan Mallet’s transfer and the Rich Rodriguez Era in Ann Arbor is off to a very entertaining start.

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  1. bleednd82
    bob Gilleran tried to get people fired???
    Is he the same guy who writes with several points and numbers them??
    BTW, Columbus, Ohio has been awfully humble this week and I for one am glad!
    A lot of crow after being so cocky about the “tough” schedule here–yeah Akron, Kent, Washington and Youngstown?? Please!!
    SEC kicks butt and I hope ND does not have an SEC team in the next year or so.
    However, we Irish have fared far better than OSU has.
    I wish the OSU program would go to the “entertaining” status that Michigan appears to be heading!

  2. Yeah I can immagine the uproar cause BoB Gilleran tried to get people fired from the SBT for being “critical”. Cool guy! Michigan is going to have 07 ND like season.

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