Weis Addresses Kallen Wade’s Situation

Weis spoke to the media for the first time since the passing of Kallen Wade’s mother over the weekend on Wednesday.  

Kallen was back on campus Tuesday for class, but will be returning home on Thursday when he will be accompanied by Weis, Jappy Oliver, and Stan Wilcox.  Weis and Wilcox will visit with the family, but will then be leaving because Weis has to be in Chicago on Friday for the Rockne Dinner and then on campus over the weekend for the Coach’s Clinic.  Oliver, though, will stay with Kallen all the way up until Saturday’s funeral for Mrs. Wade.

Weis also mentioned that Notre Dame has worked with the compliance office to get a bus to take a number of Wade’s teammates to Cincinnati for the services as well just as they did when Robert Hughes lost his borther during the 2007 season.  Weis moved Saturday’s practice to earlier in the day to accomodate the trip after one of Wade’s sisters called and asked Weis to move it to allow some of Kallen’s teammates to be there for support.

When asked about how Kallen has been doing Weis responded:

“I’ve talked to him a bunch and he’s doing ok. I’d say he is doing ok.  He knew it was coming so this wasn’t like something he didn’t know was coming, but the finality of it, I think, has rocked him pretty good. He has a couple of sisters and he has been able to spend time with them. He’s looking forward to going back and being with them and his family and with his teammates coming down. I think that, he get’s the funeral over and gets back here Sunday night, it will be good for him to be around so many of the guys. I think the team and coaching staff have been wonderful in their show of support to him and it’s really helped him through this tough time.”

Again, our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Wade family.


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  1. This article is more in line with what the ND football team it playears and coaches is about. What happens on the field is important but not nearly as important as true feelings, friends and support. Football scores will be forgotten but not the support and love you receive from your true friends. We should all have this young man in our thoughts and prayers.

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