Really Sporting News? You Couldn’t Think of a Better Title?

So I logged into this morning to check out how my fantasy baseball team did last and I see the following headline, “Why Do You Hate Weis.”

Really? That’s the best you could do?


I guess there is a reason that Sporting News is not even in the same league as ESPN, FoxSports, or even Yahoo when it comes to sports news websites. It’s sad too since Sporting News was the second sports news magazine I ever subscribed to after Blue and Gold Illustrated.

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  1. “Charlie Weis: The Coach You Love to Hate!”

    The title caught your attention and you read it; SN wins!

  2. Oh brother, now Sporting News
    is the victim?

    Interestingly enough, when you take the crude, bold and brazen approach you definately get a result. Don’t like the result? Develope some class.

    Sporting News Staff must have received their degrees from Florida. Classy enough?

  3. I really don’t think anyone, outside of a true ND fan, would have read this article if it had been titled “The Wonderful Charlie Weis You Don’t Know About”.

    The title served well to catch the attention of Weis haters while the article gave them a different perspective of the man. It was a well written article and the Sporting News did not deserve to be bashed for printing it.

  4. I was refering to Sporting News as the TURD, not that it really matters with this rag mop network.

    So don’t throw stones in glass houses Shawn about taking things out of context, you should know.

  5. Shawn – Are you 12? BWA? Really? Speak proper English if you choose to respond.

    Frankie V – Unfortunately I doubt we will ever see an article of that nature. ESPN and the rest of the media are too infatuated with Urban. Florida is the east coast version of USC. Pete Carroll and Urban Meyer only get praise from the talking heads, as evidenced by the countless arrests that get ignored in lieu of very talented football teams.

  6. I bet people get really excited when they read that head line (ND haters) then start to read the article and are like “awww awwww”…Hit X.

  7. @Brian,

    Think we’ll ever see a headline titled, “Why Do You Hate Urban?” Doubtful. Yet with all of the SEC and ND fans he’s pissed off, I am sure there are a lot more people who hate Meyer than Weis.

  8. You’re taking the headline out of its context, though I do admit that it was poorly construed. The headline begs the question, WHY do you hate Weis (meant to be read in an almost accusatory tone… wondering WHY you could hate a man without, for example, ever meeting him). Emphasis should be taken on the “why” and not the “you” portion of the question.

  9. Indulging in hatefulness? I agree, not a well thought out headline.

    Classic shock and awe mentality. I wonder if their CEO would think it’s funny if they applied the same front page tactic to him?

    Did they get a model release from Charlie?

  10. I read the article and realize it was complimentary, but the headline was a joke. They could have thought of a much better way to convey the same message.

  11. If you actually read the column (which was in fact the magazine cover story this week,) you would have seen that it was a piece that praised Weis. It showed a side of him that people don’t normally see. It was very complimentary and very insightful.

    Too bad you jumped to conclusions before reading it.

  12. Come on. You might not like the Headline… but in these days of continual ND bashing, you got to appreciate Matt Hayes generating a very positive piece on Wise.

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