Duval Kamara Has a New Number

Duval Kamara - Notre Dame Wide ReceiverDuval Kamara has been seen wearing #60 in practice the last two days and on Saturday, Charlie Weis let the media know why.

Similar to a conversation I had with Maurice Stovall a couple years ago.  I felt like at the spring time, he looked kind of sluggish.  Too many times receivers think that getting bigger is better, but in his case I thought he need to knock off some weight and be leaner.  I told him I wanted the second number to be a “1” after that “2” first number, the second number I wanted to be a “1” and it is not yet a “1”.  When it is a “1”, he will not have #60.  He will have #60 on again today and when that second number is a “1”, then he’ll be wearing  #18.

I think he was 224 the first day 223 the second day.  At the end of practice he wants to weigh in when he’s 216, but that isn’t quite what we’re talking about.

Interesting tactic by Weis here which I’m sure will draw some criticism from some who will complain that its mean.  My response that would be, that’s why girls don’t play the game.  I think it shows that Weis has high hopes for Kamara and wants to instill in his mind that he has to work hard to tap into his full potential which seems pretty vast right now.

Kamara has All American potential and with his size he could be a first down machine and an almost automatic touchdown in the redzone when matched up against almost any corner.  Weis was able to get more out of Mo Stovall in one year than Willingham and the old staff could get in three so just imagine what Weis and receivers coach Rob Ianello could get out of Kamara.

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  1. USCDoc must find Notre Dame an interesting read seeing he is here AND commenting.

    Thanks for feeding the fire, Doc!

  2. Thats Tight end size!!! But, it did work out well for Fred Davis at USC.

    Why does Wies do crap like this???? Just give him his number jack ass

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