Yeatman Out At Least For Purdue

When Charlie Weis addressed the media yesterday for his weekly press conference, he gave a status update on both Will Yeatman and Mike Golic, Jr – both of whom were arrested Saturday night for underage drinking.

Before we get into Purdue, I want to make a note of regards to events this past weekend. I’m still in the process of gathering information, but until further notice, I’ve decide to hold Will Yeatman from competition until his matter is resolved. Any other action as it relates to team rules, including the situation with Mike Golic will be handled by me.

From a team standpoint, both Will and Mike will be at practice. But, Will, I’m not going to let him compete until we have — unless we have resolution. I won’t let him compete this Saturday unless we have resolution on this matter.

When asked about using freshman Joseph Fauria Weis said:

I’d say the depth chart has changed. I think the obvious guy that comes to the forefront right off the bat is Fauria. You know, he’s a guy who, you know, there’s a good chance he was going to go through the year and not play this year. Well there’s a good chance that won’t happen. As a matter of fact, today instead of practicing on the scout team he’ll be practicing up with the big boys. Because you have to have your contingency plans in place just in case.

And on those contingencies:

We have other contingency plans, yes. That’s a fair question. And the answer is yes. But the names I can’t give you on those. But we do have them.

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