Season 2: Episode 13 with Ned Bolcar

Tonight we had former two time Notre Dame captain and 1988 national champion Ned Bolcar on the show.  We talked with Ned about a lot of different topics from what he is doing nowadays to his prediction for this weekend’s Notre Dame game.  Ned was a great interview and had some very insightful things to say about the team and playing with emotion.  Here’s a list of the topics we discussed.

  • His speech at the Michigan game pep rally
  • Playing with emotion and how the ’86 Irish might have lacked in that department
  • His thoughts on Charlie Weis and the current Notre Dame staff
  • Whether he would still go to Notre Dame if he was a recruit today
  • How close he came to going somewhere other than Notre Dame when he was recruited
  • Lou Holtz’s first meeting with the team when he became head coach
  • How Lou Holtz changed the attitude of the team from day one as head coach

Tune in next week when we have Notre Dame’s all time leading rusher Autry Denson on the show.  We will be going live at 9pm ET/6pm PT on Wednesday, October 1 and will hopefully be talking with Autry about an irish victory.

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One Comment

  1. I always admired Ned Bolcar’s blue collar-style, work ethic when he played for the Irish. The current Notre Dame team needs players like him.

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