Tiller Doesn’t Seem to Like Questions About Golden Tate

Joe Tiller was asked a few questions about Golden Tate at his weekly press conference on Tuesday and had some pretty quick answers.

Q. They have a receiver, Golden Tate, who has been their big-play receiver, averaging over 20 yards a reception. Talk about the concerns you have with him.
COACH TILLER: Well, he’s a good receiver and he can run. I think any time you see a receiver with speed out on the edge, out on the corner, you know, there’s reasons for concern.

Q. You already talked a little bit about Golden Tate. From what you’ve seen of him, does he remind you of any receivers you’ve coached?

Odd Tiller didn’t mention anything about Tate’s performance against Purdue last year when he was asked about Notre Dame’s biggest playmaker so far this year.

Here’s what Tate did last year – albeit in a losing effort.  (This was mind you when Tate admittedly only really knew one route).


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