Déjà Vu game: North Carolina Loss Reminiscent of ’05 Michigan State Loss

After watching the Notre Dame vs. North Carolina game, I couldn’t help but think that I had seen that game before.  After some careful thought, I realize I had seen one very similiar.

The game specific events that occurred yesterday reminded me a lot of the 2005 Michigan State game.

Both games saw the following:

  • Both games were shootouts decided on the final play
  • Michigan State and North Carolina were less talented teams who ND should have beaten
  • Like Michigan State’s Jason Teague, North Carolina’s Shaun Draughn was able to run on the Irish defense in timely situations
  • A questionable fumble at or near the goal line which helped decide the game
  • The Irish struggled at home in 2005 (unbeaten on the road), though they are struggling on the road in 2008 (unbeaten at home)
  • Quinn and Clausen both opened the 2nd half with a pick six
  • Quarterbacks set career highs in pass attempts and yards
    • QUINN:  60 attempts, 487 yards
    • CLAUSEN:  48 attempts, 383 yards

And next up for the Irish?  Just like in 2005, the Irish will travel to Seattle to take on the Washington Huskies.

The obvious conclusion to all of this, is we can expect to see another epic battle between Notre Dame and Southern Cal.

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  1. I’m going to be at the U-dub game and I want to crush them. I want them to feel pain. I want the players mother’s to cringe after every play. God Bless them, there going to need it.

  2. totally do NOT agree. by season’s end you will find that this UNC team will be ranked higher than that year’s MSU team. to me, this UNC team has much more talent and absolutely no question is coached better.

    all in all, not sure what you’re talking about

  3. I definitely agree that the Irish will give USC all they want come November. Only problem for USC is that the Irish WILL be a huge problem for them for many years to come. ND will be in the hunt for the title in 2010!

  4. I’m expecting at least a 3 touchdown win like in 2005 (36 to 17 was the score in 2005).

    I like our chances in the rest of the games this year. Pitt is an iffy game and USC is an almost sure loss but anything less that (8,4) will just be disappointing.

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