Brady Quinn in Purple?

The Pioneer Press reported on its website Sunday that the Minnesota Vikings offered the Cleveland Browns two first round picks for former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn and the Browns declined.

Word is the Vikings offered the Browns their 2009 and 2010 first-round draft picks for quarterback Brady Quinn, but Cleveland, after consideration, said no thanks.

Economically, the deal makes sense for the Vikings in that Quinn, who is under contract for three more years after this season, already has been paid his signing bonus. And the Vikings wouldn’t have to spend on the draft picks. With the trading deadline recently passed, the deal could be resurrected after the season. If the Browns won’t relent on Quinn, they might deal QB Derek Anderson to Minnesota.

Cleveland is in almost a no win situation at the quarterback position.  Because they elected to give Derek Anderson a lucrative contract in the off-season when it was pretty clear no one in the league was willing to give up a first round pick for a quarterback whose career year included 19 INTs.  Cleveland now has the highly paid Anderson who no one is going to give up a lot for with his contract and propensity to throw interceptions and the “face of the franchise” in Quinn sitting on the bench.

Hopefully for Quinn he gets his chance soon.  What some people fail to realize is that Quinn’s eventual success or failure will have an impact on Notre Dame’s future recruiting success at the QB position.  So far Weis and the Irish have had very little trouble recruiting quarterbacks with Jimmy Clausen and Dayne Crist, but NFL success for Quinn will validate Weis’s ability to develop QBs and will help the pipeline of highly rated high school quarterbacks coming through South Bend.

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  1. Something in Crennel’s news conference after the MNF game against the Giants said that he, himself would have put Quinn in, then. Anderson had a great game that night. I’d bet management wants to trade Anderson and keep Quinn, but they’ve waited too long to get as much as they could out of either guy in a trade.

  2. I have no idea what Crennal is thinking, DA was 4 for 18 for 70 yards at one point and he still doesn’t give Brady a shot…Brutal. It’s obvious he’s not getting into a game unless DA get’s knocked out. Please somebody take him out (Not forever 🙂 just for a few weeks to get our boy in there to show us what we know he can do)

  3. The fact the browns kept him after such a high offer is a testament to his ability/work ethic. I believe the only reason he isnt playing right now is because QB changes in the NFL are often hard to make from a coaching standpoint, especially if the QB being replaced had a good year last year. But with Anderson failing, Quinn should get the nod next week or the week after.

  4. Too Bad. I want to see Quinn on the field. With the right team, this guy will go all the way. While Quinn reminds me of Steve Young, Derek Anderson is no Joe Montana. Someone get Quinn on the field somewhere

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