Shaquelle Evans – 3 Touchdowns, 1 Ejection

Notre Dame recruit Shaquelle Evans put on a show on the field for Inglewood High School this weekend by scoring three touchdowns.  Unfortunately, that show also produced two excessive celebration penalties and a subsequent ejection.

Inglewood senior wide receiver Shaquelle Evans led the way for the Sentinels, scoring three touchdowns before he was ejected early in the fourth quarter after receiving his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for excessive celebration after an electrifying 60-yard punt return that gave Inglewood (4-2) a 36-20 lead with 11 minutes to play in the game.

“He’s incredible,” Inglewood coach Charles Mincy said of Evans. “He is the single best player I have ever seen at this level. I thought it was totally unnecessary that they kicked him out. It puts him out for two weeks. The CIF needs to let kids be kids. He didn’t get into anyone’s face, he was just celebrating. It’s over the top.”

“This is a rivalry game and I got a little carried away,” Evans said of the penalties and subsequent ejection.

Obviously it’s never a good thing to see a player get ejected, but scoring three touchdowns in a rivalry game is certainly a good thing.  From the sounds of Evans’ and his coach’s comments, it seems like Evans just got a little carried away with tI’ll refrain from comment on the penalties since I didn’t see them, but I think it is safe to say that Evans’ skills as a receiver would be able to be utilitzed quite well in the Irish offense.

Reportedly the Irish still lead for Evans but USC and UCLA will be tough competition.

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