Notre Dame at Washington – 4th Quarter Notes

  • Aldridge scores his second touchdown of the game and with a 33-0 lead, I think the starters will be done for the day.  If he is done running the football, Aldridge will finish the game with 13 runs for 84 yards (6.5 avg) and two touchdowns.  Not bad numbers at all.
  • David Ruffer’s Notre Dame debut was not too memorable.  The walkon kicker missed the first extra point attempt of his career.  Nice to see that Brandon Walker was the first one to offer some encouragement to Ruffer ater his miss.
  • It is wonderful to see Evan Sharpley behind center and Jonas Gray behind him.  Gray’s first run went for 10 yards with Jonas showing a very nice burst.
  • Gray is looking very, very nice running the football.  He is a bigger back at 225 and runs as hard as any back on the team.  Yeah this is garbage time agaisnt a horrible Washington team, but Gray looks really nice running the football.
  • With 6:09 left in the game, Washington has crossed the 50 yard line for the first time in the game.
  • Lots of guys getting playing time on defense – Paddy Mullen, Kalen Wade, Torrian Smith, Emeka Nwankwo, Scott Smith, Ray Herring, Gary Gray, Steve Quinn.
  • Would really like to see us hold onto this shutout here, but Washington is dinking and dunking it down the field and with the backups in, we seem content to just let them complete passes and eat up the clock.
  • By the way… why the hell haven’t there been any “Pass Right” references during the game?  ESPN had a major segment on the story in 2005 on Sports Center but not a single mention of it tonight?  Thanks ESPN.
  • And Washington gets on the scoreboard.  Would have been really nice to pitch the shutout to give this defense some more confidence.
  • Gray ends the game with 61 yards on 9 carries with a long of 19.  Pretty nice debut running the football for a freshman.  The upperclassmen better watch out because this kid has a lot of talent and he showed it in the 4th quarter.  He needs a little work handling the football though because the ball did not seem too secure a couple of the times he ran it.  Still, the future looks like it could be bright for Jonas.

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  1. I’m glad Ty is gone too. He should go to a less competitive program or become an AD. He’s good on the integrity side, just not good at coaching. And thankfully ND doesn’t have to deal with that issue anymore.

  2. Good game. the team showed progress. This was a good road win, and needed so they get that monkey of their back. Now they know they can win on the road. and more than that, play solidly. Wished the shutout would have happened, but the decision to put in third stringers was a good one. The starters need to be crisp for Pitt.

    This team is a long way from the September team. All the losses and close games to inferior teams, you’d like to have back, but they are progressing. Hope they realize somethings actually get harder from here on out.

    As for the Pitt game, I hope home field works to our advantage. I hope the defense plays like they have in the past two games. Remember, other than not containing Nicks very well, the defense only allowed half of the 29 points scored by UNC. I haven’t heard that Pitt has a great passing game. ND could focus on the run.
    Offensively, no contest if the Irish stay focused. Without going through the list, ND has 5 to 6 capable receivers, with 2 game breakers, now 3 to 4 running backs, if the line keeps getting better, and Clausen staying healthy ices the cake. I’d like to see more of both Allen and Hughes. Holtz mixed up the running backs, so there’s no reason they can’t now. Give them all reps. Should be an exciting game.

  3. Jonas ran hard tonight. I would like to see him get in early and often against syracuse and Navy if we can build the early lead. I think Joe Fauria got on the field to. However, i dont see him being a factor in our offense during his time at ND. I think the TE position is to deep for him to compete.

    Overall i am glad it was Washington because Jimmy didnt look sharp. I hope it is rust from the bye and not the fact that he is playing away from the comfort of ND stadium.

    I would have also liked to have seen the shutout, but i did like to See Mike Anello make the field on defense. Kills himself on special teams and deserves to see the field whenever possible.

  4. I was glad to see Jonas get some reps. He was averaging 6.8 yards per carry. That’s pretty sweet. If Hughes keeps dropping like a fly after every first hit Jonas will take his spot sooner or later.

  5. Our D looked amazing. I do realize this was winless Washington but our D showed up finally. Jonas Gray is going to be a stud back. Next week will be a tough game for us. Dont know which Pitt team will showup and Im hoping its the one that lost to Rutgers.

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