Clausen Tears up Hawaii in First Half

Jimmy Clausen is having a career day today and we’re only at half time.  At the half way point of the Hawaii Bowl, Clausen has completed 18 of 21 passes for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. He’s been down right dominant and nearly flawless in carving up the Hawaii defense.  All three of Clausen’s incompletions have come on drops while he’s been more accurate than we’ve seen him in his 2 years at Notre Dame.

Clausen isn’t looking anything like the QB we saw in the second half of the season who turned the ball over more than he put it in the end zone.  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for Clausen and will propel him into next season with a lot of momentum.

The 300 passing yards is already a Notre Dame bowl record eclipsing Brady Quinn’s 286 yards in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl.  If his second half is anything like his first, I think it’s safe to say he’ll probably break another Notre Dame bowl record or two

Golden Tate had 136 of Clausen’s 300 passing yards which is also a Notre Dame record breaking Maurice Stovall’s mark of 124 in that same Fiesta Bowl.

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  1. Irisheye62,
    We all did enjoy the win. It gives us hope. But ND used to vanquish the evil opponents like the cheating Trojans. ND overcame the cheating Cocaines. We are impatient to see ND conquer the cheaters like USC. The inspiration that a clean program could consistently win over the cheats, could give hope to those of us who fear America’s moral and ethical rot have finally undermined us. Yes, ND could be like the 1980 US Hockey team in the Olympics.

    We’re not negative, we’re hungry. It’s been 20 years and many of us see parallels to the fear that an honest bunch of amateurs can’t beat the pros. And let’s face it, the SEC teams, and USC are pros, not student athletes.

    I will pick up a football and play with my kid, but I will only glance at a TV for a game if it doesn’t inspire me. I already don’t care about the NFL anymore. College football without a competitve ND starts to feel the same to me. Watching USC dominate because money trumps ethics and no one cares anymore, makes me sick. I’ll quit watching.

    So no, we’re not negative on the Irish. We’re desparately hungry for something inspiring to show our kids, like our Dad’s showed us. We want the ND of Holtz, Devine, Parseghian, Leahy, and of course, THE ROCK!

    GO IRISH, take on and beat all comers!

  2. Damned if you
    Damned if you don’t
    Some people will Nevef be happy
    even if you gave them a million dollars, their favorite team wins and dominates week in and out and they have the best house in the neighborhood-
    oh well
    let’s not forget-as I have said on other blogs—-
    Better to be 7-6 than 6-7!
    Come on!
    AS least ND doesn’t dance like rap “gangstas”
    as USC did in tonight’s Rose Bowl does EVERY time a play goes their way! ( BTW, if USC keeps the “dance” up-they will resemble the much hated Hurricanes of Miami, Florida in the 80’s! Here we go again!)
    Notre Dame won guys-running game needs to exist–but that swagger of Clausen is confidence! For all the finger pointing did Ken EVER think that Jimmy was FOCUSED and threw for over a million yards!!!
    Most folks thought this would be an even match!
    Thanks to Clausen, it was not!
    Remember that Ken!
    Irish # 1 in our hearts forever!
    GO ND!

  3. After all the heat Jimmy has been getting in the media he can finger wag and hang 10 all he wants. No one gave them a shot to win this game. Its nice to see some “in your face” personality come out of these players. His stats for this game were astounding.

  4. Ken Macklin
    ” He’s going to be a Heisman Trophy Guy”

    Jesse Palmer
    ” mabye the best 1st half QB performance I’ve ever seen”


    “His behavior was disgraceful.”

    you might be better off watching figure skating…

  5. Went out with the family so I didn’t see the whole game. I saw the stats. impressive on passing. Great defense until the 4th quarter. sucked on the run.
    a real teaser. On one hand this team showed it can dominate when focused. On the other hand, a late touchdown reflects complacency after 55 minutes. The game lasts 60 minutes. Still not good in the run game. Sharpley’s handoff’s didn’t do the running backs any favors. Telegraphed and slow. Less than 100 yards rushing not good.
    On a positive note, Haywood left with a nice sendoff from the players. Kudos to Weis for keeping that situation close to the vest. Makes you realize there’s a lot we don’t know from the cheap seats. ESPN also sits in the cheap seats. Frankie has as much or actually more insight than any ESPN analyst.

    Well ND killed the bowl demon. What’s next?

    Merry Christmas everyone. Santa came an hour or two early this year.

  6. Someone needs to remind Jimmy Clausen that chest pumping, finger wagging, and giving the “no-way nod” to the Rainbow Warriors in a meaningless bowl game is not going to help his or Notre Dame’s image. His behavior was disgraceful.

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