Pitt at Notre Dame – 1st Quarter Notes

  • James Aldridge returning kicks?  That’s new.  Looks like Weis is trying to find more ways to get the ball n Aldridge’s hands while keeping Armando Allen fresher as the featured back.
  • First drive shaping up very nicely.  Started with a nice 20 yard gain to Duval Kamara, had a nice 3rd and short pickup by James Aldridge, and now Armando Allen seems to be getting going.  Irish are spreading out the field and running lanes are being opened for Allen.  A couple ugly plays later and the field goal unit trots onto the field.
  • Brandon Walker connects on his 4th consecutive field attempt with a 39 yarder that split the uprights.
  • Great start to the game by the Irish defense.  It started with an excellent open field tackle and was capped off with a bad pass by Pat Bostick on 3rd and long.
  • Maust has been taking long to get the ball off at times this year and it finally caught up with us as Pitt blocks an Irish punt for outstanding field position.
  • Pitt is already on their second quarterback on their second drive with Kevan Smith taking over for Pat Bostick who was not injured.
  • Steve Quinn, starting in place of Brian Smith, gets his first career sack and the Irish defense holds after the blocked punt to force a field goal.
  • The Irish defense has not allowed a first down to Pitt after two drives.
  • Golden Tate might need to be taught about fair catches and touchbacks this week as he’s made a couple of questionable decisions on kicks today.
  • Irish offense is having trouble moving the chains here in the first quarter.  Ground games seems to be working well, but the passing game has been stalled since the first drive of the game.  Pitt is getting decent pressure with just 3 and 4 man rushes which is allowing them to drop 7 and 8 into coverage.  We’re going to have to keep running the ball to have success.
  • Another Pitt drive and another Irish defensive three and out.  Pitt won’t have much success if they continue to run on first and second down and then only pass when they are in 3rd and long situations.
  • Irish end the first quarter with two consecutive nice plays by freshman wide receiver Michael Floyd who looks like he could be on his way to his fourth 100 yard receiving game of the season.

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