Boston College Crushes Notre Dame… On the Field

Notre Dame may have won Friday night’s hockey matchup with Boston College, but the Eagles got the last laugh on the football field Saturday night.  Notre Dame looked totally and complety lost on offense and were shut out for the first time this season.

The Irish defense held strong all night along and only allowed 10 points (7 came courtesy of a pick 6), but the offense looked as lost as I can ever remember seeing it.

This one hurts.  This one really hurts.  I’ll have plenty of blogs and articles over the next day including my quarter by quarter notes once I get a chance to rewatch the game (if I am able to make it through the game).

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  1. ND’s problem is their fan base and former players are more fired up for the game than the ones taking the field on saturday. Their is NO emotion! They seem to be going through the motions. Not counting Tate, Floyd, and Smith, this irish team seems pretty content with being pathetic. Coach Wies needs to be fired! Bring in someone who knows what college football is all about. This crap that Wies is trying to do might have worked for NFL players but college players need discipline, emotion, and a sense of urgency. I can’t understand how he got into coaching in the first place. Bring back Lou Holtz! He’s the only one that seems to believe in the irish. P.S If I have to sit through another one of Mark Mays rants about how pathetic the Irish are I might drive to connecticut and stragle him. what an ass!

  2. Our OL gets so used to standing straight up and pass blocking all the time that when it comes to a running play(which is rare) they get no forward push. They just seem to let the DL push them backwards like it is a pass play. We haven’t been able to control the line of scrimmage on offense or defense for a few years now, at least against any kind of competition.

  3. There are many things wrong with the team that point to the coach.

    For the last 4-5 years ND teams do not get better as the season progresses, they get worst. I have watched Davis coaching job at UNC, and he has done the job with a backup QB, players left form a team that couldn’t win 2 years ago. Saban at Alabama in 2 years his team is ranked #1. These are coaches that know their business.

    ND team plays without emotion. JC is pathetic. Against BC he just through the ball up hoping the receivers will make a play. I don’t think he look at a second receiver all night.

    At the college level you need a QB that could run and fake a lineman once in a while. This guy cannot do it and doesn’t look like he has the desire to do it.

    I hope New England offers a job to CW. He has no idea on how to coach at the college level.

  4. I believe that Allen needs to become the only running back and we run 4-wide sets. Then we can use Hughes as a fullback/running back hybrid in short yard situations.

    People are calling for Weis’s head but I don’t believe that’s the answer. I think we need to replace the offensive line coach. I don’t care if we’ve got passing blocking down. The fact that we are still unable to run the ball is just disgraceful.

  5. “Can’t and won’t run the ball. … You can’t throw the ball on every play and expect to win.”

    This dude is RIGHT. Most of ND’s problems flow from here. ND didn’t have success running the ball early (vs. MSU), so CW gave up on it. Then he goes back to it, then abandons it again. We relive a version of this nightmare every 1 to 2 games. We have played 9 games and have yet to develop a running back! This is rudimentary stuff, Charlie. Decide on a guy or two. But you can’t rotate 3 RBs w/o giving one a chance to develop a rhythm and gain confidence. There is a RB in this bunch, Charlie. But his name is not HUGHES OR ALDRIDGE.

  6. One of the big differences between ND and the top teams is the coach. The other top coaches interact with their players during the game. They congratulate them when they have done something good, and get on them when they make a mistake. CW only talks to Jimmy.
    Another problem is that they list of plays is very limited. Three, or four different pass plays, and two running plays. The running plays are so slow developing that our OL gets out quicked almost everytime. Worse, we don’t even fake the run well. JC has the ball extended for the back and never pulls it in for a pass.

    The coaching sucks and the team is flat. The players have enough stars if they are fired-up. Get Skip Holtz, or the Boise State guy, or any one of a dozen guys out there and this time can win. It never will with CW.

  7. If you cant get it done in 3 years you probably arent likely to get it done in 4….now what 5, 6, ?? This is really a year overdue – Weis and company need to be replaced. Plenty of division II coaches out there that coach better. This is disgraceful – now lets see if the new AD acts like a real AD…

  8. I went to the game and it was – BY FAR – the most humiliating ND football experience of my life. BC simply put the smack on us – physically more aggressive, especially on the lines; much better gameplan although ND’s D played alright; and alot more heart!
    BC’s a much better team in person than you might think, but I cannot believe they are that much better than us.
    It was brutal and it wasn’t alot of fun in the stands. BC fans had their way with us.

  9. We can argue this stuff all day and try to rationalize why our team is losing. The bottom line is this: until there is a head coaching change, we are going to continue to lose.

    Am I the only one who cares about ND football? It is absolutely clear what needs to happen at Notre Dame for us to start winning again. Weis is NOT getting the job done. He is in over his head and it is painful to watch. This is NOTRE DAME for God sakes. I expect nothing but the best and a commitment to excelence.

  10. I didn’t watch last night’s game (I tivo the games and if they win I watch, if they lose badly, I don’t, it’s better for my blood pressure and marriage that way). I thought 8-4 or 7-5 this year and if we can get by Navy (a big if), it’s looking like 7-5, which isn’t bad after last season’s debacle. That being said, more and more I’m becoming convinced that there’s something seriously wrong with the coaching of this team, but I really want to see what happens next year when this year’s freshmen and sophomores are sophomores and juniors. The talent level is obviously improving, which is the main reason why we need to give Weis the benefit of the doubt. I’m still hopeful for the future of this program. We have big time recruits coming in every year, and over the next few years we’ll have a real program close to what USC, Alabama, Florida, etc. have built. If we still fail to beat good teams, then Weis obviously will have to go, but I’m thinking that we’ll going to be dominating a lot of teams in the future. We just have to be patient.

  11. You cant be entirely one dimensional. If the opposing team knows you are going to pass, they will only bring 3 or 2 on the rush. Even worse, when they get pressure with that rush, it forces bad throws. ND needs to consider listening to the alumni (who i know are calling for Weis’ head) after yesterdays game.

    Clausen hasnt looked good since the bye week. He puts up good numbers, but most of it is because of YAC by our two WRs.

    Overall Offense looked pathetic. Defense played, only allowing 10 pts when the opposing team starts on your side of the field 5 times (or more im not sure).

  12. I agree with Tim’s first point. One of our major problems is not running the football. Why is our running game so bad? We need some mean and nasty OL that love to run block. ND won’t be good until we can run the ball. The run game will open up the pass game. Last night, nearly every play the LB for BC were just dropping deep into coverage not even concerned with the run. Once we can run the ball, a little play action would do wonders. Don’t know if the problem is the OL, RB’s, or on the staff, but something needs to change.

    As far as defense, why does this awesome blitz scheme that we were expecting from Tenuta rarely get to the QB? Is it we just don’t have the right personell for that scheme yet? I’m hoping so. I’ll give that some time, since it is year 1 for that. The defense played well considering they were on a short field most of the night.

  13. “I’ll have plenty of blogs and articles over the next day including my quarter by quarter notes once I get a chance to rewatch the game (if I am able to make it through the game).”

    Don’t torture yourself like that

  14. It’s time to face some hard facts:

    1. ND is soft. Finesse team. Can’t and won’t run the ball. When you don’t have a commitment to run the ball you get soft. You can’t throw the ball on every play and expect to win.

    2. Talent level seams to suspect. Example: Explain to me why ND can’t even recruit a kicker?
    For God’s sake, even Division II teams have kickers.

    3. Coaching is very suspect. This speaks for itself. NC game, Pitt game, Michigan St. game…

    4. Finally, the administration at ND seems to be set on being the Catholic Yale or Harvard. Think about this: How many players from the last national championship would have been by today’s administration office? Zorich? Rice?

    ND needs to dumb down the schedule and play teams like Yale, Harvard and Princeton.

    Like the old saying goes, “You can’t make chicken soup out of chicken shit.”

  15. “STFU”…cute. Apparently stars do matter, because if wasn’t for them, Weis should be fired. Wasn’t that the excuse 4 years ago? Coach A follows 5-6 with 6-5 and gets canned. Coach B follows 3-9 with 5-4 so far and doesn’t have to worry because of…recruiting rankings. Anyways, you’re probably drunk again so let me slow this down for you. BC recruits one and a half 4-star players per year, and kicked our ass. The only thing they’re graduating are players that weren’t good enough to even be offered by ND. Then we go out and make them look like first round draft picks.

  16. 1st 1-5 star recruits matter zero. So with that STFU. Leftcoast. BC will be on the downside of those “4 star” recruits as you say next year as they graduate. Ok back to reality. After giving JC props this week he sucked bad. He just was horrible reading BC’s D. They would drop back and just pick him off plain and simple and did it many times. Its not the coaches fault he did that. Its growing pains. He is a soph and looks like a sr at times and others like he is…..a soph. Ohh well. Seriously though I am with PAUL how do we beat NAVY? Good D? Ha doubt that.

    Ugh this just stinks. We are better than this.

  17. Maybe we can switch Golden Tate to quarterback. He plays centerfield so you know he’s got an arm, and that way he touches the ball on every play. Put Floyd in the backfield and they can run the wildcat formation. I’m just saying, they’re the only offense we have, but they only touch the ball 10 times a game on offense.

  18. Sweet! We just got humiliated by a team with only six 4-star recruits since 2005.

    Can someone explain this? If we recruited only six 4-stars in a single year it would be a disaster. We’re playing sophomores and freshmen, but our upperclass 3-stars don’t look as nearly good as MSU’s or BC’s, and certainly not Texas Tech’s.

    Is there anything left to conclude other than this team is getting killed by coaching? Are we the only program without steroids? Seriously, what’s the deal?

  19. I am seriously sick to my stomach after that pathetic display of football. Till tonight I’ve said “wow, we’re just a couple plays away from being 7-1.” But after tonight’s game I can’t even believe we’ve won 5. How the hell are we going to beat Navy?

  20. Wow that game was very painful to watch. We couldn’t do anything right in that game. We didn’t deserve to win that game period. There were more mistakes in that game that I care to mention. There needs to be some serious adjustments and QUICK. We got the trojans at the end of the season.

  21. We have not had a bowl win since 1994, and BC has beat us every year since 2001. Either BC is better than we think or we are worse than we admit.

  22. i’m a “leftcoast” nd alum who has this to say:

    ND EXPOSED today

    the talent level at nd is sick, so what else could it be…. hmmm…

    something on the staff has to change. it’s up for debate if that’s the HC, OC, OLine…

    the defense, you could argue, played admirably..


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