Wait…. Navy Just Did What?!?

As Jeff, my buddy Sean, and were walking out of M&T Bank Stadium soaking wet from head to tow we felt somewhat pleased with the outcome of the game.  You see, we decided to leave with about 4 minutes to go since the game was clearly in hand and the rain was not a whole lot of fun to sit in.

Well, as we were walking out of the stadium on the way back to our hotel we saw a group of people all huddled outside of a restaraunt about a block away from the parking lots and couldn’t figure out what was going on.  “Navy just recovered another onside kick and is down 6 with the ball,” someone told us as we were walking.

(Edit: Disclaimer – This was the first Notre Dame game I have ever left early from and my list of games includes four games from last year’s exciting season.)

Whoa… wait… Navy did what?!?!

This game was over.  It was locked up.  We were up 20 points and all of the backups were in the game.  So what the hell happened?   Apparently Navy recovered not one, but two onside kicks and was awarded a 50 yard completion on a play where it seamed very clear that the Navy receiver’s foot was out of bounds.

In the end we held on – as I found out pressed up next to the glass of the restaraunt where a bunch of Notre Dam fans had gathered to watch Navy’s crazy comeback fall just short.

I was at a loss for words about the game yesterday which is why I refrained from posting.  Well, I shouldn’t say that.  I wasn’t at a loss for words.  I was just at a loss for words which were suitable to print.  Now that I’ve settled down a bit and have some time to reflect on everything that went down, I will have some posts tonight.

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  1. Beautiful coaching..

    4th and 3 with 2:30 left and we go for it..setting the middies up with a short field.

    Then on 2 onside kicks our guys look like dear in the headlights.. I am not calling for Charlies head yet, but damn..

    I think Bob Davie & Tyrone Willingham would have had enough sense to punt the ball and run a couple practice onside recoveries during the practice week

  2. Had it not been raining, we would have definitely stayed in the stadium, but in the pouring rain with storm clouds rolling in, it made the idea of leaving early sound like a good idea.

    Of all of the Notre Dame games I’ve ever been to – this was the only one I left early. And I was at such exciting games as PSU ’07 and Air Force ’07.

  3. I can believe Frank walked out early. Even in victory, this team is not an inspiring ND sort of team. In 15 years since Holtz had them on the brink, just two years, 2002 and 2005 had an inspiring quality. 2002 ended in a three game slide that started Willingham’s destruction of the prgram and 2005 featured a disheartening loss to Ohio St. and of course the Bush Push. Since the 1994 season and including this one, ND has not lived up to the hype. I have a hard time justifying to my kids that I’d spend more time watching this team play even win, when they don’t inspire.
    Even ND’s main backer, NBC, is criticizing the lack of progress, given the talent. My only hope this year is that when ND loses to USC, it’s at least within 2 touchdowns.

  4. This article should be renamed:

    “Wait… Frankie Just Did What?!?”

    I personally cannot believe a fan such as yourself could possibly consider walking out on a Notre Dame Game. I’m at a complete loss for words.

    How…. Why… Did you forget you were watching Notre Dame play and not some team like Georgia who thinks they have tradition?

    I’m sorry if I come of as a Jack@$$, it’s just that’s my biggest pet peeve. I absolutely hate it when people leave with 4 mins to go, because the game ‘should’ be in hand. It’s like daring Jesus and his buddies to screw with you.

  5. Everyone is posting on the other article which I think Frank meant for folks to respond to differnently.

    My thoughts on the Navy game: Well I didn’t see it as I was travelling, but all I needed to do is read the recap. You’ve got a team put away and sounds like you and they have played a sloppy game, due in part to the weather. But that’s football. Then all of a sudden this team comes on a wins 2 onside kickoffs. I would think after the first one, that you’d adjust, like maybe stack upfront with hands people. Maybe you would have practiced this once or twice.

    I am not happy with the leadership on this team and I have to say it’s the coaching. I too have heard Weis is arrogant, and really hasn’t proved anything yet. He has peers who have resurrected programs in worse shape. As another poster said, he talks a lot instead of doing it on the field. I can’t understand why reporters even show up anymore. This group of kids needs to look inward because they aren’t inspiring anyone. Clausen is a good athlete, but interviews like someone hit him in the head with a 2 by 4.
    And what’s most frustrating is that at 7-5 ( assuming ), the record won’t be good enough to feel confident this team is going forward, and won’t be bad enough to force a change. I started out this season talking about mostly the X’s and O’s on run blocking. Now I feel that this team and program lacks a quality, only defined in terms of leadership and management of the program. I’m not yet seeing it.
    Being 3rd generation Domer going back to the Leahy and Rockne era’s I should be rah rah, but I’m not feeling very high on the future at this point. Someone please tell me something concrete to refute the evidence that Weis is arrogant and insulting and please tell me something about Weis the leader. Can Weis be a head coach? What would ND do next anyway? Is there a way out of this mess?

  6. Sorry I missed your tailgate. I got to Lot A, and saw a multitude of tents. We tried to find you, but ran out of time before we had to go in. We were told to be in our seats or 11:15 to see the march in.

    We stayed to the end (it was our first game). I’m surprised Navy’s 4th To wasn’t discussed more on the boards. Talk about a travesty…

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