NR Notre Dame
() Fighting Irish
Navy NR
Midshipmen ()
  • Date: 2008-11-15 at 12:00pm ET
  • TV: CBS
  • Location: Baltimore, MD (M&T Bank Stadium)

Notre Dame vs Navy 2008 Game News

  • Revisiting the Final Three Minutes

    The final three minutes of Saturday’s 27-21 win over Navy turned a 20 point Notre Dame lead into a 6 point Notre Dame escape.  A lot went wrong in that…

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  • Final (Initial) Thoughts on Navy

    I finally got a chance to watch a recording of the game to post my full thoughts on the game. James Aldridge looked to have a nice burst against Navy,…

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  • How to Attack an Onside Kick

    After rewatching the game tonight I have to wonder how many times Notre Dame has practice recovering onside kicks this year because the Irish looked completely lost on both Navy…

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  • Notre Dame Survives Navy Scare

    Baltimore, MD (UHND) – A furious last minute comeback attempt by the Naval Academy nearly sent Notre Dame back to South Bend with a loss at the hands of Navy…

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  • Navy’s “4th” Timeout

    There was some discussion about Navy’s “4th” timeout in yesterday’s barnburner of a football game in Baltimore. What had happened was Navy called a timeout after Jonas Gray fumbled near…

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  • Wait…. Navy Just Did What?!?

    As Jeff, my buddy Sean, and were walking out of M&T Bank Stadium soaking wet from head to tow we felt somewhat pleased with the outcome of the game.  You…

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  • Notre Dame at Navy – Statistically Speaking

    Here is this week’s stats comparison.  You can start to look for these every Tuesday for the last few weeks of the season and moving into next year. Notre Dame…

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