Hawaii Bowl Swag

Sports Business Journal has a list of all the gits players will be receiving this bowl season from each of the respective bowl games.  Here’s what the Notre Dame players will be getting from the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl.


Not a bad set of gifts, but nothing all that great either.  Each bowl is allowed to give gift sets worth up to $500 to up to 125 people each university brings according to that same article.

Had Notre Dame went to the Texas Bowl each player would have received: Party at Best Buy, Swisstek watch, Under Armour HeatGear long-sleeve T-shirt, Twister pants and cap; commemorative belt buckle, Toppers backpack, and a $300 Best Buy gift card.  Had they gone to the Motor City Bowl the players would have gotten a Timely Watch Co. watch and Two pieces of Mercury luggage.

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  1. Im sure Jimmy Clausen is going to have a career day and throw something like 5 touchdowns and the offense will put up close to 500 yards in a Notre Dame blow out
    just a prediction

  2. Google: Urban Meyer to ND

    Read the Dec 11, 2008 articles

    Radio and South Florida news paper.

    He’s talking openly about ND still his dream Job.

    If he doesn’t come 2009 they are saying Lou could keep the seat warm.

    So, it’s not a question of if? It’s when?

  3. Too bad they aren’t getting some instructional videos such as:

    Proper blocking techniques

    How to cut back when running the ball

    How to throw the ball to a moving receiver

    What to do when the other team does an onside kick

    I’m sure there’s plenty more that can be added to this list, but I’m also sure the players would prefer the gifts the bowl reps are giving them instead.

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