High Praise for Shaquelle Evans from Andre Rison

Former standout NFL wide receiver Andre Rison is an assistant coach for the Mainland team in the Hawai’i/Polynesia vs. Mainland Bowl and had some high praise for Notre Dame wide receiver commitment Shaquelle Evans.

“There are guys who run like deers, but a guy like Shaq — who is already 195, 200 pounds — is hard to find,” Rison said. “Football is the one sport where physically, you cannot jump from high school to the pros. But these two kids, when you look at their bodies, they look like they could play pro ball already.”

Rison went on to compare Evans to NFL star receiver Andre Johnson.  Considering Johnson is considered by some to be one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, that is pretty high praise from a guy who knows a thing or two about the position.

Rison’s assessment of Evans makes me think even more that Evans will see the field for Notre Dame next year and will combine with Golden Tate, Michael Floyd, and Deion Walker to give Notre Dame an outstanding group of wide receivers that should be a matchup nightmare for any defense.  Now… will the offensive line improve enough so that we can actually use 4 wide receiver sets without Jimmy Clausen running for his life?

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  1. That NDNation article, Jack Fix IT is dead on. Anyone who actually knows what it takes inside a football team, knows that what the writer says is true. All talk about recruits, players, schemes, this guy at this position, or that guy at that position…….wasted talk until you address the fundamental issue. Coaching leadership that makes themselves and the players accountable for the highest standards of hard work, on and off the field. Regarding on the field, Aaron Taylor, Chris Zorich, Anthony Johnson, and many from that era knew what it took. but they also freely admit that it took coaches drawing out that effort from them. They realize now that they were kids needing adult leadership and upperclassmen leadership. Anyone who say’s it’s all up to the kids, I hope you don’t pass on responsibility for your own kids behavior. I know I am responsible for the development of my children. Anything they do reflects on me. It’s the same here.

    I hope Weis, or whoever, do what it takes. The wins are reflective of doing the right thing. For me, seeing them overachieve while doing the right thing is what is inspiring. And oh, by the way, a few National Championships might come our way in the process.

    GO IRISH!!!

  2. @GA

    I dont really know where you are going with that. You should make sure that your point is fully explained before you post it.

    Ultimately you made a point that CW cant play the game for the kids. And he cant. But it is his job to get the kids on the field that have the physical attributes to perform well on the field and have the desire to play. Then, they need to teach them to utilize their attributes to perform at the next level.

    Coaching shoulders all blame in college football.

  3. Dave…excellence is expected now, not seven years from now…well, where in the hell have you been the last 15 years? I guess you’re talking about another university. You don’t know when to recognize excellence, unless somebody writes it and tells you.

  4. Claussen is terrible throwing on the run which makes the O-Line play even more critical than it normally is.But I donot yet blame this on Latina.

    Given the poor stats of ND linemen in the NFL Combines I believe our biggest problem is the strength coach and program in the off season.

    Powlus was not my idea of a good QB let alone a good QB coach.

    I have seen no evidence that Weis has an x’s and o’s advantage in the college game and every evidence that he is at a disadvantage.

    So, I am left cheering for the SCHEDULER to keep lining up weak FCS teams

  5. That’s your 1st problem, 9 games is acceptable to you and unacceptable to fans who were use to ND competing for a national title on a regular basis.

    I certainly hope the team does indeed win the bowl game and 11 games next year.

    I could careless about your sub- par expectations or vain prediction or recall or expoused exit strategy. Mediocrity does not sell at Notre Dame. Ask Lou Holtz.

  6. I hope CW wins 9 games next year. I predict half the people on this board disappear and go “cry” someplace else. I will make sure I recall who the “sour” fans are as most will. 1st step is a bowl win.

  7. Waltz over to ndnation.com

    and see: MEMO TO JACK: FIX IT

    1988 National Championship ND Football Player’s Expectations for now!

    Extremely Compelling!

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I like Harrison Smith. He just isn’t a LB. He will be a great SS. At least when he was blitzing he was trying to hurdle the blocker. More than I can say for the guys who do have the body of LB but play like CB(hint Mo Crum). Before everyone bashes me for that, seriously watch him play. No emotion or heart. Should have had Toryan in there for his emotion alone or switch Hughes to LB. He has the balls to take on anyone. A well deserved half game suspension.

  9. @GA I agree almost completely. Jimmy needs a new tutor though. What he does is almost a mirror image of what Ron Powlus did as QB. He NEVER looks away from his target, telegraphing the whole thing. Clausen looked good early because we were somewhat able to use play-action until everyone caught on that we can’t run block or run so they quit biting. He needs to go thru his progressions and needs someone who can teach him this, but guess what, it all comes back to the OLine needing to finish blocks giving him time. Basically without changes in these two areas of coaching, nothing is going to change. I believe CW can do it, but he needs to look elsewhere for coaches and why not take a look at some other schools schemes. Almost all of them don’t over complicate it. Start with the basics. CW has a solid foundation now with talent and experience. Now it’s time to put up or shut up. How come no one says anything about the defense either??? Granted they did alright, but watch every Harrison Smith blitz. All he does is take a block and makes no effort trying to get off of it. This is true with everyone on the blizes. Look at other defenses and you will see their DLine spin/swimmove off of blocks. Are we still coaching in the days of old??? And if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t Corwin Brown a DB? How come these talented corners are playing with 10-15 yard cushions? Sorry to keep ranting, but just sick of seeing poor coaching and the whole bend-but-don’t-break mentality. Go coach in the Big 12 if you want to believe in that stlye!

  10. Stoops or Urban or bust. Get the best NOW and quit pussy footing around. Lets get back to Irish Football! By the way – our beloved Irish are 2 point underdogs to the Island rainbows…..all Swarbrick has accomplished by failing to take control of this situation is rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic. Sad.

  11. On Clausen – Its time face the facts that he played in one of the softest conferences in California. His school was stacked with talent, and they just slapped around smaller schools. He is going through a learning curve, that he should have hit in high school. Ultimately, i feel if he pans out, it will be too late. For a four year starter, frosh season is expected to be tuff. But the good ones come out and produce in the second year, not regress.

    He has all the physical attributes to be a good QB. But he needs to do what Quinn did and put in the extra hours after practice. Ultimately, this kid wants the glamour without having to put in the work.

    “That’s what I’m going to come here for, to try to get four national championship rings,” BS!.. How about getting a winning season first.

  12. @GA
    Anyone can reach milestone number of wins if they coach for 100+ years.This is not JUCO or WVU, this is notre dame. Excellence is expected and it is expected now… Not seven seasons from now

  13. I dont care how good of receivers we get if our o line cant block anyone. I am not impressed with clausen but in all fairness he is running for his life or getting drilled every time he throws. It is not fair to judge clausen until the line can block someone

  14. Did anyone watch Bobby Bowden receive his coaching award (lifetime) on ESPN last night? If so, did anyone take note on how bad he struggled for nearly seven seasons with the JUCO school and WVU? Today the guy is right below JoePA for most career wins. CW can do everything for these kids, but play the game. That’s not to say coaching changes need to be made. Something else I just thought of also…Clausen 42-0 in high school and now 9-12 at ND. Facing defeat is something very new to him. He has to come around psychologically. Hopefully, a better O-line is the remedy. Just food for thought.

  15. Let’s get serious about this, who is going to sign up for a possible 1 year stint as an 0-Line Coach or any other offensive coaching change?

    A High School Coach, Maybe.

    By just putting CW on notice just further exacerbates the problem.

    We are only treating the symptoms not the cure.

  16. There has been no consistant approach by Chuck since he got to South Bend. He seems to address glaring holes each off season without an overall idea of how to build a program. This hodge podge approach only puts the Irish further behind the 8 ball. Now we are almost back to square one – another year we will have to wait until the inevitable occurs once more next year and we are looking for a good head coach. Cant understand how Swarbrick is the only one who sees something the rest of the country doesnt when it comes to ND Football….

  17. But we are keeping Weis for another year(hopefully just waiting until Urban’s child(dren) grow up), so somebody’s head has to roll.

  18. Weis has to go, he is responsible for Latina and should have replaced him last year. When you shirk responsibility and accountability things just get worse.

  19. I agree 100% that Latina has to go. My only concern is that he is actually a pretty good recruiter. He has had his hand in some of the better recruits we are going to see. But at what price??? I would rather have lesser known recruits who play/block their ass off due to excellent coaching than have highly talented, underachieving recruits due to poor coaching.

    Does anybody remember Jeff “Bring the Pain” Faine??? Give me 5 OLinemen like that and I run away with the Heisman!!!

  20. The Irish are a little more than an O-line away from being a top program, but with the 2008 schedule they are definitely an O-line away from 11-1. Just give Latina his pink slip and hire someone who can teach these kids to block and they’re in business.

  21. I believe that the offensive line is the single thing seperating the offense from being one of the best in the nation.

  22. I hope the answer is yes to your question Frankie. O line is my biggest concern going into next year but on the bright side we have a good OL class coming in this year.

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