Gary Gray Didn’t Travel to Hawaii

gary gray4A note from the bad news department – sophomore cornerback Gary Gray did not make the trip to Hawaii with the team due to “personal reasons” according to the Chicago Tribune.

Backup cornerback Gary Gray did not make the trip due to “personal reasons,” a team spokesman said.

Gray played in nine games as a sophomore after sitting out all of 2007, recording 15 tackles and two interceptions.

Gray had been passed on the depth chart earlier this year by freshman Robert Blanton and since then there’s been some rumblings that he wasn’t happy.  The fact that he didn’t make the trip to Hawaii doesn’t necessarily bode well for his long term future with Notre Dame and I’m sure Charlie Weis will be asked about Gray’s status at tomorrow’s press conference.

Should Gray transfer, it would deliver a blow to Notre Dame’s depth at cornerback.  Even if Darrin Walls returns next year, Gray figured to see a lot of playing time.  Here’s what the depth at corner would look like next year without Gray.

  • Seniors: Darrin Walls*, Raeshon McNeil
  • Juniors: None
  • Sophomores: Robert Blanton, Jamoris Slaughter*
  • Freshmen: EJ Banks, Marlon Pollard
    * denotes 5th year eligibility

Let’s hope Gray’s absence does not mean that he is trasnferring because depth at corner will be an issue in 2010 if Walls does not return for a 5th year (that is assuming Walls returns to school as many believe he will).

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  1. @Peter,
    Why does Notre Dame need to be in a conference. Unless the NCAA mandates a playoff, it’s highly possible that some conferences will break apart and the re-emergence of strong independents will occur.
    If the NCAA mandates a plaoyoff ND will be in an 8 team conference along with all other teams. Yes, figure it out folks, the only way to do a playoff is with all FBS teams in 8 team conferences. You play the first 7 games in conference. Then when you are supposed to be at your best, you cross polinate among conferences. You have 4 games and they mean something even if you are not the conference champ. You help seed the conference and potentially get an at-large bid in a 16 team playoff. That’s 4 extra games for two teams.
    Otherwise, Notre Dame does not need to join a conference. What does it do for them?

  2. Charlie calling the plays just aint sweetening the deal here….cant believe we have another year of this coming yet…incredible.

  3. JC,

    There’s no word that Gray is officially going to transfer, and as of right now it looks good that he will be back next year.

  4. This is extremely disappointing, How did this happen? Especially, when we will see four wideouts for most of the bowl game.

    As in the past, reminds me of a highly talented player not getting on the bus. ND unlike USC, does not have a bottomless treasure chest, filled with four and five star players.

    Forasmuch as I don’t like bad news, this is a gut-wrenching monumental loss for the game and hopefully NOT a snap shot of the future to come.

  5. ND needs this win so badly now. There hasn’t been any good news about this program since early October. I hope for better, but this program needs a real shot in the arm. If Weis doesn’t fundamentally change course, next year is going to be filled with reports of transfers, games lost thst should have been won, and if not handled properly, another scramble for a head coach that becomes a goat rodeo.

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