Notre Dame @ USC – 2nd Quarter

  • Defense is playing with a ton of heart so far. Back to back great plays by Kuntz and Fleming put USC in a 3rd and 25 which they couldn’t do anything with. Fleming’s helmet popped off on first down put he kept playing.
  • After a great series by the defense, the offense is looking lost again. Clausen eats a 5 yard loss instead of throwing the ball away and then the Irish waste a timeout on 2nd and 15. Offense follows that up with another three and out.
  • Defense forces a three and out of its own and sets up the offense around midfield. Will the offense be able to capitalize? We’re still waiting to see the first first down of the game.
  • Wow. Blessed with great field position after the defense forced a three and out, Clausen tosses his second interception on the first play of the drive.
  • Wow again. We just went from 1st and 10 from midfield to a USC touchdown run in 2 plays. Joe McKnight is almost untackleable in the open field and he just made the Irish defense, which had been playing so well, look pretty bad.
  • And there’s another three and out for the offense. Midway through the second quarter the Irish defense has gained 16 yards on offense.
  • Defense is running out of gas already. They played very well for about a quarter and a half, but with the offense not gaining a single first down so far in this game, it was only going to be a matter of time. USC just scored to go up 21-0 and things are not looking good for this one staying respectable.
  • And yet another three and out. Well, this was actually a four and out since there was a holding penalty on 2nd down. Notre Dame now has 4 yards of offense, 0 first downs, and 2 turnovers in the first half.
  • Ethan Johnson just recorded his first career sack along with Toryan Smith. Defense did a good job forcing a field goal here at the end of the second quarter, but they are running on fumes already.

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