Haywood Praises Weis On His Way Out

So much for all of those conspiracy theories that Weis and Haywood were not getting a long as the season progressed.  Tim Prister interviewed Haywood about being named the head coach at Miami and not only did Haywood give Weis credit for his opportunity, but he gave his soon to be former employer some high praise.

“He’s one of the finest men in college football. He’s one of the true family men in college football, and he does a tremendous job of balancing football with his family.

“Notre Dame is on the rise, and I think Notre Dame will have a great season next year under the tutelage and direction of Coach Weis. I couldn’t ask for a better guy as a mentor. He has been an unbelievable mentor for me over the last four years and has been instrumental in me getting this job today.”

Those are some pretty glowing remarks from Haywood for Weis.  Haywood didn’t have to be as gracious towards Weis on his way and it certainly makes it seem like the rumors of Haywood and Weis being at odds were extremely exaggerated.

It’s nice to see Haywood, as a former Irish coach and player, get the opportunity he’s been given and be as classy as he’s been on the way out.

Good luck to Haywood at Miami – especially since its never a bad thing to have a young coach with deep ties to Notre Dame have success.

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One Comment

  1. Maybe he needs to teeter the scale a bit more towards football.

    Anyways, I hope we get a win tonight. It is time for ND fans to do what they do best…..Pray.

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