Weis Coaching from the Booth

Charlie Weis is doing something he’s never done at Notre Dame tonight – coaching from the booth as opposed to coaching on the sidelines.  The reason he’s made the move is because of the pain associated with his two surgery-needing knees.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  A coach like Weis who is known for his x’s and o’s could really benefit from coaching from the booth – especially since he is calling the plays tonight.  Coaching from the booth is very advantageous from a play calling perspective because it gives you a much better view of the defensive alignments.

This isn’t the first time Weis has coached from the booth in his career though.  When he was the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, Weis coached from the booth while Drew Bledsoe was the starting QB.  He moved to the sidelines when Bledsoe got hurt and Tom Brady took over as the starting QB.

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  1. You might see CW in the box to start the 09 season. He will be grilled if they lose. If they win, he will certainly solidify his standing as a tremendous offensive play-caller; however, I am not sure this does anything to improve his image as a Head Coach. No doubt the anti-CW posters will swarm. I see Charlie on the sidelines where he belongs and will succeed!

  2. Charlie is no dummy!
    Perhaps he should coach from the sidelines all the time.
    I say this with all due respect to his experience.
    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see an entire season play out that way?
    Weis is a bottom line guy.
    Does he motivate college age players enough?
    Is his energy taking away the edge on the sidelines?
    Would it be better if he were in the booth?
    Nothing wrong with it!
    After all, if you want to see the enemy send the planes on undedected radar overhead first.

  3. Amen Chris. Even from a fan’s viewpoint, it’s amazing how much of the field you can see when you’re up in the stands. And Charlie obviously was able to use everything he saw. Although it was only Hawaii he was picking apart, I still wonder how the game would have gone had he been on the sideline instead.

    It will be interesting to see who Charlie gets to come over as offensive coordinator. I haven’t seen or heard anything. Has anyone else?

  4. As the Offensive playcaller, I do believe Charlie should sit up in the booth from here on out. You really get to survey the defenses much better from a view over the field instead of at field level. Why do you think he kept calling the fade to Tate? He could clearly see the defense was giving it to them, so he took it three times. We mixed up plays so much better than all year and I really feel that seeing the field from that view made a big difference.

    I dont care if he is the head coach or not, there are other coaches that can get the personnel on and off the field. Stay up in that booth Charlie and pick those defenses apart! I’m behind ya coach!

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