Darrin Walls Back at Notre Dame

Notre Dame was without the services of Darrin Walls last year while the senior to be was not enrolled in school, but that won’t be the case in 2009.  Walls was enrolled at Notre Dame once again this week as Notre Dame started the semester Monday.

Losing Walls was a major blow in 2008 even though Raeshon McNeil, Robert Blanton, and Gary Gray all played well in his absence.  Walls looked primed to take the leap towards All American status after a very impressive first year starting in 2007 as a true sophomore.  Walls, however, missed the entire season for “personal reasons”.

Walls is almost certainly step right into a starting role again for 2009.  He might not start out the spring as a starting cornberback since its likely the coaches will make him earn that role again, but I have very little doubt he will be anywhere other than first on the depth chart by the time the Blue Gold Game comes around.

With Gary Gray officially not enrolled this semester, the return of Walls is very good news for Notre Dame.  He will have two years of eligibility left heading into this season and will likely be joined in the starting lineup by either McNeil or Blanton.

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  1. yeah because what notre dame needs is a dictator coach who thinks football is biggerthen life and death. we dont need someone like that or nick saban around our kids. theres more to notre dame than football. thats what makes the school and the program so special.

  2. Many rumors including one with the Patriots and Weis. The next move if there is one absolutely has to bring a National Champioship in 3 years or ND will not recover for another 10 years.

    Let’s hope whatever happens is well thought out and orderly. No more circus media feeding frenzies. Just results.

  3. i think the corners will benefit the most from covering floyd in practice. He is our only true route running polished wr. Yes tate has a ton of talent and is a great wr, but how often does he catch an in route or out route?

  4. The corners and safeties have been very good. I hope the coaches get them to the next level and teach them to break on the ball more, and to work together in double team situations or other situations where the safety is in support. One guy need to commit to drilling the receiver after the catch and one guy need to go for the ball. This group could be taught that.

  5. i hope walls is the #1 corner and blanton is the other starting corner. They both have great shutdown skills and are both better tacklers than mcneil. Mcneil should be 3, and it would be nice to have gray as a very good #4. Gray and mcneil would start for most teams. Probably 100 others.

  6. Very good news. Walls is a shutdown/jamming Corner. He is very fast and tall and probably will be our best corner even after missing a year.

  7. Slaughter too and if EJ Banks can get healthy by spring of 2010 ND secondary would be looking in good shape.

    For a program that is so special and does it the right way a true return to glory is much deserved!

  8. this is great news. i hope gary gray stays with us. it be great to see walls, gray, blanton, and mcneill all compete for the 2 starting jobs. not only will they give us great depth, but the competition will only make all of them better.

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