5 Former Players Sign Rookie FA Deals

While David Bruton was the only Notre Dame player to be selected in the draft this year, five of his former teammates signed rookie free agent deals by Sunday night.

  • David Grimes (WR) – ­ Denver Broncos
  • Pat Kuntz (DT) – Indianapolis Colts
  • Terrail Lambert (CB) – ­ San Francisco 49ers
  • Asaph Schwapp (FB) – ­ Dallas Cowboys
  • Michael Turkovich (OT) –  ­ Dallas Cowboys

Of the five who signed so far, I think Lambert and Turkovich have the best chance to stick on a roster.  Lamebrt has great speed and could be a contribtuor on special teams for the 49ers and Turkovich is still just scratching the surface of what he can do as a tackle after playing the position just one season for Notre Dame.  Kuntz might have a chance as well since the Colts defense is built largely on smaller, quicker players.

Two-time captain Maurice Crum has yet to sign anywhere, but if I had to guess, I would bet he ends up with the Bears or Bucaneers.  Both teams showed some interest in Crum leading up to the draft.  Crum not signing by now could mean that he is receiving some decent interest as an undrafted free agent.  According to Eric Hansen’s twitter feed, Crum is currently working on a deal which should be announced soon.

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  1. I wish all these guys the very best and I hope they all get to play in the NFL. The outstanding news is the FACT they all graduated.

    So, for all our Stanford Elite Jack @sses superior to all others. ND is now #1 in graduating athletes at a 98% rate, tied only with Navy which is excellent company.

    So much for your beloved H-A-R-B-A-W-L and your claimed superior academics! Keep throwing stones in glass houses elitist boys! Your definately legends in you own minds.

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