Notre Dame Week on ESPN

Next week Notre Dame will be one of several schools ESPN profiles during it’s daily College Football Live show.

Here’s the schedule of the ND related content.

  • Monday, May 11 – A discussion on what Notre Dame needs to do to return to prominence and a BCS bowl; George Smith’s conversation with Weis and guard Eric Olsen as guest
  • Tuesday, May 12 – A breakdown of the offense, an in-depth look at the depth chart and players to watch this season; with assistant coach Corwin Brown as guest
  • Wednesday, May 13 -A breakdown of the defense, an in-depth look at the depth chart and players to watch this season; with safety Kyle McCarthy as guest
  • Thursday, May 14 – A discussion on impact players who must step up to get Notre Dame back to a BCS bowl; with linebacker Brian Smith as guest
  • Friday, May 15 – What to expect this season, and a game-by-game breakdown of the schedule with a season-record prediction; with Jimmy Clausen as guest

It seem strange to anyone else that they’d interview Corwin Brown on the day they take an “a breakdown of the offense, an in-depth look at the depth chart and players to watch this season”?

Anyway, should be interesting to see what the world wide leader ends up producing.

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  1. JC,
    Love it! The Irish will return to prominence as ESPN implodes along with our economy. The values of the Old Notre Dame will be what survive to help bring this coutnry back up off the matt.

    Go Irish!!

  2. Just watched ESPN’s segment on the IRISH. What a bunch of CRAP!! NO respect as usuall. Ihope Jimmy has an awesome year and proves those guys wrong. They actually said he lacks arm strengh!!Makes me wonder Have they ever watched him throw a football?? ESPN hates Notre Dame, It’s obvious. I look forward to all of Mark May’s nasty comments about the Irish in 2009!!!

  3. THE-EGO-SPORTS-PUNDIT-NETWORK! It’s just about the money! ESPN knows very well when to cash-in on the number one brand in football, NOTRE DAME! Good or the Bad!

    And yes, the only household college football name worldwide! Better than ESPN!

    And for all the zealots out there, ND is now tied for 1st in graduating athletes at a 98% rate.

    Stuff that Stanford, Superior to all others.

  4. I haven’t even looked for the material. ESPN are pimps. Worse yet, they’ve suckered sports fans across the nation into watching or reading amatuerish junk. They pimp the sports and the teams they control in coverage. The topics are usually trivial nonsense. And I’d bet that you all in this site are more qualified to analyze football on history, technical aspects of the game, and merits of a team than the paid “journalists” at ESPN. I browse for scores and not much more on their site or station.
    I don’t even want to watch their version of sports with rap music themes and male enhancement commercials. No, ESPN has ruined my experience as a spectator. I watch the Irish, local sports, and very little of ESPN.
    If ND goes undefeated, they’ll get their shot. If they get to a BCS bowl, they’ll get a shot to win it. Nothing ESPN does can stop that. And we can get the best coverage right here.

  5. I checked out ESPN’s site this morning. They have interviews with Corwin Brown, Eric Olsen, and Kyle McCarthy posted so far but it’s a phone interview. They don’t show their faces or even a game clip. What’s up with that? Located in the same section is a piece with Colt McCoy, and Terrel Pryor and you get to see them. So was that a ND decision or a ESPN decision? Best I can figure it’s one of those “No player or coach is bigger than the Team” Concept. At least a little game film of the team playing would be better than looking at some pencil necked ESPN geek.

  6. I agree Irishfan. Where is this in-depth breakdown??? They just want to say “I told you so” when we dominate this year. And I am very pissed how they assume we are going to lay down to FUSC. And that Lugenbill or however you spell his name needs to keep his mouth shut and go cover “the next big thing”. How can he say Clausen isn’t good? It’s because of asses like himself that JC will never be seen as a good QB at ND because of all the overhype they placed on him. Sorry he is developing into a future NFL QB that succeeds because he is a pocket passer with some mobility and can manage an offense unlike ESPN’s favorites who will never be at that level except maybe Sam Bradford. Sorry he isn’t T. Pryor who is and never will be a good QB. Seriously, how many run-first QB’s have excelled past college other than maybe Randall Cunningham. And please don’t say Mike Vick because he was already hurt once from running and was all but certain to receive another injury from running. Take away his legs and what do you have? A receiver posing as a QB. Sorry for the rant but idiots like that guy need to be dropkicked for lack of a more creative assault.

  7. I have to admit, I usually love ESPN, and have questioned whether they hate ND, or just really really love USC. And yesterday’s broadcast didn’t change much for me.

    I got really upset at the fact that Olsen’s interview was relegated to being online, but then I remembered that many of us ND fans work (unlike USC fans). So I’d almost prefer being able to see it online.

    Then I wanted to pitch a fit at them railing ND’s season last year. But then I remembered last season.

    I also thought it was interesting that the Weis footage was largely a recycled Sunday Conversation piece. But they did talk about expectations, and the expert picked ND to win 10-11 games, as well as talked about how Weis has taken needed steps to right the ship.

    Overall, I’m ok with Day 1.

  8. Saw a 15 minute piece last night on ESPN with a short interview with coach Weis and his Irish football team. Charlie did a great job. He explained why ND isn’t interested in the players who plan on leaving college after 2 or 3 years, and a convesation he had with former presedent Bush at a dinner party. ESPN was fair balanced and honest. So far so good.

  9. Any talk about Notre Dame and ESPN needs to understand ESPN’s focus: MARKETING TO GET ADVERTISIGN REVENUE.

    ESPN doesn’t love or hate Notre Dame. Frankly, I don’t kow if ESPN loves sports. ESPN loves doing whatever gets viewers and then collecting AD revenue from rated viewership.

    Right now, I do not expect ESPN to do a great job on this set of pieces. However, I am sure ESPN is lurking in case ND has another bad year. Were NBC to give up on bad ratings, I’d expect ESPN to pick up a contract with ND.
    They’d have a special ND section just like NBC does. Then to stir up viewership, they’d have an anti-ND faction.
    Given the general WWF trailer trash approach to sports broadcaasting these days, I can imagine a bunch of tubbies getting hoodwinked into that debate. All the time ESPN raking in ad dollars. Throw in a couple of bikini hotties and then shocked nuns, you’ve got Morrie Povich on SportsCenter.

    I think I’ll wait for the reviews and catch these pieces on You Tube, Hulu, or some internet TV site. Skip the Ads.

  10. Thanks to an obscenely heavy dose of manny ramirez coverage, college football live wasn’t aired at 330 or 430(at least not in NE Pa.)…. Go figure

  11. Jim, don’t you think that maybe ESPN is realizing there may not be a future in ignoring Notre Dame? Perhaps that may at least be part of the answer.

    I am not a fan of ESPN, but I have come to the conclusion we cannot continue to ignore them. That isn’t in the best interests of our Irish.

  12. This seems suspicious to me. ESPN giving some love to ND? I don’t believe it. They will find some way to trash the Irish.Not sure why CW would allow the players to participate in this.

  13. I believe that Blickster has hit it right. ESPN realizes that something special might happen with ND Football.

    Also, it might have something to do with Mike Frank leaving Irish Eyes and joining ESPN.

  14. ESPN’s reporting has really gotten to the stage of sensationalism and social grevience. I get better analysis and commentary on the internet. Places like Bleacher Report and This site have more professionalism.

  15. If Notre Dame can return to prominence then ESPN wants to have a piece of that pie. Sounds like they are getting a jump on things.

  16. Does anyone know where online links will be found? This little thing called work will probably get in the way of me watching, enjoying and making fun of the ESPN mistakes! Yesterday they had Purdue’s QB as Siller, well he was kicked out of school for cheating and hasn’t been with the team for two months now… good work ESPN!

  17. In my view, ESPN is a bunch ND haters. Charlie Weis extended a olive branch earlier this year and offered to mend fences. I guess ESPN figures that Notre Dame is ready for a turn around season and they better get on board. I still don’t trust them. Of course if you win, there isn’t much else they can say.

  18. It is not strange because Brown is the assistant head coach. His role on the team has changed from last season.

    Then as a defensive-minded coach, Brown knows which offensive players give the defense the most problems at practice.

    So to me it’s not strange at all.

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