Michael Floyd Injury Update

Michael Floyd cut his leg in the endzone on Saturday against Michigan, but should be available this weekend for Michigan State. (Photo - Icon SMI)
Michael Floyd needed 15 stitches in his leg after falling in the back of the endzone Saturday. The star WR should be available this weekend for Michigan State. (Photo - Icon SMI)

Notre Dame was without star wide receiver Michael Floyd over the last six minutes of Saturday’s loss to Michigan.  Floyd, who had seven catches for 131 yards and two touchdowns before leaving the game, suffered a cut on his leg requiring 15 stitches.  The injury kept him out of the remainder of the game, but sit doesn’t sound like it will keep him out of the lineup when Michigan State travels to South Bend this weekend according to Charlie Weis on Sunday.

Here’s what Weis had to say Sunday when he met with the media.

First of all, I don’t meet with the doctors till 1:30, as you guys know. Because I knew that was going to be an area of concern, I talked to Jim last night. He took 15 stitches in his knee. I think, more than anything else, he’s a little stiff and a little sore, but he doesn’t have any damage to his knee, other than he has 15 stitches, which in its own right is damage.

He landed on that track. He didn’t land on the turf. His knee hit the track, that hard surface. When he landed, it cut his knee open. What they did at first, by the time I got down to the end zone, they had bandaged it up. He was saying, No, no, no. He thought that the bone was sticking out, career-ending injury. By the time they brought him in and stitched him up, he had come back and told — when they were on that last drive, he came up and said, If the game goes overtime, he’s ready to go.

You know, it never came to that decision. I wouldn’t have done that at that point. But I think he was going to try to go. Jim today said he’ll be a little sore; we might have to ease him into the week. He doesn’t anticipate there being any problems for him for game time this week.

Considering Floyd would have been ready for overtime it sounds like Floyd will be good to go this weekend.  I’d imagine he might get some time off of practice this week as a result, but it sounds like he’ll be available for this weekend.

Floyd’s been unstoppable so far this year with 320 yards and five touchdowns in the first two games.  Considering Michigan State just gave up 400 yards through the air to Central Michigan this past weekend, Floyd should be able to keep adding to his impressive numbers on Saturday.

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  1. My best to Michael and thank God he is OK. But can I ask a question? Remember the old days when football players wore “knee pads”? In fact their pants went down over their knees – thus reducing the number of rug burns from turf or cement.

    I have noticed a trend recently where pants are hiking up higher and higher on the legs – leaving the knees more vulnerable to injury.

    Is the minimal pant protection and above the knee fashion simply so players can be faster – or look cooler?

  2. That hard planking around the corner should have been made out of a cushioned material nothing hard. They spend hundreds of millions on the place but the field is unsafe at the edges.

    If college football players weren’t stripped of their right to sue, Floyd could make a considerable dent in the big houses revenues.

    Fix the problem, or fine the pants off the Athletic department.

      1. Please don’t bring back Holtz. Do you really think that’d work? I’d rather not tarnish his legacy.

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