’09 UHND Opponent Poll – Week 4

Washington tumbles and Stanford surges in the latest UHND Opponent Poll.

2009 UHND Opponent Poll

Opponent Record Last Week Next Comments
1. 06 usc #4 Southern Cal
3-1 1 @ #24 Cal USC jumped out to a 20-0 first quarter lead, but gave up some long drives to WSU.
2. 09michgan helmet Michigan
4-0 2 @ Michigan State Michigan got some help from the replay officals this weekend (when don’t they?) in their win over Indiana.
3. 06 stanford Stanford
3-1 6 @ Oregon State Stanford really handed it to Washngton this weekend and is looking strong.
4. pitt-helmet.jpg Pitt
3-1 4 @ Louisville Pitt let NC State score 14 unanswered in the 4th quarter in their first loss of the season.
5. 07 bc Boston College
3-1 8 vs. Florida State Boston College’s offense was downright anemic against Clemson.
6. washington-helmet.jpg Washington
2-2 3 @ Notre Dame Washington came back down to earth this weekend and got run over by Stanford.
7. 06 msu Michigan State


1-3 5 vs. #22 Michigan Michigan State’s late rally came up short and the Spartans are a disappointing 1-3.
8. 06 navy Navy
2-2 7 vs. Air Force Navy got back on track with a win over Western Kentucky.
9. 09uconn helmet UConn
3-1 9 @ Pittsburgh (10/10) UConn is looking tougher and will have two weeks to prepare for Pitt.
10. 09purdue helmet Purdue
1-3 10 vs. UConn Purdue just called another timeout.
11. 09wsu helmet Washington State
1-3 12 @ #16 Oregon Washington State played USC tough but just couldn’t score.
12. 09nevada helmet Nevada
Wolf Pack
0-3 11 vs. UNLV The Wolf Pack played Mizzou tough but are still searching for their first W of the season.

UHND Opponent Poll Voters

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  1. I also believe that Sam Young should be benched for the Washington game. I don’t know how many penalty yards he has in 4 games, but I’d bet it’s 50 or more. He is a senior and there is no excuse. There needs to be consequences for his lack of preparation and sloppy attitude. I wouldn’t mind seeing the same thing happen to Walls and Kumara.

  2. was anyboby else here at the game saturday? the reason i ask is what happened at the coin toss when jimmy tried to shake hands with a purdue player. something happened that caused jimmy to get in his face and keep jawing until the refs seperated them. then after the coin toss, when they are supposed to shake hands again, jimmy shook his head and waved his hand in disgust at the purdue players and walked away without shaking hands. he then came over to the team so pumped that i thought he was going to punch someone. i thought it was great because he was pumped and it seemed like that last drive, he was not going to be stopped by anyone.

    one last thing, on that third and goal when jimmy threw it to robby in the back of the endzone. why was there no flag? the defender was horse-collaring robby from catching the ball. very clear to everyone that was there. any insight would be appreciated.

  3. After re-watching the Michigan State game indeed the big 10 officials are horrible! Not to mention the Michigan game when they really went overboard!

    In order for this team to finish strong the defense had to make major adjustments for the Purdue game which they really did not do. I am still in Tenuta’s camp however a review of the past 3 games shows the defense out of position on most of the plays that put the opposing teams in contention for a win. Defense against Washington had better be a damn big improvement or USC will eat ND alive even w/ an unproven QB and injuries across the board. The defense must – must step up big time and penalties while most are questionable thus far must be erradicated. Discipline is the only answer for the Irish to make a run which they are definitely capable of doing as there is a tremendous amount of talent on this team!

    Weis remains the achilles heal to success – I dont know how much more we can wait for him to adjust to the college level. I salute the players on this team! I have seen a lot of flashes of great play makers and mostly heart that does give me and true ND fans reason to keep the home fires burning. The D has this week to cut the errors out of the mix and a bye week next week to get mentally prepared for USC AFTER of course taking care of business this Saturday.

    In my heart I have seen enough of Charlie Weis as the coach of this team to say with confidence he wont be around to take the Irish to the next level. He will however have a share of the legacy as he did bring in better talent. My emotions and support reside mostly with these players and they are great players with the ability to be SO much more. It seems Charlie is consistant and even hell bent on pulling back on the reins which will be his downfall. All the best to these kids however – I think their heart may win out this year providing they remember where they have been and where they are going. GO IRISH – smash mouth football and dont apologize! GO IRISH!!!

  4. b11 refs are terrible. But the skunkbear refs are worse. And the b11 admin lets it happen. These refs must have a lot of money on the games they are calling.
    ND needs to be ready to play because the p10 refs that are coming to ND for the Washington and the Cheating poodle pete (USC) games and are not much better than the b11 refs (gamblers). OOOOps can’t be gambling when you have control of the outcome.

    1. I remember a couple of seasons back when Jimmy Claussen was a freshmen and ND was on the road at Stanford. It was late in the game and ND had the lead, but not by much. JC threw deep over the middle and a complete lay out, diving catch, was made by David Grimes in the endzone for a TD. One of the PAC-10 ref’s signalled Touchdown, but it went for review and guess what happened?
      You got it. They over turned the ruling on the field and took away one of the finest throws and TD catches I ever saw. Although it didn’t affect the outcome of the game (A ND win)for Grimes it had to be, what should have been a personal highlight.
      I watched the replay of that catch numerous times and came to the conclusion that it was a strieght up screw job on behalf of the PAC-10.
      I even think that this blog posted a picture of that very catch.

  5. i have been appalled at the officiating so far this season!! the way michigan has been treated so far has been borderline criminal. the NCAA needs to do something and quickly.

    **i loved IU’s coaches reaction though! throwing his gum at his own bench was hysterical (i dont blame him it all though)

    1. The tragic thing out of that was that if the Receiver had just stopped fighting him when they went to the ground and hopped up like he had just sacked Forcier, the officials would have given him the call. Their only grounds for making such an asinine (love that word) call was on the basis that he kept fighting for the ball (which is abso-friggin-lutely ridiculous).

      Honestly, and this is probably why I’m not a head coach (that and lack of coaching ability), if I were the U of I coach, I pull my team from the field the moment the finish the review and declare it UM ball. I would do it on the basis that the officials had already determined the outcome of the game. I’d tell my team, “Alright guys, we’re done here. Lets go shake hands, wish them luck, and get the hell out of here. It’s apparent the officials have already decided this one for us.” It would send a VERY loud and clear message to the conference that we’re not going to continue to put up with these antics. If they want to put up with the media pressure, they can do that.

    2. Remember a few years back when old man, Joe Paterno went running after the BigTen officials after a game where it was his team that was the sacrificial Lamb?
      When we Played Michigan, the last second had barely ticked off the clock, and the ref’s were gone! Like a bird. They were last seen running down the tunnel at Michigan Stadium. They knew that they had just pinched a loaf on national TV.
      Jamacian Sprinter Usain Bolt could have been our coach that day, and even he wouldn’t have been able to catch up with those ref’s.
      The BigTen sucks. It’s been going on for years.

  6. The NCAA should investigate Big 10 officiating in UM games this season. As Shakespeare wrote, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

  7. I was amazed at that call! Just like Allen’s touchdown being overturned during the UM game and Floyd’s touchdown being overturned during the MSU game. Video clearly shows the correct call to make, but the Big 10 officials dig in their heels and say, “No way. They can’t have the call!”
    Michigan has 2 in the W column that were, in no small way, given to them by officials. And as Shazamrock will tell you, I was very skeptical of the “Big 10 officials conspiracy” after the Michigan game. But after MSU vs. ND, and Michigan vs. Indiana, my eyebrows are raised.

    1. JDH,
      I know these instances about the BigTen officiating really bothers you. It bothers us all.
      These games should be decided on the field by the players and coaches in the spirit and fairness of college athletics.
      I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, those days are gone my friend.
      In reality, it is driven by the holy dollar.
      It is my personal view is that the BigTen conference is loosing ground (and money) to other conferences. Be it the Big 12, the SEC, or the Pac 10.
      Michigan was terriable last year, Ohio State continues to take it’s beatings, Illinois, Mich.ST, Wisconson, Iowa,Indiana, Minnisota, & Northwestern, have nothing of intrest, and Penn St is always a bridesmaid.
      Now conferences like the Mountian West, Big East, and ACC are cutting into their profits (Bowl Games).
      They(The BigTen conference) is determined to keep their conference relevent. That means a winning Michigan and Ohio ST. And they are going to ensure it by hook or by Crook. The thing is, that their conference is so crappy that they are easly exposed in their attempt to prop up their conference.
      It’s THE DOLLARS, always THE DOLLARS. And it’s always at some else’s expence.
      ND has face this before. They will over come it as they always do.

      1. More Dollars,

        How about this for a interesting situation/comarision:

        Charlie Weis is coach of the Florida Gators. Early in the week before an upcoming road game he finds out his Throphy winning QB has the flu. What does he do?
        Now current coach Urban Meyer sets up a private charter to fly his sick QB to Kentucky, so as not to infect the rest of the team.
        What’s wrong with this picture?
        We all know Charlie Weis would leave his sick QB at home. Where he belongs. And do
        “What’s in the players’ best intrest”
        But Meyer fly’s him out, starts him, plays him the whole way, or at least until he got hurt. His team held a comfortable lead well into the second half. Still has him dropping back and passing.
        I guess when you are Florida you have to beat every opponent by 50.
        Then the kid takes a shot that lays him out for 5 minutes. Any boxer will tell you that 5 minutes out cold is a dangerously long time.
        Meyer try’s to come off as a “Players Coach” but is he?
        I think he jepordized this kids’ future. And not just in football.
        ND lost a fullback to concussions. I am embarressed that I don’t remember his name.
        Schmidt maybe.
        But I know he was looking forward to his senior year, but some things are more important than a football game.
        Unless your the head coach of the Florida Gators. Then it’s all about money, status, and win at all costs.
        They say that he is going to be fine. I guess when someone like Meyer says that it’s going to be OK then all’s well that ends well.
        I just hope for that QB’s sake, that 2 months from now they arn’t saying “He’s never been the same since that hit”
        A lot of fans can jump on CW for a lot of his coaching and play calling. But no one can criticize him for not putting his player’s health and well being first. To me, that’s a good head coach.

      2. I am beginning to truly understand and adopt your point of view Shazam. I have no other way to explain what I’ve seen this year regarding Big 10 officials.

        Were any of the usual media pundits talking about the IU call / screwing? I didn’t hear of any but did any of you all?

      3. JDH,
        We still have the chance of finishing 11-1. If that were to happen we are all going to be sick looking back on the Michigan game and what should have been.
        I think next year’s team can be really special.But these BigTen ref’s loom over us like storm clouds.
        The only solution that I can think of is that the NCAA does all the hiring, firing, training, supervisoring, & assigning of officating crews for all games, and conferance officials are disbanded.
        Some Midwest official who used to work for the BigTen, if selected, now goes to work a SEC or Mountian West game.
        We (I)talk about the MONEY and it’s influence over the game. There is BIG money involved in college football.
        Lets get rid of these part time, local insurance salesmen, who live just outside Ann Arbor Michigan and moonlight on Saturday afternoons as Referee’s. The NCAA can clearly afford to hire, train, assign, & monitor, efficient and fair officiating. The game and the fans deserve it.

  8. That was a terrible call in the UM v. IU game. If both guys have the ball all the way to the ground, the ball should go to the offense (Indiana). Michigan should have lost that game if not for having friendly officials once again.

    1. the best player for UofM other than Forcier is the b10 officials. The call was bad enough, but to uphold it after the replay was just asinine.

    2. Don’t you know? That if Michigan were to have 2 loosing seasons in a row the BigTen would crash and the world would end.
      Replays mean nothing at the Big “Crap” House.
      That team, their conference, and their joke for officials, are the WWF of college football.
      When Michigan plays Ohio State, watch for the Michigan Band to distract the officials so RichRod can deliver a flying elbow drop bomb on jim Tressel, then act like nothing happened. Woooooooooooo!

    3. FWIW, as it was explained by the Head of Big Ten Officials during a post-game show, the call on the field was incorrect, but the video replay was not. Given that the call on the field was a catch, the only thing the replay could decide was whether it was a catch or not a catch, not which team possessed the ball.

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