Boston College Game Live Blog

Jeff will be live blogging today’s Boston College game for UHND.  Follow along with the action below.

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  2. Our world is too damn PC
    Just remember that Dr. what’s his name with the self-esteem crap
    ( Spock?) had a son who KILLED himself
    so much for self-esteem

    the world in the West is too full of spineless cowards
    who can’t show emotion lest they ‘offend” somebody
    that’s the truth
    to hell with that

  3. I remember those days well. I used to LOOOVE to see little, skinny Lou grab a player that was twice his size and COMMAND respect. After he ripped the player a new one, he’d wait a little while, then have that same player come over. He’d be smiling, building that player right back up.

    Totally different kind of coach than CW…

    1. JDH,

      Today’s modern coach has to be politcally correct. Heaven forbid he should chew a player out on national TV and hurt the precious snowflakes’ feelings.
      Bo, Woody, even Ara
      would pop their cork every now and then. I wounder if that had anything to do with their winning records?
      Hell, even my 5th grade football coach used to wack us one in earhole on our helmet every now and agian. That would always get our attenion.
      But Did it help us to play better?
      You’re damn right it did!

      1. Our PC world most certainly has something to do with it. My coaches used to rip our faces off. Hell, my TEACHERS used to do the same thing, as I went to a Catholic all-male school. Guess what- it was good for us and I loved most of my coaches and teachers.

  4. We all know about the stuggles of our secondary. Sometimes I think back and say to myself “What would Lou Do?” ND is extremely deep at wide receiver. Perhaps you take someone like Toma, Gallup, Walker, or Goodman and line him up man on man agianst the opposing teams best receiver and tell him to just stay on him all over the field. Very simple. I know that their tackling
    might be suspect but these guys are good athletes. And they are just sitting on the bench, not being utilized.They know route running and pass formations. They know when to turn their head around and look for the ball, and I’d bet that any one of them would love to get on the field and help their team. If you have good, fast, tall, bright players why wouldn’t you try to get a few plays out of them? I bet Lou would.

    1. Lou was really good at converting players to play other positions to utilize their skills:

      Stams comes to mind
      Wasn’t Chris Zorich originally a linebacker?

      1. Yeah. Similar to this current team, they had no dominate defensive tackle, so they beefed up Zorich and turned him loose inside. Talk about disruptive. It was a move that put us over the top.
        We do have a young tackle but he’s just s freshmen and a little undersized at this point. But I could see one of our wide outs man up at saftie on obvious pass plays.
        At least they know what a pass route looks like and have the speed to stick with their man.

    2. Shazam-
      I think that’s a great idea. Our secondary already is having major problems with coverage and tackling. Why not give those other athletes a shot? I think you put one guy in at a time and replace H. Smith. Give them the look and see what happens. The Wash State game could be a great time to “experiment”….

      1. Most of the players, played both ways in high school.
        Who better to cover a receiver than another receiver. Maybe start out in obvious passing downs. Instead of bring in another corner or nickle back, bring in John Goodman. Tall, fast, athletic. Play him man to man on the opposing teams best receiver and have him stick to him all over the field. Nice and simple. Maybe just taking away the other teams go to guy would be enought. Put him in the defensive huddle. K-MAC tells him “you guard this guy”. Simple enough

      2. JDH,

        I know Lou Holtz is in the past, and modern day coaching has evolved (remember when Lou used to grab a player by his face mask and get his point accross?). But when things weren’t working out he used go through his roster and find players who could give him some plays. I also remember him getting pissed off and taking away the play calling duties from some poor offensive coordinator. But in todays game, I think Tenuta is safe from Charlie Weis.

  5. “JDH – Fair enough. I was surprised that he received as much playing time as he did after his atrocious performance in the USC game. I think he would be more successful if he was put in at LB because he is actually a tough guy but he definitely lacks the speed of a DB. Nothing personal. I just that Harrison is playing in the wrong position. Period.”

    Pachuco- I agree with you 100% about being suprised here. Obviously I feel the same way. And you know I agree with you regarding his lack of speed. If he can contribute to our LB corp., I’m all for it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed bro because clearly it ain’t working right now at DB….

  6. the person who said the irish play without any emotion hit the nail on the head. charlie weis’s teams dont play with emotion because he doesn’t believe in it, all they need are his x’s and o’s. ever hear him speak? he’s completely taken the PEP out of the pep rally. that’s why they have never beaten a team that’s better than them in his almost five years. the closest they have ever come is twice against USC. about the only times the team has played with real emotion durin the weis era.

    1. Not true. Used to be true but not true this year. I’ve had that same criticism of Weis for years. He did not have the ability to instill emotion and killer instinct into his players. In years past, their cluelessness/laziness on the field and inability to put games away were proof.

      This year they have come from behind and/or won close games week after week. You don’t do that if you “have no emotion”. They lost the Michigan game because of poor clock management, some poor play calling, and horrendous officiating. USC game became a battle to the very end.

      I am no fan of Weis because I have never / do not like his coaching style, for the same reasons that you are pointing out. But something has changed in him and with this team. The emotion and swagger is there and he must be doing something right behind closed doors.

      What is missing is proper coaching (from Tenuta) and execution in the secondary. Most of our DBs are impotent.

      This is a top-ten, and maybe top-5 team if we had a pass defense.

  7. Didn’t see the game so I can’t comment. Was with the family on volunteer weekend.

    I’d like to ask a couple things though:

    1. Is Notre Dame just the team any of you picked for your favorite or is anyone aware ( truly aware ) of the magic that once was Notre Dame football?

    2. Do any alums remember when these were our guys not just 5 star recruits we argued about purely for their talent?

    3. Does anyone remember when Notre Dame played close games against the best ( like last week’s game ) and took care of the non-ranked in short order?

    4. Does anyone think Notre Dame can pull off some magical seasons like 1989, 1977, 1973, 1966? Those seasons weren’t just about winning a national championship. There was something extra going on.

    I read criticism of play calling and then I hear people defending Coach Weis or criticizing him. I don’t hear talk of confidence in our boys or the program. Does Notre Dame still have what made us different?

    1. Totally agree C-Dog. Lead,Follow or get out of the way! ND is still and always will be one of the most respected programs in the nation. Everybody brings their ‘A” game when they face the Irish.
      GO IRISH!!

    2. C-Dog,
      Maybe the answer you seek lies here:
      I recently read a national poll and the question asked was:
      “In college football, who do you consider to be America’s team?”
      The overwhelming answer:
      Notre Dame

      1. I just heard the Michigan is under investigation for violating the alotted practice time rules. Anything for a win.
        DT “Mount Cody” from Alabama saved his team’s season by blocking a field goal. He was a Junior College Transfer.
        Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow were pushed into service by their coaches. Two coaches who, in my opinion, played Russian Roulette with the health and future of these two kids. Uncalled for.
        We might not have posted the best records of late or won a national championship, but we haven’t compromised our principals ether. ND stands for a lot of things. Football is just one of them.
        I see some “special things” about this team. An undefeated season obviously isn’t one of them, but they are out there if you know where to look.

      2. “I just heard the Michigan is under investigation for violating the alotted practice time rules.”

        You mean aside from what news came out about this 2 months ago? Is there something new here? Not being a smarass- I’m asking honest questions.

      3. They sent them the official letter of inquiry. They even put a investigation completion date of Dec.31 2009. Makes you wonder why we didn’t a completion date for the “Reggie Bush, who’s parents get a free condo and cadilac escalade if he plays for USC” investigation.
        Speaking of USC, even with all the personal fouls calls they drew agianst ND, I still thought they got away with murder. According to this story the Pac 10 seems to agree:
        The Pacific 10 Conference on Monday suspended an official for not calling a facemask penalty against the two-time All-American.(Taylor Mays) The conference did not identify the official who made no call when Mays hit Oregon State receiver James Rodgers after a touchdown catch in the Trojans’ 42-36 victory over the Beavers on Saturday at the Coliseum. Rodgers’ helmet came off as a result of the hit. “We have taken this action in light of the blatant and dangerous nature of the missed call,” Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott said in a statement. “We have full confidence in our highly trained and qualified staff of football officials, but they, like the coaches and players, are accountable and must meet the high expectations placed upon them.” — LA Times
        Gives me the all warm and fuzzies knowing we still have Stanford (and another Pac-10 crew) remaining on our schedule.

  8. Breaking in a new QB will not help. But like I said: NO EXCUSES! ND needs to win 10 games at least with or w/out Clausen. BTW: I trust Clausen will want to play for a chance at a national title or Heisman. With Clausen ND needs to go to LA with a chance to play for a national championship or BCS bowl at least.

  9. What are the chances we have both Clausen and Tate back next year? Anyone think Clausen has a chance for the Heisman and if he wins it comes back? I really think the time is now and that next year might be too late considering who might not return and that we lose McCarthy on defense (yikes).

  10. Jack brings up some good points. CW is going nowhere after this year, baring a total disaster. No matter who likes it or not. Here’s what all ND fans need to get behind: 1) finish strong (preferably undefeated in the second half plus win the bowl game); 2) finish recruiting season with a bang (land S. Henderson, to replace Sam “underwhelming” Young and land some D talent); 3) CW and his staff do some real soul searching (forget about schematic advantages, don’t take anyone lightly, and play with more heart every game). Next year is make or break for CW, however. I don’t want to hear excuses next year.

    1. Steelfan,

      Exactly what I am saying. It is important for everyone to realize that stability in a program is what makes a program. Look at the great years at ND a stable coach for at least 10yrs. One more year and I will not make excuses next year.

  11. yeah, anyone that wants to fire cw right now must be a masochist. there are many exceptions, but the majority of successful programs have stability in the coaching staff. USC, OK, TX, Ohio state, Penn state, and look to NE and FL St in the 90s. trying to find the ‘hot’ coach that will lead us to the promise land (urban meyer) is a huge gamble and will most-likely lead to turmoil and more losing seasons

  12. Mike,

    Why wait lets fire him tomorrow. Who do you want to get. ND sucks. Weis sucks. Swarbrick sucks. Fire all of them dig up Knute Rockne to be the AD with Lou coaching. Better yet why don’t you become the AD I bet you will run the program better. I didn’t like Willingham, but he should have been able to finish his contract like every other coach before him. Now everytime you people think the program isn’t where it should be the rumors of firing the coach will come and the only thing that will hurt is recruiting, but lets have another fiasco like our attempt to get Urban Meyer. Bang up job by our previous AD who was horrible. Lets get Brian Kelly and throw money at him or the guy from Boise State. We are ND we can get whoever we want when we want. I bet you Brian Kelly will quit right now and just coach the rest of the season.

  13. It looked to me like Weiss was playing it safe against BC. Most of our passes went for around five yards. If I remember correctly I only saw one deep pass. Weiss is giving up on the Middle and deep ball and this is a mistake. The defense (secondary) looks bad…again. I blame the coaching for this. How many times have we seen the CB’s chase the WR and not just simply stay in step with the WR and play the ball. I lost track on how many times the CB could have intercepted the ball or just could have easly broken up the play. These guys are not even LOOKING at the ball. I wished NBC stopped showed Weiss with snot running down this nose. And did anyone notice after the game Jimmy and the BC player going at it.

    1. The gameplan was short passes due to BC dropping 8 into coverage. He did give up on the middle and deep ball this week. That is the great thing about CW, he will develop an offense gameplan to exploit the defense and their weakness. I know it didn’t look sexy, but it worked.

      There has also been a lot of talk about Shaq Evans. He was sick until the Thursday of the USC game, so was not in the gameplan. He was Duval’s back-up this week, but Charlie kept Duval in the game because he was producing.
      He is not in academic trouble and not transferring.

  14. You misread me. 8-4 is not OK. But it won’t surprise me either. You? 8-4 = third tier bowl. Is that OK? Not by me but it seems many on this board would seem to be OK with it. Now, next year, no more excuses from those who accept medicrity. NO 8-4! NO 3rd tier bowl! ND needs to be in the title hunt come the USC game next year.

  15. 8-4 is ok? Better be in the hunt? 2nd or 3rd tier bowl ok? Wow, u must be a loyal catholic son of ND. So just turn the other cheek too? Well I can be loyal but also recognize when there are problems. Didn’t Urban Meyer win 2 National Champs with guys he hadn’t totally recruited?

  16. Baring a total disaster, ND goes no worse than 8-4. Hopefully wins a second- or third-tier bowl. Now, I don’t care how much of a CW apologist you are, next year ND is a veteran team, totally recruited by CW. I’m not saying national title but ND better be in the hunt until the SC game. If anyone disagrees with this and accepts another 8-4 season, then STOP calling yourself a loyal son of ND!

  17. Charlie is calling good plays, improvement on defense every a week, it’s not the coaches responsiblity to get the kids fired up because it is ND, moral victories such as last week is ok, a win is a win???? Who are u freaks? As far as I’m concerned, the BC game was a disgrace and ND should have pummeled them. I feel this exposes Weis even more. And yes, they are not on anybody’s radar especially the BCS and do not deserve to be. Weis has recriuted many blue chips and end of story. Did you see his interview on the field after the game? 1st, he looks like he is ready for the box, and 2nd his whole demeanor is embaressing. I really think that this particular team could be a top 10 team with different coaches in place. I love ND football but my god, how long do we have to suffer and keep saying, ok next year is our year? Davies, Willingham, now Weis. It is time for a change and I think this game was one more nail in his box.

  18. Again I ask you guys who is the person that will take this program back to what you expect. I can tell you the reason why Holtz won each week was having better talent than everyone else. I do believe he had to kick a couple of field goals to beat Navy and lost to a BC team that was not even in his league. I find that most people that talk about how this program has gone south always talk about the Holtz years as if everything was great. He had a good run from 1988 to 1993. After 1993 the team was not as good and he had his troubles. This program is still great. Jimmy Clausen is being talked about concerning the Heisman. Name a player on a 5-2 team that is being talked in the Heisman race.

  19. I think DeltaIrish hit the nail on the head. Weis was lucky enough to inherit guys like Brady, Jeff, Zibby and a few others who were capable of motivating others to play above their capabilities and those teams achieved some success without a huge talent pool. Now the talent is there but the motivation is left to the coaching staff and isn’t happening. Jimmy is getting better at motivating, mostly because he delivers when the chips are down (and he’s really tough), but they need more. Especially the offensive line. They seem big enough and they’re all experienced but they just can’t seem to block when it’s important. How many 3rd and 2s or 4th and 1s have we seen the runner stopped in the backfield or Jimmy scrambling for his life? Sure, the running game looks better on paper but most of the time that’s Armando carrying two tacklers on his back or Jimmy avoiding the rush. Those big, gaping holes just aren’t happening.
    I knew when the Irish ran out of the tunnel it was going to be a long day – they just didn’t have any zip.

    Harrison had a bad day but, since I know he can play, I have to think the problem lies elsewhere. Lot’s of BC’s passes were really good catches between two defenders (just like Golden and Michael?) but the ones that bother me are when there isn’t a blue shirt even visible on the TV screen. I can see blown coverage once in a while but with ND it seems to happen 3-4 times a game. And at the worst times, i.e., 4th and 17, goal line in the closing seconds, etc. Is that coaching?

    Anyway, the positive side is that they’re finding ways to win games they found a way to lose last year, the defensive line seems to be finding an identity and the offense is scoring without Michael Floyd. (I just hope they don’t bring him back too soon and …..).

    ND is capable of winning all the games left on their schedule but it won’t be easy. Even Wash St can be tough if we take them for granted. Pitt, Stanford, Navy and UConn are all winning teams and Pitt will probably be ranked so there’s a chance ND could be in the top 20 if they win out. I think the pollsters LIKE to rank ND when there’s any justification at all, especially as bowl season rolls around.

  20. ND gets 5 – count them 5 turnovers and we win by 4……? Stalls in red zone 3 times. Charlie being typical Charlie goes conservative with 7:42 in the fourth and tries to salt the win away. Lessor fans are just thrilled with this win. How the mighty have fallen – the expectations of success for this program have fallen off the charts reflected in the kool aid enthusiasm comments on this and other boards. A good coach and yes they are out there, that has and shows emotion completely changes this program. I dont see Charlie raising the bar for these kids in preparation or play calling. The talent is better – it however is not being manifested in discipline or play. It all comes full circle back to the coach. That was an embarrassing win. My hopes of a win against Pitt I believe the last ranked team ND will face this year) has gone out the window after watching yet another barely par performance on the field by the Irish.

    1. I agree with you Chris. listening to the same people every week on this board, you make me chuckle with your progress week to week, and so on. If you want to know where our program is at, look at the national boards and news. We arent even a blip on the radar. This is where our storied program as gone, thank God to NBC because without them i couldnt watch ND every week in Florida. Also thanks to the 25 year old true frosh, CW will put a thank you card in the mail again this week.

      1. Tom/Chris,

        You live in a own dreamworld of what YOU want out of Notre Dame football.

        I’m sure Alabama is not embarrassed or giving back their victory nor is ISU, Clemson, or Iowa.

        Don’t throw in the towel yet. I am sure in the next year or so Charlie will lose another game allowing you to finally close out his coaching career at ND.

        Until then, see if you can’t muster up the courage to root for your embarrassed Irish.

      2. embarrassing win? wtf? are we supposed to apologize for intercepting passes or recovering fumbles? you people are talking like we just lost the fricking game!

        i dont think you understand how much college football has changed as you all are still living in the 80s when undefeated teams won the nc every year. what were the records of the last 3 national champions? FL 13-1, LSU 12-2, FL 13-1. parity is everywhere. Ohio state loses to purdue, Oklahoma loses to byu, even the ridiculously touted bama blocks the game losing field goal to beat tenn who is 3-5, FL beats a 3-4 arkansas team because of the refs…i could go on.

        what happened to all those haters that said we couldn’t beat teams with winning records? Nevada 4-3, Mich state who barely loses to Iowa is 4-4 and will finish with a winning record, BC is now 5-3.

        nd is not a blip on the radar? what does it take to be ‘on the radar?’ my definition would be a ranking in the top 25, which we are for the third week this year. people seem to be conceding that we are going to lose 2 more games this year, but until that happens, we will continue to be ranked and creap up into the top 10 and a bcs bowl. could we be blowing teams out? sure. could we be 1-6? sure, but we aren’t. i will continue to defend where this program is headed, UP, until we lose another game this year.

      3. Two things:

        1. What was up with the BC player and Clausen after the game? Did anyone catch that?
        Jimmy didn’t put up with anything and pushed him back.
        Smack talking from BC?
        What WAS that?
        2. Let’s not forget that 5-2 is a lot better than 2-5 and 1-6 which so many on this site seem to forget.

      4. ND currently and for the past 10 years cant even compete with Alabama – Clemson or Iowa. That is the problem. I dont think football has changed that much in 10 years. There are many lessor teams talentwise that play more diciplined and motivated than ND currently. Washington – Purdue and BC just to name a few. WE got out by the skin of our teeth –

      5. You’re right, Tom and I are guilty of wanting that tough disciplined nasty team that someone promised us. I am ok with that – I cant lower my expectations of ND Football – if you want to thats your perrogative. Just for perspective I bet you money not one of our current offensive linemen would have stood up to the expectations and DEMANDS of the vernerable one Joe Moore. I guarantee you what – he never lowered his expectations! I’ll take my cue from him. GO IRISH!

  21. Delta Irish,

    I completely disagree with your analysis.

    1. CW play calling has won several games.
    2. If you need a coach to fire you up than go play somewhere else. This is ND and if you need a coach to fire you up you shouldn’t be here.
    3. The defense is young and the scheme changed this year. Watching the game on Sat against BC 3rd and long killed us. This is becaus the timing on the blitzes was not right and the middle of the field is left open when you blitz you middle LB’s. Safteys are dropping to stop the explosive long pass and we give the QB 4 seconds.
    4. Wannstadt is having a good year at Pitt and is a Rah, Rah guy
    5. The reason you don’t see coaches coming down from the pro level is most pro coaches won’t come back once they make that transition. Jimmy Johnson is a great example of a guy who won in college and the pros.

    I am not saying Charlie is going to save this program, all I am saying is I see improvement each week and I truely believe next year will be our year.

    1. I agree with your analysis of the x’s and o’s of why we’re being manhandled on defense, Jack. But, it doesn’t explain why, at ND, where we hit the PLACT sign, where we have the tradition, the cathedral of college football, every week our guys come out flat.

      The fact is Charlie is clinical. We have good players, we are ND, we have good schematic advantages most of the time….but, and whether you want to admit it or not, its a big but….we dont play with emotion.

      Its been said a lot, every team gets up for ND. That’s why teams like Purdue and BC with significantly lesser talent than ND play us so closely. Its not necessarily that we play down to their level…its more that emotion brings them up tp ours. If ND came out fired to resolve old debts, ie 8 fn years of losses to SC, the string of defeats we just barely broke with BC…then there would be no last second wins, there’d be some blow outs of lesser talented programs.

      Imagine if we had a coach who could get evry player on the field to be as fired up as Golden Tate…not that everyone is as talented but if they went out with the chip on their shoulder he has?

      I agree that our D is young and that we are learning a new scheme…but if the athletes we had on that side of the ball played with the heart and abandon that Manti Teo shows as a freshman….lights out. My only concern is that Charlie’s clinical approach will breed that out of Teo in the years to come. Charlie’s NFL style of conservative play unless your back is against the wall sstunts the emotion that turns the tide in college games.

      Wannstadt’s having his usual good year. he is much like Charlie…he’s gonna win more than he loses but never break through.

      The helmet haired Johnson is the exception that proves the rule.

      Have we been seeing improvement every week? Maybe. But playing up to the level of the #6 team in the country, with its amazing Defense and consistent offense one week, then playing down to the level of BC, where we have 5 fn turnovers and only win by 5 points doesnt demonstrate getting better from week to week. It shows inconsistency. Are we a team that can compete with a top ten program or a team that almost loses to BC?

      1. We are a program that can and will compete and, guess what, it will lose it share of close games and get upset now and then.

        I think we have a tendency to give give little credit to MSU, BC, Purdue, Stanford, Pitt, etc, when in fact they are quality programs.

      2. This is pathetic! Is this an excuse of some kind?! Teams that beat you regularly (in fact, every year) shouldn’t be given “little credit.” That’s about coaching.

      3. I agree that they are good programs. But with ND’s history and support for this program it should be an elite program. And yes, we will have our share of close games…all teams do…there will always be teams that rise up against ND and play beyond their talent and there will always be teams that are just a bit beyond ours. But you cant possibly look at this team and say its elite. The sign of an elite program is one that goes out and consistently plays to the level of their own talent…not the talent of the team they oppose.

        I like Weis…thought he was a great hire. he has made ND relevant again. Recruiting is going well and he’s a helluva offensive coordinator. But, if we had a head coach that could motivate players…we’d be a different program. Would the coach get the team up every week? No…but we wouldnt be grabbing our sacks when Purdue has the ball in the 4th.

        Now, to those of you that think we dont need a coach to motivate…the guys should be motivated because they are ND…thats exactly the problem. Weis and the team appears to come out flat and not worrying about teams like BC and Purdue because “We are ND.” Well, newsflash, ND can lose. Horribly, just see 2007. A motivated team of 3 starts will kick an unmotivated team of 5 stars azz. Thats why we love college football.

  22. It all boils down to this, you can’t look at the ND sarters and say that any team we play is significantly better stocked with athletes. That hasn’t always been the case, so I give Weis major props on recruiting.

    But, these athletes of ours always play to the level of their competition. When you play BC one week and win by 4 and play USC one week and lose by one freakin second….you’ve got the athletes, you don’t have the coaching. Good coached bring consistent play out of their team.

    now, Charlie’s got the x’s and o’s smarts, so what’s the deal? I think it all boils down to motivation. Charlie’s experience in the pros, where its a job and everybody gets motivated by contracts, endorsements, money….well, its different in college. I can’t envision Charlie giving a Lou Holtz style fire em up speech. These kids need to be motivated nad on fire coming out of that tunnel…not looking like they are heading to a job. College ball is all about emotion. The pros? Your team gets up by two touches and its highly unlikely that you are gonna lose. Not so in college. You can feel the momentum change, the emotion tide hit, the whole game change with a single play, half time speech, or turn of events.

    Thats why so many coaches can’t trasition from college to pros or vice versa. Spurrier was a great college coach, sucked in pros. Why? Pros dont need the rah rah, just the cold hard assignments and knowledge that they’ll get fired if the don’t produce. Similarly, Peter Carrol sucked in pros but is, regretfully, awesome in college. Same with Petrino at Arkansas. But, the cold hard pro guys usually dont get it done in college ball. See Callahan, Wannstadt, Sherman….they don’t know how to motivate players that need the emotion.

    Charlies a great technician, buts he’s clinical. We need fire, so we need somebody that can bring the brimstone.

  23. This was my first time at an ND game. It was great coming back and reading the blog. Shared many of the same thoughts.

    I noticed there were 3 guys (maybe celebrities?) on the field hanging out by the marching band. Does anyone know who they were? My seats were right in front of them and I was curious to know who they were.

    Great win by ND, Defense seemed to make the big play when they needed it.

  24. My observations:
    1. Young team-coming along
    2. A win is a win
    3. I wonder why the offense could not keep the ball late in the game and had to punt and give BC a chance? Where is the grind it up ground game there? This team SHOULD in these situations should be able to keep the ball, run out the clock. Game done.
    4. Defense has come a long way. Washington game was incredible.
    Very memorable. AS Jack ( just before me stated) they have improved each week.
    5. However, there are too many wide open receivers all alone. 4 and 17 and BC gets a First down??? This is where the boys become men.
    This has to stop. For a moment I thought it was going to be Michigan all over again. ( Give ball up, plenty of time for opponet, they score, they win, close game-Please GOD not against the Jesuits!)
    6. A Win is a win. We SHOLD have the capability to put teams away.
    7. People blaming Weis a lot. I wonder about Tenuta. Seriously.
    8. 5-2 is a lot better than 2-5. We are two plays from 7-0.
    9. Jack ( before me) is correct. EVERYBODY brings their “A GAME” to ND.
    The media loves to hate or hates to love ND. That is fact.
    10. This game could have been won by a greater margin.
    11. We better study PITT now!!!
    12. I hope the Jesuits lose out in the ACC by greater margins. These people are ANYTHING but polite. If you don’t believe me, sit near or next to them at a game. Boston-rudest city in America.
    13. Irish–SLAUGHTER Washington State. ( and I do MEAN Slaughter!)

  25. John,

    Give it a break. I have seen improvement each week in the defense. Ty Willingham put this program back 10yrs with his awful recruiting. The real Washington showed up yesterday. They played Oregon State and were not up for the game and got thumped. You have to realize every team that plays ND regardless of how good they are plays there A game. The defense is progressing and we will have all of those players back next year minus McCarthey. The offense is looking good and we will get Floyd back in two weeks. Nebraska thought Frank Zolich was horrible and fired him, how did that go. The Raiders ex-coach put them back 10 yrs. The Irish are 5-2 and are still a team of JR and Soph.

      1. The reason why I chose 10yrs is because when a program hits rock bottom it takes time for the new coach to recruit talent. Many kids don’t want to go to a school that is not good. It will take a new coach at lease 2-3 yrs in order to recruit the talent needed to compete. So if you take the 4yrs Ty was here and add 3 more you are at 7 yrs. Charlie’s first class was a salvage job. His second class was okay but not great. The two QB’s transfered out when JC arrived. We would not have gotten JC if it wasn’t for Charlie. Also it took Charlie 3 yrs to get any type of talent on the defensive side of the ball. That is how I came up with 10yrs.

  26. The holding call on the fake field goal was bogus. It was too good of a block. The delay of game call on Brian Smith that pinned Notre Dame back near their goal line was a key one too that shouldn’t have been called.

    I feel like I’ve seen a lot of those potentially game-changing bogus calls over the last few weeks. The Irish have seen some go in their favor but they’ve had to overcome some bad officiating this year.

    Field position was almost a difference maker in this game. They have to figure out the kicking game. BC, USC, Purdue were always starting their drives on the 30 or even farther up the field.

  27. Another monkey off the back. It was nice to see the defense make some plays. Still too many long pass plays, but like I said earlier in the week, if this defense can hold a team to less than 20, this team will win most games.

    I thought the offense was solid and took what the defense gave them. Jimmy continues to impress with how accurate he is and what a gun he has.

    Golden Tate is something else this year. To do what he is doing with Floyd on the bench is remarkable. Is there any other receiver in the country that has been as clutch as Golden? I would be very surprised if he isn’t an All-American this year.

    Hopefully, next week will be the week where the game will decided well before the 4th Quarter. Go Irish!!!

  28. Teo:

    Give me a break. We pulled out a win … and a win is a win. I’m content with Weis right now. He’s much better than the two idiots we had prior. And I’ll justify my comment(s) by three points:

    1) Recruiting
    2) Setting conditions for success
    3) And heart

    You don’t have to agree, and I’m not trying to argue man, but Charlie ain’t perfect, but he’s doing all right in my eyes. Of course, I don’t agree with all his calls, but we are winning.

    So, to all Weis haters out there, I’ve got two words for ya: “Suck it”.

    God bless,

    1. I can’t believe so many ND fans out there are willing to accept mediocrity. Things won’t improve until we get a real head coach in South Bend. Weis might make a good offensive coordinator, but is no head coach. How much evidence do people need? I thought we used to measure success by national champtionships. Apparently not anymore. People like Jonathan, are content with losing to USC, as long as we don’t get blown out. That my friends, is pathetic.

      1. John,

        By your standard I’m not sure any coach is safe. It’s nice to talk NCs but, the fact remains, they just don’t happen very often. Stoops, Tressel, the list goes on; a lot of good coaches but only one NC gets won every year.

      2. I agree. One NC per year, so most teams go home disappointed.

        Here is the trouble with Weis: things aren’t going to get easier than they currently are. Look at this schedule. It’s weak — very weak — and we’re struggling against the weak schedule. How’d Michigan do yesterday? Embarrassed.

        I don’t hate Weis — at all. I think he has done some good things for the program. But, the scheduling is weaker and we still aren’t winning enough games with the inferior schedule. If we don’t play better against Stanford and Pittsburgh, we’ll lose.

        We’ll see where we are at the end of the season. But, things have to get better if we want Weis around.

    2. I agree with Jonathon up there regarding Charlie. And for all you Duval Kamara bashers out there, the guy caught everything thrown his way on Saturday, so stick that one as well, too. H. Smith actually played a relatively decent linebacking position Saturday – he just wasn’t the best at safety, but was able to run a few folks down after others missed their assignments.

  29. Charlie is not a head coach and anyone who thinks he is, doesn’t know football! He is not a motivator nor a leader that is painfully obvious watching him on the sidelines and he tries the professor bit after everygame just like a good assistant coach in the NFL does when explaining what happened to his head coach! Sorry guys until ND gets a real head coach disspointment will follow. ND will struggle to beat the next two teams and will get pounded by Pitt and Stanford…..that means 8-4 and with this schedule that does not cut it!

  30. I’m starting to believe. Today was a big day in the Weis era. He blew it.

    Sure, BC has had some decent teams in the past and has a decent football program. But, this team is not a decent team. And, we barely survived. And, it happens week after week. We just aren’t improving. Now we sleep till Pitt, which will likely prove far more difficult for us than BC.

    Amazingly, we’re landing recruits. That is all that’s keeping Weis here. Recruits. Sam Young, what happened to you?

      1. Obviously BC was “held” to 16 points. And of course that sounds good. But our clearly has not, does not improve. BC only had 16 points because of continually shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers.

        Can we get a moratorium on the phrase “A win is a win.”?
        Yes, we are all happy that ND got the W. But wins like that one are losses the following week….

    1. I did too. Hughes just got blindside leveled. He was a foot short. I think it was the right call. BC gave us the ball right back in good territory.

  31. BC just fumbled on the 3. Lucky us but we should be up by 4 td’s today. Want to beat ND, just put it in the air. Secondary and yes Smith stink. Sam Young, big dumb and over rated but the Pros will get him on track. Play calling good if you like east and west plays. Armando just not the same since injury. Weis himself looked banged up coming off the field at half time. Not the leader I want leading the troops into battle. As I have said, Weis has taken this team as far as his abilities. Hell if they joined the Big East they would even struggle. One bright spot, Golden loves the game and just has fun out there. This game is a bore.

  32. I don’t want to trash talk Harrison Smith. He’s just a kid and I assume he’s trying his hardest. That said, I feel like Weis has a penchant for playing kids that he “likes.” Like that Schwap kid that used to play fullback for us. He was a freshman in Weis’s first year and he had a big fumble at the goal line in the Michigan State game that ended up costing us the game. Schwap was playing in only his 2nd or 3rd college football game and was not a ballcarier, yet Weis wrecklessly gave him the ball. He could have given it to Travis Thomas or someone with actual game experience.

    I feel like Charlie needs an adult supervising him on the sidelines. I also feel like sometimes he makes play calls, motivated by the idea of how smart he will sound in his post-game press conference – explaining to the media why he did what he did, rather than with a focus on winning the game.

    Just my two cents.

    1. I didn’t say I hate the kid. It’s not personal. I wish him all the best in life. You think he’s “trying his hardest”? Who gives a shit? This isn’t 1st grade Tball.

      But I think you may be dead on about Weis playing those he “likes”. What other explanation is there?

  33. I forgot to add:

    22 Harrison Smith is the worst player in college football. He is so confused, so slow, and so completely out of his league that it is one of life’s great mysteries as to why he starts every week. He has no business playing on Saturdays. It baffles me always.

    1. He played well on the run. You are criticizing him based on emotion, not on an honest critique of his strengths. Yes, he is too slow when they have him in the secondary, but he has positives when he is at LB.

      1. so why is nepachris correct?
        Smith was not in there -and low and behold something
        good happened.
        There are TOO many long passes not covered.
        To blame it all on Smith is not right-but Smith can’t be given a cookie just because he “plays well on the run.”
        You use the word emotion in your commentary.
        Last week you told me that I was “just as flagrant” as those from USC who were called for unsportmanslike conduct. Interesting viewpoints you have.
        ( and one which is not exactly on target-because what I said was true-with the thuggish pseudo 1980’s Miami Hurricane Mentality)Horrendous coverage is hurting the defense. While you look at Smith’s strengths, his weaknesses are questionable –and costly.
        If you want flagrant calling try sitting next to a Boston College fan during a game-or near USC fans or Michigan.
        Believe it or not, even you are not at that level of “flagrant” words.

      2. “You are criticizing him based on emotion, not on an honest critique of his strengths. Yes, he is too slow when they have him in the secondary, but he has positives when he is at LB.”

        You are correct. I am critizing him based upon the emotional frustration he causes millions of fans and me each and every week. He is almost always out of position, giving far too much cushion and can’t anticipate routes. And he has severe a lack of speed and talent. When BC ran their wheel route, he was hopping around with his head up his ass. BCs receiver walked into the end zone and was so wide open it was actually laughable. Smith’s man. This is not an occurrece/one time mistake. Every week I watch him prove his complete inability to play D1 DB. So my comments are based upon his entire season, not one game.

        You go ahead and “critique his strengths” all you want, whatever that means. The guy is a trainwreck of a player.

        Maybe he is or will be better at LB. He certainly can’t be worse than he is at DB.

      3. Irisheye62 – You have a good memory. Yes, I think Harrison deserves plenty of criticism for his performance at DB, but I don’t think that is his natural position. He might do better in the LB position. As for the “ghetto” hurricanes and the “thuggish” comments, I stand by my point. Poor sportsmanship should not be tolerated, but leave class adjectives out of it.

        JDH – Fair enough. I was surprised that he received as much playing time as he did after his atrocious performance in the USC game. I think he would be more successful if he was put in at LB because he is actually a tough guy but he definitely lacks the speed of a DB. Nothing personal. I just that Harrison is playing in the wrong position. Period.

      4. but like i said before, why put him at lb at the expense of darius fleming or nickelback when he cant cover?

        i also said last year, when he was a fulltime linebacker, that he cannot blitz for shit. just go back and watch this last game when he blitzes from the backer spot. one of two things are going to happen.
        1 – he is blocked and makes no attempt to get off the block. he sometimes tries to jump over the blocker but takes himself out of the play doing that.
        2 – he isn’t block and over pursues and the run goes right past him.

  34. JDH,

    Your pal, “Steelfan,”here. You’re right on, bro! Do you think Shaq is leaving ND?

    2 TDs in 2nd half we win!

    1. Whazzup Steefan?! Phew! This team sure likes to make it interesting. Overall, the D held them to 16 points. But without those 5 turnovers! Yikes- and we still just pulled it out. I wasn’t expecting too much (hoping, but not expecting) after a very emotional and physical USC loss.

      Way to pull together and find a way to get the W Irish. BC had ample chances and it was a well-officiated game.

      But man, our secondary has so much work to do…

      1. I hear you man. Don’t get me wrong- very happy to get a W. Just hard to believe we win by 4 against an unranked team with 5 turnovers.

        Did anybody else think it was hilarious that BCs qb is a 25 year old true frosh? Not implying there’s anything wrong with it- just funny.

      2. ANd, that true Freshman threw like crazy against us. God, what happened to our program? We used to have a defense. Now, we get pushed around out there.

        No one says this in the announcing booth, but the real problem with this team isn’t the secondary. I mean, they are part of the problem, but the real problem is that the defensive front just gets pushed around — by BC, by MSU, by Michigan, by everyone. That is where the change needs to take place. Watch Alabama. They dominate both sides of the football. We play well enough on offense to win. But, defensively, too often receivers are open because we never make a QB scramble.

      3. montel harris – 22 carries for 38 yards
        70 yards total rushing for bc
        watching the game and the passing yards really are not due to poor pass rush but horrendous coverage
        i hate to call out players, but harrison smith needs to sit!
        why oh why was he moved back to sam linebacker? why was he placed in coverage? why? why? why? putting him at sam to take out fleming? fleming who is like in the top 15 in the nation for tackles for a loss? WHY?????????WHY????????
        if he isn’t benched for the usc game AND THIS GAME then our defense has no chance. PERIOD.
        i happened to mention to my girlfriend right before shinskie threw his first interception, something good is going to happen. she asked why? i said because harrison smith is not in there. if we all see it why cannot corwin or tenuta see it? someone over on youtube needs to make a video of all his shitty plays.

      4. almost all of shinskies’ drops were 3-5 steps and he was being hit on release. not our d line fault. hardly any help over top or blown assignments. again not our dline fault.

      5. I am glad ND won. Don’t be hard on yourself that we struggled against a “true freshman”. Shinskie is no kid, at the age of 25 (born 1984); while most freshman are 18.

      1. i know he got sick before the usc game but only seen him out there once today i think. if he was transferring i dont think he suit up, but who knows.

  35. Offense came out looking flat but seems to have recovered. A couple of observations:

    – 81 needs to quit being content with the catch and a trot out of bounds. Plant, turn up field and get every yard you can!
    – Where is Shaquelle Evans? Is he blowing his playing time because of poor practice performance or what?
    – Why is Rudolph not getting more looks? Maybe he is and is too well-covered.
    – Per my prior comments, I’d like to see some screen passes to Allen.


    1. Why is deion walker not playing? its ridiculous, toma was brought here just to get manti. deion is tall and fast, he should definelty be in over roby.

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