Report – Charlie Weis Fired

Multiple sources are reporting that Charlie Weis has been fired by Notre Dame today. (Photo - IconSMI)

The New York Daily News has published a report that Charlie Weis is officially out as the head coach of Notre Dame citing an unnamed university official as their source.

Joe Schad of ESPN is also confirming that Weis has been fired and that the staff has been made aware of the decision.

No official word has come from the University yet and as of 2:30 PM ET, no press conferences have been scheduled.

Reports surfaced earlier Monday that a meeting of the players was to take place on Monday as well for a vote on whether or not to accept a bowl bid. No official confirmation has been given as to whether or not the players would be informed of the fate of Charlie Weis and his staff before or during the meeting though.

Previously published reports have also stated that Charlie Weis was not in his office for work Monday morning as he usually is.

Weis’s future with Notre Dame has been widely speculated about since the Irish lost to Navy on November 7 and it has been also widely assumed that Weis would be fired after the Irish closed the season with 4 straight losses.

We’ll have more as it unfolds.

UPDATE:  An official statement has been released:

Weis will not be retained as Notre Dame football coach

University of Notre Dame head football coach Charlie Weis will not be retained, University director of athletics Jack Swarbrick announced today (Nov. 30).

“We have great expectations for our football program, and we have not been able to meet those expectations,” Swarbrick said. “As an alumnus, Charlie understands those goals and expectations better than most, and he’s as disappointed as anyone that we have not achieved the desired results.”

Swarbrick recommended the dismissal Sunday night to Notre Dame’s president, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.

“We have established an evaluation process for all of our athletic programs that, in the end, results in a recommendation from Jack to me,” Father Jenkins said. “I accepted Jack’s decision and look forward to working with him on selecting a new head football coach who is the very best choice possible for the University and especially for our student-athletes.

“I am most appreciative to Coach Weis for his service to Notre Dame and our community. He and his family have my prayers and best wishes.”

Weis spent five seasons as Irish head coach from 2005-09, with his teams achieving consecutive records of 9-3 (Fiesta Bowl appearance) in ’05, 10-3 (Sugar Bowl appearance), 3-9, 7-6 (Hawai’i Bowl victory) and 6-6 in ’09 – for an overall 35-27 mark.

Swarbrick announced that Rob Ianello, the Irish assistant head coach/offense, wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator, will assume responsibility for football operations until a new coach is hired. Ianello has spent the past five seasons on the Notre Dame staff and previously was part of football staffs at Wisconsin (1990-93, 2003-04), Arizona (1994-2002) and Alabama (1987-89).

Still no work on an official press conference, but one has to be on the horizon now that an official statement has been released.  Rumors are one will take place at 6:00 PM ET tonight, but no confirmation has been given.

UPDATE: Official press conference scheduled for 6:00 ET – live on and ESPN.

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  1. Charlie Weis deserved to get fired. It amazes me how some still come to his defense, poooor charlie, waaaah. The guy was arrogant, and clueless on how to be a HEAD COACH. Weis was a top recruiter, how’s that? When did ND get the top class during his time? Weis was classy, that’s why he asked Terrell Pryor’s high school coach if he would like to have his picture taken with some of his superbowl rings. Weis said his team would be nasty, well I suppose that was defined for us. Weis would not grant one interview during his exit, that’s big of him. At least you can still take photos of him going to the bank. What a great guy, yeah, good luck charlie.

  2. Part of me is sad Charlie didn’t work out at ND. However, college football is a business much like the pro ranks. ND cannot afford to miss this time! In my opinion, they need to make a decision and make one quickly. Don’t react, but rather act with confidence and recruit a top flight candidate. I feel an extended search will result in a less than optimal outcome. Get Bob Stoops into South Bend, pay him and his staff what it takes, and let them hit the recruiting trail! Forget Meyer, he isn’t leaving Fla. Brian Kelly is somewhat attractive, but remember he has never coached at an institution like ND. And, in my opinion, he hasn’t shown he can recruit at this level. He is currently winning with someone else’s recruits, and it’s Cincy, not ND. Bob Stoops is from a large D-1 program and he’s a proven commodity. Give him an offer he can’t refuse! Return to Glory!!

  3. i do believe that Brian Smith is better, but that can be up for debate if you want, however B. Smith brings somethign to the defense that T. Smith, thats fire brian smith always plays with passion and is fiest, when he came out of the tunnell gainst I think it was pitt and ran right through them yelling with passion, i loved it

  4. CW’s downfall was that he was not a manager. He did not manage the team he managed the offense. There was never a defensive philosophy with this team. He changed from system to system trying to find a quick fix and it didn’t work. Davie had the same problem, no offensive philosophy which translated in L. Great coaches have a program philosphy not an offensive an defensive philosophy. You look at coaches like Satan, Meyer, Stoops and Brown they recruit for what fits their system. CW was able to do that on offense but never on defense. He had year after year of horrible recruiting with the front seven and it showed. He did not bring in a quality d-tackle until his third year. Another thing the defense did this year which I didn’t understand was make Ethan Johnson a d-tackle. Moore at End and Johnson at end with some of the beef they recruited at d-tackle and let the LB’s run free. Our defense gamble to much and tried to play guys like Flemming and Filer on the ends instead of at LB. I hope the next coach that comes in understands this and puts the beef on the field. As far as the O-line is concerned these guys who played behind the Seniors will get a shot. Trevor Robinson is good and I think Chris Stewart is eligible for a 5th year. I don’t think we are in as bad shape as when Willingham left. Did Chris Martin decomit. If so good luck elsewhere but I want players to come to ND not for the coach but for the school. I am pulling for Brian Kelly he just reminds me of when Lou came from Minnesota.

  5. Butch Davis is lowering the bar – are you kidding me??! As far as Charlie somehow embracing ND tradition – again are you kidding me? To call the pep rally prior to the 05′ game against USC a cattle call was the first thing to get my radar going. It went down hill from there. He poured cold water on an unending ember of fire that will return this program to greatness. He never connected at the college level in a number of areas and that was his loss. For all the motivating that he can supposedly do – he missed the boat big time on that! Too bad too, like Davie – all things were in place – he took a good situation (talent aside) and made it worse. I do wish him the best but he created a lot of his own problems. Now we are left with a lot of players somehow thinking they are the problem which is in itself a huge problem. I hate PC thinking especially for this reason. And to think these kids and their parents who are paying their tuition bills, are getting a real education……what a shame for a lot of reasons. It remains however just a game and a lot of the new bloggers I see on this site need to get a clue on that. The name calling and piling on have no place here. Ridicule as you must but that just aint right and Frank better lay down the law. He did with me when I expounded on a conversation I had w/ Joe Moore that Frank ultimately felt might influence recruiting – geez the comments I have read in the last 5 days on this site far exceed the truth that I relayed in my earlier comments a couple years ago. That aint right right there…..

  6. joey, B. Smith is defintaly better than Toryan Smith, i agree Steve Filer could be better than H. Smith at LB. H. Smith will be a k.McCarthy/T. Zbikowski SS for Notre dame next year. one thing we can all agree on LBs is Manti Teo is a STUUUUUDDDD!!! idk who i want Notre Dame to hire but the biggest thing that person can do is get hired quickly and talk Golden and Jimmy into staying while keeping the recruits on board.

    1. I still don’t believe that Brian Smith is a better middle linebacker than Toryan Smith….I’m almost 40 and I might be better than Brian Smith…he can not play middle linebacker!!!

  7. All I keep reading on ESPN is how there is no talent left at ND after the 33 seniors graduate. The last time I checked the only starter on defense is Kyle McCarthey. On offense if Jimmy and Golden leave we would loose both offensive tackles, one guard unless he opts for a 5th year, and a center. We still have some guys that will be juniors who were pretty good recruits. We have a lot of talent at widereceiver, LB, secondary, and some d-lineman who have not met their potential. ESPN analysists need to shut their mouth. How many are there now 50. Right coach and the team will turn it around.

    1. I am sorry, but don’t rely on ESPN. They sing the same song every year — and they want Gator/Sooner/Longhorn coaches to stay away from Notre Dame.

      Besides, even if we were losing all of our talent, it would give the new coach a great opportunity to go out there and get his kids to win football games in South Bend.

    2. Good recruits don’t mean good players. We lose Clausen and Tate. 4 starting lineman on offense. If the people behind young and Duncan were any good, trust me, Charlie would have played them this year. The offense will go back to square one which is not a bad thing. One way to hide defensive deficiencies is to run the ball and short passes. Time of possession is a huge advantage!

      We are in rebuilding mode. New coach, new strategy.

      What scares me the most is that all of the coaches we want, don’t seem to want the job anymore or ever. It seems like they are leveraging for more money at their current position.

      1. Domer….then why did he continue to play the B. Smith and H. Smith instead of Steven Filer and Toryan Smith….There is no way that Brian Smith is better than Toryan Smith…and it’s impossible that Harrison Smith could hold Steven Filer’s jock…I watched Steven Filer for four years in high school and he is an absolute stud….Weiss played favorites…GOOD BYE CHUCK!!!!!!

      2. He had no input on the d. From what I hear he was only worried about putting points on the board. Another reason why he is gone.

  8. Goodbye Charlie! I will miss you and your amazing passion for Notre Dame. Best of luck to you and your family and you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    As far as who is at fault for this- DEFENSIVE COACH! Charlie did an amazing job with the offense of Notre Dame, however, the defense needed more guidance and structure, but failed to receive it. Charlie, in my own opinion, should not be the one to take the blame for this.

    He will leave with a heartfelt goodbye, and will always been a ND fan at heart. Which, he shouldn’t be because his family and him get more crap than anyone ever would deserve.

  9. Here is what I want to see from the administration. I feel that what went down today was handled correctly. They now need to start contacting coaches on their list and begin interviewing. I would like to see Cincy loose this weekend to Pitt, that way they are not in a BCS bowl and Kelly may be more inclined to leave. If ND is serious about Stoops than get the man up to South Bend for an interview. If they are serious about Patterson or Davis get them in for an interview. We need a coach by the end of Dec in order to lock up a solid recruiting class and not go through the shit again. If I am pulling for someone it would be Kelly. He has won everywhere he has been, Cincy is not his dream job and get him in early to begin recruiting and building his team. If not go after someone and get the job done.

  10. Coach Weis with all of his faults did some very good things for the program which do not get talked about very much. First, he did do a good job of recruiting and adding depth at certain positions by “redshirting” players and preserving a year of eligibility for them. He also had players for the first time ever start enrolling to ND early to get accustomed to academics and football. Ultimately though, his is a playcaller and maybe not the best teacher of football.

  11. Thanks Charlie ….. my CW highlight is any press conference during the 3-9 season (remember Mike Hart’s guarantee, and CW’s deadpan reply – “He must have watched our game film”) ??

    I was also in the stands at Pittsburgh for his first game, and sat in the rain at MSU in 2006 and watched a thrilling comeback with some great play calling which lead to the firing of John L.

    I guess that’s my way of saying I am going to remember the good, and wish an ND alum all the best.

    Happy Trails.

  12. Stoops rebuilt Oklahoma.
    Meyer is awesome as the Gators are awesome.
    TCU is good this year and this Cinderella year will be history for them.
    Keep in mind, that their schedule -with all due respect -is not exactly stellar.
    Kelly is Irish and all and according to the “experts” here in Buckeye town of Columbus , Ohio –they say that Kelly is the ONLY guy for ND. ( Buckeyes
    are experts on everything -just ask them)
    So—that said, I hope ND Administration will pick somebody
    with a defensive mind, an offense which will mix it up, special teams with a REAL kicking game and the ability to demonstrate the class ND always has had and the pizzaz and testosterone of a team which is not doing “business as usual” but with the boxer’s mentality of conquering.
    It CAN happen.
    This is ND.
    Listen up, Administration–do the RIGHT thing this time.

  13. Why not hire President Obama … most think he can save the world, so I’m SURE he could save the UND football program. (Just kidding folks … please note this was a sarcastic-ass comment.)


  14. I just got back from Oklahoma and the word is Stoops is the guy! I don’t know but the backroom talk sounded very strong.

    1. Friends work in the Athletic Department at ND and they said that a ‘meeting’ with Stoops went very well and that Stoops is only asking that his coordinators get paid high money. I think Swarbrick said before firing Weis that money would not be an issue. This is why I still have faith in Stoops.

  15. I’m glad they finally got this over with. Watching Charlie the last few weeks was as painful as watching him walk. I’ve never tore my ACL, but you could tell it was not easy for him to deal with.

    I hope they get Kelly, this guy just oozes energy. Charlie always looked like he just got out of bed. Regardless, it is pretty clear Meyer and Stoops are out of the running. It looks like it’s down to Kelly or Patterson from TCU. Kelly is an offensive mind and Patterson is a defensive mind. Don’t be surprised if Patterson gets the offer first to sure up the defense. Jack realizes that defense wins championships, which is why Stoops was in the conversation. TCU averages over 450 yards on offense and allows around 11 points on defense.

    It appears that Kelly wants the job. It would not be the first time he walked out on his team before a bowl game. I haven’t heard too much from the Patterson camp, but his team is in the hunt for a National Championship and he has a pretty attractive resume.

    Hopefully, this will be a done deal by the end of the week.

    1. As shocking as this may sound, I don’t think people are reading into Stoops’ comments enough. Bear with me.

      For the record, Stoops is the guy I would like to see hired Most. (not to say I don’t like any of the other guys a lot)

      I found the audio of Stoops’ comments via Forde’s Twitter.

      He says that he’s happy about being at OU, but that he doesn’t know what the future might hold. He tries to avoid the whole question. He says he intends to be at OU. He refuses to comment if he will talk to anyone else. and he makes a point to say that he won’t “interview” for a job. I think he’s very much on the table.

      Point being, he can’t sit at OU and talk about how he wants to be at ND and expect to keep his job. That’s how that guy at BC got fired. (not to say that OU is as lowly as BC). He also states that he’s “not confirming or denying anything about Notre Dame, or any other Job”. I’m not going to cross him off the list yet. At least not until we hire him, or he parlays this into another pay increase.

      1. I’m glad there is someone else out there who is pulling for Stoops.

        I have been wrong about lots of things this year. Folks on this board know that. But, Bob Stoops knows football. He knows it very well. He has won not because of the great talent at skilled positions but because of big, quick and strong offensive and defensive lines. This is what I would like to see come to Notre Dame — better control of the line of scrimmage.

      2. You’re right…he’s COMPLETELY dodging the questions.

        He said he won’t interview for the job and he’s right…he WON’T interview for it. What’ll happen is he’ll say if he’s interested or not, and ND will slide a big piece of paper his way that says 10 years, 50 million. And he says yes or no.

        Stoops is VERY tempted, i think, but in the end, don’t think he’ll want the job.

  16. ok i have seen all the rumors of stoops and meyer and yes those are my DREAM guys but realistically i dont think either are coming here. I believe kelly will be the guy but i hope not. First off what is nd’s problem? DEFENSE! kelly’s current team can put up a lot of points but is not all that great on defense either. There may also be questions with him recruiting. He is currently doing well with another coaches recruits. I’m not saying he wont be a great coach for ND but im saying he is a risk.

    My top guy : BUTCH DAVIS

    Why Butch Davis? Well i have also heard rumors of him and think it would be perfect. He was a great college coach before he went to the nfl. He came back and can recruit for UNC ( a team which is never good) and made them good within just 2 or 3 years. Plus he is a great defensive mind and should be able to right things on that side of the ball. If he can recruit at UNC he should definitely be able to recruit at ND. What do you guys think?

    By the way i have also heard the rumors of tony dungy ( which i love lol) and brian billick which id also take.

    1. Though I am still pushing for Bob Stoops, despite the fact he NEVER confirmed or denied talking to ND. However I have begun to grow on the idea of Kelly. Kelly is a offensive minded coach, but people neglect the fact that he started his career as a defensive coordinator. So, he has a little bit of knowledge in that field. The Butch Davis idea still might be a risk. Not saying that what he has done isn’t great, but he did it in a weak ACC conference.

  17. We better get B. Kelly! PERIOD!!! If he also says no to ND, then we’ll have all the proof we need about where ND ranks in the minds of college football’s established head coaches. That doesn’t mean we can’t get an up and coming assistant, but that’s a huge risk. I’ve been saying this is a huge hire for the future of ND football. I don’t know if we can afford to take another risk with just anybody (e.g., Davie, Willingham, Weis) at this point. Can ND survive another 5 years of mediocrity and irrelevance? ND football lore isn’t an endless storehouse. At some point you lose too much and people stop even hating you and just lose interest altogether.

    1. I agree. We dont need to be seen getting turned down by the likes of Meyer. Kelly’s the guy…he wants the job…we want him….now go get him and do it quickly.

    2. Totally agree…we need a proven COLLEGE coach and no more NFL guys or unproven college coaches. Nobody fits this description more than kelly. If they can’t get kelly or stoops I’d prefer to keep weis

  18. Personally I think its kelly and I think he’s the right man for the job. No way Meyer leaves Florida. Stoops….highly doubtful he’s leave OK. But I will say that Saban said he wouldn’t leave Miami for Bama right up until he did. Petrino said the same things in Atlanta before bolting back to college ball at Arkansas. Here’s a hint….coaches lie.

    1. I know, because Urban would LOVE to leave the sunshine state, where he’s won two titles and is competing for a third, for a Notre Dame program that’s really struggling to find its path.

      Urban won’t be applying. The Catholic part of me hopes that God urges him to throw his hat in the ring, but the analytical/business person in me knows this ain’t gonna happen.

      Stoops, on the other hand, may actually go after the job, despite his recent comments that he’s not interested in it.

  19. It would have been nice if Charlie was the right guy for ND, but he wasn’t. Glaring coaching mistakes were evident especially on D. If you’re not putting players in the right position, at least teach them to tackle. Maybe the ‘shirt’ will be Kelly green next year.

  20. They couldn’t have finished the coaching search yet, the NCAA demands they interview minorities 1st don’t they or is that just the NFL?

  21. Good luck to Charlie, classy to the end, say what you want, but he needed this guy, his recruits will spring board out success.

  22. Poor Charlie. Loyal to the end, he ends up the fall guy. He takes all the blame. Doesn’t point fingers. Last act as head coach and still shows some class.
    When your team scores 38 points you should win. In the 12 game season, ND scored 30 or more points in 7 of them.
    When you’re QB throws for 350 yards, 5 TD’s, and zero interceptions you should win.
    Corwin Brown and Jon Tenuta should thank CW for covering their miserable butts. The defense never could tackle, couldn’t cover, couldn’t get to the QB if their life depended on it. Couldn’t stop 3rd down. Players looked lost and out of posisition(see #22). Outside of a opening season shut out, and a goal line stand agianst Washington, the defense was useless. Nothing ever got better, nothing ever got fixed. Our team defense finished the season ranked 89th. I know that we aren’t Alabama, or Florida on defense,
    but there is no excuse for “89th”. I don’t care what anyone says, the players on defense are better than 89th. I’m sure the two of them have already weasled their way out of town. Good riddence! Back in the old days they would have been tar’d and feathered!

    1. YoOu have to have a strong head coach and we just haven’t had that since Lou left. Charlie isn’t a fall guy, he brought everything on himself by not acting like a head coach!!

      1. Good point.
        He never held any of his coaches accountable. At least in public. He sheilded his players and coaches from the media and took all the blame. I guess that’s why the head guy gets the top dollars.

    2. Poor charlie my ass, he is an offensive coordinator, nothing more. All talk. If you like him personally, that’s your perogative, but I ONLY care about ND winning football games. NEVER feel sorry for a millionaire. If he had ANY honor he would have resigned, not hobble away with the rest of his contract $$.

  23. Well I will say A COUPLE OF THINGS thing Charlie can hang his hat on is I think he helped bring some tradition back… He graduated players. He made it exciting on offense at times. I just pray to God we can bring the right guy in that is going to help us get to the level were we should be I think it will take time but we do have a ton of good offensive players… I wish CW well wherever he may go to the NFL. Lets jut hope the administration will make the right choice…

    1. Andy, you couldn’t be more right.

      Brian Kelly is going to be the guy, I think…and what pisses me off the most about this is that he may very well have been their #1 choice all along. But even if that’s true, the perception is going to be that Meyer and Stoops were approached by ND and said no.

      That just feeds into that whole “we are no longer a top tier program” nonsense.

      1. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Let’s hope Stoops is the guy.

        He’s won a national title, has a defensive mind, is well -thought of in the profession and would do well in South Bend.

        I like Brian Kelly. I think he’s a great coach and has done fantastic things at Cincinnati. My only reservation is whether he could deal with the adversity that a Notre Dame head coach has to deal with on a daily basis. It’s not just being on national TV every week. It’s, you know, having your life scrutinized, having fans like us practically play-calling every game, having 80,000 loyal and passionate fans every Saturday. It’s all of that — and it’s our media following and our academics and it’s so much! Could a head coach at Cinci handle it? I hope so. I would like to think so.

        But, what I really hope is that we show Bob Stoops why Notre Dame is a great place to work. We have the resources and the commitment to allow him to succeed.

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