Trevor Robinson Working at Tackle

Before spring practice started, one of the position changes that seemed likely under the new coaching regime was rising junior Trevor Robinson moving from guard to tackle.  As of last weekend, Robinson began working at right tackle and he’s spent most of this week running with the first team as the right bookend.

Trevor Robinson - Notre Dame OL
Junior to be Trevor Robinson, seen here playing offensive guard during the 2009 season, has been practicing with the first team offense at right tackle. (Photo - IconSMI)

Earlier this spring Brian Kelly talked about how tackles in his offense don’t necessarily need to have prototypical size – the kind 6’6″, 325+ lb behemoths that have become labeled ideal tackle prospects in recent years.  Because the quarterback takes the majority of the snaps out of the spread in college, the tackles don’t need to have that same kind of size.  Thus Robinson, not “ideal” height for a tackle, appears to be settling in as the right tackle on the Irish offensive line.

Even before the shift in offensive philosophies with the new coaching regime, there was speculation that Robinson would eventually make the move to tackle with Notre Dame losing both starting tackles from the 2009 to graduation this off-season.

Robinson is the best lineman on the team right now and has the agility to be able to lock down the right tackle position.

With Robinson moving to tackle, there’s been a little movement at the guard position as well.  Senior to be Taylor Dever has moved inside to the right guard spot and has been running with the first team in practice.

Overall, the latest first team offensive line has been, from left to right, Zack Martin (LT), Chris Stewart (LG), Braxston Cave (C),  Dever (RG), and Robinson (RT).   Matt Romine had been running with the first team at left tackle earlier this spring, but lately it’s been Martin, a sophomore to be who “red-shirted” last year, that’s been lining up with the starters.

None of these moves, or even the current group of first teamers, is set in stone at this point.  New OL coach Ed Warinner told the SBT that they won’t rush to make a final decision on a first team right now.

“The sooner we can get set, the better,” Warinner said, “but we’re not going to rush it. When it’s ready, it’s ready. I’d like to come out of spring with a pretty good idea of who our guys are going to be.

“They’re learning a completely different offense. There’s very little carryover, other than we’re playing football. The terminology is completely different, schemes and so forth. Some guys take just a little longer. We’re off to a good start.”

Lane Clelland Back to OL

One of the other spring position move experiments was junior to be Lane Clelland to defensive end from offensive tackle.  That experiment appears to be over with Clelland wearing #73 in practice and moving back to the offensive line.

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  1. Sounds like BK is trying to find the best combination of 5 linemen he can get, and the 5 best guys that work together. From what I have read adn heard, this wouldnt be a bad O-line:

    LT: Zach Martin
    LG: Dan Wenger
    C: Braxston cave
    RG: Chris Stewart
    RT: Trevor Robinson

    Have read BK is pleased with the performances of all thses guys. With this lineup we have both experience and talent, and a combo of solid pass and rush blockers. What are your guys thoughs?

  2. Maybe I was just reading into it too much. Moving on how about this kicker who just committed. A junior kicker who may forgo his senior year in high school and enroll in the fall 2010??

  3. FXM

    How is it that you can call Floyd a prima donna?????????? He is one of the best players on the team… He is far from a show off and we should be so lucky to have him..

    1. Exactly. Floyd is the anti-TO/Anti-Ochocinco. He doesn’t show boat and just goes about his business.

  4. Is anyone else seeing a “rift” between Kelly and Floyd? From what I read I don’t think they are seeing eye to eye.

    1. which article are u referring to? i read an article recently that insinuated floyd might be nursing a minor injury, any correlation?

      floyd is really talented and looked like he put on some bulk in the offseason, however, either his interview skills are seriously lacking or he is just not a very bright dude…i am leaning towards the latter, in which case it might take him longer to understand the new system

  5. “Robinson is the best lineman on the team right now and has the agility to be able to lock down the right tackle position.”

    What about Chris Stewart?

    1. Stewart is very good as well, but Robinson has first round draft pick talent. Still has a ways to go over his last two years to become an actual first round pick, but he’s got the talent.

  6. I was directed to your blog through a link at Blue/Gray Sky. Although my own blog ( is not ND sports-oriented it is ND history-oriented and may be of interest to your readers, esp. those who attended ND or who (like me) are among that enduring crowd of “subway alumni”…I would be most pleased and honored if you would put in a plug for my blog and forthcoming book. I will be adding other ND blogs – including yours – to a blog roll very soon.

    All My Best,

    Jim Schmidt

  7. I’m liking what I’m seeing, moving around players to get talent on the field, starting to feel real comfortable with BK.

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