Clausen On the Cover of ESPN Mag

Former Irish and soon to be NFL quarterback Jimmy Clausen was featured on this week’s issue of ESPN the Magazine with an interesting look.  Clausen graces both the front and back covers – a picture of him from a photo shoot on the front and a computer generated “Avatar” of the hopeful first rounder on the back.

Former Irish quarterback Jimmy Clausen (and his Avatar) are featured on the April 19th issue of ESPN the Magazine.

The main feature on Clausen is a very thorough examination of Clausen’s throwing motion.  The piece breaks down Clausen’s motion and talks about how it came natural to him even before he started working with quarterback guru Steve Clarkston in high school or Charlie Weis in college.

When it comes to throwing a football, Jimmy Clausen’s motions are near perfect. His sublime mechanics give him an important edge over his peers and have made him a top prospect in this year’s NFL draft. In “As Easy As 1, 2, 3… 756, 757, 758” ESPN The Magazine writer David Fleming dissects the former Notre Dame QB’s forward pass to find out what he does and how he makes it looks so simple.

Where Clausen ends up in this month’s draft is still anyone’s guess after the Donovan McNabb trade to Washington shock up everyone’s mock draft last week.  Right now the best bets still seem to be Oakland, Cleveland or Buffalo of the team in the top 10 or possibly Jacksonville or San Francisco outside the top 10.

As for the back cover of the magazine that features Clausen’s “Avatar”, the digital Clausen is an advertisement for the upcoming DVD release for the 2009 blockbuster film Avatar.  The text on the advertisement is in Na’vi (the language of the natives in the film) and can be trasnlated as “Noble Warrior; He Is Strong; He Is Ready”.

Clausen, who has been a lightning rod for criticism on the internet since his Hummer ride to the College Hall of Fame announcement back in 2006, is sure to take some more flack from a lot of the sports blogs over his “Avatar”, but it is interesting none the less that Clausen is the prospect ESPN choose for the cover of it’s Draft Preview issue.

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  1. Shazzamrock-nice touch on Reggie Bush. The sad part is that the NCAA will not bring the house down on USC for its cheating. Plus the fact that the ringleader, one Pete ‘Jesse James’ Carrol escaped! If Mr Reggie is nabbed, and I believe he will be, USC should have to forfiet the victories, The Heismans, and the title they robbed from the other teams. It’s time to make the penalties severe enough to stop this-do you think SMU will ever cheat again?

  2. This-n-that
    I read where Michigan QB Tate Foricer is out of spring practice and is hobbling around on crutches and a protective boot.
    Just last week I read where coach Rodriguez was with holding the “RED” QB (“don’t hit me”) practice jersey’s.
    He stated that he wanted his 3 QB’s to take some hits in practice because of fumbling issues dating back to last year.
    Lets see now, cheating scandal at UM, cheating scandal at WV (during Rodriguez’s tenure) A default on a 1mil. Dollar loan,
    A 3-9 season last year, and your starting QB is out because of a bone head decision.
    The Michigan faithful have to be pulling their hair out over this guy.
    I guess this is the least of their problems, but due to some shenanigans, someone stole the “M” off the Michigan stadium. So for the time
    being it reads “ICHIGAN STADIUM. Like… No matter how much Gold Bond Powder you put in your jock, you’re just going to “itch-again.
    Speaking of Michigan and the Big Ten, this year the replay booth in the Big Ten will have HD replay monitors.
    You know there’s nothing better than watching a Big Ten Ref botch
    a call against a visiting team, than being able to watching it over and over again in High Def.
    One of our “We love to hate em” players is heading back to court. Reggie Bush. (finally after what? 4 years)
    Seems he will be deposed on April 23 as part of a civil suit brought
    against him by a former sports agent, who by the way, hung out in the USC locker room after home games, and took pictures with the coaching staff,
    even though they had no idea who he was, why he was there, and what he was up to. Here’s a tip for you Reggie…
    When they say “anything you say can be used against you” They really mean that stuff!

  3. Jimmy’s recent demostration highlighting passing accuracy and improved physicalness has indeed upgraded his stock in the draft. It seems the naysayers won’t have much to talk about come draft day. No one else has the skillset and Pro offensive training to leverage themselves as the top quarterback pick for the NFL. Thank you ESPN! Goooooooooooooooooo Irish!

  4. ESPN?! They have the all time bigot,racist,and Prince of Prejudice in Mark May! His hatred of the Irish is as transparent as it gets. His needling of Coach Holtz borders on obsession. Talk about a double standard-Mark May must be related to the asses Holmgren and Mangini. One big load of ilk after another.Pitt alumni cringe at his farcical and maniacal rantings.I know-I hear them lamenting about the “Oneonta Oaf.”

  5. Holmgren and Mangini are not just QB killers they are also complete asses. The Browns deserved better than Bevis and Butthead II and so did Brady Quinn.The Vikings would get a steal of a gem if that Clausen was still available.One must hope the Fates are going to be gracious… and wise!

  6. I recently read where senior offensive lineman Chris Stewart has enrolled(and has been accecpted) to Notre Dame Law School. I think that’s awesome!
    Congradulations Mr. Stewart!
    Unlike the Matt Leinart’s of the world, who come back for their final season and spend their time hot-tubbing, beer-bonging, and taking Ball Room dancing, Chris Stewart has shown once agian what seperates The University of Notre Dame and their student athletes from the rest of the pack.
    He has dedicated himself in the class room as well as on the field. He has utilized his time at ND wisely and taken advantage of the special opertunities presented by a world class institution. He has secured his future and set an example for future student athletes to follow.
    I think he’s a real cool dude. I wish him the best, and he is one of the many reasons that it makes me proud to be a ND fan.
    WE ARE, ND!

    1. i read that too. i think that is great! as someone who is currently in their second year of law school, i was curious how he was going to make it happen logistically. for instance, they wouldn’t even let us have a part time job during my first year, let alone play football at nd. additionally, the american bar association prohibits full time students from working any more that 20 hours a week during the school year. i considered going to nd’s law school and do not remember them having a part-time program…maybe they will make an exception and let him take a reduced/part-time course load.

  7. Shaz,

    Speaking of air time, did you see espn’s “Faith in Crist”? Seems espn is indeed covering the Irish with a fresh approach rather than their usual satirical commentary.

    1. Yeah, I read it this morning. Good stuff.I also saw a piece about Coach Kelly’s system and philosophy. Even Mark May had something supportive to say! Of course leave it to him to also bring up Brian Kelly’s quote from a couple of weeks back “We stink right now” You knew that he wouldn’t let that one slide.
      Now it seems that Michigan and coach Rich Rodriguez have become ESPN’s new whipping boy. They broke a story about violations at West Virgina when Rodriguez was coach there. When RR finally has his fill, he will banish ESPN much the same way Charlie Weis did. Then the sparks will really fly!

  8. Can we just remove Cleveland from the list of ‘possible’ teams. between Holmgren coming out and saying he doesn’t like Clausen, and the idea of Mangini getting a chance to tank the career of ANOTHER former ND QB just makes me want to puke.

    1. I believe it was Favre’s agent that said Mangini is a QB killer!!!!!! I pray everyday that Clausen goes anywhere but CLEVELAND!

    2. even though Holmgren said he wished he liked Clausen more, I could still see him end up in Cleveland. Coaches, GMs, and team presidents can’t really be believed at this time of year – most of their public comments are done with a purpose. Whether it be to downplay their interest in a player or inflate the market for another player to get someone ahead of them to reach for a prospect.

      1. Frank,
        Your angle on Holmgren is dead on. There is little doubt about JC’s ability, or Holmgrem’s eye for QB talent for that matter. Cleveland has always had a passion for NFL football(Remember the dawg pound?)I think Holmgren can turn it around there and if Jimmy is part of that turn around, he would be the most reviered QB in cleveland since Bernie Kosar.
        On a side note… any word on the current status of Shaq Evan, Jonas Gray, Zeke Motta Deion Walker, or Cierre Wood ?
        These guys came in highly touted and with great exspectations. I have high hopes for them but have heard very little on their progress.

  9. Funny. During the regular season ESPN didn’t give Jimmy much love or air time. When it came to QB’s, all I heard from them was about Tebow, Bradford, and McCoy. Now they put him (JC) on the cover of their magazine?
    They were big on the kid from Miami and Tate Foricer of Michigan too. (until they both tanked as the season went on.)
    With BK as the new head coach, does ESPN see a turn around for the fightin Irish? I guess in their eyes it’s a good time to jump on the ND band wagon.
    As far as Clausen and the NFL goes. I’d rather see him go later to the Vikings. My guess is that this will be Farve’s final year. That gives JC a
    year to hold the clipboard and learn the offense. Then he could inherit a team with good skill players, a solid offensive line, and a outstanding defense. Much better for his long term career goals.

    1. I agree completetly that having JC drop to later draft rounds will help his carrer. Too many teams draft QBs first and blockers last (see J. Russell and the Raiders), and then wonder why the QB cannot complete passes.

    2. Great post. Totally agree. I think Clausen would rather have 7 mil guaranteed and have a great career with a Vikings team that is very talented, over 25 mil up front and play for the Browns or Bills.

  10. Could the Steeler’s now also be in the running for Clausen? I know they aren’t going to charge Rothelisburger, but in trading Holmes the Rooney’s are making it very clear that they take the integrity of their football team seriously. Taking Jimmy at number five could be a move that would motivate their starting QB not to be a toolbag who hangs out at college bars.

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