Mike Ragone Charged with Pot Possession

Notre Dame senior to be Mike Ragone was charged with a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession after a weekend arrest following a tragic stop on Route 80 a few miles from campus. The arrest and subsequent charges could cost the former prep star the 2010 season.

Ragone was pulled over on Route 80 on Saturday for driving 83 mph in a 70 zone. During the stop, the Indiana state trooper smelled marijuana and was granted permission to search the car during which he found two small bags of pot. According to multiple reports, Ragone admitted that the bags were his to the arresting officer.

News of formal charges broke on Tuesday casting major doubt on Ragone’s status for the 2010 season.

The Kyle McAlarney precedent during the 2006-2007 season suggests that Ragone might not be on the team, or even enrolled in at the University this fall.  McAlarney was pulled over in December 2006 with a marijuana cigarette in his ashtray and ended up being kicked out of school in January for the spring semester.

If the same precedent is used for Ragone, his once promising career is about to take another u-turn.

Ragone came to Notre Dame as a very highly touted recruit in the same class as Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate, but injuries and now off the field issues have kept Ragone for showcasing his skills on the field.

Heading into the 2008 season, Ragone was a likely candidate for the starting tight end role left vacated by the graduation of John Carlson. A torn ACL in fall camp, however, cost him his entire sophomore season and when he came back last year he wasn’t quite the same.

Ragone was one of the bright spots from last month’s Blue/Gold game and appeared ready to make his mark on the field after three disappointing seasons.

All of that is in serious jeopardy as of right now though.

Should Ragone end up getting suspended, he will be the third backup tight end in as many seasons to be lost to suspension. In 2008, Will Yeatman was lost during the season after a second underage drinking incident. Yeatman would transfer to Maryland shortly after. Last year, Joseph Fauria was suspended for the season and ended up transferring to UCLA.

Without Ragone, Notre Dame will look to sophomores Tyler Eifert and Jake Golic, walkon Bobby Burger, and incoming freshman Alex Welch for depth at a position that has seen some of the best luck on the recruiting trail with equally horrible luck off the field for the Irish in recent years.

No official word has come from the University at this point other than a statement that Brian Kelly is aware of the incident and that he considers it a “serious matter”.

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  1. I see where Mike Ragone has been re-instated to the team.
    The majority here had the kid tried, convicted, and hung out to dry.
    For most players I would have argeed. But this kid hadn’t been in trouble before, worked his butt off to over come his injuries, and never lost faith. I always felt that he was the exception.
    I’m glad to see that second chances ARE possiable at ND.
    Now I hope Mike realizes the oppertunity that he has been blessed with and makes the most of it. Especially when it comes to setting an example for the younger guys, and helping guide his team mates whenever possiable.
    Good Luck Mike!

  2. Amen C-Dog,

    “Follow the McAlarney precedent.” Schmoozing the wrongdoing won’t cut it at ND. K-Mack rediscovered himself and so can Ragone. High expectations are the standard at ND with no exceptions.

  3. Holy Cow this discussion went south quickly. My serious take on the affair is that ND should follow the McAlarney precedent. Suspend Ragone from the team for next season and suspend him from the school with an opportunity to re-enroll in the spring semester. Look folks if the kid isn’t a football player no cares if he ends up in Attica. That’s too bad when we are arguing over a young man who has been given almost $200 to attend and graduate form a top university, just because he plays football. Would we pay even that much to a kid who might someday keep China from steam rolling America? Starts to sound like the Roman Empire in the later days.

    The fact is Ragone was caught and the law is the law. You may not like a law but you are bound by it unless you can get it changed. And possibly endangering himself and others makes it a bit more serious than Floyd’s

    On the otherhand, here’s one for everyone:


    1. C-Dog,
      First let me say I agree with your view here. The young man never should put himself in the posisition that he is in.
      But be carefull when useing the “L” word(Law) my friend.
      Nobody was there but Mike, a female friend, and a state Trooper. Last I heard, he pleded innocent to the charges. I’ve seen cases thrown out because of improper search, or the arresting officer not following proper proceedure.
      What if his case is dismissed?
      Even on a techicallity?
      Does ND law take presidence?
      Does anyone on this blog really know for sure that he actually smoked it?
      Do we do as the Romans did to Jesus Christ, and still give him the thumbs down because of popular public opinion?

      1. Shazamrock,
        I think you and I are on the same page. The legal process will run it’s course.

        My point was to those who think the reason he should walk is that anti-marijuana laws are stupid. First of all the situation indicates that driving while impaired is the issue. ( could have been a mobile phone, texting, alcohol, prescription drugs ). If a policeman pulls someone over for some valid reason, aka speeding, any secondary condition may then be investigated if the state law states so.

        So now the legal process must run it’s course. I do say law because law must and will run it’s course and like it or not, the young man is subject to the outcome. I’d like to think there were some mitigating circumstances and have a little optimism, but that’s to be seen.

        I can say that Notre Dame law may take precedence under the Student Code, “Du Lac”. Especially if the passenger was a Notre Dame student. Notre Dame stipulates that the campus rules extend any place where 2 or more students are found together. Bakc in th e80’s I remember a big debate when they busted some students at an away game tailgater.

        Finally my reference to Rome goes to America’s imbalanced idolization of sports. While I love sports as a character building excercise and something to inspire people to do good in all walks of life, it seems this country has replaced that ethic with worshipping sports and gambling. Bluntly put, the Asian countries are going to kick our ass if we don’t rebalance. We need to embrace the concepts in sports like team over individual and preparing to do your own best for the good of the team.

        Ok I’m off my soap box now.;-)

  4. I was sitting in the pub after work the other day watching ESPN, when one of my buddies’ complained about the constant talk from the Big Ten about
    expanding their conference to 12 or more teams and whether ND will, or
    won’t join. He was clearly annoyed.
    As long as the Big Ten talks expansion, ND will always be associated in the discussion.
    Last year I remember Joe Paterno stating that the Big Ten neither wanted or needed ND.
    Either Joe is going senile or that was his attempt at reverse psychology.
    Some might find all this talk, speculation, or wishful thinking, as a nuisance. A waste of time, or getting somewhat stale.
    I my self don’t mind it one bit. Bring it on I say. It gives us (besides the constant flow of headlines)lots of positive media exsposure.
    It presents ND in a type of aura. Everyone wants us. Everyone would love to have us. The door is always open. Come join us.
    If everyone wants you, then you got to be special, right?
    What other school could endure a rough, 20 year stretch in college football, as we have, and still be widely popular and on the top of
    everyone’s wish list? Think about that for a minute before contemplating how much greener the grass might look on the other side.
    Yes, joining the Big Ten would add a few extra million per year. But an extra 7 million or so a year for ND is pocket change.
    Then there is the “if ND joined the Big Ten they would be eligible to play for a conference title as well as a national title every year” angle.
    Kids from all over the country come to ND to win a National Championship as part of the most notable and historic college football program of all
    time. They want to be part of the legacy, part of the tradition, part of the history.
    Conference Championships??? It’s second best. When has ND ever started out wanting to be second best? It’s like kissing your sister.
    The leaders and decision makers over at the Big Ten are pulling out all the stops. Whether it’s provoking us, cornering us,or intimidation, they
    see the last 5 or 6 years as our weakness and now is their time to strike, while the iron is hot.
    They think that we are venerable and ripe for the picking. Maybe they hope that we will panic, and join the fold. You want to talk about a waste of
    time or getting stale, think about having to play Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota year after year.
    Then again, maybe they see what I see. A program with good players, high academics, and now, excellent coaching.
    One that is about to turn it all around. And once we start winning on a consistent basis again, everyone will realize how truly good we have it.
    And when you have a sweet deal, why would you want to jeopardize it?
    No, they are trying to get us. They are trying to get to us now.
    I checked out the away games for this upcoming season for a couple of the top college heavy weights…. Florida and Alabama.
    The Gators play at Tennessee, Alabama, Vanderbilt & Florida St. The Tide, at Duke, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee & LSU. Not too shabby.
    Now compare Notre Dame’s away and neutral site venues. We have games, or will have games coming up in the following locations:
    Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Pittsburg, Los Angeles, Dallas, Ireland, as well as the first night game ever at Michigan stadium.
    Now that’s big time college football. That’s giving the fans what they want. That’s being America’s team.
    And they want us to give all that up to become just another Purdue in the Bigger Ten?
    Rockne would roll over in his grave.

    1. Shaz,

      How about the top article at ESPN: Rumor Central?

      “Could Horns go Independent?”

      Interesting rumor, a new dynamic wrench in the fire for the Big Ten or SEC. Possibly good news for ND?

      1. JC,

        WOW! The Longhorns as a Independent. Without a conference,(at least in football), Texas could make their own schedule. Like Texas vs USC, or Michigan, or Ohio St, or Virgina Tech, or Miami, or LSU, or….
        A top flight team who doesn’t load up it’s schedule with cupcakes has real possabilities. Much like we are trying to do with our schedule.
        They could go strickly “pay per view”, charge whatever they wanted, and people would pay it. They would make a fortune. A top heavy schedule might hinder their Title chances, but the TV revenue would be through the roof.
        As a Independent I’m sure ND would add them to their schedule. I hate to say it, but I would probably pony up the bucks to watch that one if I had to.
        With ND as the last remaining major Independent, Texas going independent might steal some of our thunder. Then agian, it’s a big country, and there is plenty to go around.
        Who would want to watch Florida score 60 on the Citadel when Texas vs ND is on?

  5. Help! Can we have a new story headline on the site? The Reefer-madness Ragone is kinda depressing.

  6. Nepa,

    All I am saying is the new sports turf that is being used on fields is not the astroturf of the 70’s and 80’s. Players are getting hurt less frequently and it holds up to mulitple teams playing on it better than grass.

    1. i understand where you are coming from. i wasn’t trying to be di**. i was merely pointing out that dayne was hurt from running not getting hit. and i was just giving my vote of confidence for the system that green bay uses so that we still have natural grass in the stadium, that’s all.

      1. I understand, I have played on grass, astroturf and the new stuff. the new stuff is not grass but is a hell of a lot better than that turf they had at the Vet in Philly.

  7. I personally tore both my ACLS on turf. Your feet can plant in such a firm way that when you do need to “slip” nothing will give and in doing so you create the injury. I would much rather keep the grass on top of the paramount of history that sacred ground has seen. Just my opinion though.

  8. Bill-go to Google and search Football Turf Injuries-anyone reading those articles will want to ban artificial turf. The severity and numbers are signifigantly greater on turf. Some scarey stats. You hit the nail squarely on sprain better than rip/torn! Desso Grass Master is a wise choice.

  9. I found this site that compares grass to turf related football injuries. But the study was done from 1998 thru 2000, so the data is 10 to 12 yrs. old. It was also based on high school players.


    I do think turf would benefit our current offensive system. Probably wouldn’t hurt our field goal kicking either. But player saftey is paramount.

    With ND’s current scheduling we are looking 7 home games a year. That’s up a little bit from past years.

    Late in the year (November) muddy and frozen fields can become more common, although I don’t remember ND experiencing these conditions very offten.

    ND Practices on turf so they have to have some idea on how it would work out for them on game day.

    You have to believe that the administration feels strongly about keeping grass. When they renovated the stadium some years back, they would have had to discuss the playing surface as well. They kept the grass.

    One last thought, It’s not like putting artifical turf in is going to be permanent. If after 5 years you don’t like, it there is no law agianst going back to grass.

    1. Teams didn’t move to Sports Turf until mid 2000. The old stuff was a mess. My dad is a high school ref and does games on the turf and says it is easier on his knees than grass. That would be the pounding he takes being a 60 year old man running after 18 year olds. Like I have said the grass is better at ND stadium. I don’t like turf but it is not as bad as it was in the 80’s and baseball never be played on turf.

  10. For those of you looking for something new to read about ND, check out the story over at the Bleacher Report by
    Eric Murtaugh regarding a change from natural grass to artificial turf for Notre Dame Stadium. He makes a lot
    of good points and a lot of sense as well. It’s basically Tradition vs. Production.
    Tradition is great. I have some wonderful memories of ND stadium and it’s natural grass field. We all remember
    Lou Holtz squatting down, picking grass as he watched his team from the sideline. I once viewed a game from the
    field bleacher seats behind the end zone. Walking out onto the field to get to those seats was a real treat. But if you
    think about it, there IS a lot of slipping going on. One of my favorite ND running backs was Jerome Bettis. He was big
    and strong, but extremely light on his feet. Very well balanced. I think one of the reasons he was so successful was due
    to his ability to handle the slippery conditions at ND stadium better than anyone else. I used to think that natural grass
    was far safer for our players than artificial turf, but I’m not so sure any more with all the advances in technology.
    Natural grass is a fine tradition, but then so is winning National Championships.

    1. I thought the Desso grass-master system was very intriguing. That’s the only one I’d consider. I’m a big believer in grass.

      I also would like to see some #’s on the injuries. I could totally see this being one of those things where there’s more injuries on grass, but they’re more severe on Turf.

      What do wes welker, Dennis Dixon, Carson Palmer, Dayne Crist, and Tom Brady all have in common?

      They’ve all suffered very serious ligament damage on artificial surfaces.

      There’s something to be said for slipping instead of tearing.

      There’s got to be a reason why players 70+% of players say they prefer grass to artificial surfaces. (Eric’s stat I believe, not mine).

      I’m not saying that ligament damage doesn’t occur on grass, but the # and severity of this type injuries seems to be lower.

      Maybe I’m worn, but I’d love to see the stats to prove it. From my observations it seems like you might be slightly more likely to sprain something on grass, but you’re more likely to blow it out on turf.

      Just my two cents.

      1. I would agree the old turf was a problem, but the new sports medics turf is sweet. High Schools are going to this stuff and b/c you can play tons of games on it. New England had to go to it because the turf was horrible. Also look at Heinz field in December it is a mess. Look at M&T Bank Stadium in December. Also Dayne Crist’s injury was related to someone falling on his leg, I don’t think turf had anything to do with it. I had the same injury on grass from the same hit. That being said I don’t want ND to go to turf, they do a great job taking care of the field and only one team plays on that field.

      2. dayne’s injury was not from a hit. that was one of the oddest acl tears i have seen. he wasn’t even cutting. he was just running and pop!

        i am in favor of using what green bay uses. it is still grass but is woven so it isn’t tearing apart like notre dame’ field.

      3. By the way, Green Bay won a award last year for the best professional playing field, useing the Desso Grass-master system.
        This, afer playing two playoff games in January (one was played during a snow storm)
        If it works in Green Bay it will work in South Bend.
        Anyone remember a home loss to Boston College some years back when one of their players was pictured holding up a chunk of sod after the game?
        That says it all!

      4. Nepa,

        A guy fell on the back of his leg and it twisted. I will have to look at Youtube to confirm, but that was what I remembered from that play. Also the only team that plays at Green Bay are the Packers. Look at the mess Heinz field is in December. If you have multiple teams on a field you need sports turf.

      5. jack, if you do find it on youtube, you will see him scrambling from the pocket in the open field and then pop goes his acl. he was still standing/running with no one hitting him. he didn’t even make it to the ground when he threw the football to the ground because he was in so much pain. freak accident. in regards to the lambeau field thing, the nd football team is the only team that plays in the stadium and only 6-7 times a year. either the grounds crew doesn’t know what they are doing or the grass is so young that it doesn’t have a great root system to hold up to the wear and tear. it kind of reminds of soldier field not too long ago when chunks of sod would come up. maybe they ought to ask them what they did to fix it. i think they put a new drainage system in when they renovated soldier field.

  11. Bill-Miami really did field those dregs not so long ago. Real criminal types. Ragone fits more in the category of a dolt I guess. Bad choice; terrible choice. And let me tell you how the Trojan and Wolverine fans are eating this up! But I take solice in knowing that Mike Ragone is a rarity while illicit behaviors are the norm at ‘other schools.’ I’m sure coach Kelly will get some of that special attention and baptize Ragone with a good dose of reality.

  12. Shaz,

    How about ESPN reporting Kiffin getting 4 million a year at USC? Petey boy was at 4.4 million. Well, if your going to take the fall for Petey might as well get paid as a top tier coach?? And daddy at 2.2 million as an assistant coach? Based on this joker, BK deserves a big raise today!

    1. Ooops……..Sorry guys, it wasn’t daddy who got the 2.2 million, it was the FULL-MONTE KIFFIN!!! Money grows on trees in southern California.

    2. JC,
      I read somewhere where it work out to $333.333.00 per win.
      If USC can make Lame Kiffin the highest paid coach who never won a championship, just think of how much they have to pay off the NCAA.
      Like you said, the old man is probably the highest paid assistant in the country as well.

  13. Anyone else laughing a little on the inside at the irony of saying “now that Miami is no longer fielding thugs, criminals and punks” in a thread about one of our players getting busted for drugs?

    oh… that hurts a little on the inside.

    1. “Hurts a little on the inside”???
      You mean like a gunshot wound?
      A little weed(and I do mean a little) among 19-20 year olds isn’t so bad. At least he wasn’t packing heat, and stood up and took the blame instead of letting the girl take the fall for him as we have seen all too often in other parts of the country.
      But yeah, I see your point!
      Of course, if this is as close as we come to having a “GOON” on our team, that’s (thank God) pretty weak.

  14. Now that Miami is no longer fielding thugs, criminals, and punks the rivalry should be renewed. This is good for all concerned. Jimmy Johnson was the ‘Lord of the Punks’. Not a good guy at all. He hurt Miamis rep bigtime.

  15. One of the first ND games I ever saw was Notre Dame vs Miami. Back then Howard Schnellenburger was their coach, they were a independent, and they ran the option. ND won 16-13 in a steady rain.
    It was a good rivalry until Jimmy Johnson and his bunch of trash talking thugs showed up. They disrespected their opponents, their university, the NCAA, and evetually themselves. Even then, Miami used to bring out the best in the Irish. My favorite ND play of all time is the Rocket’s kick-off return for a TD vs Miami. Absolutly Electric!
    I think the renewed series will benefit both schools.

  16. driving high is not the same as driving drunk. Unless it’s your first time blazin’ it, in which case you are a complete dummy.

    It’s OK nerds, Us “normal” college kids did plenty of that back in the day!

  17. Shazamrock-You would make a fine attorney or judge my friend. You hit the issue squarely on the head. And yes the Res Life oligarchy should be taken to task and abolished. Too much power in the hands of true invisioned elitist types. The big business that is also to the epicenter of what college football has become. Speak on Gandolph!
    JDH-I understand your frustration and anger. There is a great deal of that out there over this incident;myself included. From Bill Meehan to Ted there is a great unhappiness unfolding here. Much of this is frustration, anger, some collective guilt and the ‘What is going to happen next?’ fear. I see you comprehend the ‘Tear Down Theory’ quite well. Sounds like you have some military core values in you-if not I have some immediate job openings for you with the Army!
    Mike Ragone opened this can up himself and hopefully it will not become a sideshow and resolution will be appropriate as well as just. Keep the faith-things could be worse.

    1. Totally agree with you Doug. I think you are right on target. And yes I do indeed have some military core values in me. I think it would do Mike Ragone some real good to have his ass handed to him in no uncertain terms. Then, he gets the chance to atone, man-up, and move on. I hope that happens for him and the program. GO IRISH!

  18. JDH,

    With all due respect, last time I checked you are not Brian Kelly nor are you Lou Holtz. It is also my belief that they would not resort to name calling one of their players and a fellow student of Notre Dame on a message board such as you have. This young mans behavior is simply unacceptable at Notre Dame as well is your language and attitidue in reference to it.

  19. Namecalling FROM ME isn’t going to change his behavior. That was simply frustration and disappointment manifesting and coming out from my end. And it was somewhat tongue in cheek.

    Now, if Brian Kelly, teammates etc. were to engage in some namecalling, grab him by the collar and tear him down (only to subsequently then build him back up and provide the guidance you speak of), then that would likely have a profound impact. Granted, not everyone is motivated in the same way and I don’t know Mike personally. But, generally speaking, tearing down and then building back up is a pretty good formula for making men (remember Lou Holtz?). (And when I say ‘men’ not overly-feminized men that we see all too often in our society)

    Note: I’m not condemning Ragone as a human being, but from the ‘facts’ so far, IMO, he’s acted like a douchebag. And quite selfishly so, as his actions affect MANY others. So I stand by my comments.

    However, I have no doubt he can rise above this and become a better person, with proper discipline and teaching.

  20. JDH-How is calling Mike Ragone names going to change his behavior or help the situation? He needs firm guidance and discipline. Perhaps some very early morning workouts in the stadium for a start. These Res Lifers will try to destroy his future (He has NFL potential) and they revel in that power and vengeance. They need to be castigated and abolished.

  21. Ragone is a selfish douchebag for making this decision. That being said, he is a kid. He needs to face his punishment, take it like a man and learn his lesson. That is how douchebaggery is stopped in his tracks. Use the brain God gave you Mike.

  22. Shazamrock-I will tell you who these cruel vermin are called Res Life:They are the victims of natures cruel jokes. They are never asked out, go to semi formals, or formals, the movies, sporting events or to meet the boyfriend/girlfriends parents. They sit in their stale tombs boiling and seething wanting revenge on say a Mike Ragone. Why you ask? He is not of their ilk and must be brought to justice! And in their world there is only one punishment for all offenses great or small-DEATH! These are angry folks who rule by the rule of vengeance! And brother is Ragone going to feel their harsh whip soon enough. He must pay as he is one of the ‘normal folk.’

    1. DC,
      I’ve never attended ND. I don’t know how their system of justice works. No one has ever properly explained to me who makes up this group.

      From the outside looking in it’s like some kind of secret society. That in and of it’s self, raises questions about fairness and equality.

      If it is how you say, I find that just mind blowing.

      Think about this…
      The University spends millions on coaching. Then more for these coaches in airfares, hotel rooms, rent-a-cars, meals, ect… to go out accross the country and invest countless hours recruiting kids to come play football at ND.
      And the first time one of these kids makes a mistake they leave it to some pinhead scholar student fresh out of band camp, who never ran a windsprint, or took a shot in the back from a 260lb linebacker, to decide the fate of their teammates?

      I understand that ND holds their student Athletes to a higher standard. And that our integrity is held in the highest esteem.
      But you also better belive that college football is a business. Big Business. And good businesses often review their policies and proceedures.
      This “Res Life” sounds like something right out of the thirties.
      Perhaps it’s time to review the revewers.

  23. So once agian one of our guys has to face the Office of Residence Life.
    Is there anyone out there who can explain who these people are?
    Are they strickly students? Or is there Faculty and clergy involved?
    Is there anyone remotely connected with the football program on the panel?
    Does his coach have any say in the matter?
    Is there anyone connected with athletics in any way shape or form on the committee?
    Does this kid have anyone judging him that has been up at 6:00am and practiced in the freezing cold and snow along side him?
    Anyone who has been in the gym watching him rehab his knee?
    Is this a kangaroo court or will he truely be judged in all fairness by a panel of his peers?
    Is this anything more than a dog and pony show?

  24. pot is going to be legal in colorado and california within the decade, the country will follow. for now, a rule is a rule and he should do the time. it doesn’t seem fair, but nd sets a precedent to deter other players and recruits from f***ing around. personally, i don’t think he should be kicked off the team though

  25. i see both sides of the arguement here but when they decide to commit to notre dame, they are also agreeing to nd’s du lac which plainly states that if anyone(student or athlete) is caught with drugs, they can be expelled from the university (not sure of the exact wording but that is the jist of it).

    as far as my 2 cents, i think he will be suspended for the year with probation, which leaves him with one year of eligibility left i believe. with the possibility of rudolph leaving early, i think he will be back next year to hopefully redeem himself for his mistake. most likely, we have all been down this road and been caught or got away with it. so please try not bashing the kid and judging him. that is not our place to do so. good luck mike, learn from this like we all have at some point and most of all, don’t give up!

    1. Agree! He can bust his butt on the practice squad for a year without being allowed to participate in game day activities.

    2. That is the agreement at pretty much any college in the nation… I played baseball for po dunk University of South Dakota and the rule about drugs was the same way… Alcohol is a drug, a much more detrimental drug to a our health than marijuana which Michael Floyd was consuming illegally and what happened to him? A slap on the wrist… How is this any different? Both broke the law?

      1. i hope this doesn’t come off as elitist, but that is what seperates notre dame from the majority of colleges across the country. i still feel like floyd should have been punished a little more(maybe a game suspension), but ragones situation is a little different because it involves an illegal(for now) substance. alcohol may be viewed as a drug by some or all people for that matter, but it is legal.

  26. It’s obvious he’s not gonna be playing this season. Kyle McAlarney got busted for pot. He missed the season. How is this any different?

    1. He’s a football player, a mighty good one, that has finally gotten his body back into the game. He’ll be suspended for one game and not kicked out of school. KMac was smoking it while he was driving. My understanding is Mike’s gf was smoking it in the car. Could be a cover up but they are seperate issues. Know your role on campus. Football player gets a pass. Basketball player people have never heard of gets kicked out.

    1. Under age drinking is a summary offense and can be wiped from a record with an ARD program. Pot possesion is a misdemnor and carries more.

      1. not to beat a dead horse or come off as a prude, but alcohol is legal(not for minors) and weed is illegal(for everyone outside of medical exemptions).

        i feel like both should be legal, but that is not the point here and that is what some of the commenters are missing. yeah, its only weed/alcohol, but driving and speeding under the influence of either is inexcusable and there has to be consequences.

  27. If he gave the weed to his girlfriend to hide he is guilty of possesion and if the blood test comes back that he was driving under the influence than he is trouble. He should be disciplined, but thrown off the team is a little to harsh. He made a mistake, he is in his final years at ND and should be given a second chance. The administration needs to stop being so tough in these situations and give a kid a chance.

  28. LOL it’s Marijuana people…He should not be kicked off the team… The guy obviously has worked his ass off coming back from his injuries, in the classroom , and I have never seen anything written that would say he is anything but an upstanding student/athlete. If he would have been caught with a much more detrimental drug, alcohol, you all would be saying he’s just a college kid being a college kid.

  29. Whether we think speeding and marijuana possession are good laws or bad laws is irrelevant here. The fact is that there are laws on the books about just such occurrences.

    I am all for giving people second chances on life, but that doesn’t mean you get to go back to the way things were before getting arrested.

    I have no problem with Mike being dismissed from the team, if that is what happens. Playing football at Notre Dame is a privilege not a right.

    Should he be jailed and ostracized for the rest of his life, absolutely not.

    But actions come with consequences. It is a fact of life that so many seem to want to forget about. Is it a matter of dumb luck that the other players did not get arrested for possession? Maybe it is. Or, maybe there are players who are following the rules and laws.

    I hope that in the end he can earn his degree from the University. But I have no qualms about him getting kicked off the team.

    Actions lead to consequences.

    Anyone remember Charlie Weis? He got removed because his actions led to fewer wins on the field, nothing illegal in that, just not meeting expectations. His actions led to consequences.

    1. Yeah, But if you remember, Charlie went 3-9 and was given another year (second chance) to turn it around.
      Then he went 6-6 in the regular season with a bowl win over Hawaii. Not exactly the thing ledgends are made of. Then he was given another year (third chance?) and agian went 6-6. That certainly lead to his consequences.
      With poor defensive play and total collaps in November, and I’m not sure who was hittin the pipe.

  30. JRM-I used that very premise which was proven to be wrong by Mr William Meehan who correctly scolded me. Mike Ragone admitted he had in fact given the marijuana to his girlfriend to conceal it in her purse. The punishment should be harsh but fair. Throwing him off the team is too much.I’ll wager a few people on this site have driven while intoxicated. So we should all be a touch more understanding.

    1. Sorry if I came off a bit angry, it just annoys me when people compare Cops doing their jobs (well) to Nazis.

      1. Bill,
        That’s because that type of hyperbole is made by brainless harpies who know nothing about cops or Nazis. It’s a kneejerk reaction that exposes their total ignorance in glaring form.

  31. If he had drugs on him he needs to go. HOWEVER, the drugs were inside a passanger’s purse (not on him). Important distiction. Need to establish he knew she had it in there. Technicalities are important from a legal standpoint

  32. Maybe he has glaucoma which would explain why he dropped so many passes in previous years, yet caught so many at the Blue Gold game?

  33. Patrick: “Only a prude would worry about this kind of stuff”? Really? You sound like a USC administrator.

    Shazamrock: Compassion and forgiveness are one thing, letting it go is quite another. As much as it sucks, he needs to be sacked from the team. Kelly won’t show any tolerance for this kind of stuff…and if he does, he’s opening the door. Ragone made a dumb decision (as we all have), and he’ll get consequences.

    1. irishspartan,

      I would like to think that those involved in the decision process go by a “case by case” approach.
      All I know about Mr.Ragone is what I read in the media and see on TV.
      I know that he is one of our guys. Hs been here for a while. That he works hard in practice. That he has gone through a lot to over come his injuries and get back in the mix. He has remained academically eligible, which means he goes to class every day. I haven’t heard about him being in trouble before.
      While he has been given the special opertunity to play for ND, the responcilbility of upholding it’s integrity go along with him and his actions.
      Then agian, I wouldn’t want my beloved Irish look upon as ruling with a iron fist no matter what extenuating circumstances might exsist.
      That if you screw up even once we will drop the hammer. No second chances ever.
      That’s not who we are as well.

    2. except replace being caught in possession pot and speeding over 13mph with taking a bribe and shooting roids. i’m not saying the kid shouldn’t be punished for breaking the rules – i’m just saying the rules are pretty stupid to begin with.

    3. Were you born in the 1950s in Moscow? Glad you’re not head of the administration at ND. If an ND player was caught pissing on a tree you probably expel him or put him on double secret probation.

  34. over the speed limit by 13mph and caught with a small amount of pot? only a prude would worry about this kinda stuff. what next? some kid busted for jay walking and public intoxication? jeez – all this hoopla, you’d think he did robbery/rape/homicide.

      1. nancy reagan would be proud. i could care less about everyone’s inflated fear of marijuana. i am one of the few people who can say i’ve never done it and actually be telling the truth. you can rank my fear of pot somewhere above “am i getting enough onion in my diet.”

      2. Patrick-
        No one cares about what your concern level is regarding marijuana because your thoughts regarding the subject are completely irrelevant to the subject at hand. The discussion is not:
        “Should marijuana be legalized? Is it really harmful? etc.”

        Because at this point it is still illegal and a serious violation of University and team rules.

        You are shooting blanks and can’t seem to wrap your brain around the actual discussion at hand.

  35. You forgive obviously if there is true contrition but he is still toast, off the team and likely dispelled.

  36. Whether it’s after the football season ends or the finishing up of spring practice, there always seems to be a insident or two involving a player.
    I always worry at these times that someone will find their way into trouble. Once they are away from school, campus, and coaches, some tend to forget their importance to their team. But that’s what young people do.
    In most corners of our society people are given a second chance.
    But as we have all seen before, ND isn’t like most places.
    So do you risk giving second chances and end up like a Tennessee or Oregon?
    Or do you show compassion and forgiveness like the good Sisters and fathers of the Archdiocese taught us since we were born?

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