Initial Impressions – Notre Dame 27, Tulsa 28

Wow.  I don’t think anyone imagined 11 months ago when Brian Kelly was hired that we’d be discussing back to back losses to Navy and Tulsa, but after an ill-advised decision to throw the football in the final seconds, that is exactly where we’re at.  Here are some initial thoughts on the game.


  • Despite the interceptions, Tommy Rees played about as well as could have been expected.  Freshmen are going to make freshmen mistakes and that’s what his final interception was.  He could have had a huge boost to his confidence if the Irish pulled this one out, but now he’ll have two weeks to think about that last interception.  Still, 300+ yards and 4 touchdowns off the bench was solid.   The 4 touchdowns
  • Back to the final play.  With a solid field goal kicker and a true freshman quarterback, a play like that just shouldn’t happen.  If you are going to call a pass there, fine, explain to the QB during the timeout that he can only make the pass if the receiver is WIDE open.  If not, throw the ball away and play for the field goal.  Just a really, really bad call there.  Kelly is going to receive a lot of much deserved criticism for this call over the next two weeks and during the off-season if this game ultimately costs Notre Dame the chance to go to a bowl.
  • Very tough break for Dayne Crist.  Almost a year to the day from his ACL injury he suffers another major knee injury to his other knee.  He had a lot of ups and downs in his first season as the starter, but missing the final 3 games is going to hurt his development quite a bit.
  • Offensive line got little push in the running game.  There just wasn’t anywhere for Cierre Wood to go with the football most of the time.  Pass protection was solid though.
  • Very rough game for John Goodman.  Multiple drops early on and a muffed punt.  Roby Toma came in and played well in relief of Goodman and looks like he could be a promising wide receiver in this offense.  Toma ended up with 4 catches for 67 yards.
  • TJ Jones had a quiet game and is looking more like a freshman after his fast start.
  • Up and down game for Tyler Eifert.  He had a very critical drop on 3rd and 5 in the fourth quarter, but came up with a few nice grabs and blocked well.
  • The offense continues to be its own worst enemy.  They move well at times and then end drives with drops, missed receivers, penalties, etc.
  • Notre Dame converted just 3 out of 14 third downs throughout the game.  It’s tough to win any game with that low of a success rate on third down.


  • After a very rough start to the game, the defense settled in an kept Tulsa off the scoreboard until their last field goal.  Of the 28 points allowed today, 15 of them were given up by the offense and special teams.
  • Despite the overall solid performance by the defense, Notre Dame’s lack os speed on defense was again evident.  That isn’t something that will be fixed overnight either.  It’s going to take a couple recruiting cycles before the speed on defense is at a high level.
  • Notre Dame recorded 6 sacks with Darius Fleming and Ethan Johnson recording 2 of them.  Kerry Neal and Brian Smith each chipped in one as well.  Nice to see some production out of the outside linebackers.
  • Chuck Martin needs to have the defensive backs practice catching drills all week.  Notre Dame has it’s hands on a couple interceptions that fell to the ground today.
  • Ian Williams was missed in the middle of the defensive line.  Sean Cywar filled in admirably, but without Williams in the middle the Irish got very little push up the middle against the Tulsa running game.
  • Kona Schwenke recorded a fumble recovery in his first action, but didn’t record a tackle.  It doesn’t say a whole lot for the other reserve defensive end son the roster, however, that Schwenke was in the game as an undersized true freshman.
  • Robert Blanton got juked out of his cleats on the first Tulsa touchdown, but after that he responded with a nice game.  He blew up a screen pass and played well the rest of the game.

Special Teams

  • This might have been the worst game for the special teams all year – a blocked PAT returned for 2 points, a punt return touchdown allowed, and a muffed punt.  Yikes.  Add in Turk’s booming punt through the end zone when a pooch punt was needed and it equals a very poor showing.
  • Kick return blocking was weak again this week.  Bennett Jackson had a nice return, but overall there weren’t many lanes for Jackson.
  • Notre Dame came in to the game as the best punt coverage unit in the country and then gave up the 59 yard return to Damarius Johnson.

This loss is going to sting for a while and the bye week couldn’t come at a better time.  Notre Dame needs to take these next two weeks to get healthy and regroup.  Getting to a bowl game is going to take a win against either Utah or USC now and after the last two weeks, neither look too likely at this point.  The coaches are going to need to spend some extra time working the phones to keep this recruiting class together as well because it’s going to be open season on commits by opposing coaches after this.

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  1. Ted:

    Thanks for the helpful link to past recruiting. Over all, I think we agree that coaching up talent is more important than simple recruiting stats. Some of us (I plead guilty) perhaps get too caught up in that from time to time.


    Glad you brought up B. Smith’s play this past weekend. If you’re going to bash someone when they play poorly, then it’s only fair to praise them when they play well. My question to you, power, do we have a ILB controversy in S. Bend now that Calabrese is apparently healthy. Who do you start? At least this gives BK some options along the front 7. My guess is both Smith and Calabrese will play a lot given the Army option attack.

    1. Kelly said today that Calabrese will play a lot. He did not say who would be the starter.I think it makes for a good rotation.Callabrese may not be as fast but he can read pretty well and he can finish.I thought Smith really did play well and he has a lot of talent, lets hope Kelly got a lot of his bad habits out.

      1. I love the lunch pail mentality of Calabrese.. But when u watch the navy game he got caught in the wash to often and was one of the many reason that the Fullback rushed 4- 206 yrds virtually untouched. Brian Smith is a Senior and Calabrese is a Soph. Smith at the outside position lost his assignment way to often but playing the inside lb position he seemed to make play after play… For me it is no question i start the senior Brian Smith at the inside LB position and if he misses multiple assignment throughout the game I will have the soph to replace him…. C

  2. I am suprise that there hasn’t been comments on how well Brian Smith played at the Inside LB position… I know we can’t get out of our heads the many blown assignment which led to big plays, but I thought he looked good on the inside; especially against a run heavy team… . He did run inside a block on the shovel pass but was able to run down the Running Back… Calobrese would have never got there and against a faster runner Smith was beat but against Utah he really showed up. Maybe the Jolt the defense needed along with Shembo to help Teo out….

    He might be playing with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder since his playing time has decreased this season like CAV mentioned above..

    1. Calabrese would have never got there? They are roughly the same speed. But my guess is Calabrese would bave run over the blocker on the way there. I do agree that smith played a good game this week though. He plays well in space on the outside at times, but makes a lot of mistakes keeping the play contained.

  3. OK I’ve heard about beat Army or USC or both. Good.
    Say —we end up 6-6 –not assuming ANYTHING!
    If we do, I ‘ve heard—-play the MAC Champ in Michigan in the dome there.
    Hey,it’s more practice and extension and all.
    Recruting power?
    I don’t know.
    But -as some have said, it is playing for next season.
    So—not assuming anything but a win on prime time in NYC would be great.
    And btw, maybe–hopefully the USC factor is turning the tide not to maroon and gold but to blue, green and gold. Maybe?
    Anyone? MAC CHAMP??
    Better than nothing. (* yes-we have to win FIRST) RSVP

  4. Pretswood and Lynch just committed to FSU. I still think we can get these guys back (assuming BK wants them back) by finishing the season strong and winning a bowl game. Plus I think FSU might struggle at the end.

    Here’s another interesting possibility. Several projections have a 7-5 ND team playing FSU in the Citrus Bowl. Makes you wonder what could happen here if ND pulls an upset there.

    But, like I say, one thing at a time. Beat Army. Then worry about USC. Then worry about a bowl game and recruiting.

    1. Tell Lynch and his mother to come back to South Bend and clean up the mess they made by throwing grampa’s ashes all over the campus. I couldn’t believe the kid actually says they did that, then turns tail and runs to FSU. See ya later nut-case!!

  5. I agree with all four points and strongly agree with the Weis favorite comments…
    I do hope the Junior Jonas does gets more of an opportunity…

    Weis blamed Jonas for the Michigan loss when he and Claussen fumbled the exchange. Not totally Jonas fault and then never got an opportunity after that… Kelly was giving Jonas a chance but then unfortunately Jonas got hurt and now he seems committed to developing Cierre which I am happy about, but I just wish he would platoon Jonas in so he can develop both…

    Jonas with the least opportunity has had the biggest results and that is a player who hasn’t gotten a chance to fully learn the speed and sharpen his skills at the college elite level….

    1. jonas has always had a chasse, but i thought he was around 200, not 230. he looked huge! why not a dual threat kelly?

      btw, jonas’ scamper that came up short of the goal line had me thinking. other than wood in the western mich game, when was the last time a rb had a 25+ yard run for a td? this needs to change.

  6. Utah was a much needed win for this program. I don’t care if Utah is over-ranked, they were still ranked. ND defended the home turf, the seniors walked out of the stadium with a win, and the defense did not allow a touchdown. A game like this can be a turning point.

    However, the thing that is going to improve this program the most is the number of players who are getting playing time. Depth creates competition and competition raises the play of everyone. Take the QB position for example. Crist seemed like he was regressing as the year went on and the reason might have been a lack of competiton. He knew he was the guy and wasn’t going to be pushed by Rees or Montana. Now Rees is doing a great job, which means Crist is going to have to raise his game to get back on the field next year. Hendricks and Massa are going to have to elevate their game to get on the field as well. Wood is going to have to raise his game as Jonas gets healthier. This team needs to have the players push each other. That was an element that was missing with Weis. It seemed he had his favorites that played no matter how bad they did.

    We need to get this win against Army and then prepare for the real bowl game this year at USC. I hope ND gets into a bowl, but it will not have the same vibe as the USC game will. A 3 game winning streak going into the bowl season will have a huge impact on the recruiting as well.

    We took one from Utah, let’s take care of Army and then start the domination over USC.

  7. Brian Smith at the inside LB position was a huge difference for the defense making the defense appear much faster…. Who knows if they never move him how things would have worked this season….. I would have like to seen more of Jonas and More Pistol and More under center run but atleast we did get a little taste this week..

    I would also like to see flemming opposite of Shembo on pass downs to provide a more potent rush…

    It was great for the ND players to appreciate a nice home win against a decent team especially it being senior day… One of the reason why I really enjoy college football..

    positive on Kelly– it was smart coaching to be aggressive on special teams due to starting Reese a frosh at qb.. I also felt for Coach Kelly he called a more conservative game which.. Which egual more run plays…Yipee.

    1. “I also felt for Coach Kelly he called a more conservative game which.. Which egual more run plays”

      x2. It appeared Kelly learned some lessons and ate some humble pie from the Tulsa debacle, which is what we had hoped. He significantly tightened up the offense and ran as much as he passed. As has been talked about alot on this board- you don’t have to run an aggressive spread ALL the time and pass, no matter what.

      That was critical…

  8. who’s better Michigan State or Utah?

    I say Michigan State and we should of won the game a couple of times over. So we shouldn’t be suprised that we beat a Utah team. Utah’s biggest win was a 3 point ot win against Pitt. a team we beat….

    Purdue W 23-12 1-0
    Michigan L28-24 1-1 could have- crist inj. huge but still gave game away
    Michigan State L34-31 OT 1-2 huge mistake at end but still plenty of plays
    Stanford L37-14 1-3 we got beat
    Boston College W31-13 2-3
    Pittsburgh W23-17 3-3
    Western Michigan W44-20 4-3
    Navy* L35-17 4-4 an embarassment but it happens
    Tulsa L28-27 4-5 unacceptable especially after Navy
    #14 Utah W28-3 5-5 okay about time
    Army* 7:00 PM should be over quickly
    USC 8:00 PM ET I can’t wait…

    My Point is 8 win season 4 an average coach
    With Coach Kelly I expected a 9 win season because of his resume..

    I guess this win now coach needs some time at this level because as I beat a dead horse ND lost 3 out of the 5 games strickly because of coaching….

    I not saying Kelly should go…..
    I am just saying I am disappointed with the opportunity spoiled this season for a big step in a winning direction which would have given us an edge in the recruiting world. …
    Instead I think Coach Kelly got a much needed taste of humble pie.

  9. i disagree about what MUST happen to wind up the season, just like i disagree with people who think we MUST win 9 games or kelly should go.

    sure, a w against army and a good showing against usc would be nice, but we simply have too many intangibles going against us, some may call them excuses…hey, even mack brown doesn’t have as many ‘excuses’ as we do, and he is 4-6, with many losses in blow-out fashion.

    i fully expect to beat army and play usc tough, maybe even come out with a win. anything is possible with a decent d and tommy making good decisions. but if not, kelly will develop the players and we will win a lot of games next year, and the year after.

    as i said, there will be plenty of room aboard the kelly bandwagon…including future recruits when we start putting up 40 points regularly and holding teams to under 20. why not get excited to see nix in better shape and a force in the middle? and shembo coming off the edge for some pressure?

    i really think another offseason conditioning will help the o-line, an area that has been troublesome for the past decade. teo with another year of experience, wood, gray, tommy or dayne, floyd, rudolf with another year in the system, learning the plays and reads…im just saying, even with de-commits we will keep a top 15 recruiting class.

    1. Ted,

      What MUST happen is what you yourself just admitted to. ND needs to beat Army and play well against USC. Period. That MUST happen. A lot of the “optimists” here were making very bold predictions at the beginning of the season, practically predicting wins every week and saying that anyone who disagreed with them was disloyal to ND. Then after the losses started piling on then came the inevitable excuses and backtracking and saying that anyone who wanted ND to be more competitive was being negative. How convenient is that! That’s wanting to have it both ways, Ted.

      Having said that, you make some solid observations about the future of the program. I really like your assessment of the personnel for next season. Now, Ted, imagine if we can land Lynch and Williams for the front 7 of the future! Why settle for a top 15 class when we can get a top 10 class realistically. (Heck, sign Lynch, Prestwood, Williams, and Huggins to go along with the current recruits and ND will have perhaps a top 5 class!)

      1. sfr,

        i was yelled at by the optimists for saying 9 wins would be a GREAT season considering the circumstances. i actually think you have it backwards, it is the former optimists turned naysayers who came in with rediculous expectations of an 11-1 season who are now freaking out because we have lost 5 games.

        no, winning any of the remaining games is not a MUST. enlighten me, why is it a MUST? it is probably a MUST for the same reason that beating navy and tulsa was a MUST, but guess what, it wasn’t.

        i would have loved to see lynch on the d-line, looked like a beast, prestwood is probably a good player too. but we still have a good class.

        how many top ten recruiting classes does the #1 team in the country have in the last 10 years? you guessed it, NONE! kelly will coach them up, give him some time.

      2. Ted,

        I guess we’ve been reading different posts. The ones I read had ND winning just about every game and to be “realistic” and say otherwise was tantamount to heresy. How dare anyone believe ND can’t win this game or that!

        I’m with you in having thought a 9 win season was realistic, although I figured more on 8-4. (I gave my season breakdown in a previous post, so I won’t bore you repeating it here).

        Winning or at least being competitive (read your own post) is a MUST for recruiting (again, read your own post). It seems that every time ND lays an egg we lose top recruits. That’s just a fact if you’ve been following recruiting at all of late, Ted. So, as others here have pointed out, winning and playing well is a MUST for recruiting if nothing else.

        Your take on recruiting is very short-sighted, Ted. Just because the CURRENT #1 team doesn’t have a top 10 class recently (prove it, BTW) doesn’t prove that recruiting isn’t key to winning in the college game. It is. How many national championships have UF, Alabama, Texas, USC, LSU,and Ohio State won in this decade? Now, how many top 10 recruiting classes have they landed in the same amount of time? That’s a far more nuanced and longer time-frame analysis than what you just brought to the table, Ted. No disrespect intended.

        You’re right about giving BK time to coach up the recruits. Agreed. But I’d rather face the challenge of coaching up a 5-star recruit than trying to coach up a 2 or 3-star one (although they’re always exceptions to every rule, but they’re just that — exceptions).

        Yes, Ted, we still have a good class. But why settle for good? That seems to be part of the endemic issue with ND football of late. Settling for good instead of seeking the great. There was a time when ND strove for greatness in all aspects of football, Ted, including in recruiting. Can we get back to that?

      3. i’m not going to get into a pissing match over who said what on which posts, i don’t have the time.

        my oregon comment was an aside. nonetheless, below is a link to espn recruiting breakdowns, including class ranks, since 2006. no oregon in sight, and if they haven’t had a top 10 class since 2006, im guessing they have never had one since we started ranking recruiting classes.

        recruiting is important. my oregon comment was meant to provide perspective that losing some recruits in this class will not kill us, or prevent us from winning next year. i thought kelly pulled in a great class in a transition year, and he has a solid class for a rebuilding year. when we win a bunch of games next year the class will be even better, and so on. these things don’t happen overnight.

  10. Poz,

    Agreed! Army will play us at least as tough as Navy. But they’re less talented than Navy. Army’s Super Bowl, however, will come at the end of the season when they play rivals Navy. Not that they’ll be looking ahead or anything. We better not be as well!

    If we do what we should do, Poz, that is beat Army, then we get excited about USC. Wouldn’t it be great to upend them and the cocky Lane Kiffen? I know it’s unrealistic to believe we’ll beat the Trojans but we can hope, can’t we?

    Either way, win a bowl game and finish 7-6 at worst is OK. (Wow! How low are our expectations after 15 years of mediocrity!) It will help somewhat with recruiting. Beat USC and finish 8-5 would solidify this class, Poz. I believe we can recommit some of the guys who’ve pulled their verbals plus add a few key pieces here and there to this class. If we can get Lynch and Prestwood back in the fold and add Ishaq Williams and Savon Huggins, ND will have a very good (top 10) class. Then it’s up to BK and his staff to take that talent and mold and develop it.

    What do you say, Poz?

    1. I agree with your assessment, it is refreshing to see some reasonable comments on here about where we are as a program.

      Go Irish!

      1. Poz,

        Thanks. I’ve always enjoyed your contributions, even if we haven’t always agreed.

        I guess “reasonable” is in the eye of the beholder. For some here to be reasonable means always agreeing with them and never being realistic about the state of ND football. To say ND football is mediocre is heresy. (Of course, others have blasted me for being too generous when I say ND is mediocre. They’d use more colorful language to describe the current state of the Irish.)

        I’m saddened that we’ve lost C-Dog. I wish he’d return. His analysis was always witty, even if I didn’t see eye-to-eye with him. I hope some here haven’t driven joey d from this board. There was some very harsh words directed against him by some. Even those who playfully questioned his masculinity (I’m sure joey has kissed a girl!) didn’t help the matter.

        Keep the faith, Poz. Yes. Go Irish!

  11. Poz,

    I agree with you. Beating USC would be great, but it’s more realistic (a word some people here apparently don’t like) to be competitive. But first we need to bet by Army. Do you expect an easy game from the Black Knights, Poz? I sure don’t. I think they’ll play tough, like Navy did, with tons of heart. I just hope ND learned something from the Navy game (and I don’t mean just about defending the option). I hope they remember how bad it felt after losing to Navy and how great it felt beating Utah.

    Poz, I’ve been saying for a while now that the end of the season is all about keeping/getting recruits on board and momentum going into the off-season. You’re right on about all that! But even we ‘realists’ can get a little excited about the hopes of some ND Holiday football. Can’t we? Don’t be a Grinch, now.

    Now, Poz, are you being negative by saying this season is a “bust”? You know, Poz, some people here don’t like that kind of straight talk. They want to hear only how great ND is (even at 5-5).

    1. Do I think beating Army will be easy? H#$% NO!!! This is the Super Bowl for Army, heck it is bigger than the Super Bowl for Army. However, it is a must to beat them or the UTAH win was useless.

      This game is also huge for the coaching staff. Diaco needs to show progress and answers for the option.

  12. Let’s all just relax. We are 5-5 for crying out loud. We caught Utah at a great time and they obviously we very flat after an emotional let down after getting crushed by TCU. The true test is the next 2 weeks. Beating Army is a must and looking fast and athletic agains USC would be nice. Not sure if we can beat USC or not but at the very least we need to play as if we could win. A bowl win is a must as well. The season was a complete bust. We are playing for next year right now and to keep valuable recruits with us. Momentum into spring ball is critical over the next month or so.

  13. apparently my comment after the game is still awaiting moderation. i guess my explitives were not hidden well enough by * and $%.

    to all the ‘realists’, there will be plenty of room aboard the Kelly bandwagon next year.

  14. irisheye62,

    Good to hear the enthusiasm in your post!

    Agreed with your analysis. Excellent points.

    As for your unnamed relative, I see his point. But I’m not too intimidated by the projected bowl opponents. I wouldn’t like to face Utah in a rematch. They’d have too much incentive. But that’s a most unlikely scenario. One match that may have more likelihood is a game against Miami in the Citrus. That’s one match up I don’t like. Miami has 4 stud RBs and a deep WR corps which features L. Hankerson (a bigger version of M. Floyd) who just tied Michael Irvin’s TD receptions record for a season at Miami. They’re big and fast on both lines. Not a good match-up. I want to play “the U” in 2012, not in 2010. GT’s option game is also scary. I could foresee playing A 6-6 GT team somewhere. Of course, GT would be the third option team we’d play. We’d be somewhat familiar with that style by then. But GT would be far more talented than Navy or Army.

    This is all very premature, however. ND and its fans need to focus exclusively on Army. Beat Army and then make Holiday travel plans to Florida or NY (hopefully not Boise, Idaho).

  15. JDH,

    Before the game he was making fun of Lee Corso for picking ND to upset Utah. It was all about how ND couldn’t even beat Tulsa, Navy, etc. After the game, no eating crow from Herby. No, sir. Instead it was all about how over-rated Utah was. How they got exposed by TCU. Etc.

    Like I said, Herbstreit and May (not to mention Pat Forde at ESPN) revel in ND defeat. Other than our “dearly departed” “Anus Eagle” (no, I don’t hope he’s actually dead!) I’m sure no one here wants to see the Irish lose. Some people can’t seem to tell the difference between those who love ND enough to see it for what it is and want to see it return to glory, and those like Herbstreit, May, Forde, and others who are just haters who want the Irish to remain mediocre (but, I guess, never so bad they’d become truly irrelevant, since then they’d have nothing to write or gloat about!).

    1. Herbie should have definetly admitted he was wrong and sucked it up like a man. I usually don’t have a problem with him, but he should have come clean on that one…

  16. JDH,

    You bet it’s time to celebrate. I love ND sticking it to Herbstreit and Mark May! It’s one thing for an ND fan to take an honest look at their team and believe it’s an underdog, like many here did (again, however, recall that long before “Big Daddy” I said ND had a great chance to win this game and win out). It’s another thing for these ND haters like Herbstreit and May to do so. If people can’t see the difference between the motives of joey d and Herbstreit, then they’re beyond rational discussion. joey d wants ND to win in spite of what his head may tell him; Mark May wants ND to lose no matter what. There’s a world of difference there.

    Let’s all enjoy this one and kiss our lasses! However, it’s only one game on the long road back to relevance and from there back to glory. Let’s worry about Army first and then worry about USC. Finish 7-5 and we’ll all be satisfied (I’m not going to say happy, because that would be to lower the standard of happiness).

    1. What did Herbstreit say about the ND game (before and after)? I didn’t see it. I don’t even have to ask about Mark May obviously…

  17. If Joey wants to be negative he can, no big deal. I actually thought ND would lose big due to the injuries. However, I do think ND is headed in the right direction. Brian Kelly and Jim Harbaugh were the two guys who made sense. We got Kelly. Let him do his thing. We knew there would be bumps. But lets be honest, no start QB, RB, TE, WR, WR, NT, ILB and we still beat the #15 team????? Celebrate is Joey D and SteelFanRob. Grab the Irish lass around the waist and give her a kiss. Cmon Joey, take off the StarTrek ears and kiss the lass.

    1. I don’t mean any disrespect, but when you tell SFR and joeyD to celebrate, who do you think isn’t celebrating.

      I think we all are celebrating. It was really a breath of fresh air!

  18. joey d,

    I love it how people always boast when a prediction is proved right but never man up and face the music when their predictions are wrong. (How many times have I heard on this board that ND would soundly beat somebody only to then hear nothing back from the predictors or excuses after the Irish lose?!) You’re getting bashed for not being right on this call. OK. You were going by logic. I was going by my gut when I said ND had a chance to not only win this game against Utah but the rest of its games and the bowl game. I’m glad we beat Utah but I won’t insult you for seeing it the other way. Besides I’m sure you’re happy about ND winning and having to eat crow now. I’d be. Keep posting joey d.

    1. Right on target SFR. I was shocked by the win on Saturday and enjoyed every minute of myself being wrong. Does it make me a naysayer and negative to have thought we would lose 2 or 3 of our last games? I don’t think so. This ND team seems to be really unpredictable right now. Who knows what will happen over the next couple weeks?!

      BTW- I think it’s very cool that we have a Montana and a Collinsworth on our team.

      1. Count me in the group that was ecstatically wrong. i went in just hoping we played with heart, character and kept it reasonable. I sat in shock when the heart was revealed to be huge, the character a killer and keeping it close became keeping a team that averages 40 a game off the board. Damn. GO IRISH!

    2. Of course I’m happy about the win. I’m laughing my ass off though reading some of the stuff that is being written. This suddenly sounds like a Chicago Cubs board. One win, and the problems are solved. The team played great, but does anyone remember that Kelly went for it on 4th down in the first quarter and got stuffed. That led to a field goal. Luckily, Reese played extremely well and saved Kelly’s ass. The defense did well, but that Utah offense was terrible!!

    1. You can turn a small speed boat on a dime. However the bigger ships (aka ND) requires a slower turn-around process. Not overly complicated Lep. This program has been doing the basics wrong for over 15 years, it will take time to turn it around. If people thought that was happening in a few months, they were wishful thinkers. My point was let him turn this big ship (aka ND) slowly (get the right recruits, coaches, training, etc.) and each year we will see progress. My point was a small college might see a quick turn around due to teaching correct techniques. At ND you will not see that due to high level of competition, and grand stage of top level NCAA football. Hence, the ship reference. No mushrooms, just an occasional Guinness.

  19. The rumor is “Big Daddy” is actually Coach Kelly himself. Tis true, tis true.

    Actually I know Big Daddy, and the SOB was calling upset all week. I think guys like Joey D need to see the big picture (maybe kissing a girl for the 1st time would help as well). This year was about heading in the right direction. We wanted to see momentum like Holtz had in year one. Injuries, and the deaths of Matt James and Declan Sullivan knocked this season for a serious loop. However, if ND can beat Army and then go out to USC and give them a game, I think fans would feel Brian Kelly has this Battleship turning to open waters, we missing the rocks and now are full speed ahead. You do not turn a Battleship on a dime. Hopefully my ship analysis makes sense. I think the more we see of Kelly’s guys (Shembo, Collinsworth, B.Jackson) the better this team gets.

    1. Thunder, you’re a little too preoccupied with my personal life!

      The big picture is this:
      Mediocre football for the majority of the season
      Football coaches that are making horrible football decisions, costing players victories (Mich. St and Tulsa)

  20. forgive the error ( the Utes weren’t that good to begin with –not being)
    too much on my mind–a relative of mine has surgery in the morning
    –everybody say a prayer please—

    Again, Irish rocked!
    Confidence, everything.
    They were the better team by far.
    for the seniors-
    for the fans,
    for the seniors in the stands
    and it won’t go in the books with Syracuse, U. Conn, tulsa , Navy losses as of late.
    Utah is better than all of those—
    Congrats Irish–
    Keep it going!

  21. Notre Dame our Mother–
    Ah yes, it feels great.
    Question out there for those more in the know than myself.
    A 6-6 ND team will probably go to a bowl, right?
    Our fan base travels well and the bottom line is money there, right?
    So–WHAT bowl?
    Motor City? I’m serious and just asking.
    Music City a la Nashville? ( do they still have that?)
    Liberty Bowl? ( or is that set up for Commander in Chief Trophy winner?)
    Too many bowls and changes and all.
    IF ND is 7-5 ( beating SC and Army -keeping it one game at a time)
    what would the projection be?
    A relative of mine said ND would be better to go 6-6 and go to a lesser bowl-and TAKE the bowl and beat the s**t out of somebody and keep momentum for next year. ( his assumption thinking we could not beat USC because if we did, we would go to a higher bowl at 7-5 and get thumped on by somebody in the ACC we couldn’t compete with or an SEC lower tiered team. His idea was to play a lesser team because a W is better than a L -and screw moral victories.) Mind you, this is a thought -not of mine–but I’m posting it and just asking. Anyone??? Army is winning. Yankee Stadium-Prime Time-the there is SC also Prime Time ( assuming) This could be good recruiting if the Irish play as well as they did against Utah. ( BTW, there are locals here in Columbus,OHio where I live who are now saying well ” the Utes weren’t that good to being with!” ” They just got exposed.” Last time I looked the BETTER team exposes another ( sort of like when the Columbus, Ohio team from Tinker Toy Tech on High Street in Scarlet and Gray gets exposed by SEC teams annually or close to that.
    Insight from anybody would be great. STEEL FAN? What do you think?
    ( I had this as a loss for sure way back-love to be wrong-)
    Way to Go Irish!
    WIN ONE( or two) MORE!
    BEAT ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Just had a chance to watch the game a few minutes ago. Can someone tell me what on earth changed in the Coaching, Game Plan, Heart, Conviction….

    I’m stunned at what I just watched.

    1st & foremost Kelly called a GREAT game. I almost hope that Reese doesn’t “come along” too quick. I’d love to continue to see a “ground game”. I’m a little confused why Jonas isn’t used more… C.W. looks good but appears to still be impatient.

    Reese managed the game very well. He’s accurate and seems to have understood the game plan well. My only criticisms is that he doesn’t have a very big arm at all…no velocity.

    Good LORD did the Defense play a GREAT game! This was the first game in a very LONG time that I was excited to watch the D. Diaco called a great game and the D played VERY well in all 3 areas of Defense. Oh, and the big plays out of this d was fantastic… INT’s, 4th down Stands! WHAT? lol..

    Man, they looked good! Played like a team and fed off each others success! Just AWESOME!

    Is this the beginning? Is this what we have to look forward to?

    I realize that the Utes are not a powerhouse… but someone thought they should still be ranked #14 in the country. This is a great win for us!

  23. No need to apologize for beating a ranked Utah squad. The pundits like Herbstreit would like for us to believe that Utah stinks all of a sudden (even though Herby predicted Utah would beat ND easy!). Is Utah the best team in college football? No. But it was a top 5 team just 2 weeks ago. It was a top 20 team this Sat. when ND beat the Utes. That’s the bottom line.

    Like I said a few a weeks ago and was called crazy by some here, this season is salvageable at 7-5 and a bowl win. (Before the season i predicted ND would be 8-4; 7-5 factoring in all the injuries is OK, esp. in light of being 4-5.) I said ND could beat Utah and Army, leaving the USC game as the real lone upset (in hindsight) in the scenario. fI ND wins its last 3 regular season games then I think it will beat whatever 7-5 or 6-6 team it faces in a bowl.

    But no need to get ahead of ourselves. One game at a time. First beat Army and get bowl eligible. But beating Army won’t be easy if ND doesn’t improve its play against the option. Play sound football. Attack the option. (Dr. Lou — who knows something about playing the option — notes that you don’t defend the option; you attack it!)

    Great win! The Irish were sound in all 3 phases all game long for the first time in a long time. Keep it up!

    1. I hope they keep playing the D they did against Utah, that is the attacking defense you need to beat an option team.Utah used a lot of misdirection but as long as you play down hill and gap disciplined you will be tough, the same can be said about defending the option.I hope ND comes out to prove it wasn’t a one game fluke and that they can defend the option.


      As for ND, I was hoping we would NOT lose 77-10.
      Ironically, it turns out Utah was outscored 75-10 in the past two weeks. ( no I’m not a psychic-but If I could harness mental numbers on the board and yards bit by bit on the field, via telepathy, I would for ND!)
      Yes- Utah was #5 two weeks ago.Notre Dame won out on all phases of the game. Utah drained? Yes. However, that is WHY we play the game.
      Notre Dame needed this win.
      I’m MORE than glad to be wrong with my predictions anyday on this.
      Rees was hot. Go Irish!
      I sat there stunned the whole game.
      I’d rather have an angry fan yelling than a loss any day!
      WE ARE –ND!!
      ( now go kick some triple option butt against Army!)

    3. Agreed. First, beat Army. Period. I’ve seen arrogance. I’ve seen people — players and fans — think they don’t have to work hard to beat what they believe are inferior teams. I’ve seen it and I don’t want to see it next weekend.

      Go out and beat Army. Get bowl eligible and close it out in Southern California against a beatable USC squad.

      Overall, though, it was an exciting W — against a decent team.


  25. To me it seemed for really the first time that the players were just playing without having to think, as if they now know the system and are confident enough to just play and react rather than think and hesitate. We looked fast and athletic on defense and the running game (hello, Jonas Gray) looked strong, just how it’s supposed to be. I don’t want to hear how Utah is overrated, for those of us who watch ND every week we can see that they played differently this game and if they can consistentl play this way, things are definitely looking up.

    1. This is the best the defense has looked in a long time.Very good game plan by Diaco, the kids played fast and down hill, maintained there zones, and had outside contain.It was nice to watch this team on Saturday.The whole time I was waiting for it all to collapse, but it didn’t.Congrats to the whole team on a great victory.GO IRISH!!!

  26. GET SOME!!!! F*$% YEA!!!!

    D pitched a complete shut-out were it not for kelly going for it, when was the last time we shut someone out?

    No turnovers.

    Great special teams.

    Tommy dropping dimes.

    Just one more win then we are bowl bound bit*$es!!!!

  27. How about those wild bill board signs on the side lines for Tommy? Look liked they worked. Double mint gum?? Coach Kelly’s Picture?? WOW!

  28. Big Daddy called it despite all the doubters!!!! And there were many last week. Great call!!! I did not see it coming that big!!! Look out Army!!!! look out Trojan cheaters!!

  29. Just got back home from the game. Seems like a different crowd showed up for it as well. Lots of noise and excitement. I was watching from the end zone and was watching our defense alignment before each play and we were in good position on just about every snap. Also very glad to see Harrison Smith rip one down and the passes to Duval in the end zone were fantastic. Great senior day for both of those guys.

  30. Agreed Teo. Utah is clearly not deserving of their 14 ranking, probably by a long shot. But either way, with the amount of setbacks and injuries, “culture of losing” that’s been going on for years, and the tragedy of Declan’s death, this was just a breath of fresh air.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I would have given us a 1/9 chance of beating Utah, all those things considered. But it just goes to show you I guess. Really a nice day, even if it was a baby steps. That’s what this program needs- baby steps in the right direction.

    1. Grear victory for the Irish and much needed for the players and the coaching staff.I don’t care if people think Utah is over rated or not this is a win that gives the players confidence in Kelly as a coach and believe in his program.Kelley had a good game plan for this game and exept for going for it on 4th and 3 it was a good coaching job, he managed the game for Rees and made it a lot easier on him. A lot more power formations out of I and the spread this shows me that Kelly can adapt to his players.I personally like it when teams use different formations, I like the spread but sometimes you just have to run the ball.Oklahoma is a great example mostly a spread but uses pro formations for running and get more man coverage.I saw this team play with heart on every play not just 3 qtrs or on certain drives.Go Irish! beat Army!

  31. This was an AWESOME WIN!! Very happy for the seniors … they have been through alot the past few years. Now if they can take this momentum and win just one more game they can get a much needed bowl bid + much needed extra practice weeks. Loved seeing Harrison have a great game (Go Knoxville Catholic High)

    Cheer Cheer…..

  32. Enjoy that win! Really, it was so nice to be at church (I went on Saturday night) and to see folks stroll in late with their big smiles and Irish sweatshirts. It was the first real upset in a long time.

    Last week everyone was in the dumps following the Tulsa dismissal. This week there is a sense of hope. Granted, it is not exactly glaring — it’s Utah which we beat — but it feels great to see genuine improvement. The Utes couldn’t move the ball. They couldn’t throw too well. They couldn’t run at all. It’s nice to see.

    On offense, we looked better than we have, frankly, all year. The short passes and the unpredictability really helped. Sure, there were times when I thought we could have done some things better but on the whole, we looked great. Nice win. Enjoy it, Irish! And get ready to knock off Army and knock out Southern Cal.

  33. I was particularly impressed by the calm demeanor and poise of 18 year-old Rees. He was similar during the Tulsa game- very impressive in my book. Teo’s pursuit was excellent.

    Where did Duval Kumara come from? Got to reel in two perfect throws for TDs. Special teams were excellent.

    Really an all-around TEAM win that they should enjoy bigtime tonight. I am still flabbergasted that Utah scored only 3 points…

    We all know that this program has several metric tons of work to do, but this was fun to see and a bit cathartic…

  34. Nice to see the seniors (players and non-players), who have gone through so much losing, to get a big one and break a horrible streak.

    I wouldn’t have predicted that score in a million years.(Did anyone?)

    Great job Irish…

  35. Team Speed

    Brian Smith looked like a football player again at the inside position and made plays that Carlo wasn’t making.. Added to team speed

    Shembo provided atleast some pass rush…Team Speed Increase

    Why not counter with flemming opposite Shembo on pass downs.Increase team speed even more…

    3rd and 10 Defense

    Shembo/ FLemming as de’s
    Kap/ and Ethan at dt’s
    Teo/smith LB’s
    gray/walls/blanton/Smith/Motta at DB’s all to increase team speed.

    U could even pull smith and add slaughter to the secondary which would add even more speed.

    Special teams played Awesome

    Defense was Awesome

    Offense did what it had to do.
    Reese did a nice job with the placement of the ball to get in the endzone…He manage the game very well and played very conservative.

    The running game was at its best, which made Reese job easier and helps when you want to close out a game.. Cierre had one or two nice runs but he is still is struggling. It was nice to see Jonas but I guess he pissed of kelly b/c after the first positive offense all game which led to an easier score he was bench.

    Floyd was used enough. I wanted to see more toma after last week..

    Reese did great for a frosh but We really miss Crist…


  36. Hey Erik,

    Kudos, I agree!

    Stuff that you bunch of negative realistic nut jobs and naysayers and turn coats!!!!!!!!!!! Go……………………………………Irish!!!

    Beat Army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. First of all Iam one of the biggest fans out there. I would of sold my soul to the devil, to play at Notre Dame. Todays game represents what Notre Dame is. I have read so many negative blogs, calling for Kelly’s head, and so forth. This is his 1st year so many injuries, a death, and pressure brought among people that really dont know the game. I hope all haters will be silenced today. We have the coach of the future it will take time but this a step…. I LOVE ND

    GO IRISH!!!!!

  38. There is a pulse! Where there’s a pulse there is a heartbeat. With a heartbeat there’s hope. Congratulations Irish and Brian Kelley on a fine win against a decent opponent. You certainly earned and deserved it!

  39. Who are these guys out there in the Blue jerseys and what have they done with our players?!

    GO IRISH- bring this big upset home for the seniors!

      1. that may have been a let down after a big win against one of thier biggest rivals.They did drop 76 the next week.Navy is a good team. I think Nd can win this week but it will be tough and they will have to play perfect.

      2. 76 against East Carolina..which happened to open their season with a win over TULSA

        When is the last PERFECT game that ND played? Why does ND need to be perfect to win a football game???

      1. I wonder what you would have posted on here if the score was reveresed. Would ‘big daddy’ been living in a fantasy land instead of me??

        I was basing my post on facts and trends from the previous eight games.

        By the way, why am I living in a fantasy land?

      2. joey d-
        You’re not living in fantasy land. About .05% of the developed world bet on ND to win that game, let alone a blowout win!

        It was a great call by Big Daddy. As Obi Wan said, “Your instincts serve you well.”

        This was a great win for the boys and let’s enjoy it.

        IMHO, no need for infighting about who thought we would lose. I most certainly thought we would lose, all the while hoping for a win. I was wrong- who cares?

        It’s not like joey d is in some kind of defeatist minority. He was basing his prediction on pretty rock solid evidence afterall…just sayin’…

      3. JOEY_
        The last “perfect” game ND played was in the Bob Davie
        era ( gag) —-against LSU–the Irish played their game of the season ( I think this was in 97) ND won 24-6 NO PENALTIES–ND had a rematch with LSU-(I think in the same stadium at a lesser bowl Indpendence and lost 27-9)
        Don’t know all the facts joey d. jsut know that particular game was PERFECT–
        then there is the win over florida state in 93 and the win over the cocaines in 88 and the comeback against Mich. 28-24 in 90 ( while I sat in a sea of Mich. fans who were rude and drunk at ND)
        but PERFECT as in no penalites -yep ND 24- LSU 6

    1. Give the guy a break. I am not saying that this is an easy victory. However, I think that ND has a chance. Otherwise, why be a ND fan. There is too much negative talk in this world. Why rip Big Daddy if he goes in hoping ND has a chance at a victory?

    2. Hey Darnyouguys! I would personally like to by you a bottle of Whiskey and one of my favorite DVD’s. A little movie called Rudy!!! Go Irish!!!!

  40. Guys:
    Call me crazy but I am feeling an upset tomorrow. Just a gut feeling but a good one. I see Tommy Gun having a big game with 2 weeks to prepare. Mr Floyd looks to have a big day.

    1. I think you meant to say “I ready to get upset watching bad play calling and bone-head decisions tomorrow” Utah might score 8 touchdowns against this Diaco defense.

      1. JoeyD:
        What do you think of Diaco’s defense now? I think the only bonehead decision was betting against ND. ND Nation will accept your apology at any time.

    1. I hope so if not then go with what the packers have.It’s 97% natural grass with artificial sewn in, it last the cold weather and looks great.

    1. Amen Chris,

      Also pray there will be no more injuries. Seems like way to many head shots and personal fouls across the board this year.

  41. Just read that TJ Jones is out this weekend never seen a ND team with this many injuries in a season hope to see Toma start in his place alongside Floyd & Goodman I think this is the weekend we see the other 3 Fr wrs play in Jackson, Collinsworth & Smith they have all played well on special teams at times esp Jackson dont know what is going to happen this weekend just hope they come out and compete and play with some FIRE!!!!!! better late then ever what ever happend to Kamara ?????? Deion Walker ?????? come on boys one time BEAT UTAH were sooooooooo doooooooo!!!!!!!!! just dont know if this team is the one to do it GO IRISH!!!!!!

  42. Kelly won at Cincy because he understands a good redshirt program builds the foundation for success. An outstanding redshirt program takes time especially when factoring in injuries and other issues. One must realize this team only has 9 games of experience under Kelly’s system , it will take time for all players to develope in his system regardless of past training. Kelly is human and makes mistakes, but clearly, he is definately a proven winner and he deserves our support and the proper time to build a winning program. Now, if he came in with all starting seniors and 5th years that would be different. However, experience is key in any new system to produce acceptable execution for an opportunity to win.

    Most systems promote this expectation: “Where average people can achieve higher than average results.”

    No one gets to start at the top, you earn it.


      1. Not really happy Dayne got hurt. Having said that, I am looking forward to seeing how Tommy plays against a ranked team.

  43. Lookin forward to this weeks game! I’m hoping we will be seeing an effort from our Irish that took Ol’ Sparty to the final seconds and not so much of the team that showed up for Stanford and NAVY.

    Good day all,

    Go Irish

  44. Until we learn or don’t have to play real freshman, we are never going to be in a position like the elite teams who just reload with seniors and fifth years seniors every year.

    The top 5 teams every year just reload with seniors and up at most of positions to win a title. When you start 6 or more freshman and sophmores it is likely you won’t make it to the title game.

  45. I am a believer that ND had enough talent to win this yr. I believe we should have, could have won the Michigan and the number 12 team in the Nation being Michigan state. two tell you the truth If two guys didn’t fall down on the fake 47 yrd field goal attempt we would have won…

    I would then read arguments that NAVY and Tulsa have better talent then us and that is why we lost those games but we were talented enough to beat Michigan and Michigan state.

    College football is at a wierd state right now where teams like Boise, TCU, and Utah, and Oregon are the top teams… It doesn’t make sense to me and I believe this yr is more of a fluke yr then yrs to come….

  46. Several people have been comparing this team to Lou’s first team. I think it makes more sense to compare this team to Weis’s team that went 3-9. Both were starting inexperienced quarterbacks, had several young players in importanat skill positions, and were breaking in a new defensive coordinator. Also, it’s easier to compare teams in the same era.

    The problem with Weis’s team is that while the offense improved each of the next 2 years, the defense was always a work in progress because of the lack of stability on the defensive coaching staff. I mentioned in an earlier post that TCU, which might be the best defense in college football has only lost 3 coaches in 10 years. ND has been changing their scheme every year for the past 4 years. There is all this talk about how slow ND is on the defensive side of the ball, well confusion makes players slow. When you are thinking instead of reacting, you are going to lose a step. ND needs to commit to system so they can react instead of think.

    Another similarity with the 2007 team is that a lot of players that are playing right now have not hit their physical peak yet. Cierre, TJ, Tommy Rees, and others are not as strong as they need to be. This comes in time and another off-season of Longo’s workouts should pay huge dividends.

    So it comes down to Kelly and his ability to develop players. I know he will get the offense humming because we have seen flashes of it this year. The question is whether or not the defense will continue to improve. As much as I want to say the defense has been bad, they have improved. However, would the defense be getting as much heat if the offense was hitting on all cylindars?

    Weis went 3-9 and then improved to 7-6 and then 6-6. I for one do not think Kelly will do the same. I can see 8 or 9 win seasons coming over the next few years. Will this team compete for a NC, I don’t know. But I do think ND is heading back to the Top 25 very soon because I beleive Kelly’s plan has more promise than Weis’s.

    Hopefully, a win on Saturday will accelerate the process.

    1. Weis’ plan was to win; he did not get the defensive players to do that. Kelly’s plan is to win; so far, he has failed. Let’s hope he gets the defensive players to win. I do not have the stats…I’m guessing our defense has played many more minutes than our opponents. Hasn’t this trend followed Kelly’s career? His coaching mantra puts a lot of pressure on the defense.

      1. as per coach kelly he doesn’t see the value in time of possession. his goal is to score as often and as fast as possible….

        He is not of the school of defense win championships…

        to me he is in the school that qb’s lose football games.

    2. Cav – enlighten me. Show me one reason to believe Kelly knows what he’s doing better than Weis? Please anything? I begging you from the ledge.

  47. Power run the ball,

    I disagree with you on overall speed. I would like to take to a play in the 1st game which shows the problem with the ND defense. Robert Marve’s touchdown run. If you watch that play Brian Smith bites to the inside. He is the only player responsible for stopping Marve and does not complete his responsibility. If you watch the plays that Denard and MSU backs get loose it is the defense not paying attention to their gap responisibility. Players like Brian Smith were told under the previous coaching staff to attack the ball. This defense is differnt, you are required to have gap responsibility. Also, in this defense the corners are also responsible to come up and make tackles. They are not completing their assignments, it has nothing to do with speed it has to do with what is you assignment and execute it. They don’t execute for an entire game on both sides of the ball. When they are able to execute on both sides of the ball their assignments they will play better football and win.

    1. Jack I agree with u…. I believe that the players are not executing their assignment or they are not being coached on their assignment well enough.. Of course I would like ND to have more team speed but that is not why they are losing the games they are losing.. In addition ND doesn’t play their speed guys on downs when they can get faster guys on the field to provide more of a rush….

      How does Brian Smith miss that assignment on Marve?

      That can’t Happen..
      Teo repeatedly takes on blocks with the incorrect shoulder blocking calabrese from the hole…. How does that Happen???

      Also Neal/ flemming/ smith continually blitz off the outside and lose contain….
      How does that happen????

      But this week Jonas 150 plus 2 td’s and we upset Utah…

      1. The problem is that players on certain plays revert back to old habits. It is hard for these players to change. They play correctly on 70% of the plays, but that other 30% is the inconsistancy. It is going to take time to break old habits. Brian Smith has always been a player that doesn’t play disciplined.

  48. Just ask why?

    why did we lose to Michigan, Michigan state, standford, Navy, and Tulsa…

    Do you really blame it all on the Speed of our three D-linemen? in my opinion only one of those teams were faster then us on offense.

    And on Denards 80 yrd td at the end of the half it was my soph Teo who got blocked 15 yrds back and took out harrison smith which eguals 80 yrd td for denard who was untouched on the play….Even cierre could of took that one to the house….

    1. Yes. I really blame a lot of the losses on a lack of team speed (on offense and on defense). When I see better teams, I see speed. There is no question about it. Stanford has much better speed than we have. So do many of the teams in the SEC and Big Ten.

      Some of it is formation and getting sucked into the middle. A lot more of it is just not having enough speed in the first place. And this goes to recruiting. We’re getting some kids — but definitely not enough fast kids.

  49. Our program was already run into the ground, we didn’t need I personally don’t think Colorado is a great job, they had a lot of success in the 90’s (with the help of a 5th down :). Then they had a little success with Barnett and we all know what happened with him. It’s a beautifull campus but hard to recruit most kids to a mountain, I don’t mind Colorado I just think its a tougher job then most people realize.The Pac-10 made a mistake getting them in my opinion.
    Sorrry this isn’t ND I like to talk football of any kind, just mostly ND.

    1. i disagree. i think the move is good for both the pac 10 and colorado. colorado recruits well in california and playing california teams more often should give them more exposure…coloraodo plays cal, ucla and usc pretty consistently anyway.

      boulder is beautiful, it is a college town, cu is considered a party school yet still has competitive academics (law school ranked in top 30), and with 26,000+ undergrads it has a lot to offer.

      i think the recruiting scandal under barnett tarnished the program, but with a new coach, 6 years since the scandal, and more california exposure, cu could be successful again.

  50. i know we have had some bad hires since lou, but at least we didn’t hire hawkins and let him drive the program into the ground with a 19-39 record in just under 5 years! not to mention that his son started at qb for most of the tenure…cody wouldn’t start at most 5-A highschools in Colorado, let alone at a division 1 program…the navy blow-out pales in comparison to the kansas loss last weekend.

    sorry for the colorado rant, but it put things into perspective for me.

  51. The fundementals as a whole have been a lot better, I still see OLBs not containing the outside and getting sucked in to much. I believe the coaching staff is trying to correct this but when you have players who have played undisciplined for 3-4 years its hard to break these habits.The OLBs and DEs need to set the edge so the runner has to bounce it back inside towards the majority of out defense, the inside defenders need to stay disciplined and not over pursue.I see improvment but its not there yet.I think the freshman and sophmores on the team will be much more disciplined in how they play, the coaching staff really stresses discipline.

  52. Teo,

    I like your response. I have seen improvement in the defense over last year. I think the issue on defense in the defensive line. Weis did not recruit the defensive line well at all. We have players on the field way to long. This defense is vulnerable to the spread run play which is based on speed. The defense allows to many teams to get to the corner and that shows a lack of speed at the OLB position. Plus the D-line needs to take up more blockers and stand o-lineman up at the line of scrimmage. I also think that Manti with experience will become a dominant ILB and take care of cutting that spread play off in the backfield. If you look at the class that Kelly is putting together it is a lot of speed at the OLB and DE position. Also the only teams to score over 30 on the defense was Standford,MSU and Navy. Tulsa’s 28 points does not reflect on the defense, 17 of those points came off of a pick six, punt return and blocked extra point. I am counting the extra point that ND lost. All in all I have seen improvement in the defense. The games when they kept opponents under 24 they won.

    1. I think you’re right about Manti but the problem is that no onecan get to the corner. We just cannot keep up with a lot of teams.

      I’ve seen some fundamental improvements — we tackle better, for example — but we are really not very quick. And a running back who can get to the corner or a short passing game using the sidelines will tear us up all day. I have no idea whether Utah will do this but Southern Cal will, unless we do something drastic.

  53. Jack and Senior

    I think you’re both actually right. That is, we can bring in good talent whom have exceptional minds and who fit our system of playing football.

    The problem is this: It is necessary to run a defensive scheme that works. I don’t care about the 4-3 or the 3-4. I just think that our defense has been awful for the last decade and a half. No kidding. Awful. And, as long as it stays bad, we will lose games running the football, running the spread, running the option, running whatever offensive scheme we can concoct. There is no way you can give up 28 points to Tulsa, 35 to Navy, 30 to everyone else and win games.

    We have to be able to stop people. We tackle better, at times, than we used to. But, we still are so vulnerable to the outside, as we’re still so slow. That has to drastically change.

  54. Senior,

    I disagree with your analysis. I feel the successful formula as shown by TCU and Boise State is that you have a system in place that works. You recruit players that fit your system. You don’t deviate from that system. The offense at ND when healthy is fine. The passing spread offense is different, but the personnell fits the system. Defense is a problem. ND has changed defensive philosophies a number of times under 5 different head coaches. They need to give Kelly a chance to recruit talent and change the mindset at ND. They also need to allow a borderline player or two to enter the program and give them a chance to get a quality education. As long as the graduation rate stays over 90% I think it is a successful program. Once ND stays with a philosophy and recruits the right athelete for their system and execute that system they will win games.

    1. Jack,

      TCU and BSU are not exactly the most difficult schools to gain admission, bare bones NCAA standards is fine for them, thus they do not have an extenuating extra variable. They did not start off by getting the best talent in the nation, they got great coaches with sound football philosophies and built. As the team became successful, better talent wanted to play for the school and the teams got even better. We both agree that BK can and will put the program on the right path and we also agree he needs time. I also agree with you that the defense is the 800 pound gorilla in the back of the room. However, recruiting the base level talent on defense for his type of system is a huge challenge when considering the admissions issue. That makes coaching the single most important variable. I also think allowing no more than two recruits per class in at less than university admissions standards would greatly improve the team and keep graduation rates high. I am not willing to sacrifice the admissions standards for a better football team. If I wanted to cheer for a bunch of illiterate thugs with winning programs I’d focus my attention to a school in the SEC.

  55. My two cents! The football program will be fine under BK, just not this year or the next, or the next but in 2013 we should be pretty good. That means we will win the games we are supposed to win and pull some upsets.

    We spend tremendous time and effort attempting to recruit the best talent in the nation. We subscribe to the old formula:
    Overwhelming Talent + Good Coaching = Success and National Titles. Success breeds overwhelming talent wanting to play for a school and so the cycle repeats.

    This worked for ND in the past, however, since the 1994 scholarship limit of 85 per team the Irish have not been the same. Prior to 1994, ND used to bring in bus loads of talented athletes with exceptional intellect and the coaches had the pick of the litter. Lou left because he saw the writing on the wall plain as day. The old formula simply would not work anymore because he could not bring in enough talent with the intellect required by ND admissions. The old formula may still work for schools in some conferences since recruits with overwhelming talent are not required to have exceptional minds, just bare bones NCAA requirements. Stanford is having success using a different formula, the same formula that we should adopt since they share high admissions standards with ND. It is similar to the old formula but it will take time to return our program to the top.

    Good Talent (with desire to get better) + Exceptional Intellect (to clear ND admissions) + Outstanding Coaching = Success and National Titles. Success breeds overwhelming talent with exceptional intellect wanting to play for a school and so a dynasty is born.

    We haven’t sniffed a National Title since the 1994 rule change so we need to start with the most crucial and selectable variable in the formula, the coach. We have the right guy, he needs time for the formula to work. The talent with intellect part is a challenge and we will not always get the best athletes which makes the coaching all that much more important.

  56. the only thing i have to say is that if damn george o’leary didn’t lie no of this would matter. He is defensive genius who took over a 0-11 UCF program that is now 7-2 and ranked 24 in the country. He was what ND needed and would still probably be the coach there today. UCF has the 18th best offense and 15th best defense in the country.
    if only

  57. we should join a conference (i.e. the big ten)

    administration holding back recruiting is a myth. we are not very deep but that is not the administrations fault.

    it’s funny how the same arguments consistently pop up on this board and others regarding nd.

    once kelly wins 10 games next year maybe these arguments can be put away and we can talk about football and not politics.

    1. Joining a conference would not increase recruiting. How joining the Big Ten makes Notre Dame able to recruit better? Will it unable ND to get players from Florida, California or Texas joining the Big Ten, NO. The only football hot bed for talent in Big Ten Country is Ohio and that is locked up by Tressel.

      1. i never said that joining the big ten would help recruiting. i don’t think it would hurt recruiting either.

        i just think it is a good idea. it would be nice to be able to win something as a sign of improvement, like a division or the conference title. Once we have a couple losses the only thing we have to play for is a slightly better bowl game. it just doesn’t make sense…

        there are other perks to conference play:

        no longer have to play the academies

        no longer have to worry about which refs are calling the game

        we can get away with an easier schedule without being labeled as playing crap schools

        with the addition of nebraska and missouri, the big 10 will carry clout that only the SEC and PAC 10 can match. might as well get in now before it is too late.

        it just makes sense! just because we join a conference doesn’t mean we have to get rid of USC, if you haven’t noticed, USC is part of a conference and it doesn’t stop them from playing us. who else do we play that adds to our national appeal? most of our games are regional anyway with the exception of one or two a year. we will still be able to schedule a usc, miami, texas every year as part of our non-conference.

  58. Yeah agreed, good weekend – no disappointments! Enjoyed watching the Oregon game and hope Kelly did as well. Isn’t that the offense he promised us? They do it well, really well.

  59. I agree I also think in the past out D-coordinators have gone to complex in the scheme especially in the first and second year.A good coash takes complicated schemes and simplifies them for the players,let the kids play down hill and make plays if they are out there thinking you can’t react as fast.This whole concept of winning right away in today’s college landscape is just unreasonible, the freshman and sophmores are the ones to expect things from, they are going to be in the strength program, spring ball, summer camp, Kelly demands a lot from his kids eventually it will catch on but that takes time.”Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it took a night to burn it down” that is how I view the program, now is the time to build it back!

  60. Cav,

    Amen. ND has had 4 different coordinators in 6yrs. They have had gone from a 4-3 to a 3-4 back to a 4-3 and now a different type of 3-4. Wow it seems confusing, no wonder the defense is having trouble.

  61. TCU just shut down Utah and held them under 200 yards in total offense. Many are saying TCU is the best defense in football and their performance did nothing to change that perception. However, it was a comment Gary Patterson made in an interview that caught my attention.

    When asked about his dominant defense, he said they have only lost 3 staff in the last 10 years and that they have been preaching the same message for years.

    How many times have the ND defense changed over the last 10 years? This is all the more reason to give Kelly and his staff a chance. This team needs to get their defense an identity and then stick with it for awhile.

    After watching Utah yesterday, a win on Saturday seems somewhat possible.

  62. cav,

    Reading your comment makes me feel more optimistic. I do hope Coach Kelly takes a step back and makes some good decisions. I just can’t get out of my head that he is a former politician and knows how to sound Obamaish if you know what I mean.

    As for the rest i quess we agree to disagree.

    Lets Beat UTAH/ Army/ and USC and finish up 7 and 5 and say with all these injuries ND coaches and players step up and won some games after a very disappointed start and catapult us into a decent recruiting yr and to next season…

    Pound the Rock- Jonas 20 carries a games 120 yrds plus w/ multiple td a game. Can’t stop a beast of a runner. and all of our O-LINE problems will starting to look up

  63. Lucky Lep,

    After watching Utah get crushed today I think ND can beat them and beat Army. The problem will be USC. We need a QB that can run the ball in this offense. If you can’t run it takes an option away. Also from what I have seen in college football I don’t think ND is that far away from being an good football team. I will give Kelly some time and even if the team goes 0-3 in the last three games he has dealt with adversity this year and we will see how he rebounds. I agree with Cav that the early wins from Willingham and Weis didn’t help the program.

  64. You may all laugh but I still say that ND goes 2 and 1 the rest of the season. Getting Riddick back is the key. If that kid is back in the lineup, other teams simply can not cover TJ, Riddick, Tyler and Floyd. He is what has been missing from the offense making them less dangerous.

    It was interesting to read recently that Nix has been very impressive in practice making the transition from Ian so much easier.

  65. In his press conference on Thursday, Kelly said they were going to review everything to see what kind of changes need to be made.

    I for one think that this season will make Kelly a better coach. He came in on his high horse and he has been knocked off, especially with the tragic accident. I think he realizes that this job is a little harder than he anticipated, but it is not an impossible job. He still has a lot of good recruits lined up and he has a lot of younger players that are being forced to play. While it makes this season frustrating, it will accelerate the learning process.

    In most programs, a new coach comes in because the program is unsuccessful. It usually takes a couple of years before a corner is turned. Willingham and Weis were exceptions to the rule and I think it hurt the progam. When there is early success, kids are not as hungry and do not learn how to overcome adversity. This team is definately learning how to overcome adversity. They are learning to rely on one another and they are learning mental toughness.

    If the Irish can somehow find a way to beat Utah, I think a corner will be turned. This team just needs a break to get over the hump. Underdogs win in college football every week. One of these days it will be Notre Dames turn.

    Hopefully it will be next Saturday.

  66. Lucky Lep:

    First of all, It is strange on a Saturday to not have a game.
    Very strange. I don’t think I will watch any games today.
    We do need the bye. ( whew)

    As for your optimism, I hope you are right. I really do.
    I’m still shaking my head at so much. -4 yards running against Western Mich in first half? ( I think i’m correct there)
    Navy and Stanford pulverized us.
    We DID outplay Mich. St ( IMO) and they got a lucky play which ESPN loves to show on every break. (gag)
    ESPN ( was ) hellbent on “bringing Michigan back” and relight the flame between OSU and Mich. ( Their quarterback was the greatest thing since–umm–umm–uumm-) now look at them 5-3 and the ONLY reason they chalked up
    points on ND is due to generous spots from an ND offense whose QB was out with eye problems. ( 21 of their points)
    So it goes-that is sports.
    I’d like to believe you and wish to.
    However, in that last possession against Tulsa something deep down told me that we could blow this and not score a field goal. (I told my lady, something bad is going to happen prior to the possible field goal)
    I didn’t want to be right.I didn’t want to at all.
    But–It happened.
    No excuses there.
    Here we are at the present moment.
    I like your optimism.
    I bleed Blue and Gold and Green.
    I love the place and pride and traditions ( football and otherwise)
    and much of ND is still with me today. ( that may be sentiment -but hey-as a Graduate it is truth.)
    Again, as I have said, Zorich would probably not be admitted in today’s “higher standards” of the University.
    I’ve said that a lot –and Im not alone.
    I want to believe you.
    We shall see.
    I want to believe it.
    I want to absolutley DESTROY opponets ( OK at least BEAT them -not just play with them) in the future. ( the cocaines of coral gables-lower case letters intentional)
    ( the delusional world of ohio state which is near my home in Columbus.)
    ( university of spoiled children usc–for obvious reasons-nice of you to cheat big time Pete Carroll and then bolt-oh yeah that’s a real man for you)
    and repeat a HUGE 54-7 win over Boston College and JUST FOR ONCE
    beat somebody on the last play ruining THIER chance of a NAtional Title Game—some of this
    please on the way back to a “solid program.”

    Is that a tall order?
    I don’t know anymore.
    I just don’t know.
    Lucky-thanks for your optimism.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    irisheye 62

  67. Please give Kelly time and let’s reset expectations. The college football landscape has changed. What ND did 30 and 40 years ago will not happen again for any team. The Yankees UCLA and the Celtics will never re-create what they did in their glory days. It has nothing to do with the right coach or the right players. It has everything to do with the progress that their leagues have made and with the world we live in today. Notre Dame will always be relevant much like UCLA, the Yankees and Celtics are always relevant to their sport. We are just going to have ups and downs. Kelly is a solid coach who will make ND a solid program again. It is impossible to do it in year one. Do not lose sight of the fact that he has implemented a completely different offense and defense. He has also lost his starting QB, RB, WR, TE, Nose Tackle, & ILB. These are losses that no program would survive. Have patience. Kelly is the right guy. Despite the losses and questionable call last weekend, Kelly has done a good job and you can clearly see a impact on the field. Outside of the Navy game, this team has looked a lot better than any team at ND that I have seen since the Holtz era. Even during Willingham and Weis’s winning seasons, you always felt that ND was lucky to get the win. They never seemed to outplay the opponent. Under Kelly, the team clearly outplays the opponent with the exception of Navy and Stanford. Have patience friends. Have patience. Kelly will turn the corner for us.

  68. Charlie Weis got great talent at all the skill positions on offense but for the most part neglected the offensive and defensive line.When you have 5 o-linemen and 3 to 4 d-linemen you can’t just recruit 1 or 2 every year you have to hope those few players develop into great players but you still don’t depth.Kelly seems to have a recruiting plan for the weeknesses of the team.He said he wanted to get more linemen on the offensive and defensive line, more secondary help and a few more skill guys.Yes he made a huge mistake against Tulsa I think he like his players will grow from this season, Kelly is not used to losing he will mork even harder this offseason and look at what else he can do to further develop this football team. I have been a BK supporter since they hired him and still stand behind him, he will learn just like the players on how you need to play at ND.If a few of his iffy calls work he is a genius, when they fail everything gets scrutinized.

  69. ESPN says ND has better players coming out of high school than most other college teams we play against. Then, at Notre Dame we don’t win games….

    Under Charlie Weis, we recruited top talent. We didn’t win (especially after the league caught on to Coach CW’s scheme). And if it weren’t for tremendous plays by Tate, Floyd and Rudolph, last yr’s games wouldn’t have been close….

    The excuse that bothers me on this site is that we don’t get the recruits due to educational standards..I disagree with that statement . I am not saying we get the best and that we can’t get better, but I do believe we get good enough recruits to have 8 PLUS wins a season- meaning 9 and possibly 10 win seasons, which would in turn help our recruiting even more.

    I thought Coach Kelly was going to win NOW.. I believe he has the talent to win NOW…. meaning a 9 win season… Like JDH states above, Coach Kelly will probably adapt b/c he is smart and needs to scout himself.. I do see things he is doing differently then CW as far as letting people play and not having a dog house… I would still love to see Jonas get an opportunity but who knows what that situation is.

    By my tag, u have to understand I am against this offense and I don’t think it is the best system for a dynasty. Especially when talking about the type of player that wants to come to ND. I think Coach Kelly’s spread is HOT and Cold football lacking physical toughness.. EG: Stanford Game

    Coach Kelly is the head coach, so he receives the blame of all mistakes –made by his coaching staff… Michigan state special teams.- tulsa final play–Navy’s lack of a defensive scheme- 3 big eg’s that are in-excusable for Coach Kelly’s resume and for the caliber of coach he is.

    1. Jonas is hurt, do you guys pay any attention,,,,,oh and the last time I checked Florida runs the same offense. They have one just a couple NC in the last 4 years. just saying…

    2. ESPN is wrong. Notre Dame does not get better players coming out of high school than most other college teams we play against.

      While we usually have decent recruiting classes, we don’t have the depth in those classes. That is, we get some very highly touted recruits. But, then the talent falls off.

      And, when someone gets hurt, or some team stops our primary offensive (or defensive) scheme and we have to switch, we’re in trouble.

      Nine-win teams don’t have a ninth grade defense. They don’t have backup quarterbacks who come in and immediately throw interceptions. They don’t give up 35 points to Navy and 28 points to Tulsa.

      I’m as frustrated as anyone. But I look at the team that’s out on the field and I wonder whether we’d win 2 games in a Big Ten or SEC schedule. We don’t have better players than the teams we play.

      1. Teo,

        I disagree to a point. The only problem I see with ND’s recruiting over the past five years has been the front seven on defense. It shows week in and week out that ND has not depth in the front 7 and is slow. They need to recruit speed at these positions. The only problem is that ND has trouble b/c of the requirements at these position, plus with the change in defenses every 2 yrs they have recruited the wrong type of player. I think this will change under Kelly’s watch.

  70. i don’t know why people here keep insisting that notre dame has such good players. these players have a losing record for their college careers. they couldn’t win for charlie weis who may have been a bad coach. now they are losing for coach kelly who has won every place he has coached. if the players are as good as some here say then they should start winning at some point. if the coach puts the player in the right place and he doesn’t make the play that is the players fault. if the player is put in the wrong position that is the coachs fault. i seen more of the former this year than the latter.

    1. T651,

      You are correct. Same players…same positions…same mistakes. It’s all we have. Individually, there is talent; however, the defensive line talent has been so thin that it exposes other shortcomings.

  71. Of’course Nd could get better recruits, but we still get better recruits then Purdue/ Michigan State/ BC/ TULSA/ Western Michigan/ Navy/ Army/ Utah/ and Pittsburg according to ESPN..

    and Equal 2 Michigan and regrettably now stanford…

    and if recruits mean everything then just pick up any old coach and lets play ball….

    If we continue to rank in the top 20/ 25 in the Nation in recruiting with a quality coach we should have some nice 9/10 win season, which this day and age is a big time bowl game…. Alabama the best team in the Nation in my opinion lost this yr but we will see how they end up…. This yr hurt because of all the almost in the beginning of the season and then the terrible losses to NAVY and TULSA= u give me Tulsa and Michigan state now we are talking about a decent yr and a hopefull upset against UTAH…

    I bet coach Kelly is thinking the same thing right now.,


    2007 ND 8 best recruiting class Oregon 23rd/ Mich 10th
    2008 ND 9 ” Oregon not in top 25/ mich 13
    2009 ND 14 Oregon not in Top 25/ Mich 10
    2010 ND 21 Oregon 22 / Mich 14

  72. If the last two weeks have proved anything, it’s that it’s time for ND to wake up and realize it’s time to change. It’s been said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. But that is exactly what ND is doing, they are living in the past and it is hurt the future of this football program. I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought it was time for ND to get into a conference and I just read an article that makes a lot of sense if ND wants to get back with the nation’s elite. Here is a link to the article from SI.

    As these conferences continue to assemble into these “Super” conferences, ND is going to get left farther and farther behind. It is going to become nearly impossible for them to get into a BCS because the margin is too high. Think about it, you can lose a couple of games in a BCS conference and still get an automatic berth if you win the conference. ND does not have that margin. They pretty much have to win out and hope other teams lose, there is too much out of their control. This article talks about ND joining the Big East and while that is not a premier conference, it is a winnable conference year in and year out. Boise and TCU are not in premiere conferences, but they are top 5 teams.

    I may be wrong and I’m pretty sure ND is too full of it’s independent traditions to make a more like this, but joining a canference may be the quickest way to getting this program back to where it once was. I know ND is full of tradiiton and that is what makes it so special, but 20 years of sub-par football is enough, it’s time to change and start some new traditions.

    1. I’m willing to talk about joining a conference. I love the idea that we can play whom ever we want but the idea of conference has benefits as well.

      However… The Big East?! Ouch…not sure I like that. It makes sense scheduale wise if we want to win conference titles. but I would rather see us in the Big 10.

      1. Notre Dame
      2. Ohio St
      3. Nebraska
      4. Iowa
      5. Wisconsin
      6. Michigan St.
      7. Michigan

      Those are some pretty good teams… It could draw recruits due to playing really good teams.

      1. I agree it would be exciting to see ND play that kind of schedule if they went into the Big Ten, but I don’t think it would be beneficial.

        It would be way too hard for ND to climb to the top of a conference like that. In the Big East, ND would be one of the leaders right way and they would get to dictate a lot of what happens similar to Texas and OU in the Big Twelve.

        I think they would have a better chance of playing for an automatic berth each year in the Big East and it would allow their other sports to remain in the conference they are already in.

        Also, with the addition of ND to the Big East, it would give that conference instant credibility to draw some other programs into the conference.

        I know this is wishful thinking because I think ND will do all it can to remain independent in football, but I still believe it will get harder and harder for ND to compete as the college landscape changes.

      2. But isn’t that, in itself, pathetic? We don’t join the Big Ten because it’s too hard to climb to the top of the conference? Seriously?

        We’re supposed to thrive in difficult circumstances. I can understand not joining the Big East. It’s too unstable, particularly for football, and it’s markets aren’t good from the school’s perspective.

        The Big Ten offers some differences. As you note, the quality of the football schools is exceptional. In addition, the Big Ten is actually quite academically serious. And the Big Ten is there athletically, too, with the Big Ten Network and some other benefits (bowl proceeds, etc.).

        The one drawback: ND used to run a national schedule of prominent teams. So, we’d play in Texas and we’d play in Arizona and we’d play in Florida or Louisiana or Tennessee or whatever. A conference is severely limiting in this way.

        But, we no longer really do this. I mean, Tulsa, Western Michigan and the like are pretty weak and localized opponents. So, it seems to me that ND would be wise to join the Big Ten. I know that traditionalists will flip out but many are the same folks that sit down for an entire game, yell at people for being too loud inside the stadium and etc.

  73. The thought that recruits will come to ND because of tradition is severely outdated. Oh, yeah, the Irish do have a tradition and right now it is a tradition of losing games that they have no business of losing and failing to win against top rated teams. Most of the players on this team were not even born when ND won it’s last NC. So how can you expect them to buy into a myth that no longer exist? If recruiting is a problem because of academic standards, then change it. In my mind if the administration won’t move on improving football we can join the big east or whatever and forget about having a football team that will ever be relevant again.

    Even after BK’s boneheaded, mind boggling call against Tulsa he still gets four years IMO to get this turned around. If not, adios amigos. I was somewhat surprised by his apparent arrogance after the Tulsa game and it really pisses me off that he blamed his team for the loss. That game cost him Lynch and more than likely additional commits or recruits.

    I have been a fan for 55 years or so and never thought I would get to the place where I could give two shits about ND football. Man, I am close!

    1. “The thought that recruits will come to ND because of tradition is severely outdated.”

      Please see my prior post(s). 🙂

      Why is Notre Dame the only place not to understand this?

    2. It may because the Notre Dame Administration doesn’t see itself as a “football” school, but rather a school for academic and spiritual education.

      This past summer I started reading a book (haven’t finished it yet) about the how Ara miraculously returned the Fighting Irish to a prominent football team.

      The author essentially stated the 1950’s (I think, it’s been a while since I had read it) ND Admin. had made the decision to return ND national presence from football to academics and spirituality.

      They did so by hiring a former player (who had no business coaching) with no previous coaching experience as well as greatly reduced the amount of scholarships for the football program.

      This period of time was essentially ND’s fist football drought. It was created by the ND Administration.

      After Ara was hired he lobbied the Admin to re-establish the scholarships and through his remarkable coaching was able to pull the Irish out of one of it’s darkest times football wise.

      I’m not saying that the current Admin is trying to accomplish the demise of the football program but they certainly aren’t helping it either.

      However, it ND’s will is to be a please of high academics and spirituality and provide it’s students with extra’s such as the football team they are succeeding with their vision.

      Can’t remember the name of the book nor can I find it at the moment. “Awaken the Echo’s” or so something…. lol

  74. I think everyone on this board needs to realize that Notre Dame’s irrelevance over the past decade has nothing to do with coaching. It has to do with an administration that feels kids will just come to ND because it’s ND. Well that is not the case. The pompus Administration needs to realize that the school doesn’t sell itself anymore. Every team is on TV every Saturday, with cable I watch Divsion II teams on TV every week. The administration needs to find a way to sell the school and also let in borderline kids. They also need to stick with a coach more than 5yrs. It is easy for the administration to blame a coach because it takes the spotlight off of them. If the administration is unwilling to change than I don’t care if you dig up Knute Rockne the school will still go 6-6. We can sit here and talk about who is at fault, but look at it like a pro team, ulitmately it comes down to ownership and GM. That would be the school Administration and the AD.

    1. AMEN JACK
      That is what I’ve been saying
      I still think we are fooling ourselves IF we continue to
      want “Johnny ACT TEST taker”
      to do it all in class, on the field and compete for a NC title twice or so in a decade and major bowl wins 50% of the team for one duration of a class ( four years or so)
      The EDGE is gone.
      The HUTZPAH ( spelling?)
      is gone.
      I have taped games with Zorich and saw the DESIRE and look in his eyes that said ” I will eat you for dinner and breakfast alive while you beg for mercy”
      I don’t SEE That NOW!
      I took a few days off ( and at least saw some victory in Nancy Pelosi no longer being speaker of the house)
      By today’s ivory tower standards, Zorich may not have been here. ND CAN’T have it both ways. If we want to have an occasional “really good team” like Stanford, then that is what we will get.
      Otherwise, It’s time to put up or shut up and join the Ivy League. ( AND I STILL SAY THAT ACADEMICS ARE NICE-I HAVE FOUR FREAKING DEGREES AS IT IS) But 80 players who aren’t high scoring will not diminish a University whose Administration ( like this nation) is so out of touch.
      I love ND. I REALLY question
      the mentality. We are ND.
      We don’t need to do this or that because we are ND. We are ND. We will be fine because well–we are ND.
      Really? It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Otherwise, we will smell nothing but Mark May’s breath complete with raised eyebrows and those hideous glasses.
      It is reality.
      It is now.
      It is time.
      I’m glad we have a bye week.
      We need it. Maybe the Administration can take a retreat and see to it that they keep traditions while moving forward simultaneously and not have the glaring error that the Vatican takes when it moves at the pace of the Turtle on major decisions.

  75. I just watched Brian Kelly’s new confrence and a reporter brought up field turf, Kelly said his team plays really fast on field turf and that he will voice his opinion on it, he also said he doesn’t know if that will matter.I would like to see this or the grass infused with artificial fibers.This is used by the Green Bay Packers beacuse the old grass would get torn up and had a hard time with the cold weather.This grass from what I have read gives very good traction and does not uproot like regular grass, and as a fan I have seen the field it truly looks beautiful.I think ND needs to do something because every week I see players fall or big chunks of grass fly up when a player cuts or gets tackled, we can’t afford anymore injuries.

  76. i took a mini haitus this week after watching the tulsa game and nearly losing my mind. after taking some time and collecting my thoughts, i am still numb.

    apology to irishchan for the douche comment. i was angry and resorted to name calling. however, i would/will never fault a guy making an effort play.

    about my diatribe regarding being positive – on second thought – who the f*#% cares!?!?!

    in sum, it is not possible for me to temper my expectations every sat. therefore, i will always feel that we can eek out a victory, no matter how much my rationale side tells me we will lose. i will always be waiting for the naysayers to jump on the bandwagon after 3 straight ten win seasons, but my rational side tells me that the crist injury set us back.

    in the end, my rational side will agree that regardless of what happens through kelly’s tenure, there will always be a chance for us to become relevant again. i have a lot of family from nebraska and their resurgence has demonstrated that programs falling deep into the depths of mediocrity can be rejuvenated very quickly.

    go irish! beat utah!

    1. You know man, I was thinking about programs who have fought back from adversity and losing decades myself. I’ll have a look around the google to see if I can find stats on that topic.

  77. If anyone thinks Kelly is not arrogant, how about his comment that he would make the same decision in the same circumstances to pass the ball as he did at the end of the Tulsa game? Isn’t this why CW was fired? For making stupid, arrogant decisions that cost us ballgames? At least Weis never killed anybody. How about going into a prevent defense against Michigan that gave them a free TD? Bad coaching decision. Not having someone playing center field on the Michigan State fake field goal? Bad coaching decision. Being completely unprepared for Navy (who went out and promptly lost the next week, BTW, to DUKE for God’s sake!!!!)? Bad coaching, PERIOD. How about the regression of Dayn Crist at QB since the first half of the Pitt game? Bad coaching PERIOD yet AGAIN. Only Stanford out-talented us. No, we haven’t reached rock bottom yet. That will happen when we lose to Army (Utah and USC are alreaduy in the loss column as far as I can tell). I had high hopes for BK. I thought he’d be a refreshing change from CW. Boy, was I ever wrong! Get rid of this moron now.

  78. JDH,

    Well written and I agree.
    I do HOPE Kelly will learn from his HUMBLING experience.

    At the Elite level there are more then 1 way to win games..

  79. ND-
    I disagree somewhat about the new system slowing progress due to the fact ND has the offensive players for that adjustment… CW did go shotgun spread no huddle plenty last yr so it is not like this is something new…. Kelly’s system didn’t take time in his last two stops but now when he is competing at ND his system needs time….

    Defensively I agree w/ your critique of the d-line but an easy solution is play more LB’s on pass downs moving FLemming/ shembo/ neal to de and move kap and ethan johnsons to inside to get more of a rush….

    against Navy speed wasn’t an Issue it was purely scheme…

    Kelly is probably here to stay and I think right now he is overwhelmed so lets hope he turns this around….

    Recruiting is great and to have the best guys at every position does make winning easier… Remember Kelly Comments on how greatful he was of CW leaving him this talent ladden team when he left…. TULSA and Navy don’t have the recruits we have…

    What Scares me most was Kelly’s comments after reese interception against Tulsa right after the game .

    ” I am not going to blame Reese” which i thought considerate of him.
    also the comment at the press conference
    ” this is how ND plays 1 on 1 we will chuck it” even though he doesn’t chuck to Floyd typically during the game 1 on 1 situation.

    1. His statement(s) cause a great deal of consternation. It was truly his “Mission Accomplished!” moment. Kelly needs to learn ideas like “discretion is the better part of valor”. He sounded like a bad Rambo-esque character that bears no resemblence to real heroes. It was like saying, “We charge the enemy with a full frontal assault no matter what the odds, no matter what the situation!” It’s hollow bravado, beyond stupid, and batshit crazy.

      If you’ve got one of the best offenses in the country and you have the stats behind you, fine. You MIGHT be able to justify that call. (MIGHT!)
      But it still would be inadvisable from a risk/reward standpoint.

      Like you, I’m hoping very much that Kelly learns from his stupid mistakes- throwing the ball when there is absolutely no need. If he doesn’t, I guess he can be content to lose, but know that he lost by putting the ball up in the air. I guess that gives him warm fuzzies.

      I DO think that Kelly will learn from this. He’s obviously stubborn and has some arrogance, but he is not dumb.

      1. JDH

        You’re absolutely right man. But I’m fearful that these types of calls are business as usual for him.

        He’s aggressive and looks for match ups. Ok, that’s fine I like aggressive play calling but he still should have some situational awareness when to let off the gas.

        That’s a call I would make if I was playing NCAA Football on the PS3….not in real life. lol

      2. They seem to be business as usual, but I think he’ll adapt. There will be too much fallout and his players will lose too much respect for him. Players will only take so much yelling, pissing and moaning from coaches who make bad decisions and lose. Like someone else pointed out on this board, his own players have started walking right past him during his tirades.

        That will all change if Kelly adapts. He probably will/would never admit that publicly and he doesn’t need to. We just need to see it on the field….

    2. I like the idea of putting linebackers at DE for passing downs, I really like Shembo I think he could emerge as a really good pass rusher wich they NEED!

  80. This team has the talent just not the coaching at this point.. earlier post that explains my belief in ND…

    Don Buczynski jr POST on November 1st, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    That hype of our lack of speed is all attributed to the fact that our players are
    unsure of themselves and are
    thinking too much, which makes
    your play look slower. Look up
    all the 40 times for our players and compare them to the other schools, and the only position that is not on par is the corners, period.
    Too many systems the last 4yr.
    to be instinctive on the field.


    I agree with Don in that I see a ton of unconfident talent on the field… I do believe a good coach gets the players on the field that attack and puts them in a position where they can excel…which isn’t what ND is doing now…

    I personally am not impressed with Coach Kelly’s lack of effiency on Offense. I blame Coach Kelly not the players they are what they are.

    1. Effiency on offense will come as players get more and more used to the system.The problem with the spread is the first year it is hard to install.You have to get players used to a no huddle faster paced game, during spring ball you put in your basic plays that make the offense work but do to NCAA practice rules there is simply not enough time to get everything installed before the season starts.So in season you try to put more of your offense in while also trying to make corrections to players and also trying to game plan against your next opponent.It is no easy task especially if you have players who have never played in a spread.Tom me this is why the offense sputters and then looks great, add that to all the injuries at recievers now you have younger less expierenced kids playing.
      The defense has had a lot of systems in the past couple of years but maybe these players really arn’t that good.I think our D-line is not very talented, Calebrese and Teo are very talented but our outside linbackers have no speed and lack discipline.People can talk 40 yard dash times all they want all I have to say is Jerry Rice ran a 4.8 40 at the combine and there was nobody catching him.To me there are guys that are fast of the field and guys that can fly on the field. On defense we need explosive players not necassarily fast players(exeption being secondary).

      1. Rice ran a 4.8?! That can’t be right. I know that he a wasn’t that fast but a 4.8? Offensive lineman can clock those kinds of times.

        Not that I’m discrediting your post. I agree with the content. We need explosive athletes who have exceptional “game speed”, as opposed to low 40 times.

      2. I’m sorry he ran a 4.7 at the combine I just looked it up that’s why he fell like he did.

    2. It’s just fantasy. Simple. This team is very thin. Very thin. Look at the top schools. They have guys that don’t make the depth chart who could start at Notre Dame.

      We land a few decent recruits and everyone expects the team to dominate. Why? Because we have one decent quarterback and one great receiver who cannot stay healthy?

      Come on, fellas! This team is very thin. It has been that way for a long time — dating to the Willingham years — and Kelly is here to improve the depth of the squad.

      I don’t want one or two 5-star players. I want four star players who don’t make the depth chart. That’s what Alabama has. That’s what Southern Cal has. That’s what Oregon has.

      And, when these great players get there, the coaches work the hell out of them to make them much better players. And we don’t have that, yet, either. But, with time, this team will be much better.

      Football is a complex game. You need great talent that’s very deep and you need great coaching. Kelly hasn’t proven he can estalish either prong. But, he’s only been here less than a year. . . We’ll see where we are this time next year.

  81. this is the link to Oregon’s facilities I know ND has made several advancements in it’s facitlities.I have not see all of ND’s new facilities but I don’t think it compares to this.I know Oregon has Nike money and a great coach.I can tell you this is a huge recruiting tool.I think Notre Dame goes to the extreme like this to help recruit kids.Keep all the tradition with the stadium but look at that training facility, sign me up!Then again I an attracted to shiny

    1. The most important thing about those rediculous facilities is not how nice they are, but the attitude they bring. ND will always have talent and coaches, but never have they had the one thing teams like oregon have SWAGGER. ND always has to be the good boys and that needs to change

      1. I agree about the swagger, when was the last time Notre Dame had a bad ass on the team I think Calebrese is becoming one but he needs work, love the attitude of that kid.

  82. Tulsa Lost b/c coaching decision
    Michigan State Lost b/c of coaching
    Navy lost b/c coaching didn’t know how to adjust to a triple option

    and Michigan Crist looks great then never flinches but run off the field and never comes back onto the field because some mysterious eye blindness which miraculously heals in the second half…

    Dare call it a conspiracy

    that at least 3 1/2 wins more meaning ND going into Utah 8-1 ranked in the top 20….

    sorry i am going insane this bye week is going to be tough… see you all next week

    1. and he goes and total discredits himself with a conspiracy theory. nothing to read from “power run the ball” people. Just move along

  83. EXCUSE the last post it was poorly written..

    ND should have won minimun 9 games this yr, but didn’t because of poor coaching

    Crist was top ranked QB out of high school who was coached by CW who was at least a decent QB coach

    Coach Kelly’s spread is nothing more then a passing offense out of a shotgun like every other team runs on passing downs with a series of smash routes and high lows. Unless Reese is going to be the next Peyton Manning or pat white or Tony pike.. Or we get Gilyard to run around the field we will be in troublel….

    1. I can see how you came up with that number. But can you honestly tell me that while watching this team you feel that they are 9-10 win team?

      I would agree that there are moments when the team appears that way.


      There right back to playing bad football.

      I will agree that the coaching has cost us three games.

      We are going to need every bit of two weeks to prepare for Utah. There pass defense is the 24 best in the country. They are doing something right. We will know for sure how Reese has progressed during this game. Keep in mind Tulsa ranked near dead last in pass defense.

  84. This season-

    Purdue = ND 1-0
    Michigan = ND 2-0
    without bizarre inj to qb and mistakes on offense and defense which we were all positive about and thought were going to be corrected.

    Michigan State= ND 3-0
    dominated the game except so called correctable mistakes and a special team coach in the hospital… ND should of won by 3 b/c the fake shouldn’t worked
    Standford =ND 3-1
    Boston College= ND 4-1
    Pittsburg =ND 5=1
    western Michigan =ND 6-1
    Navy =ND 7-1
    Tulsa =ND 8-1
    Utah =ND 8-2 just b/c and I think ND will win b/c they will be better.
    Army = ND 9-2
    USC = ND 9-3 just b/c but again I think ND will win

    Now that isn’t a 10 win team but it is a 9 win team
    This preseason I had ND losing to 1 of the Michigans and WINNING THE Utah game and standford but o-well…. This is what I expected from a good coach with this caliber team and this schedule….. 8 wins = a learning curve
    7 wins now you are not talking about the coach Kelly that we Recruited with his past resume…

    TO give him time is that what Charlie needed.. He got worse with time…

  85. IrishChan,

    Good point, expectations are too high at this point and even when CW was around. The administration created these high expectations by stating to all: “We need to be in the BCS discussion.” “Sense of urgency.”

    The coaching merry-go-round has caused more problems that anyone is willing to accept. How many times over the years have we taken a running quarterback and tried to turn them into a passing quarterback, or vice versa. Many of the recruits over the years were indeed out of sink and out of their desired specialty position due to numerous coaching changes.

    I am looking forward to seeing Tommy Rees after practicing two weeks with the 1st unit. Given that he was recruited as an “offensive spread QB,” hopefully, progress can be made before Utah.

    I agree, it is going to take baby steps.


  86. Notre Dame Football

    -Typically gets top 20 recruits in the Nation. (ND not in TOP 20)

    -Lately loses to less superior teams, like Navy and Tulsa

    -ND’s talent is better than most… What is the problem????

    Coaching is the answer! Coaching wins football games!

    Notre Dame dominated against Michigan State whose only loss was against a tough Iowa team.

    Notre Dame is struggling at the QB position which is the most important position in Coach Kelly’s Offense….
    Coach Kelly’s 5 min. plan was to win right away. I am saying there are more ways to win football games then to put the ball in your QB’s hands and say make plays and if you don’t we will lose.

    Notre Dame appears to be less superior to some of their opponents because they are being out-coached. And unfortunately, I believe the young men of Notre Dame are starting to lose faith in Coach Kelly….

    In the Navy game, Crist walked right passed Coach Kelly, while he was on a tirade; 2 to 3 players did the same in the game against tulsa.. Kelly actually grab Cierre Wood after a play as Cierre was walking past him..

    I think Coach Kelly is under a lot a pressure, which is creating tunnel vision. I do hope he can HUMBLE himself, regroup and become the football coach that we all hope him to be.

  87. A thought that I had recently was that maybe losing all these games is actually a good thing.

    Please, hear me out before you dismiss the thought I’m very well aware that it’s not an easy thought to take in.

    To the ND administration, coaches, players and fans… The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are still just as relevant and are believed to be just one season away from winning a big BCS game.

    However, once again we are looking at a 6-6 season or maybe even worse.
    The media pays attention to ND and shows highlights of how other teams (even underdogs) come into our house and beat us ROUTINELY. They show how we continue to sqander big name athlets who were considering playing at ND.

    Whether we like it or not ND is not even close to winning 10 or more games next year. And, were going to have to win next years games with a “system” as opposed to overwhelming teams with great athletes (we have some great talent, but our we reloading?).

    Now, maybe this is actually a good thing. Maybe if ND is no longer one of “the” schools. Maybe if ND and her following begin to expect small victories and the occasional near miss (like taking the once #6 MSU to the final seconds) as a positve for ND as opposed to disaster will we and our players begin to grow.

    Maybe, just maybe if ND is able to relize who they ‘truly’ are they can shrug off the expectations that they must win the University’s 12th National Title before they win today…before they win the quarter…before this play…before todays game.

    Losing sucks I’ll be the first to admit it. But maybe ND needs to sit quitely and focus on it’s self and how to win TODAY and stop talking about National Championships in press conferences. This creates a frenzy in the sports world and it’s hurting us. Our ‘rivals’ in the media love to publicly anoucne our failures as a team. So let’s stop provoking them to report on us.

    This isn’t just for ND but for nearly everyone I know.
    All of us as men/women need to know who we are right this very instant before we can expect to “win” at anything.

    For instance. Maybe you know someone who talks about how they were an all-state wrestler or linebacker in high school. It’s a source of pride for them and you can see it in their eyes that in their mind they are STILL an all-state athlete. But all you see is an guy sitting on couch with a huge beer gut that was ONCE a great athlete.

    If this “guy” was able to see that he really is an overwieght asshole who is living in the past and committed himself to winning one small victory today by drinking water instead of soda it may lead him to packing a healthy lunch tomorrow instead of an all-you can eat Pizza Hut Buffet. If he was to become hungry for small victories they will add up untill one day he’s able to “upset” his biggest rival…maybe smoking. All the small victoies will get him to where he see’s himself in his mind aswell as in reality.

    Small vitories is what ND needs right now. Like it or not ND has become the overwieght formerly very good athlete…BUT still see’s itself receiving the all-state letter from his coach and is expected to win HUGE victories like she did when whe was lean and mean.

    Now, I’m a man that values optimism… I believe in positive thinking. But I also believe that you must audit yourself to know where you are TODAY before you can expect to be great tomorrow. You must have a realistic starting point.

    And so should The Notre Dame Fighting Irish!

    p.s. We have a much needed buy week this weekend. The extra time of practice will pay off and allow for these youngmen to separate themselves from the tragic loss of Sullivan. Will they win? I don’t know. But maybe they have had some small victories this season that has helped a very young team build some confidence in themsleves. Will this be the week that being the “underdog” will help Notre Dame? Let’s hope so…

    I root for two teams… Notre Dame and the underdog… I love to see the underdog stick the champ!!


  88. ND forever…Would love to see ND switch to the field turf. They practice on it so why not play on it. I’m sick and tired of seeing our guys slip on this field. If the spread offence is supposed to be a fast paced offence wouldn’t it just make more sence.

  89. I’ve been reading a lot of these posts and there are some real good points about why ND is where it’s at today. I also saw a segment on ESPNU about what needs to be done to fix ND. After thinking about what I saw and what I read, I’m start to think that ND is never going to be fixed until ND looks in the mirror and realizes the “Good Old Days” are gone and that they can’t keep doing it the way it’s always been done.

    The high school kids of today don’t give a rip about ND anymore. Everything that ND had to offer back in the day can be found at most schools now. The Elite status of ND is gone, the big TV deal isn’t that important anymore, and 20 years of losing has put out the flame of 11 national championships and the 7 Heismans.

    I know there has been a lot of talk about the academics holding ND back, but I’m starting to think not being in conference is a bigger deal. There are super conferences that are starting to form and ND is getting left out. As this shakes out, it is going to be harder and harder for ND to get into a bowl. Think about it, when these new conferences take shape, new bowl contracts will have to be cut. What kind of leverage does ND bring to the table? Also, what do these kids have to shoot for? In high school, your first goal is to win your conference. What does ND have to play for? These kids want a chance to win multiple trophies. Most teams have a chance to win a conference, play for the conference championship, and get an automatic bid to the BCS if they do. It’s totally in their control. ND has to pretty much win out and HOPE other teams lose. Their fate is in the hands of voters and computers. They do not have a chance to do it on the field. I know we have this great BCS contract, but how many times has ND collected in the last 20 years?

    Also, this idea that ND has to recruit nationally so we can’t join a conference needs to go. If kids want to come to ND, they will come regardless of where we play most of our games. How many games have we played in Florida lately? Yet we still get kids to commit from Florida (Only to have the Florida schools poach them). I think if we get into a conference and start winning some BCS games, recruiting will be just fine.

    ND needs to swallow it’s pride and become part of college football. Let some kids play there that might not get in otherwise and get in a conference so these kids can control their own destiny. TCU and Boise are in 2nd tier conferences, but how are they doing? Look at Iowa, Wisconson, Michigan State, and Ohio State. All in the top 25, why doesn’t ND jump into that conference especially since Nebraska is joining. Maybe it’s time to hang up the USC rivalry and start new ones with schools in the Midwest. Maybe it’s time for ND to realize that they need college football more than college football needs ND.

    1. Good points Cav. I was talking to a college buddy of mine at our homecoming not long ago. He played college football and is now a coach at a high school in Louisville. Apparently it’s a school with a good program- puts alot of players into college. We were talking about this very thing. He told me, from what he’s seen over the years in his kids, ND needs to get over themselves and stop focusing so much on “tradition”. Kids these days couldn’t give two sh$ts about that, generally speaking. Whether that’s right or wrong, and why younger generation think that way, is irrelevant. What they want as recruited players is to go to a decent school, but have fun WINNING. Alot of schools have “great tradition”. That is waaaaay down the list of priorities for most players now.

      This is exactly why I said, in one of my posts, ND needs to get over all that. I’m not implying it’s irrelevant, particularly to alumni and fans, because it’s very relevant and important to US. After all, without a winning tradition, what do you have? However, you can’t lead with that as a selling point with younger generations. For the ‘cream of the crop players’ who have NFL aspirations, those traditions mean even less. Get me to the NFL, period.

      Don’t think I’m right? Look at what Kelly said when he got to ND. He was ASTOUNDED how little his players knew about ND. There were some younger players who couldn’t identify some of ND’s greatest, most legendary players! Would that have happened in previous generations? NO WAY!

      But it is what it is. Getting a degree from a school like ND is a huge opportunity. The tradition is gravy and not that big of a deal anymore. WINNING is about 95% of the equation. Of course not ALL kids fall into this category, but most probably do.

      ND lives in the past because the past it is comfortable. The school better snap out of it if they want to win, as has been discussed ad nauseum.

  90. I always love all the comments about the ND coaches of the past. Its time to realize that they arent coming back. Everyone needs to stop comparing current coaches to historic coaches because there is a completely different college football landscape of today. This is not the game that was played in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and arguably the 90s.

    If you miss the old coaches so much, i am sure they sell DVD box sets on ND football.

  91. I have a question. When did the tradition end of the players holding up their helmets in front of the student section. I personally have not seen this done for a long time. Have I just missed it or did they simply replace that w/ the Alma Mater?

    1. Good question…

      I have a feeling this post might receive a high value value of replys.

      I know what my initial reaction was for an answer… Lol

      Sent from my IPhone

      1. IC- Please share your reaction because I really don’t know the answer! My question was not loaded, rhetorical etc.

        Am I crazy or was that tradition, which I think was one of the coolest in all of sports, stopped at some point?

      2. I have a question does anybody think ND should have field turf instead of natural grass.When I played I loved a nice natural grass but that was when artificial turf was a carpet over concrete and hurt!The new fields have better durability, traction, and are softer causing less injuries.I also think the really nice turf fields look very nice.

      3. Lol I was going to say if they started wining some ball games that could show some emotion like lifting their helmets as opposed to looking like their dogs were at mike vices house.

  92. Irish Chan,

    I can agree with your analysis on the offense, but the defense was recruited to play a 3-4. After looking back the problem with this program is on the defensive line. We have three good d-lineman and the rest are subpar at best. Weis couldn’t recruit defensive lineman and that is why teams can run on us. Also the QB needs to run, period. If he doesn’t run that takes away half of the playbook for Kelly. The play call is the play call and you knew this when you brought Kelly to ND. As I said in a previous post, the administration is the CEO that runs ND football and they need to be held accountable for the status of the program. For the past 14 yrs they have blamed it on coachs and not themselves. They need to be held accountable for their actions. The University derives a lot of revenue from football and need to realize they can not be Standford.

  93. IrishChan,

    Amen, a very POSITIVE bottom-up analysis post. Good job!


  94. I’ve had time to process and calm down a lot from this past weekend. I’ve read several posts that really make sense to me, read a bunch of articles, and listen to the radio about the Irish.

    I’ve decided that I’m going to step back from my expectations (once again) and simply ride this wave for as long as its going to take.

    I’m going to account for the fact that a bunch of young men who were recruited for a pro offense find themselves playing in a spread offense.

    I’m going to account for the fact that these young, talented hard working kids may not have been developed physically or have been provided true winning leadership from the previous staff.

    I’m going to account for a very young team who has received instruction to play the 34 defense to the 43 defense and then back to 34.

    I’m going to account for a team that has been decimated by injury this season by loosing not just senior players but All-American level talent.

    I’m going to account for an offensive line that is far too big to be playing the spread.

    I’m going to account for a team that has played a very tough schedule this year and took the one of the best teams in country to the final seconds of the game…. when everyone was healthy.

    I’m going to account for a team who just last week witnessed the death of one of their own…one of their peers on the very practice field they were receiving instruction on. And despite a few breakdowns played a tough game with a true freshman qb who elevated his game by a mile since his first appearance.

    I’m no longer going to expect perfection out of these athletes. I want them to learn. Learn how the spread works and how to keep their minds clear when tragedy strikes, learn to keep their legs driving when they think they no longer can.

    I’m going stay patient and keep the course with Brian Kelly. As of right now there’s plenty for me to speak poorly of when it comes to him. I’m going to have accept the fact that while he’s captain of the ship he’s going to call plays based on match ups not necessarily plays that a coach would call using conventional wisdom to win games. He’s a risk taker…he’s aggressive and despite what some of us think about his sideline presence of yelling and screaming maybe…just maybe the team will begin to absorb some of his fire. One of my favorite coaches of all time was known for showing his emotions on the sidelines… and one day I hope to see Bill Cowher roaming again.

    Being what I said not only am I going to do this… but I’m going to get all… and I do mean ALL of my Irish friends loaded up for the Utah game. I’m going to pull out every stitch of clothing and memorabilia of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish I have and carry it into the Historic Notre Dame Stadium in duffel bags if I need to.

    I don’t know where we are headed but I’m either going down with this ship or one day… going to be celebrating that one upset that no one believed the “once great now irrelevant Fighting Irish” could win!

    It is what it is…

    And I’m headed straight to the Grotto to pray for this team…not for victory on the field because because it brings me as an individual pleasure, but for a group of young men who must feel like the weight of the University’s future rides on their shoulders.

    GO IRISH!!!

    Let’s see how long I’m in the stadium before I’m asked to leave!!! Wish I could post pics on this site…lol We gonna get nassy!!!

    1. Nice post IC. You are right that it’s now time to move on. I hope and pray that this week is a positive step in the right direction for this program. We’ve discussed ND’s problems at length, which I think is vital. The University must be honest about where they are and the decisions they’ve made so that they can move in the right direction.

      I remember what it was like to play a sport in college and try to juggle all the expectations of others, not to mention your own. I also remember vividly a time when, one of my teammates lost his parents, uexpectedly. You’re not supposed to have to deal with things like that when you’re 18, 19 yrs. old etc. I’m not saying that’s the same as losing a fellow student, just that I can imagine what these guys are going through. I hope that they rally around eachother, put the past in the past, and use this adversity and sadness as an emotional funnel. Funnel that into the kind of intensity we expect from ND. Go Irish.

  95. THIRD AND 26?

    65 yard return???????

    I’m sick-so sick and not
    I’m boycotting all sports for the next two weeks
    MAYBE-=freaking MAYBE I will have the guts to watch ND and UTAH.
    I’m not kidding.

    Topsy Turvey world
    BOISE STATE?????????

    Which reminds me—
    Ever notice when one Watches Boise State that they seem to be disguised in that mess of blue???
    Well–I say ND goes GOLD with ALL Gold Attire.
    ( Pants and Helmets already there. NO GREEN JERSEYS, NO BLUE-JUST GOLD)
    Play at Night–sorry senior citizens –you can watch at home with your chips and dip and beer and friends and killer plaid ( love you but stay warm)
    AND THEN HAVE the music REALLY LOUD from the Band ALL THE TIME
    Pass out Noise Makers which are Gold to all the Students and Little kids too–they will be annoying.
    Make the Power on the Lights so BRIGHT that the GOLD will shine
    brighter than a miners smile or the face of a lottery winner.
    Then-we can move the ball-do what we need to like the invisible man.
    That would redefine the “12th man” position and start doing this–uh NOW.
    Anyone? Anyone?

    1. Irisheye62,

      I appreciate the support.

      But we have to ride this out together, all of us, whatever we believe. I know that things aren’t good right now, in spite of what some people here would have us believe. ND is mediocre. Plain and simple. That’s not being negative. That’s being honest. But we can hope for things to start to turn around right now. Someone said a win against Utah and everything goes away. Not quite, but it sure as hell would be a start. Watch the Utah game. Stay critical (not the same thing as negative), and root for the Irish to win.

      There’s an old Chinese proverb that says that even a journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step. Beating Utah could be that first step back to the top for ND football.

      Go Irish!

  96. I’ll tell you a player who might be something special in the spread offense is Roby Toma. The key for a slot reciever on screen passes is take the ball upfield hard. I tell my recievers get me 5 yards and then make a move but get upfield first.In the spread this is part of the running game so if you can give me 5 yards every time we are in business.then there are other plays that go off the screens almost like play action.I think Theo Riddick could be really good but he dances around to much sometimes rather then just getting up field and possibly hitting a seam for a touchdown.A slot reciever has to run like a running back wich Riddick used to be but Toma runs a lot harder and may be a force in the slot, at the very least a very good back up.I know a lot of people here don’t like the spread and I’m in a minority here who loves the spread.I used to play and coach power football as a linemen I loved it but being a lineman in the spread would be a blast, go out on screens and beat up on the little guys.sorry i’m ranting but my piont is you can effectively control the clock and march down the field in the spread.I apoligise if I get a little carried away about things.

  97. I reading most of these comments now and before shows me one thing. You people are what we call “Sunday Catholics.” They go to mass on sunday for one hour and walk around like they are the coming of Christ. The “fans” like most of you who pollute this column with uneducated dribble.
    The way it seems to me me have an unlimited supply of D1 coaches. I would like to see where all of you coach. It also shows me exactly what my father always said about all the experts that come out of the woodwork. He said “How Come There Are So Many More Horea__es than there are horses.” You people are perfect examples of that statement.
    I didn’t like the outcome of all the games over the pat years but you have to give Coach Kelly a little more time to implement his way of executing his concepts. It is 180 degrees from what they were recruited as a pro style offense. He still don’t have the players in place for his style as yet.
    If think back they have a lot of players from the previous years, who couldn’t block, tackle, rush the passer, etc.These were some of the things that plagued them from Davie on. They have the wrong techniques to be vble to block long enough for the ball carrier to hit the hole. They have been tackling by just bumping into the ball carrier. That’s why the opponenst to gain additional yards after the initial hit, a-la Navy. Take a look at the film and see the middies how they drive through the defender.
    The defense has been more aggrssive but the tackling is spotty. Better than last year but can be improve.Going back to basics for the remainder of Weiss’s recruits and all the new players stress fron the beginning of their Notre Dame days. It might seem silly teaching HIGH school All AMERICANS these but they are not always taught that back when they are so big they they just run through the ballcarrier, they don’t wrap up.
    As far as the pass on Saturday Coach Kelly said they talked about what to do at the time out before the play. He told Rees if Floyd is open try to hit him but if thwere is coverage throw it away. We can’t really say exactly was in his mind. Maybe he just didn’t heave it far enough.
    As far as possession tine he spoke on that subject before. He said his teams are geared to score quickly and get the lead and keep trying to duplicate it through the game. Let the other team try to grind it out, get your defense geared to make the opponent punt. And so on and so on. The spread offense is designed for flooding receivers and passing which enables your team to run easier because the defense leaves wide gaps and a guy like Woods would have his way because he is good in space.
    PATIENCE, PATIENCE. It will get to where we want it.

    1. If you’re going to call someone out for their “uneducated dribble”, you may want to get the word right. I believe you are looking for “drivel”. You began your post with “I reading”. Well, “I reading” your post and it’s quite a challenge. Granted, we all make mistakes, myself included, particularly when rifling through internet posts, emotion sometimes getting the best of us. But there is such a plethora (look it up) of spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors in yours. You write and sound like “Simple Jack” from Tropic Thunder.

      Now, if you are a young kid, then work at it. It’s very important to speak and write while utilizing the actual rules of the English language. It reflects very poorly on you when you can’t demonstrate an even elementary grasp of this. People may not be a harsh dick like I am towards you, but believe me, they will write you off as irrelevant and moronic.

      Best of luck to you.

  98. SFR

    No, no way do I think that ND campus residence personnel and administrators impact the way that we perform as a team. Perhaps they’re heavy-handed, I have no idea. We should have beaten Tulsa and Navy (and Michigan). Stanford is a strong team. Michigan State is good, too.

    I do know this: when a recruit signs on, the recruit learns the exact classes he’ll have to take over the summer and he’ll learn the academic courses he’ll take through the first year.

    Notre Dame is not for everyone. We’re going to have a hard time getting all of the same recruits that Michigan, Florida, Louisiana State and Ohio State get. And, we’re going to lose some recruits once they learn the academic rigor ahead.

    That said, these are 18, 19 and 20 year old men. They’re flexible. They’re impressionable. The right coach should bring this program back to dominance.

    1. TEO-

      I don’t know what world you are living in but again–
      If we want Rhodes Scholars and all, we have them and the potential is there —all throughout the campus.
      That said, If we want the football players to compete and have these academic standards, fine. Then, we should not be expected to play -in this age–Florida State, miami cocaines ( lower case letters intentional there for this group of scum)
      and Ohio State ( I live here and know the low expectations they have off the field with 99% given to football.)
      DID YOU SEE THAT 99%?
      How can ND do all the rigor or academia AND compete with those who do almost nothing BUT football during the fall and light schedules during the summer for individual and collective workouts?
      It is unrealistic to expect this. Stanford is strong THIS YEAR. Yes, they have upset Notre Dame when they were ranked high from time to time. Is this the kind of ranking you want? From time to time? We SHOULD have beaten Mich and Tulsa. WE DID NOT-this is WEEK AFTER WEEK for almost 17 full years -barring a few good years thanks to Quinn and company.
      * He btw, is bright and able -how many “QUINN’s” can we land? Answer that!!!
      Yes, they ARE 18, 19 and 20.
      SO ARE THE BOYS OF MICH AND TULSA! No-ND is not for everyone so maybe we should not PLAY EVERYONE.
      Times have changed.
      AGAIN, nearly 17-20,000 students can carry the weight of our prestige and what not.
      Academic Rigor is great.
      I graduated from Notre Dame.
      THAT said, academic rigor doesn’t mean a DAMN thing to the BCS. If you want the occasional success of Northwestern in the mid 90’s then congrats-we are on our way-or already there. If you want a team to “Play Like A Champion Today” then you must evaluate your statement about Notre Dame and relish the thoughts of yesteryear.
      The echoes are sleeping -Touchdown Jesus has been partially covered and there is more blindness than you can imagine on your part and that of the administration than what you can conceive.
      ( Stanfords success over time on the field? Really?)
      BTW, again, ZORICH would not be admitted in today’s ND.

      1. I had brought up Touchdown Jesus being hidden some time ago. Kinda makes me think this is ND’s punishment for hiding the most important piece of what Notre Dame stands for. Notre Dame is a Catholic University 1st, Academic Power 2nd and then a Football University.

        Just a thought…

      2. Lay off the whiskey, 62!

        Couple of points: let’s begin with a basic tenet. To graduate from Notre Dame, you have to be bright enough to academically compete with kids who are high school valedictorians who earned top 5% on their boards. That’s just the way that it is. Kids who finish in the bottom half or bottom third of their high school class typically aren’t admitted to Notre Dame because they won’t compete with the bright kids. They’ll flunk out.

        Notre Dame has graduated players and competed on the football field under many different coaches. And, in each era, there were large state universities — Michigan State, Texas, Alabama — who could admit far more athletes than Notre Dame could. So, this is doable.

        As for how many Quinns we can land, we should be able to land every recruit that Stanford lands. And, we should be able to pick up Cal’s recruits, too. And, then there are the recruits who wind up at Florida but who went to places like St. Thomas Aquinas in Ft. Lauderdale and who have demonstrated academic and athletic talent. Florida and Alabama, right now, are getting these kids.

        We need them. Yes, it is possible to get bright kids who play football. It’s necessary.

        As for Tulsa and Navy, our kids played poorly and our coaching staff made bad decisions. And we lost these games.

    2. teo,

      My only point was that these people do have the reputation for being heavy-handed. You seem to admit as much. Others have said so too here and on other blogs. I don’t think that helps our cause. How much it hurts it is hard to gauge, however.

      Having said that I pretty much agree with the rest of your post to me.

  99. Anybody else here agree with me that the ND campus residence personnel and administrators have a reputation, even among ND students and alums, as being heavy-handed? I know I’ve heard that opinion on this board from others. But when someone has an obsessive gay hard on for somebody else, I guess they only pay attention to what that person says.

    What’s more, I guess hyperbole and figures of speech are lost on some people here. How sad to have such a limited sense of the English language and vocabulary.

  100. JC,

    I read all the posts carefully, those of others more so than my own. That’s why I try not to put words into other people’s mouths, which you’re an expert at; instead, I deal with what I see are pros and cons in each position.

    As for who drew first blood, JC, you seem to say that being critical of anything relating to ND football is drawing first blood. In which case others here were doing that way before me.

    Frankly, JC, you’re so unremarkable and unmemorable in your posts that I didn’t even know you existed. So much for drawing first blood. Apparently, what happened was that your “boy” C-Dog got offended, quit the board, and you then decided to attack me for that. Then and only then did I even become cognizant of you, loser. Check the record: You threw the first stone my way. Besides, as I have pointed out repeatedly, being critical isn’t the same thing as being negative. You seem unable to grasp nuance and distinction. (Is English your mother tongue?)

    As for my paradoxes and contradictions, give me one example. I dare you! Just one. I double-dare you (see I can do the childish, school-boy bully thing to, JC).

    I don’t attack optimists. In fact, of late, I’ve been called delusional by some here for even suggesting ND has a chance to save this season at 7-5. But rather than respond with bile, like you, I try to encourage a dialog with them. That’s why I have multiple dialog partners on this board right now while you seem to have none and are instead obsessed with me. Right now, I’m talking about issues relating to ND football with 3 or 4 others here. We may not always agree but we’re not disagreeable either.

    Dude, are you psycho or are you just queer? Either way, unless you want to talk about ND football issues (whether from a rosy point of view or a realist point of view) take your hard on to somebody else. C-Dog may have liked all the attention you gave him. I don’t. It’s obsessive, creepy, and gay.

    Drop it already and move on. I’m doing so. So feel free to continue calling me names and talking to yourself, nut job.

    1. It’s hard to back down from this kind of stuff. Why can’t people learn to ask questions when they disagree on a topic.

      Keep in mind we aren’t using the best tool in communication to express ourselves either… so our posts can be easily misinterpreted.

      At any rate good luck with all this stuff. I for one like your posts SFR. It’s not that I always agree or disagree with you but you tend to bring a different angle to a topic.

      1. IrishChan,

        I’m with you. It’s hard to back down when you’re being called names unfairly. I’ve recently tried the approach of asking open-ended questions of some of our fellow posters. Perhaps you’ve noticed.

        Like I’ve said, there’s a huge difference between being CRITICAL and being NEGATIVE. If we were 9-0 right now, beating opponents by about 2 TDs per game and I was complaining about this or that play, about leaving a FG off the scoreboard, leaving a few plays on the field, etc., then that would be an example of being negative. I’d technically be right to say that this or that play was wrong, but who really cares when you’re undefeated, winning big, and on a run for a NC. Clearly, I hope you can discern the world of difference between the hypothetical scenario I just described and the actual state of ND football today. We’re not only leaving points of the board and plays on the field, but we’re losing and are no where near playing for a NC. saying that isn’t being negative; it’s being realistic and honest. For some people here, it seems that honesty isn’t the best policy.

        IrishChan — I don’t really see myself as bringing in a different angle at all. In fact, some of our other posters who are more learned about ND football than me or are actually coaches say the same things. They say it better. Certainly, most are more charitable than I am.

  101. Hmmm…”Nazi-like prosecution” well that’s not forcing your opinion on anyone? Oh foul, Oh foul, my words don’t mean what I have written? LOL!

  102. jack,

    That’s what I’m saying. What’s wrong with giving kids a chance to better themselves?! I’m sure you’re not saying admit them, let them do whatever they want, exploit their talents, and then drop them once their eligibility ends. We’re not arguing becoming like USC, Michigan, or Ohio St. But like you say, do we really want to become Northwestern?

    I recall CBS showing footage of Tim Rice coming late to practice the week of a big game against Miami because he had a psych lab project due. That’s an ND man right there! Rice proved himself both in the classroom and on the field. So did Zorich, who went on to get his JD from ND, one of the best law schools in the nation. Who’s to say other can’t do the same as Rice and Zorich? Not I! (Although I’m sure someone here will chip in and say that unless you’re an ND alum you can’t opine.)

    Let’s get with it, ND administration. Stop it with the Nazi-like prosecution of kids in the dorms and take a chance on some of these marginal academic cases (NOTE: I’m saying marginal cases; if a kid can’t read or do basic math he need not apply to ND regardless of how good he is on the gridiron!).

    1. I applied to ND and wanted to walk on to the football program but I didn’t get accepted instead I walked on at Wisconsin and got my teaching degree from there.I still love ND more then my alma mater ND was my first choice just to hard for an average player and student to get into. I don’t hold a grudge that’s why Notre dame is Notre Dame. I don’t see a problem with giving kids a chance if they don’t make grade then drop them.

  103. I had an arguement with my dad on admission standards. Today Notre Dame would not have accepted the following players from the 1988 championship team: Tony Rice, Chris Zorich and Ricky Watters. Now the previous two players both graduated and one has a law degree and works for the University. The Administration better realize another 10yrs like this and you will not all the money coming into the University. If you want to become Northwestern go ahead, but realize that the 80,000 plus stadium will not always be full if you put a product on the field like we have seen for the past 10yrs. College football is a business and should be run as such. I am sorry to say this but it is true.

  104. bright spots__—–Toma really attacked after the catch instead of looking around for where to run and relied on instinct to take over… all players on ND have to take note and do the same.. ND has a lot of talented players who are thinking to much instead of attacking…… A very simple thing to correct and lets hope toma attitude/ T Jones as well becomes contagious especially to the running backs…

    1. You hit the nail on the head here. That hype of our lack of speed is all attributed to the fact that our players are
      unsure of themselves and are
      thinking too much, which makes
      your play look slower. Look up
      all the 40 times for our players and compare them to the other schools, and the only position that is not on par is the corners, period.
      Too many systems the last 4yr.
      to be instinctive on the field.

      1. Those are excellent points. You can’t play w/ speed and play ‘balls out’ when you are playing ‘not to lose’.

  105. For me ND football is simply not fun. I can deal with losses, every team experiences them at one time or another, but what I can’t deal with is the constant feeling that we’re underperforming, being outcoached, outworked, outmanned, beaten by teams that we *should* destroy, watching these teams celebrate on our field and talk about “signature” wins that are key for their program. What about our program? ND’s recruiting classes and performance on the field are so widely divergent that I’m really at a loss to explain what exactly is happening here, year after year. Right now we’re like an old heavyweight boxer who was once a big name and is just hanging on for a paycheck, who all the up and coming fighters fight and beat so they can add a big name to their resume. I feel like each year we’re excited by the top 10 recruiting classes but then the season starts and reality hits once again. I hope this is just growing pains and BK will be successful here as he was with Cincinnati. But the bottom line is I’m tired of being disappointed and discouraged. These games are no longer fun to watch. Seems that they haven’t been fun to watch in a long time. As ND fans we have to keep fighting, just as we want the team to keep fighting. Let’s hope for better times ahead because things really can’t get much worse.

  106. Tulsa and Navy should not be in the games with ND….. I am not saying an upset can never happen, but Navy dominated the game which can’t happen and ND got all the calls versus tulsa and still lost…..The phantom running into the kicker the illegal chop block call and a pass interference call all went ND way… Very bad calls.. an acceptable upset is a flat nd team which make huge mistakes and tulsa capitalize with some bad calls and tickerrations by tulsa = an ubelievable upset by tulsa who just happen to execute almost flawlessly to happen…. Not the CASE

    Reese played well against TULSA, which was good to see but it may not mean much because it was TULSA.. Still nice to see

    Cierre isn’t playing with any confidence at all.. Yes he is young but every other play he runs into the back of his linemen and stumbles..

    when he did decide to put his foot in the ground he did look good. To me he appears to be to big for a make u miss back..

    The offense line blew tulsa off the ball on some power plays and Cierre would only gain two yrds b/c of his indecisiveness which is b/c of confidence….

    1. Power,

      Need to talk football.

      There’s no way ND loses to Navy or Tulsa under Lou Holtz (or Ara or Devine). This team is just not that good if it loses to these teams on back-to-back weekends. Is that a negative statement? Are you being negative?

      I think TR will play well. I still don’t know if we have the right guy to run BK’s O, however. I’m anxious to see Hendrix. Hopefully, he can preserve his redshirt year. Why waste it at this point in the season.

      Cierre is a fine back. It just seems that like the rest of the team he has no confidence. But that’s understandable. Would you have any confidence right now? I hear that BK is really high on Savon Huggins, perhaps the best all-around HS running back recruit. He has power, speed, and the “make u miss” quality you like. Hopefully we can land him and he can compete with Jonas and Cierre next season.

  107. You, bet, all that positive thinking from some people here has sure made all the difference in the world for ND football over the last decade and a half. Hasn’t it? Just think pretty, happy thoughts and everything will work out fine. What over-pretentious, self-absorbed, psycho-babble BS!

    The only ones who need to be upbeat and positive to have an actual impact on the field are the coaches, staff, and players. But in order for that to happen wins need to pile up. Plain and simple. Football is a bottom line business. After every play, series, quarter, game, and season, it’s easy to see if you’ve succeeded or failed at your job (or assignment, for those who prefer putting it that way). No amount of positive thinking on anybody’s part here will impact the ND football bottom line. You either win or lose. You either kick a game-winning FG at the end of the Tulsa game or call a pass play and get it picked off and lose. Whatever mental energies I put into the game doesn’t transcend my living room and impact the coaches calling plays or players making them. If you believe your thoughts makes a difference in the outcome of a game, check yourself in to a funny farm.

    If this staff and players are so mentally and emotionally weak that our valid criticisms of them hurts their feelings and thus they can’t perform, then I don’t want them playing for ND. Last time I checked, people, everyone knows what they’re getting into when they accept a football scholarship or coaching job at ND. Criticism comes with the job when you play football at ND. Grow a set and live with it!

    1. I think the players are getting mantally tougher, not tough enough but hopefully will get there. I don’t question Brian Kelly’s mental toughness anybody who makes that call at the end of a game knows what will happen if it fails.To me a has some big brass balls to make a call like that(not smart but ballsy)I think when you make a call like that it puts confidence in your players that you believe in them.The problem is when it fails these kids have the oppisite happen.If it worked we would be talking all week about how great of a play call and how much confidence kelly has in his players.I don’t agree with the call I’m not sticking up for that but I think Kelly is a tough minded coach who will get his piont across.

  108. i was convinced kelly would do a great job here. I am shocked that it is falling apart.

    The only thing we can do in regards to the Sullivan investigation is wait. I have no issue with an outdoor practice, but somebody should have known not to send the kid up there. I think it falls more on the adult that runs the managers and video kids (which aint kelly). However, if that adult came to kelly and said its too windy, and Kelly overruled him. He should be gone.

    I have a hunch that Swarbrick was distancing himself from kelly at the presser. He wants arms distance now if he has to lower the boom on kelly.

    this is almost sacreligous to discuss; but would ND use this event to bail on kelly if he is to blame?

    i always saw patterson at TCU as a great ND coach, or harbaugh.

    when you think about it, when ND holds to its lofty academic requirements, this school has not won since devine left. thats 30 years. only when Lou go them to give him some chips every years did ND win.

  109. Could the schedule makers please please please work it so that our bye week is on Halloween weekend every year.

  110. The true testament as to how far ND has fallen is that it is not even news that a C-USA team came into S. Bend and beat Notre Dame. How much longer until NBC says no mas.

    My only hope is that BK is tearing down the house only to build it back up.

    I just wish in his presser that he would have just said, my bad made a bad call. Should have just put us in a position to win the game with a FG.

  111. I don’t think it’s fair to blame the death of that student on a head coach who wants to practice outdoors on a windy day. They play outdoors so they need to practice outdoors. When all of the answers to that tragedy are answered then you will have someone to blame.

    I thought they should have run the ball and then had Ruffer attempt a field goal but the game shouldn’t have come down to the final drive. A decent team would have drilled Tulsa. I watched USC and Oregon play later that night and our talent/speed/athleticism is sorely lacking compared to those teams. Until we upgrade in that area little teams will come to South Bend with a legitimate chance to win.

    You can’t hire a new coach every year and expect to be a top program.

  112. Needless to say, the naysayers (Pseudo-ND Fans)like to celebrate themselves again and again with a sick fabian society style approach.

    Just ask Lou about the 1st step to winning: “It requires a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.”


  113. Have you guys noticed we are losing recruits? We went from 20 down to 17 in a two week period. The season is lost and our recruiting class is falling apart.

    1. losses not that great or related to the season – the OL from Florida is the only real or unexplainable loss – Lynch is still committed to ND, Bruton the Linbacker went to Florida – it was known that if that school offered him a ride he would jump – so not that bad – most schools loose a recruit or two

  114. u guys need to calm down on firing him cuz of the way the team is going… its year 1 so there are gonna be bumps in the road.. add in the injury bug that has taken our starting halfback, #2 receiver, all american tight end, and starting quarterback. How can you expect the team to not struggle when the offense is supposed to be the stronger part of the team and we’re playing guys who would normally be reserved for blows outs or special teams in most cases. I love seeing Robby Toma turn it on, but when he becomes a prime target, we have an issue. Give it some time and realize its a tough situation. I’m not saying BK will make notre dame a legit power nationally again (its WAY too early to know what will happen a couple years down the road), but I’m not really sure what you can expect REALISTICALLY given the circumstances.

  115. nd forever,

    Fundamentals have been sorely lacking in the ND football team for a while now. On both sides of the ball and in all 3 phases. And don’t get me started on the lack of physical and mental toughness. I think we need 8 wins next year and 9 or 10 after that. Do that and I agree the recruits will come to S. Bend. Struggle the next 2 seasons and we’re in trouble and probably rebuilding again.

  116. It has to start with fundementals not just the players but the coaches and exept for coaching blunders this past week I see this improving.Then you get mentally tough I believe this is done in practice by being very demanding of the players.When I took over my highschool team 6 years ago they were terrible and had no toughness I demanded from them on every play to be perfect I started players who weren’t as good but had great attitudes and worked thier butts off.What this did is teach the kids coming up to bust thier butts for playing time.5 straight years of making playoffs and we finished second in our confrence 2 straight years.To me this is a foundation to winning year in and year out.Kelly is a very demanding coach and I think he is laying a foundation for winning it will take time and we will have to watch for a while a grit our teeth.If we can get to 8-9 wins a couple of years in a row the top talent will come and the foundation and expetations will be set. I know I’m a highschool coach but I think philosiphies are similiar.

  117. nd forever,

    I agree. We need to move beyond thinking of winning games and winning seasons and start to think about being great once more. How do we get there?

  118. Steelfanrob,
    I agree with you I just try to be realistically optimistic 🙂 as much as possible.The realist part is we really arn’t that talented the optimistic is I do see signs of improvment.I agree this thinking makes mediocrity ok but it’s about the only way I can watch games anymore. I hope we can get over this hump and not just for a season.

  119. True ND fans aren’t afraid to speak the truth. There’s no animosity when one points out that this team is abysmal. Our posts aren’t read by the coaches or players and even if they were, I’d hope they wouldn’t determine how the coaches coach or how the players play. If they’re so weak-minded that our comments one way or another affect them, then I’d really be worried about the kind of people we have representing ND football. Moreover, I don’t see all the “positive” thoughts producing wins. By the logic of some here, if we bury our heads in the sand and ignore reality then everything will be well. We’ll win all our games if we think pretty thoughts. That’s delusional.

    The recruits are decommiting because of the product on the field and not the comments on this or any other board. Start playing well and then the comments on the ND blogs and the attitude among the recruits will change. It’s that easy. Just start winning and everything will take care of itself. But how do we start winning? That’s the million dollar question no one on this board knows the answer to. But not being realistic won’t help ND football get back to where we all want it to be.

  120. On the one hand, we’re a few big plays from having a great season. Seriously. Other than Stanford and Navy, we’ve played well in each game. And, we have had a lot of key injuries. And on the defensive side of the ball, while we’re still very slow to the ball, we tackle much better than we did last year.

    As you can tell, I am reluctant to truly call out Kelly and blame him for our performance. Again, a win against State and a break or two against Michigan and perhaps our season looks a lot different than it does today. But, the call against Tulsa at the end of the game was, well, awful (at best). I don’t see, under any circumstances, how a coach takes the game away from a very good field goal kicker.

    So, if I were a recruit, I’d say that Notre Dame is probably going to be a lot better next year — both in terms of our record and our performance in big games. And, I would notice that the coach, in the first eleven months of his job, has improved some aspects of the defense despite having many of the same players.

    People make mistakes. Kelly made a big one on Saturday. But, of course, Tulsa was one of the smallest teams in all of college football. Kelly’s mistake, while significant, didn’t have to be. If we had played up to our potential, we never would have been in the situation. Hang in there, folks. This is a big week. Huge. Utah is a great team and a great program. It’s a good opportunity to get it back.

    Go IRISH!!!!!!

  121. A win against Utah and all this talk goes away. I no i no it wont happen but if it did it would help.
    I dont think its wrong to blame injuries. As any team to play without there starting qb, rb, te(whose best in the ncaa) 2nd reciever, dt and 2nd linebacker, and that team will struggle

    1. NDFAN,

      I agree I know every team has injuries this time of year but not every team is this severe.You can only have so many next guys in before you lose chemistry and talent.With the ijuries I don’t know if we are a better team then Tulsa.GO IRISH!!

  122. I just went to ESPN and is said nothing in the recruting section about Lynch decomitting.They did talk about Clay Burton decomitting and said most of the reason is his brother being at Florida also.If any of the recruits are reading these post think about this you will start right away and if you convince all your high profile recruit buddies to tag along they can all start also and build a good defense.You can play in 3-4 wich 65% of pro teams run so you can develop in this system.Wishfull thinking on my part and I figure I’ll try a sales GO IRISH!!!

    1. It was espn-chicago that reported it. Look under the Dayne Crist out for the season article and check on their specifically states exactly what i said. I know what i read and i wouldnt ever put anything other than what i either read or saw on here. I love notre dame just as much as anyone else and it sickens me to see this program at this level.

  123. ESPN is saying that lynch has decommitted and is reporting that several media outlets have been contacted by lynch to say just that

  124. For goodness sake. After the week these young men and the staff have been through how can any of you possibly criticize them. These kids and this staff experienced a death in the program, the loss of their starting quaterback, the loss of their starting running back, the loss of their starting and arguably most consistent defensive linemam and this short on talent team is still expected to win football games?

    I will not criticize or condemn any of them. I am proud of the way this team represents the university and I am behind the coaching staff 100%. I think in time ND will be competitive again. These young men and the coaching staff needs support and patience from all of us not condemnation.

  125. i guess armageddon is upon us.

    something worth noting. we should be more positive. while each individual post may have no effect on recruits and current players, as a whole, it probably does. i was angered by the douche ‘calling out’ crist for not stepping out of bounds…give me a break. i would love to see that guy tell crist to his face, why didn’t you just step out of bounds?

    it is the nature of the beast with anonymous online posting but if you are a true nd fan you should tone down the animosity. everyone is entitled to their opinion but somethings are better left unsaid…im just sayin

    1. Am I the “douche” you’re referring to? Lol some of you guys crack me up.

      Yes it was me Irishchan…. ( Jeremy Chandler ) of fort Wayne indiana who Ted here believes is a douche because he disagrees with my comment that I questioned DC’s choice of protecting himself and stepping out of bounds a yard earlier to prevent unnecessary contact.

      Which is fairly conventional wisdom that most coaching staffs will tell their quarterback as well.

      Look “hangerhead” I still believe that that he should have stepped out of bounds… He wasn’t mid field sacrificing his body for a third down conversion.

      Lol… If there anything else I say that you disagree with feel free to address me personally… I would be glad to expand on my thoughts so that there better understood.

  126. FXM,

    That’s where we’re at as ND fans. Some dark, twisted fantasyland. Some place where we need a miracle just to make it to some crappy bowl and hope the coaches can save our recruiting class. Yet, we’re counseled by some here to lower our expectations. How much lower can our expectations get than holdig out for miracles, making it to some crappy bowl, beating some crappy team, and hoping we get a top 10 recruiting class? I recall, FXM, when at this time of year we were talking NC. Do you recall those days? Seems like ages ago.

  127. irishfantotheend,

    Good post.

    But as for your point #3, the last time I checked, ND college football players have always been 18-23 years old, had school work to worry about, and girlfriend issues, etc. But in the past ND teams of 18-23 year-olds just found ways to win games and won titles. For the last decade and a half or more, however, ND football has found new and gutwrenching ways to lose to inferior talent. Are Navy and Tulsa good teams? OK. But are they teams that should dominate ND (Navy) and beat the Irish at home (Tulsa)? No. That good Navy team that some here were comparing to the 85 Bears just lost to 1-6 Duke! Let’s see how this Tulsa team finishes the season.

    With all due respects, we’ve been hearing these same excuses for years. At some point administrators, coaches, players, and fans need to stop with the excuse-making and admit that ND has been doing less with more than any team in D1A. Do we need to lower our expectations? How much lower can some people lower their expectations than the regular making of excuses for losing to Navy and Tulsa on back-to-back weekends. That’s as low as we can get as fans, some of us old enough to remember when we didn’t need to make or hear excuses because ND was winning national championships. That’s what I’d prefer to read and write about in the near future and not hear about what ifs and could’ve been or should’ve been, etc.

    Let’s hope BK takes some of the same advice as you shared with us from someone on his staff and evolves as a coach. You’re now at ND. This isn’t Cinci.

    Yes, indeed, GO IRISH!

  128. I don;t see any difference with last year, especially the arrogance. That is why we’ll see more of Diaco, no mistakes here.

  129. This is ROCK BOTTOM. I thought Kelly was alot smarter than this.And someone has to take responsibility for Declan’s accident. This was criminal negligence. Kelly should be FIRED immediately foe stupidity both on the field and off.Seriously folks what do we have to lose?

  130. Thank God we fired Charlie. We are soooo much better. We play a soft offense. We hired a stupid coach. What intelligence. Our Kicker is 18 for 18. We can run the clock down to the last seconds. So what does our brilliant coach do. Calls a pass with a freshman quarterback. Ill-advised doesn’t even begin to describe the lack of intelligence. Moronic is more appropriate. For all of those who thought Charlie was out of his league, Kelly is not even on the same planet. Like I said, over and over, we should not fire Charlie unless we had someone on a Gruden/Stoops/Sabin level of coaching ability (not necessarily ethics) locked up. Otherwise, we would just be spinning our wheels. Welcome to 4 more years of garbage.

  131. Does anyone have an idea as to how many schools have gotten their “biggest victory in program history” against ND over the last dozen years or so?? I’m putting the over/under at TEN

    1. fed up-
      I’ve been saying that for years. My motto is: “Notre Dame Football. Providing signature wins and ample highlight footage to lesser teams since 1998.” 🙂

      It’s true!

  132. so much to #1..i’m a lifetime IRISH fan..I BLEED BLUE AND GOLD (and GREEN from time to time) just like most of the fans on here do!! i’m a long time user of for Fighting Irish football info..but, this is the first time I’m posting..

    #2..the call to throw the ball at the end of the game with a Freshmen back up at QB was a HS and College QB, and now an Offensive Coordinator at the HS level with 18 yrs coaching experience, I hate to be critical of a fellow coach..its really easy to be an armchair QB from the couch in my house..but how about playing smart? and regardless of how bad you felt your team should have beaten the opponent on paper..take advantage of a Golden opportunity to win the game! i know..its easy to second guess..and if Rees hits Floyd for six we are all saying how genius it was to make TULSA think we were going to run the ball, then throw it up to your All American to win the game..but maybe in this instance..under the bout play the percentages ONE TIME!? maybe a couple of direct snaps to one of our experienced seniors..Maybe the big fella Hughes..with a lead back in front of we did earlier in the game, so that we are playing 11 on 11 (not 10 on 11 like on first down run the play before Rees threw the pick when we handed it off to Wood for a gain of one)..get the ball down to the 15ish..maybe even closer..then bring in your money kicker..and win the ball game..BK missed a great opportunity to win a football game and give a bunch of kids something to smile about after a very difficult week..the NAVY beating 7 days ago..the death of a fellow classmate a few days later..just an awful week..and worse not say “I blew it with that call” in the post game presser is just is my philosophy that a coach should ALWAYS give credit to his PLAYERS when the team WINS, and ALWAYS take responsibility for the LOSS when the team LOSES..especially with kids/young men..while the UND football team is a BIG TIME BUSINESS..these players are NOT his employees..lets ALL REMEMBER the players are NOT PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES!!

    #3..with that seems to me from all of the criticism of the players that I read after every loss, that alot of the people who post are forgetting a few things here..all of the crying and moaning about how we lost to TULSA? how we were even in the game with TULSA? how we didn’t blow out TULSA? well..lets try to remember people that these guys are NOT PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES..we are talking about young men here (some people my age might even call them kids) 18-22 yrs old..and for ND, the vast majority of them 18-20 yr old KIDS..College Frosh, Soph’s, and Jr’s running around out there on National TV every week..with a heavy dose of school responsibility on their plates..and girlfriend issues..etc..all while constantly under the ever critical eye of their head coach, and many millions of fans in the IRISH NATION..playing TULSA with young back-ups at four skill positions for at least three quarters of the game..A true Frosh back up QB in Rees, a redshirt Frosh back up tailback in Wood, a redshirt Frosh back up TE in Eifert, Goodman and Toma, both inexperienced, filling in for Riddick at Z, plus a Frosh at wideout in TJ, and three new OL starters with almost zero playing experience at the big time college level before this year! even Crist is only a redshirt Soph in his own right, after sitting behind Jimmy for two years..hmmmmmmmm..if my math is correct, which often isn’t the case i might add..that means that all game against TULSA? (a pretty decent football team actually) we played with three returning starters from our offense last year..and fans are wondering why we are having growing pains? why they are struggling to grasp a new offensive system..a system predicated on timing, knowledge, and execution? WHY against TULSA? come on realistic with your expectations and with your criticism of the young men playing for ND..the KIDS even..we should expect them to struggle while they learn..and praise them for their EFFORT while they do..period!

    and #4..we should never under estimate how the emotional state of these young men could have affected their performance yesterday..TULSA? well they just happened to come to ND this week..a week in which there was a terrible of their own..another student and member of the football family..falling and dying right there on the practice field..i mean who knows how many of these 18-22 yr old kids on the team have ever experienced death first hand like that many of them were emotionally drained from witnessing this tragedy..and spending such a long week mourning DS’s loss..and we are going to wonder WHY we could even be in a game with TULSA? WHY we didn’t blow them out like we should have on paper? well In sports we call that ripe..ripe for an upset that is..a physically beat up team..starters out due to injury’s all over the place..many in the line-up Green with inexperience to begin with..and understandably emotionally drained from a horrible tragedy a few days ago..RIPE!! an educated fan would have actually EXPECTED it to be a game this week and would have been extremely happy with a WIN of any kind against please..give the kids credit for playing their hearts out!!

    #5..all this simply brings me back to the first paragraph I wrote..this loss is on BK and BK in the physical and emotional state that they were in yesterday are going to make lots of mistakes..both mental and physical..and they fought their hearts out under those circumstances..the adult..the coach..should have realized that it was bound to be a game, rather than a blow out..and while a 36 yd field goal is never a certainty, even when your kicker is 18 for 18..if we play the percentages..and kick the field goal..and WIN the game..that two point WIN could have turned all the negative emotional baggage from this week into a positive experience..the University decided that instead of cancelling the game because of the tragedy, the team would PLAY the game in honor of DS..I like that decision..the field can be a great place to heal in times of duress in one’s personal life..but by putting the ball up..with a true Frosh QB there at the end to make a physical mistake..BK took away his teams best chance to actually WIN THE GAME for DS!

    Bottom line is..I want BK to succeed..because that means my IRISH are succeeding!! I think he can succeed too, if he Takes Responsibility for the bad decisions that he the one at the end of the TULSA game..and puts it on his shoulders..not his kids! I truly believe it will go a long way in his ability to continue to move forward in recruiting, and teaching these young men/kids both how to win football games, AND what men do when they make a mistake..confidence is tremendously important in all aspects of can lead people to do great becoming the HEAD COACH at ND!! but, BLIND HUBRIS is the root of much trouble and misery! Do the right thing BK..we all make mistakes..OWN UP..and lead OUR IRISH back to the top where we belong!!

    GO IRISH!!

    1. Fantastic post!

      You have gained instant credibility with me because of your coaching experience as well as your thoughts on the past week of football, loss of life of sullivan, and the responsibility of coach Kelly.

      I have a question for you as a coach. If we give BK three years to install his offense, allow a young team to learn it, continue to lose games & have kellys R.K.G’s decommitt do you believe that Kelly & his offense will be able to compete (with cinncinattie talent not top tier bcs talent) against the very tough
      schedules will be seeing in the
      coming years?

      My fear is that we at ND will be facing the likes of Texas & Miami U in the coming years. Not only will our players need to know the offense but will be facing much, much more talented athletes than navy or Tulsa. Can a less talented team beat a more talents using this system?

      To me it seems that these types of offenses require freak athletes to win championships. Would Florida had one championships without Tim T.? Would Michigan be as good without Robinson? And, would rich rod have a job after this season if he didn’t have Robinson?

      Personally I think that we as Irish fans need to study up on the past three years that wolverine fans have to overcome. We are so similar it is frighting!

      At any rate I hope that you continue to post coach! I really enjoyed your comments.

      Sent from my IPhone

      1. As far as recruting rankings especially on the offensive side of the ball are way over rated.The rankings are usually based on pro prospects so guy that are big fast recievers and runningbacks are rated higher.The little shifty guys are usually rated lower but can have great success in a spread offense(Marty Gilyard).They look at big strong armed qb’s.I remember nobody wanted Chase Daniels and look what he did for Missouri, but he was to small and had no arm strength.To me these are RKG’s they may not be top recruits but they are winners who fit a system perfect.people can throw recruiting rankings right out the window there are hundreds of examples of lower ranked players becoming all-americans.Brian Kelly need to get kids who don’t give up, play fundementally sound and are tough.You get 22 players like that and you will have success. As for needing a freak athlete to win a NC name one team that hasn’t had at least one freak on the offenseive and defensive side of the ball and has won a NC.Alabama runs a pro offense but they have julio jones, trent richardson, and Mark Ingram.I don’t think it matters what offense you run to win a NC these days you better have great players.

    2. irishfan:
      Very good post. You make good points and cogent thoughts. I don’t agree with everything, but that does not matter. I enjoyed reading it and you should post more.

  133. irisheye62,

    Welcome aboard, my brother! It’s high-time people staretd calling it like it is. You’ve done a great job doing so in your last posts. I can literally feel your (our) pain coming across my laptop screen!

    I want to remain hopeful. Hope is the last to go. But what do we have to be hopeful about? We’re losing key future talent left and right. Talent we’ll need to return us to the top. Like you said, we’re increasingly irrelevant, which means that top talent we need to return to the top won’t want to come to S. Bend. Our current coach is in way over his head. The administration is equally lost and disconnected from reality. I just don’t see where my (our)optimism can possibly come from, irisheye62.

    But against all common sense I’m going to hope for the miracle. I’m going to hope we somehow beat either Utah or USC and Army. Sneak into a bowl. Beat some third-tier opponent (which is what we are now) by a single point and sign most of the redruits we’ve lost, plus add a Savon Huggins and Ishaq Williams.

    That’s my wish for the Holidays, irisheye62. Does the above sound like negativism?


    1. Anything can happen, but the hope for Utah and USC at this point is that we survive. As for Army, it beat Duke by 2 TDs, who last week beat Navy, who…well yeah, so Army is not a gimme either. Could be looking at 4-8 but definitely 5-7. Ah well.

      1. Joe:

        We’re not beating both Utah and USC. My HOPE is somehow (by hook or by crook) beat Utah at home by 1 point (we can’t win by 1/2 point?). Hang on to beat Army by a few more points (not that we’ll dominate). Make a respectable showing in LA against SC. Maybe find a way to lose by less that 2 TDs. Then with extra practice beat some crappy team in some crappy bowl. Hopefully, BK and his staff can spin that ending to this season and convince a few kids to recommit and add a few more top recruits. We were on pace for a top 5 class. I’ll settle for a top 10 recruiting class right now.

        Look, I know we’ve been down this road before about getting excited abour recruiting only to be disappointed with player development. But whether it’s BK or somebody else it’s better trying to rebuild with talent than without it.

      2. In fantasy land, I think about Pitt going into OT with Utah in their house, in reality land I say, what team did we either beat or compete with that we can still… We are in trouble. In addition, I don’t know what to say about BK, I felt good about him, but I hear a lot of folks faulting the players, are Stanford’s players (except Luck) really that much faster and superior to our guys, and not withstanding our high standards even smarter to boot?

    2. Steel Fan:

      I’m on board, man.
      HECK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

      SOMETHING must be done—and not wait for this 5 year plan stuff.

      I’m going to have some more southern comfort right now.
      ( and no –I don’t drink –that much–until the past 24 hours.)
      THAT might be negative-but it is bad out here.

  134. ….. it’s hard to watch a team get worse as the season goes on. I don’t care who you play, 4 turnovers will kill you more often than not, along with giving up TD’s on special teams. The illegal formation penalties had me looking for a brick.

    Is #22 hurt, or is he just afraid of contact ?

  135. The top recruits don’t want to spend 4 years rebuilding. They want to win now. ND football is in a deadly cycle. Top recruits want to win. ND can’t win. But ND can’t win without top recruits. At this rate, this won’t be a top 25 class when we needed (and seemed headed for at one time) a top 5 class. If by some miracle ND could win its last 3 games and a bowl game, then perhaps most of these recruits will re-commit. Pray for a miracle end to this season to keep, regain, and add to this class. ND football needs all the help it can get right now.

    1. Steel Fan:
      You are right-I was wrong a month or so back. This must be viewed as corporate–at the collegiate level. Most schools are NFL factories.
      That isn’t “pure” football-but Div. I isn’t. So–we obviously can’t BEAT them, so we must JOIN them –and do whatever it takes and Pioneer into new turf so we can win on the turf –or at least for the Love of God not allow games to come down to a field goal with TULSA!!!!!!!!
      ( I bet the sales of Tulsa Golden Hurricane Shirts and what not go THROUGH THE ROOF this week not only there but with ND haters out there just as they did with Appalachian State a few years back after their win over Mich.)
      Oh, I can’t believe ND sunk this low. I feel as If I’m watching a ship sink as it leaves the harbor and I’m helpless to give any aid to the frightened passengers on board. Too dramatic? It’s the truth. Wake up the echoes?
      I would love to be in the Admin. Building this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      BTW, folks, I want no lectures. As a fan since age 4,, alum, family at ND and allegiance and all, I -LIKE the SUBWAY ALUMS have a right to question. I’m sick of the arrogance and just sick of this mediocrity altogether!

      1. Irisheye62-

        I hate to say it bud… but are we mediocre? Or are we worse than mediocre?

        It’s not often that my optimism waivers any where in my life. I’ve always looked for bright spots when it comes to ND football… especially this year. However I’m not seeing bright spots anymore.

        I’ll argue that we are down right piss poor.

      2. Irish Chan –not argument from me—
        I’m so freaking numb
        I don’t live and die by this sport ( and burn couches like the OSU fans in my area do-in wins and losses. This is just crap, crap, crap. We aren’t competitive. TULSA is competitive with us. and DUKE beating NAVY? WOW?????
        topsy turvey–only thing to make this worse is Nancy Pelosi showing up at my front door.
        Time for a drink-again.
        I have never been like this with this team–until now.
        Piss poor?
        We aren’t even that good !

  136. Aaron Lynch decommited today…Tuitt up next. If we lose Tuitt, this entire recruiting class is worthless.

    1. great -decommited —
      I’m going to commit myself to the local looney bin and spontaneously combust.
      The sport I love the most, and the team I love most -as we all do–is losing rank and file. It’s like Custers last stand all over again. Except, that battle was won by the Lakota and Cheyenne in less than three hours and this is taking place over a decade and a half. I’m going to have a glass of southern comfort–or two. At least if you are southern and part of the SEC, you are sure to have the National Title go through your conference with somebody there—like we USED to.
      Make that three glasses.

  137. irisheye62,

    Thanks for putting it out there. ND can’t have it both ways in today’s college football world. It can’t insist on admiting only future Rhodes Scholars and Noble-Prize winners and still be competitive. Every so often a Stanford will have a successful season. But unrealistic admissions standards won’t translate into continuous top 5-10 seasons. You want to play and admit only Ivy-Leaguers, then go play in the Ivy League.

    I’m not saying become USC,Ohio State, Alabama, or Michigan and their likes. We do need to take a risk on a few top recruits here or there, like we did under Dr. Lou. Like someone else said, Tony Rice, Chris Zorich, Jerome Bettis all turned out all right. Didn’t they?

    ND is at a cross-roads, like irisheye62 correctly says. ND has to decide whether it wants to compete at the D1A level or remain stuck in the past and eventually become irrelevant to college football (and risk losing tons of money for academics that come from football).

    1. Steel Fan :

      Glad you agree. This is not about ME to be sure. Notre Dame, is STUCK like a badly damaged record or CD.There are WAY too many scratches–and way too many fans scratching their heads too!
      BOTTOM LINE: risk losing tons of money for academics that come from football.That money is not all from FB as we have assetts beyond compare. I know that first hand. HOWEVER, what is the first thing MOST people think of when it comes to Notre Dame?
      Our GLORIOUS PAST!!! We can’t deny that and some ivory tower professors scorn that but it is true. ( Ironic, since that prof. is being paid a fairly good wage because of FB and assetts. )
      I hope the UNIV. ADMIN. WILL THINK ON THIS–because it is PAST TIME–
      BTW, we are SADLY becoming irrelevant because the coverage on sports center for Notre Dame is an AFTER THOUGHT except for Mich. and
      Mich. St “PHEN PLAY” of the Century. We have less time on ESPN talk than ever. I’ve clocked it–less than 17 min.
      Even Tennessee gets more and things aren’t happy in not too academic minded orange volunteer land right now.
      Anyone, anyone?

      Stunned, sick, shaking my head, wondering what, why and
      how to fix this PAST dynasty.
      I’m just physically sick-literally.

  138. This is not going to be popular but I’m going to post it anyway.
    Notre Dame is at a crossroads ( again, duh.) Looking at not just the loss to Tulsa but the change in regimes from Davie to the present, there is a most unpleasant pattern. Looking ahead to the 2012 schedule, Notre Dame must step it up or join the likes of the BIG EAST ( which we are a part of in every sport, save for football) or keep our high academic standards and join the Ivy League. I do NOT say that lightly, but with all seriousness.
    Truth be told, if 60 of the 80 players admitted to the University are not the brightest and best it will not “tarnish the Dome.” The University is in its stride at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Bravo!
    Now-for the business of Saturday football. Allow the players who can play REAL football IN to the Univ. give them a tutor, light schedule, graduate them or let them pass on the NFL and they can come back to the Univ. Surely, some type of legal contract can be made between the individual and the University via the program. Yes, it is “nice” to see Notre Dame in the top three-five or ten in graduation rates. They don’t give a damn about that at the BCS. THAT IS BUSINESS. NOTRE DAME REMAINED AN INDEPENDENT BECAUSE OF BUSINESS REASONS. I APPLAUDED THAT. THEREFORE, if we wish to keep NBC or perhaps obtain our OWN network ( there’s a thought) and reamin independent, then we need to compete on the field. 60 of our 80 some players who are not Einstein’s will not diminish the prestige of ND.
    The Univ., South Bend and the area both make beaucoup bucks through the game. It is PAST time to remember that.
    If we want JOHNNY ACT to play for us, fine. Then we should play Yale and company via the Ivy League. We are up there academically and could play with them and they would love the spotlight I’m sure.
    The Administration would not be compromising its “ideals” by thinking about the program, its future, and avoiding embarrassment with the likes of programs who care next to nothing about Academics on the field.
    Honor incredible student achievement at a pre-game or half time and make damn sure it is seen on NBC . We have the clever students to be presented that. The ND commercials with the Irish Blessing are what ND is all about.
    However, money operates a University and its programs–and that includes–football. The Univ. Administration cannot afford to move slow like the Vatican on this. The time has come to get the head out of the sand ( and other places) and move with the times—and YET keep the ND identity. We CAN have it both ways. ( folks out there HATE us for having an NBC contract and being Independent and the LOVE that we are anything but second tiered right now–and have been for long enough. SO–forgive them and then give them A REAL reason to hate and be jealous of us–with athletes on the grid iron being the first call to order–and academics on the list–even with academic probation. Again, the Lady on the Dome will not fall off if we do this. It’s business-we have 19,000 students that can keep our integrity as such. ) A move must be made, to bring the horses into the barn with athletic speed, NFL bound and what not or simply turn the page and reflect on a dynasty which is in the past.

    1. So you are pretty much saying, crap or get of the pot of gold.
      I agree, the university needs to revisit their admissions standards and decide if they just want to field a team or if they truly want to contend for a NC. I don’t understand why they don’t see the problem or if they do, refuse to address and make changes necessary to get ND back.

      1. What I’m saying is that with 17-20,000 students can certainly carry the prestige of the University . Less than 80 football players who are NOT Rhodes Scholars and NOT scoring 29-30 or 34-35 on the ACT TEST ( out of 36) is not going to make Humpty Dumpty fall. The true HORROR is that if we “DO NOT put Humpty Dumpty back together again”
        the Irish will, I fear, NEVER be a top contender again.
        By TODAY’S STANDARDS, Zorich would not be on the team.
        HOUSTON-we have a MAJOR PROBLEM in the offices of the Golden Dome.
        National TITLE? Huh, I just want to be in the top 25 then top 10 and WIN a BCS GAME in MAJOR FASHION!
        My ultimate fantasy?
        KILL OHIO STATE-( I live here in Columbus, Ohio due to job–and can’t believe the delusional world they live in with a scrimmage schedule and 1/4 of the big 10 very light. OSU is set up for success. ND–also is in a delusional world of another kind for other reasons. Our “cupcakes”
        have beaten us!
        Again, UGGGH.
        Yeah-crap or leave the pot of gold and -the NBC contract–and the money—and —becoming a museum piece of college football much like Yale is now -and what they once were. We ARE HEADING THAT WAY. ACADEMICALLY ITS GREAT–then we should just play YALE and COMPANY.
        Sorry, LafDomer, I’m not Angry at you. I just want to SCREAM in the Admin. Building-out of touch-arrogant people that they are.

  139. I wish I had stock in Depends, Frank is right with two weeks to regroup! Tommy did an outstanding job and now two weeks to practice with the starters. We will see a different team? Yes. A winning team? The season is not over till it is over. #8 Utah barely escaped Airforce. No predictions, crystal balls are worthless in the game of football.


  140. Brian Kelly owes an apology to:Tommy Rees. The players and coaches. The Irish Nation. He lost this game! Period. No reason what so ever to throw the football. I am a kool aid drinker to some extent and I can’t swallow this loss. I would ask even the most ardent kool aid drinking, rose colored glasses wearing fan to explain to me how this call was justified.

    BK owes me: $900 for a 50″ plasma tv. $300 for repairs to the wall behind the tv. $350 for a new grill in my suv that sits in the garage behind the wall that is behind the tv. No charge for the brick as it was not damaged.

    Coach uses words like accountability, responsibility, integrity and honesty.These words will ring hollow indeed if he does not step up and take SOLE blame for this loss. If he does not, I personaly will lose a ton of respect for him. Yes, the d gave up the last drive, the special teams played like shit, but BK had this game in the bag and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    There is no i in team, but there is an i in Brian. As in I made a bad call.
    I should have ran the ball to position for a field goal. I should have let the best kicker in the country put this game away.

    The hundreds of “football sins” that Kelly rants and raves about to his players coming to the sidelines do not amount to this gravest football sin he committed yesterday. A football sin of commission and omission.

  141. Here’s another questions.

    Why did Dayne Crist decice to take the hit on side line for an extra 2-4 yards?

    You’re not a running back Crist… step out of bounds for cryin out loud!

    1. come on bro. is it necessary to point that out? jesus dude. you do realize these are 18-22 year old kids, right? talk about shitting on a man when he is down. please step down from your royal fing arm-chair and get some perspective.

  142. I am numb. I am beyond words. It ” just a game” I know.
    I’m disgusted. Yes, as we all know, the play calling at the end.
    WHY ( there’s my CAP LOCK key again) WHY did it come down to THAT?

    Living in Columbus, Ohio, people asked why Tulsa? I replied, “it’s like
    you buckeyes playing mighty powers in your scrimmage part of your season with Eastern Michigan, Kent and Akron. ( ewwww) and –San Jose. St. ALL at home to bloster your win columns and get the chinks out of your armor before you play three tough games a season–or four.”
    They looked and said “oh” ( bucks don’t play Mich. St. this year-)

    Now after this loss, coupled with Dukes win over Navy I have no more replies, no more blood in my veins, nothing -just numb.
    Still love ND.
    This is like a bad marriage right now.
    Better fix something soon or we will need Judge Judy.

    WHY Brian? Why?

    To make matters worse I agreed with Mark May ( as most here did)
    Just run the clock, 42 seconds left, field goal, win the game.
    Lou, ( GOD bless him) -in his own classy way, never questioned Brian Kelly. That is respect on his part.
    I’m not the former head coach but wonder, what the hearts and minds and heads must be doing right now.
    I’m sick at heart.
    Very sick.

  143. Like Navy – smaller, faster, more athletic and can execute. Shame on the play call that ended the game, though, it shouldn’t have been that close to begin with. Heck of a job by Rees. Actually wanted to see him earlier in the season to start to develope. Crist just doesn’t cut it. Defense and special teams have gone missing! Very worried about recruiting now. Only selling point now is national tv and shame on the networks for putting these guys on every week. Maybe one more win against Army? This program wouldn’t even be a force in the Big East of which I was starting to believe they should join a few years back. Ivy league would be better suited for this program.

  144. 3rd and 26…..I repeat, 3rd and 26 and we don’t dial up an all out blitz?
    The way we were getting to the QB there would have been no time for a play to develop for 26 yards. As horrible a play call to end the game was that call by Diaco was almost as bad. Can’t even believe, even with all of our injuries and the tragic death of a young man aside, that we even needed a last second field goal to win it against Tulsa….Freakin Tulsa. Going to work on Monday is not going to be fun.

    1. I don’t agree with an all out blitz but u can’t play prevent either I would have blitzed up the middle so he can’t step up and throw, maybe a stunt also.When I saw them convert that I figured we were going to lose.Prevent defense only prevents you from winning.

      1. We had sacked him 5 times already and presured the heck out of him numerous other times…Bring the house, win the game.

      2. 3rd and 26 …. whether the D blitzed or not, how many teams convert?… only against ND. Its a shame. I agree though – if they sent the kitchen sink in on a blitz on that play, ND would have won the game, with either a sack or stop of a short screen.

  145. This program has hit an all-time low, which may be a blessing in disguise. We all know the last two coaches were fools gold in their first year. This team, including the coaching staff, can see they have a long way to go. Kelly’s “5 minute Plan” is a thing of the past and a 3-5 year plan is more realistic.

    Kelly has a proven track record and he will learn from this. He will get players that fit better into his system because it’s fair to say that the current players don’t. I know from a win/loss perspective, this season is lost, but from a foundation standpoint, this season may be what this team needed.

    Look at how many young players are getting meaningful game experience. The Crist injury allows Rees to play the rest of this season and it’s clear that Rees is better suited to run the spread. The spread did not seem natural to Crist, but it did to Rees because he ran it in high school. Crist will probably miss the spring because this injury sounds worse than his last one. Rees and Hendrix will get the reps in the spring and then the competition wil start in the fall. Instead of having one QB, we will have 3 battling each other which will make them better.

    With the injury to Allen, we will get to see more of Wood. He is more of a big play threat than Allen. As he continues to get game reps, he will start to use his talent and not be so hesitant. I think they should also play Gray over Hughes so that next year we will be better off.

    With Rudolph out, Eifert is getting his experience as well. Toma looked good in the slot and he got his chance because Goodman couldn’t hold on to the ball. We need to keep in mind that this team is still young and while we will probably get waxed in the 3 remaining games, we are getting these younger guys some experience.

    Give this team another off-season with Longo and a spring that can be used for development instead of installation and next year may see some improvement.

    I know that Kelly has made some bone head calls, but he has won over 70% of the games he has coached. I want to see what he can do with the players he recruits and I want to see how these players respond after a few years in the system. Kelly has faced more adversity than ever and we will see how this changes him. We all need to remember how frustrated we were with Weis because he was too predictable and conservative. At least Kelly is agressive and in the long run, it will pay off.

    ND is not and has not been a top team for years, so let’s stop thinking that we are and let a man who has proven he can build a program do his job. In the past, coaches were judged by what they did in year 3, so I think Kelly at least deserves that.

    1. Cav-
      I agree about Crist and Rees. I wrote several times last week that I thought Crist should have been benched and that Rees and Montana should play. Ended up happening for different reasons.

      Crist is damaged goods, physically and mentally. The program needs to consider him done and move on. I know he is a very good kid and I wish him the best in all that’s ahead of him. But I doubt very much that he can/should return as a starter. The team needs to put its stock in other QBs…

  146. Every year we hear can they keep the class together, and every year this the class to save us. It is all bullshit. I dont blame previous coaches I blame the administration. Stop thinking your school is elite and start competing. I think the players have a sense of entitlement. This school needs to change the way they think and adapt or this is what you will get.

    1. Jack – agreed …the lack of adapting, or the pain of a half-baked attempt at adapting is what we are witnessing. The similarities with the program at Michigan are kind of eerie.

    2. Jack:

      Amen –read what I wrote about things and the past dynasty ( scroll down)
      Notre Dame and Ivy league and all.
      I agree Jack.
      If this admin. moves like
      the Vatican we are in trouble
      Again, Ugggh.

  147. Much the smae old stuff. PLay call at the end of the game to sya the least very questionable – how many tinmeouts were left? Run the ball to the center of the field and set up a field goal – was the wind a problem for the kicker? still questionalbe about the call – hte one consistent bright spot all real – special teams fell apart. The D overall not bad except for the first two drives and the last one -3 and 26 are you kidding.

    Rees for the most part I think looked more comfortable out there than Crist. We will see considering who he has to go against. Where was the running game – you ahve to be able to get something on the ground.

    BK really hs to look at Diaco and reexamine his own play calling. We all have to accept the team is in a rebuilding mode and go from there Remember Holtz had a loosing season his first year. Lou’s reaction or lack of it on ESPN after the game gives a good indication of how good that last call was. Like some of you have said BK has to realize what level he is at now you can’t get away with a lot of that like you could at Grand Valley, in the MAC, or the really overrated Big East. Time and patience let’s look for improvemnet next year and go one year at a time. The recruits that decommitted not really on Kelly – the Burton kid wnated Florida all along and once the gators made him an offer he was gone – the Lynch kid is still with ND and the other kid from Florida was also just wainting for something from the SEC – so don’t lay that on Kelly

  148. ND will lose the last 3 games of the season. I doubt very much that we will beat Army. Again, “talent” level of the players don’t matter. Army’s players are MUCH more disciplined and have smarter coaches. Kelly’s first year will be 4-8. Utah and USC will be losses with a combined 100+ points allowed. There is no reason to even make the trip to LA, other than the fact that they have to.

    As I talked with my wife last night about all of this, this is the cold hard reality. (Get ready for the DUH moment) Notre Dame football is one of the worst teams in the game. That is not going to change for some time. It will indeed take YEARS before there’s any material glimmer of hope. I predict that, in 2013, we MAY crack the top 25, although that may be ambitious.

    We all, IMHO, need to stop talking about ND’s great traditions. They don’t matter, at all, right now. For all intents and purposes, ND is a school that is new to the college football world. They are starting over and our expectations, as fans, should be very very low. Baby steps for the next several years. My opinion…

    1. You may be right.
      I hope you are not.
      The 2012 schedule is TOUGH-
      ( local team in Columbus, Ohio wouldn’t even DARE think of such a schedule.)
      Here we are two years away and GOD help us Miami winning 58-7? I can hardly say it.

      We have not been the same since Boston College kicked the field goal at the last second of the last game.
      Really-we haven’t.

      I’m sick at heart.
      Just sick for everything that could be Notre Dame.
      I just want them to be competitive. That’s a START-not a plea for mediocrity-but this and that combined is NOT competitive. It’s awful.
      Just a game. ND

  149. Regards to the horrible call to allow a freshman QB to throw into the endzone, when all we needed was to kick a field goal, I am in disbelief. When Coach Kelly said after the game, “We were the fightin irish today… you better get used to it, cause that is the way we are playing.”

    … I am afraid he is NOT the right guy for the job. By his 100% pedal to the metal mentality – he displayed his inability to understand WHEN a leader has to strategically make the WISER decision. He failed us twice this week because of his inability to respect the value of knowing when to be strategically conservative.

    I DO believe the guy should be FORCED to play and understand how to play the game of chess. If he has – he would know – that making moves that are less aggressive often are more strategic and essential to victory. He would know that a brake pedal in a car, is a strategic component, that can allow a driver to drive faster, when used timely. Leaders have to know when to pull back the reigns – even when a kid would do something that he thinks is okay.

    Unfortunately for the ND community, BK showed the same reckless abandon when he allowed the team to practice outside on Wednesday, without thinking of the risks, based on the environment, and make appropriate adjustments to his gameplan. The 100% pedal to the pedal attitude – is idiotic. Sometimes the leader, has to STOP, and THINK, and proceed with an adjusted mindset.

    BK was painful to watch in the press conference defend his decision, as if we don’t understand.

  150. 30-28 win over Tulsa or a 27-28 lose to Tulsa…. Does it really matter?

    What happened to ND special teams


  151. 30-28 win over Tulsa or a 27-28 lose to Tulsa…. Does it really matter?

    What happened to ND special teams?

  152. Require a win against Utah? Hah. I just hope we can pull one off against Army. I do hate to say it guys but I think we may be witnessing the worst single season record since Joe Kuharich was in South Bend(4-8) ? Sorry to all those Weis haters out there but atleast he did leave us with bowl eligibility in his final season.

      1. Ewww I did forget about that one I guess the ’05 and ’06 seasons overshadowed it and of course repressed memories my friend …. PLEASE LOU HOLTZ COME SAVE US!!!!

      2. We will lose to Army. The fact that anyone mentions the word “bowl” and “Notre Dame” in the same sentence is absolutely hilarious, unless they are referencing cereal.

        I quote Jim Mora: “PLAYOFFS?! PLAYOFFS?! YOU KIDDIN’ ME?! PLAYOFFS?!”

  153. I am disappointed by the general lack of patience on this board and the hindsight. To be honest, the jury is out on Kelly and Navy was certainly disappointing, but this was pretty much as I expected it to be. We’ve been pounded by injuries on both sides of the ball, Tulsa actually does have a good offense and our D for the most part stepped up to hold them. I LIKED the call to throw the ball; it’s just that our frosh QB missed the throw. You have to have confidence in your players to make plays and the guy had thrown for a ton of yards and 4 TDs. A TD puts the game out of reach, whereas a FG allows Tulsa an opportunity to drive back down and score a FG against us. I like that BK was going for the win and not just being conservative. I think you all are quick to criticize in retrospect. If BK runs up the middle on 2nd and 3rd downs and then Ruffer misses the kick, everyone would be screaming about why we weren’t more aggressive in passing the ball and going after it.

    The bottom line is that this team is mediocre. BK is working on installing his system. Be patient and give it time. If it turns out that we’re still this bad at this time next year, I’m all for sounding the alarm bells. And yes, I’m frustrated as all get out that we lost, and if we really want to get upset, what the heck happened to special teams today? They were terrible!

    1. It is not just the fact that ND is losing games. It is “how” the games are lost, if you will. And it is the total lack of intensity that has permeated the team, which seems to have started mid-season. And, at least in my case, you are wrong about screaming and complaining had Ruffer missed the field goal, after running the ball up the middle. I would NEVER have complained about that call, because it is the right call, period. Per your own admission, our D did an ok job of stopping Tulsa’s offense. You’ve got a freshman QB in the game and the hottest kicker in college football on the sidelines.

      As I’ve said ad nauseum like it’s a disclaimer now- I am not calling for Kelly’s dismissal. That would be ridiculous. But I am saying that he has ALOOOOOT to learn. This ain’t the Big East, opponent-wise.

      Respectfully, I disagree we are a “mediocre team”. We are a bottom-50 team, perhaps one of the worst teams in football, and completely starting over. It is going to take years and I do not think we will see any material improvement until 2013. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s just my opinion.

      I support Brian Kelly and I think he can turn this program around. Diaco should be fired on Christmas Day, however.

  154. Now that I have calmed down a little I will talk about the positives.Tulsa is not a bad football team and they have scored pionts against everybody, considering our lack of speed and some bad defensive playcalling they played well, I thought they took Tulsa’s qb out of his comfort zone.I said before Tommy Rees has progressed very well since the Michigan game.He is a back-up and only gets so many snaps at practice and to see his development makes me feel like BK knows how to develp players.Roby Toma I felt did a very nice job for a kid who didn’t play last year and sparingly this year, so again a kid who has developed pretty well.Cierr Wood missed some cuts that he should have made but is starting to run harder and is making better cuts, when he learns how to be more patient and read his blockers a little better he will be great back in this offense.I really feel Kelly is demanding perfection from his players and I know I have said this before but if you keep demanding kids to be perfect and you show the kids thier mistakes then good things will happen eventually.Give Kelly a few years of working with these kids they will get it.I will not talk anymore about poor playcalling and in all honesty if I were Kelly I would play the kids that I feel are a fit for the offense, play the younger guys and get reayd for next year where you will have all of spring ball and summer to perfect thier mistakes from this year.That’s how you build a team from crap to champions it doesn’t happen overnight.I’m done being negative for this week I already had my

  155. you can talk about good players, bad players, injuries, slow defense, no running, lousy coaching, good coaching and anything else you want. the fact of the matter is with 41 seconds left in the game notre dame was a 99% bet to win that game. that is until one the worst calls in college football history. there was no reason to throw a pass in that situation. and after a timeout no less! you know notre dame is known for its high academic standards. well judging by the mistakes and decision making made over the last few seasons by both coaches and players it seems more like a special ed school. coach kelly you lost this game. coach sometimes you can outsmart yourself.

  156. I think we have been tricked and treated in the spirit of halloween with the last few coaches we’ve had. They managed to start winning right away as far as Weis and Willingham. Then, the steady decline. I think its probably not the norm what we experienced in the last 2 hires to have success so quickly only to be exposed in the bowl games. I’ll take my lumps now and would rather build up a program. As i said in an earlier post, if Reese was Kelly’s recruit he did a great job yesterday so i have hope. This sucks and i cant even watch sports center. I agree about the terrible play calling by BK all season but i dont think there are any quick fixes to a coaching vacancy at ND and nobody wants the job so we have to ride this out as painful as it is. Lets see what happens in year 3 and try to cover our eyes the next few weeks.

  157. I really feel for the players…

    What kind of man coaches a team for 3 yrs and brings them to the biggest game in the history of there program and leaves???

    I was happy when he did it for selfish reason but u have to look at the question hard…

    1. I agree with your posts. Your wife was right–and should have been right.
      THAT SAID, Like it or not-this is business. Brian Kelly took the job when it was offered.
      He was not PERMITTED to coach the game. This is the usual
      call by Athletic Directors.
      It was timing. ND could have waited perhaps–but its business. This is not a reflection on Brian Kelly, the man. ( now his “pro-choice” beliefs are a different story–and for a different site-just saying.)

      1. I understand, it is a business and it does invovle young Men 17, 18 plus…. But Tremendous Character over shines once in a lifetime business opportunity. I am not saying that I didn’t want him to come coach us right away or that I would have had the Character to not abandon the young men I coached prior to the biggest game in there lives for an ubelievable offer that would be better for me and my family…. But Temendous Character doesn’t Kill a little babies when your daughter is raped and the pre born in considered to have major mental disabilities. That is why some things should not be a choice and sometimes the right decision is the hardest decision… Business is becomming to much of a justification for lack of character, and often a business decision personnally affects others.

      2. POWER:

        I understand what you are saying and it is ethical.
        From what I understand, however, NOTRE DAME ADMINISTRATION put the timing on Kelly as much on anything if not more. ( This prior to the bowl game with Cincinnati. I could be wrong-but I could be right. From all the tone of the media, the sites–including here, the TIMING was MORE ND than anything to SECURE a coach.
        So—please advise if the situation back in late December is different. BTW, Cincinnati is not so hot this year without Kelly. They REALLY didn’t stand a chance against Florida last year, did they??? Again, you probably know more than I –but the timing was ND-I believe.

      3. I think you are correct about the ND being the major factor and I did defend Coach Kelly at the time when he left cincy… I just was hot after the loss and I am a little disappointed with Kelly at this point… I do hope he turns into a better Coach.. I have a feeling that Coach Kelly might end up abandoning ship due to his history, which I prefer not letting him change the roster the next few yrs and then leaving us in at square 1.

  158. Ted

    I thought the same thing about the trick play for the score… I bet frank would take back his argument about a non gimmicky offense now…

  159. “ND fans get use to it” Coach Kelly says… He will not learn from his mistakes… He could win a game with a field goal or throw the ball up
    1 on 1 with a fresh qb.. HMMMMMm!!!! That comment scares me more than anything… does he not realize bad decision even in hind sight… There isn’t one way to win or to coach. Each situation needs its own good coaching decision….

  160. Defense— how about coaching a little bit on defense….. U talk about how slow ND defense is why not play Flemming/ Neal / Shembo/ brian smith/OR flier at defensive ends on certain pass downs to maybe get a pass rush and move cap and johnson to the dt pos.. Watching Cap lewis walking into the offensive tackle and providing no pressure on the QB was pathetic and not a option for a quality defense or a quality defense coach…

  161. i am at a loss. shame on you bk for such a retarded play call. you are not at grand valley state anymore kelly! while i give him credit for the trickeration, it is a bad sign when you need tricks to play with tulsa

    props to reese. though clearly less talented than crist, he was calm cool and collected and put the ball where he needed to most of the game. i feel for crist, but his development was slow coming. this might have been a break for the team.

    although the d only gave up 13 points, they were gashed all day. so many plays of 10 plus yards. don’t even get me started on the 3rd and 26. can someone tell me why the linebacker sat 10 yards deep? come on, know the fing situation!

    utah will put up 50 against this d. we will get killed by usc. watching them against oregon right now, they are really hitting their stride.

    this recruiting class is full of the positions we need the most. offense and defensive linemen. we haven’t controlled the line of scrimmage since davie. this will be vital to future success. we have to be able to run the ball and get after the passer.

    the season is clearly over. we are rebuilding. to be honest, after the first 3 losses, who cares how many more we lose? since we have no conference, all that matters are national championships. all that matters are national championships.

    1. Ted–You are right!
      Needing Trickery to win with Tulsa??? Oh my, how low we have sunk. and we didn’t play with Tulsa–they determined the tone of the game–we played with them–FOR them.
      I’m sick. I know it’s just a game. I was so mad I went to bed and woke up about 4 hours later only to see USC with speed against Oregon. Yes , they lost but they are improving.
      I agree with you on so much.
      remember -4 yards in the first half against Western Michigan. Uggh, this is a low.
      Faust years, anyone?

  162. The worse things get the more they are going to affect everything they already have 2 decommits hope they show a little in the last 3 games because i dont think things could get anyworse for this school right now we will have to wait and see. If anyone can tell me what the local call in radio show for the IRISH is??????? the website and if they have a podcast so i can listen online could someone post and let me know the website Thnx!!!!!! keep posting everybody good or BAD great to read

  163. Floyd was given a 15 yrd cushion on plays… they spread him out as far as possible and threw him the ball every once in a while….
    I know they threw bubble’s and swing passes at the soft corner which of course worked but why not just get floyd the ball right away and let him do his thing versus the soft corner especially since they had a frosh qb QB????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Did anyone count the three and outs??? Notre Dame’s offense consist of throwing the ball down the field and looking great on one drive hopefully ending in a score or 3 incompletion and coach kelly screaming like a moron…

    I thought if nothing else that he knew how to win games… I don’t know if he is just overwhelmed by all the stupid booster club meeting and press but he as of right now is a total loser…. I feel bad for some of the top rank players in the country getting booed of the home field ….

  164. On the Positive side it is nice to see franks commentary back….

    Reese I guess played well for a freshmen….

    WOW!!! That was Ugly and embarrassing…. I never expected Coach Kelly to lose these games…Navy and Tulsa… I thought for sure he was a good enough coach to win against the lower level teams of DIV 1 football from his past resume…. Please no one mention the players b/c he never coach these caliber players before… He never had this much talent as a team and it shows… I really don’t understand how he won in the past..was he lucky… Freshmen QB no exp… he should of went conservative in the 1st quarter when the got the lead. I seemed like the players are growing tired of his yelling and walking right by him on the sidelines as he blames his incompitence on the college athletes…. I felt bad for the team as they were booed out of there own stadium…

    1. The fans were not booing the ND team, they were booing the Tulsa band for playing their own Alma Mater, during ND’s Alma Mater. Tulsa showed they have no class.

    2. power run- That’s an excellent observation regarding players walking past Kelly on the sidelines. I noticed that too man. Yelling only works when your players respect you. I will GUARANTEE you that the respect is fading, particularly after that call at the end of the game, coupled with BK’s uber-arrogant presser…

      I had NO IDEA Kelly was like this.

    3. powerrun- they weren’t booed out of their own stadium. The boos were directed at Tulsa’s band, which played their fight song during ND’s singing of the Alma Mater. The singing of the Alma Mater is a tradition at ND home games, win or lose, and was especially poignant due to the death of a student just days before- so it was viewed as poor sportsmanship to play the Tulsa fight song at *that* particular moment.

      1. i am happy about what u guys said about the booing.
        I hope the players Understood…
        As for tulsa playing there song, they were probably just so excited and didn’t even think about what ND was doing…Not the right thing to do by Tulsa and it was distracting during the Alma Mater, which I really enjoy after a game….

  165. I cant beleave they threw it into the endzone when all you have to do is kick a fieldgoal this one is on BK!!!!!! Terrible to see Crist go down but was very impressed with the play of Rees at times during the game. The bye would be at a good time if we had pulled this one out. The D played pretty well till that 3 and 23 cannot belieave they converted that just terrible. I live in Toronto Canada cannot imagine how much worse the bloging is going to be after this one plus the local radio call in shows YIKES LOOK OUT!!!!!!. Just dont know what to make of this team the injuries are brutal but the IRISH are just snakebitten right now. Some one was saying earlier this week that this senior class is on pace to have the most losses in a 4 yr stretch??????? just brutal the only positive i can take out of this season so far is alot of guys are getting playing time could be alot of new starters next year never seen a team have this many injuries to such key players in all the years i have watched Notre Dame. These are very troubled times hope some time sooner then later the boys can be competiative again. And for the group of people that go to the games and sit on there hands you people suck !!!!!!! that stadium noise for the most part is a joke if there was ever a time to be loud it would be for this team they need all the help they can get yeah i know the product suxs right now but show some emotion good or bad instead of the sound of silence!!!!!!

  166. I could care less about the visiting team playing during the Alma Mater.
    I can only imagine what Lou would have done after a loss, would he hold hands and rock back and forth? Keep it for the fans and Alum, play it after the players leave the field like they use to. (thanks for nothing Charlie)

    I agree with Irishchan on this… expect more bands to disrespect us in the future.

    1. ITA. This new “tradition” blows chunks. How about starting a tradition of actually beating the crap out of teams instead of swaying back and forth like a bunch of little girls?

  167. Dayne should take a year off and transfer. I feel real bad for this kid, I think he needs time off and a change of scenery.

    1. yeah.. I saw that. Good lord. I just defended Navy on this board a few days ago about bringing their A-Game and reminded everyone how they had Ohio St on the ropes last year.

      1. It’s really something when Notre Dame and Duke are equally talented in lacrosse AND FOOTBALL. Maybe Duke football will become a new rival- let’s schedule them and see.

      2. IrishChan –same goes for Lord -capital L.
        Not trying to make anybody mad here-but when referring to the name–even just in passing–it is a capital letter L in Lord.

  168. Just want to say, after the game, one of THE WORST displays of sportsmanship I ever witnessed by an opposing team band. As the players gathered at the student section for the playing of the Alma Mater, suddenly half way through it, the Tulsa band decides to strike up their school song, and the fans all start cheering completely and totally disrupting the tradition that ND has at it’s home games. Absolutely Deplorable. I certainly don’t understand how any Tulsa fan could be proud of that moment. They could at least respect the traditions of the home team in their own stadium. They could have waited until ND band finished. I guess this is how teams show respect any more. Ridiculous.

    1. I agree about the respect for the Alma Mater.

      But Tulsa did honor the new tradition of “kicking the shit out of ND teams coached by complete idiots”!!

      Kelly and Diaco both suck!!

      I’m still trying to figure out why Steve Filer nevers gets into the game on defense, and the two worst linebackers in college football (Brian Smith and Kerry Neal) play the whole frickin’ game!!

      I’m really pissed at my dad right now for turning me into a ND fan 30 years ago!

      1. i imagine its something they see in practice. i doubt the coaches elect to play the less talented players.

        Once again, the cupboard is empty

    2. Well normally I would agree with you. As god as my witness I would.

      But when you let the neighborhood geek beat your ass in your front yard he may just get a little crazy with your mamas flower garden.

      I know of real good way to keep a team from disrespecting your house… soften his body with body shots to set up a right hand.

      1. IrishChan:

        Please when referring to the Almighty God, the name of GOD is capitalized by most.
        Thank you.

        I agreee with your posts.
        We got our butts beat and it is bad for the image and more.
        Uggh, I keep saying, Uggh.
        Thanks for reading this.

      2. First, I’d like to say sorry for the loss of the DS. It was a terrible tragedy.
        While TU football may be something ya’ll are unfamiliar with, and it is true our pass coverage is awful/ terrible…we have strong offense and special teams program and have for the past 5 years. We rank 120th in pass defense but are ranked one of the highest offenses in the nation.
        I believe ND expected to be able to intimidate TU with the stadium and great fans. You underestimated the fact that we play teams like Texas, OU and OSU every year, and often ended up a spoiler.
        I hope ND gets the program back on the right track.
        Thanks to ND for being great hosts as well. Of all the big teams we play, I have to say the ND fans were by far the nicest! I hope we get the chance to play again at some point.

    3. Tulsa meant no offense. It was pretty clear from the reaction of many TU fans that the were aware of the tradition ND has of playing both school songs.
      It certainly wasn’t an intentional insult. Please forgive my Alma Mater. Certainly, if they were more aware of your traditions they would have waited, however, for the group of men on that field it was the greatest victory of their college careers and they acted without thought or knowledge of a really awsome tradition. It certainly was not meant as an insult.

      1. That’s what I thought too, after seeing what happened. There is no reason to believe, IMO, that Tulsa did that intentionally. If it was Michigan State, Stanford etc., then we’d know it was an insult. But all I saw was a team who deserved to be celebrating and made a mistake. Congrats on the win, Jake.

  169. I could sit here and write what a stupid play call that was at the end of the game but that would be to redundant, Kelley’s response that we should get used to that type of play calling is what scares me. I have been a student, faithful alum, and die-hard Notre Damer and I’m totally embarrassed. I’m embarrassed and saddened by the needless death earlier in the week, and by the coaching fiasco I saw on the field. I do not for one moment blame the young men who played their hearts out on the field today. I blame an insensitive and arrogant coach who took away the victory by horrible field management. I’m a person who witnessed the needless death of my own daughter when she was 16 and I know what it is like. This victory could of helped in the heeling process, but our so-called coach could not give the team and the school that luxury. Pay him off ,start over, and take a hit for a few years. We need to compete with the big boys by letting in most players we’ve turned away in the past. Let in the prop48 guys, educate them and make them into the players that graced our field in the days of Holtz. Most all graduated and became fine citizens. GET RID OF KELLY !!!!!!!!!!

  170. David,we just got beat by a team who has the worst pass defense {120th}in the country.How many times are we going to use the cupboard is bare excuse.We have had top 10 recruiting classes for the last four years.What makes you think that Kelly will be able to push the magic button and make this program respectable when we lose at home to TULSA? Sooner or later we have to stop drinking the coolaid and accept that we are a 2nd level program that would probably be in the lower tier of the MAC conference.No one wants the Irish to be relevant again as I do.This is not going to happen until we get the right guy for our University.Problem is I don’t have a clue who that would be.

    1. @Terry. Check Brian Kelly’s records and GVSU, CMU and Cincy. Brian Kelly wins. He will win at ND. Granted his throw at the end of the game made me sick, but you live and learn. He has had a rough first year. Many key injuries on offense has limited what ND can do. Kelly will right the ship, you can bet on that and ND football will be ranked #1 in within the next 3 years.

      1. Exaclty, look at those teams he coached. He never once played a decent schedule, or had to deal with this type od pressure. He was a bad choice. In my opinion, the only coach who can save ND football is coaching the Gators. ND is loosing to many recruits because they are watching ND loose to Tulsa and Navy, and realistically probably Army. I believe this game against UTah is one of the biggest in ND history. After a bye and 2 embarrassing loses, an inspired win against a top 8 team could really turn this whole program around

    2. We have not had top 10 recruiting classes for the last 4 yrs. There is very little speed on defense and the d-linemen are NOT top recruits. The linebackers are always out of position, including Teo. Special teams are non-existent, with exception of FG kicker. BK’s call at the end reflects a coach who does not trust his instincts based on lack of results from his team.

    3. @ Terry
      Its great that we have top 10 recruiting classes, but if you look across all the recruiting classes we are missing two key positions, OL and DL (and i could argue pretty much all across the defense). You can place in the top 10 in recruiting every year if you recruit the top 25QBs in one year, but only one of them gets on the field each week.

  171. I’m tired of being disappointed on Saturdays … It’s not just how the game ended, but the entire game. There were so many errors throughout the game. If you can’t do it against Tulsa, who else is there?

    1. Yeah Tulsa!

      Given Kelly passion for throwing it every down you would think that facing the 120th worst passing defense in the country would have allowed Kelly to rack up 600 yards of offense.


      Tulsa comes in to Notre Dame Stadium and played as team, with heart, with fight…

      And came out with the biggest win in Tulsas history!

      Hell… Good for them.

  172. What… The… F*%#?! Seriously I refuse to watch any more games after that I don’t care if we even win out. We do not play smart football. Someone needs to get in front of Kelly’s face like he does our players on the sidelines and tell him hey how bout kicking the ball with someone that’s made 18 STRAIGHT FIELD GOALS. I can’t stick up for a team that goes out there and performs like that against MOTHER FRICKIN TULSA!

      1. Sometimes I do like to punt… between you me though David….it’s only because the ball is in air! It’s kinda like throw’n it to the other team. HAAAHHHAA! — Brian Kelly

        Look man, I’m simply tryin to make light of horrible… horrible play calling both offensively and defensively.

        If a guy was to show me a spread sheet with stats of every game played on ANY given Saturday and all I could see was time of possession and Run VS Passing statistics I’ll bet I could tell you who won the games.

        Throwing the Ball 50-60 times a game is NOT going to win football games.

        I do not like the spread game… but I’m sitting here watching the UM vs PSU game and rich rod has balance.

        Granted he has a freak of an athlete at the qb position but still… the man values a running game.

        Besides Tulsa is like 120th in pass defense for cryin out loud. Kelly system and situational awareness couldn’t beat a team that is nearly dead last in the very defense that his offense is designed to beat.

        Tulsa should have been Kelly’s perfect storm to showcase his throw it every down system.

      2. seems like you have it all figured out then. i would love to hear who you think would be a better hire. Coaches that were available and willing to come to ND.

      3. “Throwin-It Man” that sounds like a new super hero… Is his super power sucking the life out of a football program??

      4. Ahhhhh HAAAA YES! Damn it why didn’t I think of that… lol

        Any see the “Throwin-It-Mans” post game interview? hahah

      5. Pleas look at the top ten teams in the nation right now!! What do they all have in common? Two tight ends, a full back, great O line and D line play and they run more than they throw. Last year my short list was the following:

        1. Jim Harbaugh
        2. Chris Peterson
        2. Randy Edsall
        4. Pat Fitzgerald
        5. Kirk Farantz

        Look at their combined record this year and tell me we made the right decision. I still think BK will do well; however, we are not in a conference so we must win the national title in order to have been a success.

      6. @David:
        How about students? Are these also not the students that ND needs right now? Why don’t you check out the article that the seniors wrote in the ND paper this week. They mock out BK and the football team in a brutal, yet humorous way. It is a scathing attack where they reference how they are “proud” to the be losingest class of all time.

        Should ND’s students keep quiet and go away too?

        David, you have every right to your opinion and to say what you want. But the level of this program is so completely beyond the realm of anything I thought I’d see in my lifetime, well…let’s just say we like to vent about it.

        Your not in a position to tell us, or anyone else, what “kinds of fans” would be good for ND right now.

      7. That’s all I’m doing. Venting. And I’m having a great time doing it.

        If anything I’m one of the realistic fans right now. I’m simply calling “throwin-it-man” out for…. well… throwin it man.

      8. JDH

        I was at the game man, and I have never seen the student section so empty. It was pathetic.

      9. @IrishChan- I know you are bro. If we can’t come here to vent..well?

        @Bleed- Really? That one suprises me, although maybe it shouldn’t. I’ve never been to a game where the student section was that empty.

        One thing that struck me was watching the PSU / UM game last night. Compare Happy Valley to South Bend. REGARDLESS of Penn State’s record etc. Granted, it’s a night game and all but still.

      10. For the record (I keep having to write this): I am NOT calling for Kelly to be fired. As bad as things are, that would only be a short-term emotional decision that would yield no results. Kind of like passing the ball, using a freshman QB, when all you have to do is kick a field goal to win. (with a lock kicker)

      11. The student section at ND sucks relative to other programs around the country. But part of it is due to the stadium design. That stadium needs a jumbo-tron so bad it pains me when i think about it.

      12. Here is the actual top ten(BCS)1.Oregon-spread
        3.TCU-spread(and really good D).
        4.Boise St.-spread
        8.Oklahoma-mostly spread.
        9.Wisconsin-power running
        It took till Alabam at #6 to get a team in the top ten that doesn’t run a spread offense and 6 out of ten are spread and Oklahoma runs mostly spread with some pro formations thrown in there.The spread is a great offense just need to get the players.In all these schools the system has been in place for a number of years. I do agree to be in the top ten you need a great defense, you can’t always put up 35 pionts a game.

      13. Here is the actual top ten(BCS)1.Oregon-spread
        3.TCU-spread(and really good D).
        4.Boise St.-spread
        8.Oklahoma-mostly spread.
        9.Wisconsin-power running
        It took till Alabam at #6 to get a team in the top ten that doesn’t run a spread offense and 6 out of ten are spread and Oklahoma runs mostly spread with some pro formations thrown in there.The spread is a great offense just need to get the players.In all these schools the system has been in place for a number of years. I do agree to be in the top ten you need a great defense, you can’t always put up 35 pionts a game.

  173. But that being said, BK deciding to throw the ball at the end of the game was an awful call. But unlike many of his preprocessors, i feel he will learn from it as our players are learning from their mistakes. He is probably just as hard on himself as he is on his players.

    Rees had a phenomenal game for a true freshman player with limited experience. The pick six was just a bad break. The last pick was on BK. The only mistake he made was not throwing the ball away at the end of second half when he threw the pick. His inaccuracy can likely be attributed to the fact that he hasnt practiced with the first team guys enough. You saw how Toma came in and he and Rees connected automatically. Its because he practice’s with Toma every day.

  174. Firing/Hiring the head coach isnt going to bring ND back. its time for everyone to realize this program is second tier right now. ND made a decision to hire BK. To bring the program back, you have to let a coach set up a system. I thought ND did a good job with giving Weis time to bring in his players to run his system (i would argue 1 year too long). But i believe that if we give BK the same amount of time (and likely less time), he will produce a quality product on the field. If we fire the head coach we lose another recruiting class and we reset the program again. If we keep pushing restart, the system will never work.

    That being said, ND does need to fire Diaco at the end of the year. I believe the improvements we are seeing in the defense are just coming from more strength/conditioning. Diaco’s scheme didn’t work at Cincinnati and it obviously isn’t working here.

    On the Crist injury, it is unfortunate for the young man but I believe our team will be better for it in the future. I didn’t see all the improvement that everyone was talking about week to week. i felt he was too inconsistent in his reads and to hesitant to run the ball (which was apparently warranted as you saw the injury this week). I think that today was likely the last game Crist plays for ND.

    Everyone just needs to remember that the cupboard was empty when Kelly came to ND. Even the players that were here were recruited to play a pro-style offense. It is the fans that change their emotions about the program on a weekly basis that have made ND the way that it is today. If you are one of those fans, please stop following the program for 3 years and then come back after that. You will be pleased with what you see.

    1. Excellent comments. The cupboard IS empty. We have to give Kelly a chance, but remember, it takes players to win. If the admin doesn’t ease up a little the program will go no where. And if that happens start scheduling Yale, Harvard and Cornell and dump USC, Navy and Michigan.

      1. I’m tired of excuses! ND rushed to sign BK as coach without a clue of what big time college football means, 3 yrs or so 2 where ….Cincinnati…please!! The cupboard bare,..hardly. only on defense was it thin. They need athletes..Period! or 10 more manti teo. You bring in a new coach and scheme you expect growing pains, but he has made STUPID calls all season long in crucial situations. Sometimes you have to adapt to your talent that you do have (in your play calling, until you get the players for your scheme. BK has shown no ability to do that. At All! thanks to all the higher ups who rushed into this decision so quickly and now we’re stuck with it…i’m trying to get my 9 yr old son into ND football, but its harder every week…every season since he’s been old enough to understand the game. I hope the worm turns soon .

      2. I don’t see why BK shouldn’t be successful here. You can say Cincy isn’t a big time program all you want, but the fact is that Cincy plays just as tough a schedule as Notre Dame does….. which isn’t a very tough one. BK was successful there and didn’t have a whole ton of talent, so why can’t he be successful here?

      3. I want a few people to review my comments from a month ago. The 4th down against Stanford was just as poor of a decision as throwing this one away. I am too sick to talk about this anymore.

    2. “It is the fans that change their emotions about the program on a weekly basis that have made ND the way that it is today.”

      You think it’s the fans and their emotions that has made ND football a bottom 50 program for the past 15 years? Wow, that is really a challenging position.

      Don’t even know where to begin with that one. 15 years of incompetence and arrogance by the, you know, actual decision-makers don’t have anything to do with it. It’s us fans.

      You actually made quite a few good points in your post, but that one lost me.

      1. I say give Kelly some time as well. Cincy has fallen off the football map since he left. ND is basically par for the course. We still have superior athletes to most of the teams we have lost to, but unless im mistaken Kelly recruited Rees and he did a great job today. I think once he gets a few more of his players in there we will be ok. For whatever reason we have individual talent but we cant coach them up to their potential. I wouldnt say the cupboard was bare, but Kelly did inherit a really bad D and had to insert a new QB. Not makin excuses, just sayin.

      2. I wasn’t impressed with Reese as far as being the answer at QB long term. We are supposed to be a spread offense team. Reese doesn’t run the ball. Therefore, IMO, he is not the right guy to be dubbed the future of the program. Maybe Hendrix is? I don’t know, but Reese isn’t your Spread Offense type QB

      3. You needed to add, “the fans from a different time/landscape of college football, who also happen to be the larget donors to the school.”

      4. @David:
        How so? Are you telling me that “the fans” input went into the decision to hire Brian Kelly (or any other decision for that matter)?

        Replace “fans” with “certain alumni” and then I’ll concede. If not, please enlighten me.

    3. Great statement.. I have followed Kelly since he was at Grand Valley, when I was a freshman way back in 2001. All he does is win. He will win at ND. Your comments are perfect. I think everyone thought he was going to win all his games right away.

      1. that was a bad comment brian kelly is not mike brey. Brey should be done at nd. kelly will win at nd.

  175. Just throw it… go on. Why do you think the made football that shape son? Ta be thrown boy…. hahaaaa — Brian Kelly

  176. I watched this game off and on since ND and I are having a break from eachother. It’s like a really unhealthy relationship. First off, GREAT performance, all things considered, for Tommy Rees. Very balsy performance! He made a young mistake at the end. It was not his fault that BK continues to go full-retard and is a bigger laughing stock than Weis was, at least at this stage of the game. How you do not keep the ball on the ground, up the middle of the field, is so beyond the realm of all that is good, obvious and holy that…well…. you guys know the story. Ruffer is probably the most accurate and confident kicker in the nation. But Kelly decides to defer that and go for a pass.

    I don’t have the words. This year has been beyond pale as far as negatives. Horrible coaching decisions, key injuries, players without confidence in themselves or their coaches. This year is quite over.

    1. Good post.

      I think the big thing is this: Weis seemed to have no control over the program in the sense that he had a very hard time motivating the kids down the stretch of every season. Every one. Even the BCS seasons ended in total collapses.

      Kelly is very similar. And, my sense is that it’s arrogance. It’s that apparent belief that with the right game plan, we can’t be stopped. Now, that works well when it works. But a freshman quarterback with a ball deep in the opponent’s territory who needs a field goal should have been given the opportunity to get the field goal.

      I don’t know if Ruffer is the most accurate kicker in the nation. But he is a very good field goal kicker. There was absolutely no reason in the world to throw the ball in that situation.

      Hopefully, BK turns it around next week against Utah. It’s tough, but these kids are just not very responsive and Kelly is making a lot of bad decisions.

  177. I have been an Irish fan for 40 years and have never been this embarrassed of this football program as I now am.I did not think we could hire a more arrogant coach than Charlie Weiss was.Wow was I wrong!!!This guy is the definition of arrogance.You are inside the 20 with a field goal kicker who is 15 for 15 and you ask a freshman quarterback to throw a home run?For what reason would we not run the ball and give your team the best chance at victory.What is it about coaching Notre Dame football that makes you stupid.

  178. can we all admit BK isnt suited for the head coaching job of Notre Dame? its so obvious to run the ball on that last play. a field goal wins the game just as much as a TD does and with a kicker who has made a RECORD 18 straight i cant understand why a pass would be thrown. Even before that, the fact that ND was loosing to TULSA is embarrassing enough. its tulsa, my towns 5th grade team could beat them. its sad ND looses on this day after this emotional week, and it would have been nice to see them win after all ND went through

    1. Most ND fans dont feel anyone is “suited” to be the head coach at Notre Dame. Think about this…if Charlie Weis was still there, Jimmy C and Golden would not have left. What would our record be?

      My opinion, I bet you were a Charlie hater.

      1. I see where your head is with that post but you have to admit… even if charlie were still here NOONE could tell you what our record would be.

        That’s the problem

      2. In fact, not anyone can coach ND football. The one who CAN coach at ND is the one who proves it on the field by winning games and eventually titles. Plain and simple. That wasn’t BD, TW, or CW. Sooner rather than later time will show us if BK can get it done. Having said that I can’t imagine this team being worse with CW. But that’s not saying much, is it?!

        This cupboard being empty argument is bull. ND has had top 10-20 recruiting classes for 4 years in a row! CW could recruit (let’s give CW his due, albeit he couldn’t coach up that talent). TCU, Utah, Boisie State, not to mention Navy or Tulsa, don’t get the kinds of recruits ND does. But even naturally great athletes need coaching and need the right scheme. That’s what’s been missing at ND (along with the Tony Rice, Chris Zorich, Jerome Bettis-type student athletes, who were marginal calls academically)since Lou’s time at S. Bend.

        Like it or not BK is here to stay. Let’s hope he steps his game up and his team follows along.

      3. Agree on your point on the schemes, but someone needs to explain the whole top 10-20 recruiting classes to me. I am thoroughly confused. Are the ND classes the most underacheiving classes consistently every year? Are the players also allowing the pressure of the fan base to cause them to play below their abilities consistently?
        I find it hard to believe that we have the uncanny ability to always get the top recruits who never live up to there billing.
        Also, no one is scared to play at ND at home anymore. Sad.

      4. OK the defensive cpboard if not bare was really thin – but let’s give BK some time – and BK does have to some to grips that he is high level division 1 not lower levels

      5. No, No, No. I have been saying for months that Weis should have had another year. I agree JC and GT would have stayed and a BCS game would have been possible. The ND administration and Swarbrick have to make hard decisons. It was the easy decision to fire Weis and Hire BK.
        I personally would have liked Pat FItzgerald to be hired

    2. Really, your towns 5th grade team. What does this say about ND. By the way look out for those 11 year old boys, because they could easily kick your “…” rear.

    3. “can we all admit BK isnt suited for the head coaching job of Notre Dame?”

      If Kelly isn’t who is? Davies wasnt, Willingham wasnt, Weis wasnt…Kelly has had success at every level- if he cant do it then who can?

    1. Well we lost to the smallest school in the FBS and a student was killed because of what could turn out to be criminal negligence on the part of the head coach and/or coaching staff.

      So my answer is yes.

    2. HAHA! I like that one tacoma. I’d like to see Kelly, his whole staff, the ND brainstrust, and all the players on an episode of “Intevention”.

      The interventionist: “Brian, staff, players- What I see is a whole bunch of people (students and fans) who just love you to death but they’re very concerned. They see you destroying yourself by making really bad decisions. And this has been going on for 15 years now. Will you just listen to what these 100 million people have to say today?”

    3. You N.D. Fans are just blinded to the fact that, And I mean this, This guy should be fired. Not because of his record, but for the fact that he took a Kids life. He killed that student, He admitted that it was his decision to have practice outside. The wind is blowing 40 mph and he sent that kid up. Then he blames the University saying the N.D. had safety precautions place. Your right his arrogance may of lost the game yesterday, but more so His ARROGANCE KILLED A STUDENT!!! KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL FANS…A STUDENT IS DEAD BECAUSE OF N.D. FOOTBALL ARROGANCE. I write this as High School Coach who turned down NCAA jobs both Major College and Division 2. You never take chances w/ a students life…..PERIOD

      1. I’d say his attention to detail was definitely very much lacking. Not to compare life to a football game but he showed again on the interception that he doesn’t look at the whole picture. What’s weird is for some reason I thought his detail would be what would turn the program around.

      2. @rx4bogey: “but for the fact that he took a Kids life. He killed that student…”

        How do you know that we are blinded? Have you read all the posts about this tragedy on this website and others? If it turns out that Brian Kelly, or anyone else for that matter, was criminally negligent in this horrendous situation, then he should indeed be fired.

        But to make statements like you made, “but for the fact that he took a Kids life. He killed that student”, is a bit over the top. I think you need to get your emotions in check and tread a little lighter on our boards. Your implication almost sounds like it was a murder for god’s sake. Calm down.

        Again, if the investigation clearly shows criminal negligence, then he should be gone. But your statements about “ND football arrogance” killing people is inflamatory, stupid, and does no one any good.

      3. @rx4bogey: “I write this as High School Coach who turned down NCAA jobs both Major College and Division 2”

        Mmmmhmmm… you clearly don’t have the maturity level of an adult based on your comments, and therefore I choose to completely ingore this whole sentence. But nice try.

      4. Allot of people who comment on this site are young and have allot to learn in life. The death was an accident. I was outside in my yard that day. The wind was gusting and not 40mph constantly. With that said, the coach should be held accountable and should be let go over this. It is the right thing to do.

    4. kelly is a good coach, the only reason why nd football is dead right now is because the south wants to cheat and pay players. now you see why university of florida keeps stealing our already commented nd players to decomment. uf,lsu,aub,ug pay for comment.

    5. Has a long time ND fan, I hate to say that ND will never be a consistent top 10 football program again. There are too many other powerhouses that do not have a focus on the classroom. They might have a great season every few years and maybe get another shot a a championship someday, but they will never reload year after year with talent. For the first time in 30 years I am not watching the games. The brand of football is boring. I now watch the weekly SEC games. Much more exciting and better football.

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