Initial Impressions – Notre Dame 24, Wake Forest 17

Notre Dame’s first trip to Winston-Salem ended with a win in an up and down performance that showed once again that the 2011 Fighting Irish are still very much a work in progress. Here are some initial thoughts from the game.


  • Tommy Rees didn’t have a very strong performance.  He was not very accurate and ended up throwing another two interceptions to give him 10 on the season.  After going back to back games without a turnover against Purdue and Air Force, Rees has thrown four picks the past three weeks.  Both interceptions last night game at a time when Notre Dame was in a position to put some distance between them and Wake too.
  • The Irish offense just isn’t quite there yet.  Notre Dame had a chance to put this game away in the second half, but the offense couldn’t sustain much drives and put more points on the board.
  • Hats off to Mike Golic Jr who saw his first extended playing time after Braxston Cave went down with an injury.  With his dad on the sidelines, the younger Golic flattened a Wake lineman on his first play to open up a huge hole for Jonas Gray.  Golic more than held his own in Cave’s absence.
  • Jonas Gray and Cierre Wood turned in good games and could have done even more damage if they received some more carries.  Would have liked to see Notre Dame run the football right at Wake more than they did.
  • For the most part, Wake did a really good job taking Michael Floyd out of the game other than his 16 yard touchdown catch.  Kelly needs to find a way to get the ball in his hands more early in games.
  • Would have liked to see Theo Riddick involved more in the game plan.  Notre Dame had been using him more in recent weeks, but it seemed like he was an afterthought this week.
  • Would have also liked to see more, make that some, of Andrew Hendrix.  After a very strong performance against Air Force, he has been MIA the last three weeks.
  • Despite Kelly’s insistence at the end of last night’s presser that the passing game is fine, it really wasn’t last night.  Notre Dame still hasn’t had a receiver establish themselves as the clear #2 wide receiver and when secondaries take Floyd out of the game, the passing game stalls.
  • Not enough can be said about the play of the offensive line over the course of the season  The line was dominant again last night and didn’t allow a sack once a gain.  On the season Notre Dame has surrendered just 5 sacks.  After years of inconsistent offensive line play, just think about that for a minute.
  • Still trying to figure out how the replay officials overturned the Gray touchdown run in the third quarter.  I’ve yet to see an angle that shows he was down before the ball crossed the plane of the end zone.


  • After a really rough start, the defense settled in and held Wake in check for the last three quarters of the game.
  • Aaron Lynch and Stephon Tuiit showed why they came to Notre Dame with so much hype last night.  Both played a ton due to the injuries along the line and both made huge plays down the stretch.  These two have the looks of players that are on load from the NFL.
  • What made Lynch’s performance even more impressive was the fact that he was banged up a couple of times, but fought through it and kept making plays.
  • I love watching Robert Blanton play in the run game.  He might be the best tackling cornerback for Notre Dame in a long, long time.  He was all over the field last night and showed why he may be the most missed player on defense next year.
  • I am already worried about the secondary for next year.  Losing Blanton is going to be a huge loss for Notre Dame and no one in the secondary did much to impress again this weekend.  Both safety and corner are going to be areas of concern.  Notre Dame has to keep all of its current secondary commitments and hopefully gain at least one more impact defensive back – one or two could easily challenge for a starting role next season.
  • Linebacker play was rough again this week.  Te’o is playing through injuries and it is clearly impacting his effectiveness.  Fleming had a strong performance, but other than him, none of the linebackers did too much and were liabilities in the passing game.
  • Loved seeing the Irish defense cause a turnover of its own right after the Irish offense turned it over in their own territory.  Darius Fleming forced the fumble to cap off a really strong game.
  • Did I mention how much fun it is to watch Robert Blanton play and how much Notre Dame will miss him in 2012?

Special Teams

  • Austin Collinsworth might be getting the championship belt given to the special teams player of the year this season because he is turning a season just as impressive as Bennett Jackson’s 2010 campaign.  Collinsworth got a lot of attention in the return game with Wake Forest trying to avoid George Atkinson and he responded with a couple great returns.  Collinsworth was also a beast on kick coverage.
  • Speaking of Atkinson, he didn’t get much a chance to make an impact with Wake avoiding him, but even on the one return he did make, you just had the impression he was about to break it.  He is going to be A LOT of fun to watch over the next few years.  Can’t wait to see Kelly get him more involved in the offense.
  • Not sure if Kyle Brindza’s kickoffs are coming up short by design, but after showing a big leg early in the season, his kicks have been landing around the 10 yard the last few weeks.
  • Another game with no punt return yards for Notre Dame.  It’s almost unfathomable that a team could go nine weeks and only total three yards on punt returns for the entire season.

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  1. Good review but the play that reflect NDs season for the fanbase was the flea flicker INT.
    With momentum back on NDs side and marching down the field for a back breaking score.
    …looks like another solid run call – good
    Flea flicker pass – gulp
    Floyd open by two steps – Yes!
    Rees under throws – no!
    DB makes the most of the opportunity tight roping up the sidelines.
    Lineman blasts DB knocking him into first row.
    BS flag
    Kelly goes nuts screaming.
    …and that’s the cliff notes on the season

  2. On a different note: Are there any top PSU recruits/commits also considering ND? O know Noah Spence was seriously considering PSU but is no longer interested. Any of our resident recruiting experts here have anything to share on how ND may benefit in this year’s recruiting cycle from PSU’s scandal? Also, what if Al Golden goes to PSU? Any Miami recruits or current commitments that could possibly switch to ND? This sad situation in (not-so-)”Happy Valley” could cause ND to rethink its current recruiting class. Thoughts?

  3. I agree with SteelfanRob on a possible 8-5 record next year due to a tough schedule. However, I am also highly concerned about a possible 8-5 record this year. Three years in a row at 8-5 may be a very difficult pill to swallow for the deep pocket ND supporters; underlying progress or no progress. Results talk and the rest walk with the money guys! Especially with 2 time Championship Urban out there in the wings. No pressure BK! One would only have to look at CW’s fate. A new ND standard of impatience! Urgency anyone? Remember Jack Swarbrick’s powerful suggestion for CW starting his 3rd year? “We need to be in the BCS Bowl conversation!” Hopefully, we end up with a miracle 10-3 season and all is well for the moment.

    Chris, when you roll the dice and bench senior QB leadership permanently and bad mouth the upperclassmen in the media. I don’t really believe Teo when he said: “things are back to normal.” He’s definately a class act and putting the best face on it. I’ll believe it’s normal when we see no mass exit to the door next year? I’ve already vented my anger on this issue so I won’t go there.

    Go Irish!

  4. Last but not least, I would move Riddick back to running back and use at least 4-5 different running backs like Holtz use to. BTW, what ever happened to Deion Walker?

  5. Also, if I was an opposing offensive coordinator all I would do against ND is throw the ball. We cannot stop any passing attack!

  6. Why do we play so slow, play conservative on offense and defense, let other teams take the fight to us? Also, why do players like Gray and Rees continue to play while making mistake after mistake?

    1. I hope not. Our uni’s should not be messed with besides maybe a green jersey for a special occasion. May I say, just look at our upcoming opponents terrible looking garb they are wearing to further make that point.

  7. Do any of you all know why Kona Shwenke hasn’t been playing that much this yr? This game against WF would have been a good game since the D line was all freshman for him to get some playing time. Is he hurt? Is he in the dog house? I remember reading that they want to move him to the LB position. I think if my memeory serves me right I did read an article of that. Maybe it was someone else but I think it was of Shweke.

  8. These comments generally are my feelings for the whole season.

    1) The defensive coordinator has to go. He does not seem to have any clue as to making adjustments either during the game or at half time. Over the middle was open all night for WF.

    2) Coach Kelly better learn to have his team motivated to play everyone for 60 minutes. Every team is high to beat ND no one should ever be taken lightly.

    3) The offensive play calling is bizarre and inconsistent. The pass is set up by running the ball effectively. Was that the old ND box offensive backfield against WF?

    4) Special team blocking is non existent, no wonder we fair catch the ball.

    5) What has happened to the “blitz”? The best defense for the pass is constant pressure on the QB.

    1. “Vengeance is mine says the Lord”… Unless you are a child molester. Hopefully, he won’t make it very long if he goes to prison. Sad day for a prestigious program…

      1. Molesters are at the bottom of the prison totem pole. Gotta love prison ethics & morality. If he is guilty, may he rot in hell. I have worked professionally with kids who had been abused/molested, I have seen the mess it leaves a child psyche.

        Adding to other comments about BK. I’m not calling for his head in year 2. Let’s be honest, he has made some questionable coaching calls both on & off the field. As fans, we certainly have a right to express our opinions about that. His QB rationale regarding TR is fair game. The divisive comments about “his” players and CW’s players should have never left the locker room (no matter even if it was 100% true), his choice of coaching assistants and how they are utilized, etc. Criticism doesn’t imply for one to be fired. BK has certainly made some decisions that are very questionable. If he continues to make the same repeated mistakes into year 3 (or 4) then Administration may need to reevaluate their decision in keeping BK.

        As to next year, that killer schedule will make it hard for BK to follow some of the better past coaches who won NC’s in their 3rd year. There is no way TR is going to lead ND to an undefeated-NC season in 2012. If he does, I will be the first to eat my crow, run naked down the street and proclaim the fair haired boy’s greatness (I’m not real concerned at this point that will even be a close call, haha). I am looking for continued measurable progress for this team. I feel a different QB will be necessary for that to occur. I do think better student-athletes are being brought in by BK. Playing all these under classmen now will pay off when they become upper classmen and then you can get a cycle of success started with player leadership, which is desperately needed.

        Gooooooo Irishhhhhhhhhhh

  9. The only thing I know at this point in the season is that the Irish are definitely not anywhere near ready for primetime. I think it takes another 1-2 years to get the Kelly mentality to reflect properly in his players. There seems to be some truth to some of the players not buying in still. I still cant get over how totally unmotovated they were against USC. If I didnt know better – I thought they may be laying down for that game. Something is still amiss with this team. I would start Hendrix and rotate Golson in for the remainder of the year to get them acclimated to the system and get playing time now.

  10. I think I’ve figured out the whole QB thing. Kelly is going to keep playing Rees so Gunner Keil will commit. Gunner is thinking I can play a lot better than this Rees. You notice that Hendrix hasn’t played since Keil de-committed.

    All kidding aside, there has to be something in practice we do not see to keep Rees at QB. I will trust Kelly and see what happens.

    1. I agree. There must be something that we don’t know.

      Kelly must question the other quarterback’s ability to pull out a win. Hendrix must not be totally ready. I think Kelly knows he can squeek by with Reese. How would ND fans react if Kelly started Crist and they lose the game? We would be all over him.

      The problem is, if you are going to start Hendrix/Golson next year, they need some playing time this year. We can’t expect a first year quarterback to go through that kind of a schedule. Do you sacrifice losses this year for experience?

      I have faith Kelly is making the right decisions. I would like to assume he knows what he’s doing.

      1. Maybe I’m missing something here…but what games has Tommy Rees affected that much this year that ND would have lost without him as the QB. He’s a frickin turnover machine. If the offensive line was the same as the one that Clausen had to deal with, every QB on the roster would have played already this year. Please stop giving Rees so much credit. He’s a below average QB that can’t throw. Without Gray, Wood, and the line this offense would be miserable to watch!

  11. Did BK recruit both Hendrix and Tommy Reese in the same class? If so, and if Hendrix has more talent, i dont understand why he didnt just put him in from the begining. We have seen a number of cases such as the Matt LoVecchio/Carlisle Holiday experiment where i believe LoVecchio had been the starter with more experience but in the name of the “future” Holiday started to see more playing time and eventually took over for LoVecchio causing his later transfer to Indiana. I could be wrong but thats how i remember it. Holiday got put in the mix early, so why not Hendrix? I know it was totally different coaching regimes but still. No matter how bad this is i think its not as bad as past teams where our O-Line was giving up record sacks/we had no impact players on D during the Weis era, or surviving the QB carousel during the Davie/Willingham (pre-Quinn) when there was no hope of a offensive passing score in sight. At least it appears we have some talent in the wings and on the field right now

      1. Not true. Hendrix is a sophomore. Rees is a sophomore who enrolled early so he had an extra spring to get ready. I would think Hendrix should be close to being ready now, though. He was the scout team QB last season and moved to the #2 QB after Crist got hurt.

  12. Who exactly has said that BK is a bad coach? Has he made some boneheaded decisions? Sure. But that doesn’t mean he’s incompetent. I don’t know of anyone here calling for BK’s head.

    Yes, BK’s the coach at ND. That means he’s getting paid the big bucks that comes along with having a rabid fan base that has strong opinions and thoughts of their own. No one forced BK to take the ND job nor did he take it not knowing what he was getting himself into. So stop feeling sorry for BK!

    What about if BK continues to play favorites and keeps TR as the starter next year and TR continues to turn the ball over. What if ND goes 7-6 or 8-5 again next season with no palpable sense of improvement? What then? Will you still keep quiet?

    I agree that BK needs for to 5 years. He’s only in year 2. He has time. But time is a luxury that eventually runs out!

    1. SRF,

      You make some great points.

      I especially like your “what if” about next season.

      7-6 or 8-5.

      Knowing who we are losing(graduation / NFL) after this year, and the young guys coming back, 7-6 , 8-5 could well be very accurate.

      When I look at next years schedule:
      (open the season at Navy,then Purdue, Mich.St. Michigan, miami, Stanford, BYU, Oklahoma, PITT, BC, WF, & USC)

      8-4 agianst that schedule just might be considered a GOOD season.

      BK better light a fire under their asses because it isn’t going to get any easier.

      1. Shaz,

        Noticed that I qualified the final record by also saying lack of perceived progress. ND could go 8-5 but be in it every week and that would certainly be progress given the schedule we play next season. I think next season is more about over-all progress and less about the final record (assuming it’s at least as a winning record, of course).

      2. I agree with SFR and Shaz. BK needs a full cycle, but we need to see HE is learning from his mistakes as well. The best leaders always do.

    2. Steel Fan Rob–As usual you are right again. BK will have us up -I hope. With all due respect to people who know more about the game than I, just WHY doesn’t BK call more running? And–if our defense is billed as “awesome” why did USC run through us and Wake ( which is no gimme) have their way for a while? This team appears to be so close to being “plugged in” However, we need an extension cord. Bad analogy but you get the idea. Go Irish–

  13. This talk of BK being a bad coach is not warranted. My lord, he is just in his second season with his first full recruiting class just this year. He has 8-10 true freshmen that will be impact players and is loading up again for his second full class. He needs 4 years to develop and bring along the type player that fits his offense. I give any coach a full cycle to get a team to where he needs them to be. Way to premature to start putting Kelly on any kind of hot seat. Ridiculous.

    Let the man do his job. It is easy as hell to sit in the recliner and call plays after the fact. He is the coach. Not me, not you or anyone else. Some fans give up as easily on this team as they were accused of giving up on USC.

    All this talk about Rees will be put to bed next year when they bring Golson in to the mix. Personally I believe BK is just sitting on this kid, getting a redshirt season out of the way and then look out.

    Patience, boys, patience.

    1. Agreed. Kelly certainly deserves more time. It would be INSANITY to fire a coach after 2 years and reload. I am in total disagreement with those who ask for this.

      However, BK has made some decisions, as SFR recently showed us per his examples, that are not defensible. He has some serious on the job learning to do as well.

  14. OK all good points – Rees is doing what he can – a more talented QB needed and help at LB and DB much needed. Did anyone thaink that the stops by the defense late in the game were the same situations that a couple of years ago would not have been made and the game lost and the offense not able to run out the clock. All things that sank the Irish for a few years – look at that picture – this was the type of games that were being lost

  15. I love the people who come on here to blast others for having opinions as if they’re totally ignorant that what they’re doing is also stating an opinion. That’s what I call hypocrisy!

    I agree that it’s way too soon to give up on BK. Having said that, some of his decisions have been atrocious (e.g., having “turnover” Tommy throwing at the end of the Tulsa game last season); he’s created unwanted schisms on his team (his recent comments comparing “his” recruits to those of CW); his staff’s lack of or delayed in-game adjustments; the continuous sloppy play of the O (and BK is supposed to be an O genius); etc. BK’s doing some things well, however, including recruiting and hopefully talent development.

    And some people here have played the game and coached at different levels. And all of us have been watching football for many years and know how to make valid criticisms. If some here want criticism-free ND coverage I think I read somewhere that there’s a site for those fans who want to bury their collective heads in the proverbial sand and believe that it’s the 1970s and ND is at the top of the college football world.

  16. A point of digression here. I’m sure as hell glad we are not Penn St. My goodness, some very serious allegations indeed.

    Go Irish.

  17. I have the same concerns about the secondary. I think the DL will be very good for the next two years. Linebackers will be strong. The non senior cornerbacks on the current roster will keep ND from being a top 25 team next year.
    Offensively, they need to find a WR besides MF who constistently shows up. Jones seems like a possession receiver without much explosiveness. I really like Riddick, but find myself wondering if he made the trip some weeks. What happen to the freshman WR Daniels? i guess looking to preserve the RS year at this point.
    The quarterback at ND should not be someone who can “manage” the game. We need a stud at the spot…..Not someone who is physically limited.

  18. Good analysis Frank. I would say the helmet stickers definetly go to the o-line and Eifert.

    I’d still like to know how/why Floyd was able to be taken out of the game for the most part. Granted, that was a beautiful throw and catch in the corner of the endzone. And Floyd had some great 1st downs he had to fight for. But as I asked before, was the coverage that good or is it also that Tommy’s arm just isn’t strong enough to get him the ball in tight coverage?

  19. Brian Kelly has to be the worst coach in America. His job could be so easy – all he has to do is read these posts and he’d know what adjustments he has to make and who he should be playing. And he should make the other coaches read this, too – they just don’t seem to get it. In fact, he should make the whole team read these posts – I’m sure it would improve their play.
    I go back a long way with ND football and I’ve seen some really good coaches and some really bad coaches come and go but I’m betting that, 10 years from now, Kelly will be compared (favorably) to Ara and Lou.

  20. It’s really easy to second-guess the play-calling after you’ve seen the result. Even the guys in the booth, most of whom actually played football, do it a lot. But the fact remains, when it works, the guy’s a hero and when it doesn’t, he’s the goat. Every play called would work if a bunch of things happen the way they’re supposed to, including many things beyond the play callers control (like a defense). Given my lack of coaching experience and Kelly’s track record, I’m inclined to go with Kelly’s decisions.

  21. I have never seen a fanbase give up so quickly. How many seasons have everyone of you coached college football? How many wins do you have? How many practices have you run or even watched? When you numbers can match
    Brian Kelly’s, then maybe I might listen to your worthless diatribes. Until then your useless opinions are just that…useless. And you do know what they say about your opinions…they are just like ……..everybody has one.

    1. “Until then your useless opinions are just that…useless.” Actually, what you ment to say was “Until then your useless opinions are just that…OPINIONS’ And that my friend is the beauty of article comment boards. everyone thinks that what they say is the most important thing on here. take a breath andfan1. My opinion is I think Kelly needs a bit more seasoning and he is getting it albeit OJT. He needs to sit Tommy because Tommy won’t be playing next year. The kid might have poise, but poise doesn’t give a QB an arm. Finally, we should run the ball a whole hell of a lot more. smash the D’s will. we all have an opinion, it may not match your own… get over it!

    2. So, by your rationale, no fan is allowed to comment, be frustrated, talk about their respective team unless they have coached in said sport, at said level of competition?

      That’s quite a standard.

    3. andfan1,

      This is a board that people can express their opinions about the Irish. We all don’t have to be ex-football coaches or even ex-players. We are expressing our opinions on the Irish team. As far as patience is concerned this is the longest time the Irish have been irrelevant in college football and it frustrates every person on this board. I come to this board to discuss issues I see while watching the games, because no one else around me has the passion for Irish football that I have and this board has. If you don’t like people expressing their opinions and pointing out the fact that this team has underacheived, it would be best not to read the posts. I personally don’t think Reese is the QB for ND. I was a Crist supporter from the beginning but is is obvious he isn’t the one, but I can atleast come to this board and debate with people that know what they are talking about.

    4. Again, this is an OPINION BOARD about ND football. What did you expect to find here. Tales about cookies & milk and everything nicety nice.

      1. Hey, Hey, I like cookies and milk and I grew up with “Father knows best and Ozzie and Harriet.”

        I like nicey nice too! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

        Go Irish!

      2. I always liked Bud on Father Knows Best, hahahahahahaha. I’m serving chocolate chip cookies, JC, hahahahahahaha.

        Ok, Ok, enough of the non-relevant stuff.

        Pound the shells off the Terrapins this week.

        Go Irish

  22. Start by having our fair haired QB go under center on some sets & play both CW and JG together out of the same backfield in a I set or side by side set. Run that fricking ball & use that O line that is showing up and bang the heck out of the opponents. Oh, that must be a dream I’m having b/c I see pass, passs, pass, pass, pass, here’s a run or two, pass, pass, pass.I see continued birth pangs with this team this year.

    Nice observations about the game and the team.

    Go Irish

      1. Correction storespook,

        Your not allowed to have dreams because the stat man is

    1. The stats don’t agree with your “pass, passs, pass, pass, pass, here’s a run or two, pass, pass, pass,” They threw the ball 24 times and ran it 38 times, could they have run it more? sure, but they ran the ball quite a bit.

      1. Yeah, I think the running criticism is dead on for the USC game. We ran all over Wake on Saturday. I suppose you could say we should have run more…

      2. My point was really more of a generalization of relying on the pass more than the run than specifically to the WF game. If anything, we should have ran it even more against WF, given the talent of the 2 RB’s and he O line and that TR is not the most prolific passer.

  23. I have never posted here but I just feel compelled to after another less than stellar Rees performance. Does he have dirty pics of BK or something? Watching the Wake QB make play after play with his legs when things broke down made it so obvious that the offense is missing the QB as a run threat. I am praying that Rees is simply keeping the chair warm for Hendrix and/or Golston. It might be different if Rees was an accurate thrower who made good decisions but how many times a game does he trot to the sidelines as BK gives the WTF? look. I try to be positive but it is getting harder all the time.

  24. I wish I could meet Brian Kelly so I can smack him upside the head and say RUN THE BALL!! Sketchy QB and a hell of a tandem and you throw the ball the majority of the time. It’s so frustrating. Yea we’re getting Wins but come on we should be putting games away and blowing teams out.

  25. I can’t watch another two years of Rees. Can someone please explain to me how this kid is the starting QB at ND? And don’t use his record as a starter….Please tell me

    1. Can someone please explain to me why at every meeting of BK and the media/press he trots out the usual “verbiage eg. well we won on the road vs a “tough” opponent and the team really is starting to come together blah,blah,blah etc.” They all sit there and “suck eggs” about asking the hard questions we see here re: how it is that a dud like Rees with 10 interceptions and several fumbles and untold throws that are too short, behind the reciever, he missed the guy completely open to force it into multi-coverage etc. Then when two of the best running backs in the BCS (look at their yds/carry avg for confirmation) get 9 YES NINE carries vs USC and less then 15 in several others. WHY DO THEY LET KELLY CRAP ON WITH THE VERBAL DIAHORREA HE ALWAYS COMES UP WITH??? Just once I would like to see someone stop him and say NO BRIAN REES DID NOT PLAY WELL He is killing one of the 3 best wide receivers in BCS football WEEK AFTER WEEK with 3 bloody catches while other guys maybe not as good at USC/Oklahoma St./Oklahoma etc are avg over 12 a game. Well I will tell you Brian because you are the play caller who keeps the ball out of the hands of your playmakers eg Floyd/Eifert/Wood/Gray/Atkinson/Riddick all due to your refusal to play your real QB (I don’t care here if you insert Crist/Hendrix/Golson) We may not know which of those 3 it SHOULD be but we ALL KNOW who it SHOULD NOT BE. Lord Give Me Strength. You can only wonder what he comes up with when we beat Maryland on the road 15-12 (on Field Goals by Ruffer) then come home to OVERWHELM the hapless BC 20-17. In the season finale I envision Stanford 55-17 winners with Crist/Hendrix coming on in 4th qtr to generate 2 TD drives for the day and T T/Over finishing the season with 4 picks and a fumble. Go Figure

      1. While waiting for “insights” to answer my above questions, I just went back and watched Golson video. Next year Floyd will sit at home on Saturdays and SCREAM when he sees this kid flick 65yd throws off one step/ throw 25 yd sideline patterns in tough single coverage and hit guy on chest on the break time and time again/throw the “fade in end zone perfectly time and time again over a smaller defender and when he has no open receiver he either “buys 3-4 secs until someone gets open and then laser’s it to them or takes off ala Denard Robinson and high steps it past sprawling defenders who are looking on the turf for their jock. Oh Sept 2012 cannot come soon enough. Now if we can just get a top notch Off Co-ord to come in to make the play calls then BCS Bowl eligibility here we come.

      2. D-train–I hope you are right-it just seems that we are barely playing to the level of competition with the exception of Mich. St. and Purdue , IDK. Hope you are right. NOBODY has the schedule we have in 2012

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