Another New Helmet for Notre Dame

notre dame shamrock helmet full
Notre Dame will wear its 4th different helmet of the season on Saturday when they square off against Maryland at FedEx Field in Washington. (Photo – Notre Dame Athletics Facebook)

Look out Oregon, Notre Dame will be wearing its 4th different helmet of the season this weekend when the Irish travel to Washington, DC to host the Maryland Terrapins at FedEx Field.

Notre Dame announced earlier Monday that they will be wearing another new helmet this weekend for the “Shamrock Series” – the new name for Notre Dame’s yearly prime-time neutral site home game. From the official release:

This marks the first in a series of uniform features that will be utilized for Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series contests. After the 2011 game at FedExField, the Shamrock Series in 2012 moves to Soldier Field in Chicago for a game against Miami. In 2013 the Shamrock Series matchup against Arizona State will be played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The Irish will showcase uniform variations in their annual Shamrock Series games but otherwise will wear their standard uniforms the rest of the season.

Notre Dame’s full uniform for this weekend will feature the old standard green jerseys that Notre Dame last wore against Army a season ago but made popular with the classic 2005 USC game along with white cleats and new gloves.

Notre Dame previously wore the standard gold helmets for five games this season, one game with the standard gold helmet featuring a similar shamrock for the Michigan game, and then the new gold helmets that were introduced for the USC game before unveiling the latest.  Purest will undoubtedly hate the latest rendition of the Irish helmet because it strays from tradition (even though Notre Dame had previously worn helmets with shamrocks on them many years ago) while many younger fans are bound to like them for their “cool” factor.

Honestly, I can see both sides of the debate and personally, I don’t have much of a problem with these.  I do think they are kind of sharp, but after just unveiling the new every game helmets a few weeks back (which I love) I can see why some will not like the introduction of these new helmets at the same time.

One thing I will point out to those who are quick to criticize these helmets is that recruits are bound to love these and for as much as some don’t want to admit that things like this effect recruits (or for those who use the argument that “if a player is effected by uniforms/helmets/etc then we don’t want them”) remember that you are talking about 17 and 18 year old kids and these are precisely the kinds of things they take notice to.

Now, will introducing new helmets like this help Notre Dame secure a commitment on the spot?  Absolutely not.  At the same time, doing things like this to make Notre Dame a little more hip to recruits will help Notre Dame get noticed by a few more recruits down the road.

Can’t wait to see the debate that takes place in the comments over these.  Fire away.

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  1. yes, i have a problem but can live with a ‘new’ helmet if just featured in Shamrock Series game…once a year…interesting, different, to look forward to…just once a year…and Golden Dome helmet is sweet…that’s our helmet…

    Now…years ago…Irish wore a helmet with a cross over the top…was our helmet, every week…please bring that one back … and if it looks good…why not on the new Dome helmet each week…once, and check the comments…please…

  2. Is this a football blog or a fashion blog? Who gives a shit about what they wear! Just WIN the f’n game!!! When my dad told me about ND growing up, he talked about the actual game and the players, not if they looked good in their uniform. Of course the tradition of the uniform is there, but I would rather see a winning football team and I haven’t seen that in 20 years.

    1. Joey D: THis blog is BOTH. The TITLE of the ARTICLE was aobut IRISH helmets–what they wear–and open to commentary –thus it is fashion. That said, I would rather see a consistent winning program too–and playing WELL consistently and getting the job done. Still this particular forum IS about the helmets ( courtesy of the ARTICLE HEADLINE) –and I say NIX these helmets and stick to Gold –non chipped Gold with the visor and sleek , smooth look. As the kids would say, that “shit is the bomb.” So next time you ask, is this about this or that? Look at the title and then answer for yourself. AS for ND BEAT BOSTON AND STANFORD!!! I think we CAN!!! Speed is better and if we use it, we COULD MAYBE destroy BOSTON ( what a pleasure that would be) and STANFORD!!!! GO ND!! ( and * AGAIN readthe title of the article and the replies IN CONTEXT) If they are making fashion statements OUT OF CONTEXT in another article–that’s the time for YOU to reply in the manner you just did. ( Helmets ae tacky like Elvis on Velvet and Jimmy Carter’s suits and his wife with no taste at all–chincy gold like kardashian and linsey lohan–cheap) OK THAT ‘s a statement –about FASHION and THE HELMETS permitted here because that is what THE ARTICLE IS ABOUT!!!!

      1. Mr. Fashion Police, or as you like to call yourself irisheye62,

        Please don’t lecture me on what I should and should not post on here. I did read the title of the article and was wondering when this turned into a blog about fashion and not about football. YOU’RE a CLOWN!! (notice the CAPS lock) OH MY GOSSSSSSSHHHH

  3. BAD TASTE–this is Notre Dame-not miami, flordia-leave the bad taste down there and other places–I can’t get over this –

  4. These uniforms are more appropriate for a powder puff football game for girls in high schools when gender roles are reversed ( do they still do that anymore?)
    Again, as I said earlier they look like a buelltin board for an Elementary classroom in March or for the windows in an Elementary School all lined up for the public to see and smile about IN MARCH. BTW, Notre Dame is USUALLY on Spring Break in MARCH on St. Patrick’s Day.
    These shamrocks look like stickers used for Bobby being a good boy in class–not for NCAA Division I football–keep the Gold ( yes the new sleek helmets which don’t chip) but lose the back yard middle school look. Honestly folks. What’s next? A photo of all celebrities of Irish lineage on the helmets? We are stooping low–we can be innovative with out BEING TACKY! We can do the New without being trashy and succumbing to the likes of “they are doing it too” ND Gold Helmets ONLY -don’t improvise with that–just win –and do so with GOLD –Shame on the folks who thought this up TAKCY TAKCY–they probably keep the plastic on their lampshades and furniture too and wear polyester and late 70’s style clothes and still think Carter the anti-semite is President. Oh my GOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ND shouldn’t need gimmicks like piped in music, jumbo trons, turf, and especially they shouldn’t need all these different helmets and uniforms. Actually, I predict a Maryland upset now. The distraction didn’t help against either USC or Michigan. So why expect a better performance at Maryland.

    With all the scandals involving different programs, conference greed, and indeed the NCAA governance itself, wouldn’t Notre Dame be better by going back to it’s identity of the 20’s, 40’s, and late 80’s? Just winning or having Disney design and market you as a product didn’t get you here. Having success and doing it cleanly did. The mess that is Penn State right now is testament to frantically worrying about the “Brand” versus the reality of why football can be inspiring. Stick to the reality. Stick to your identity. Stick to the tradition.

    No I don’t like these changes at all.

    1. They shouldn’t, but they do. It’s time to improvise, adapt and overcome. Let’s face it, kids like it.

      We shouldn’t need a smart phone to get through the day now, but everybody does. The 20’s, 40’s and 80’s are over. Sticking to tradition hasn’t worked for the last 20 years so why would it work today. There used to be no training table at ND and I think we would all agree that is necessary for today’s athlete. Doing the same thing over and over and somehow expecting this mystical tradition to start winning games is insane. ND is a special place and always will be. Field turf or a jumbotron doesn’t take away from the spirit and virtue of it. The PEOPLE of ND make it special.

      I applaud Kelly for having the guts to take a chance and be forward thinking. It takes guts to go against the grain. Think of all the other things in this world that existed in the 20’s and 40’s that aren’t around anymore. Times change, people change.

      You can’t take our history away from us, it will always be there. But it is time to start creating a new history and new traditions. They probably thought Knute was crazy for throwing the dang ball and probably said, “Hey we’ve always won by just running, what are you doing!!” That seemed to turn out okay.

      I know change is scary, but we need some change or we risk just being considered “history.” Who knows if any of this leads to more wins or a championship, but I for one am not afraid of trying it. Our current identity or reality is that of a mediocre 7-6, 8-5 program. I for one am up for changing that as well.

      1. Agree as well. Kids understand the here and now. Let them respect the old but also allow them to build a new tradition of winning.

    2. You say stick to tradition, stick to your indentity….our identity since Holtz left has been to lose the close games, lose the big games, and constant let down. I would like to end that tradition. Coach Kelly can do whatever he wants with the uniforms as long as we win. Who can forget the the wonderful Davie years that consisted of, “Hey, its 3rd and mile, lets run a draw”….or, “Hey, lets make sure Purdue sticks around just long enough to beat us because we can’t manage the clock and get a snap off at the opponents 1 yard line”…..Oh who could forget the great tradition of beating Florida State, then losing to BC the following week…I know Holtz started that one, but Willingham continued it! And what about the wonderful tradition of, “schematic advantage”…such an advantage that we didn’t know how to prepare for a home game against MSU, and then we admited it to the press. I for one can go without a 6 loss season or two. The helmets and uniform changes this season are keeping up with the changes in college football, field turf is a no-brainer. Tradition can suck it when it comes to grass fields in the winter….ask the Chicago Bears, and as far as a jumbo-tron….well god forbid Old Man River and Esther who sit on their GD hands all game actually hear some crowd noise…..I guess we could live in the 50’s, never change the uniform, never change the coach, never break from our sacred tradition…say, how did that work out at Penn State?

  6. I like the new helmets A LOT. I also liked the ones we wore for the Michigan game. These I do not. SORRY. Just not swaggy enough

      1. Very saddening. We all love the game of football. but to put a game ahead of the safety of children is criminal.

  7. Bad news Braxton Cave done for the year and Riddick out for the Maryland game. The loss of Cave could have a large impact on the o-line.

    1. Losing Cave may or may not play out for the next two games. However, losing Cave absolutely will affect the Stanford game.

      Losing Riddick should be something that ND can adjust to for one game. I also hope they are looking at Jones after this past weekend.

  8. other than the facemasks they are just like the ones we woar against michigan. they could have atleast matched the color of the facemask with the color of the shamrock though.

  9. Well, if they decide to throw them out for another set of new helments? I’ll be happy to recyle them into golden spinner bait blades.

  10. I love the new helmets. They’re nothing short of gorgeous.

    I’m appalled, however, at the shamrocks. No, appalled isn’t really a strong enough word. Apoplectic is more like it.

    Notre Dame’s endeavor to turn the Shakespearean misquote about gilding the lily on its head should be thrown out on its head. It has been cited that Notre Dame has worn shamrocks on the helmets in the past. Yeah, during the Joe Kuharich regime, a 17-23 era that made the years since the departure of Lou Holtz seem like the Golden Age of Notre Dame football. The only other time shamrocks were worn was against Michigan earlier this year. We all remember how that turned out.

    The shamrocks are a symbol, in this particular context, of losers. Get rid of them. For good.

  11. I would like to see the Fighting Leprechaun on each side of the helmet and keep the little shamrock on the back! Also would be nice to see that fighting leprechaun at midfield in our stadium on sweet looking new turf.

  12. I don’t like them.
    They remind me of something one would see on an Elementary School Board in March 17. Those things are fine there-but seriously-these helmets look like pee wee football. ND should be known –evolution of things or not —by our Gold Helmets. NO !

  13. Well, apparently I’m in the minority because I can’t stand this multi uni’s look in a year. Ok Oregon, Maryland, Okie State, and all the others out there bringing out these multi looks, it’s DUMB. Why are we being part of that when we strive to make other areas of ND athletics to be different from other schools. Borders almost as being a bit hypocritical. I don’t mind a a green jersey for a rare appearance once in a while and I don’t mind the change to the new gold helmet, but, enough is enough. Let’s put focus on winning football games versus how fricking hip our uni’s look. Recruits care about being able to play, winning and being on a team that is competitive. If multi uni’s helped us win (or recruit), then let’s have a different one for each game. Our Blue & Gold home jersey setup is just fine. I’m 46 yrs old, so I don’t consider myself an old “fuddy duddy” either or an old “purist.” BTW, a shamrock on the helmet looks so damn intimidating (please interpret my sarcasm in that because it’s there).


    1. Storespook,

      I think we can assume that you would draw the line at Gold Shoes.

      I saw Emmit Smith wear them on Dancing with the stars a couple of years ago and that shit was the bomb.
      You couldn’t take your eyes off them!

      I mean, be honest, wouldn’t it be entertaining to see Micheal Floyd streaking down the freaking sidline in a pair of sparkling Gold Shoes?
      (more sarcasm!)

      1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (I about fell out of my chair reading the first sentence) You got me there Shazamrock. Bring on the gold shoes, with wings, hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    2. Who is the leprechaun offensive too? As someone whose mother is 100% IRISH, and my great grandparents were born in IRELAND, I actually take great pride in the FIGHTING IRISH LEPRECHAUN. Just because you might find it offensive doesnt mean anyone else does.

    1. Them jumbo-trons are expensive!

      I think the money would be better spent if they wired up the seats in the stands.

      When you need to get the crowd involved instead of using messages on the tron, just send a jigga-watt or two through some of those flabby asses who sit the whole game!

      1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

        Shaz, you should patent your new “BLEACHER BENCH” weight loss program! Innovation is alive and well in the USA!

  14. I would rather see them put the players names on their jersey’s.

    Make a great play, everyone reads your name.

    Throw a bad interception, or commit a 15 yarder… everyone reads your name!

  15. The University needs to stop trying to drum up interest in a program that is 6-3. Win dam football games and get rid of the propaganda to try and get peopele to watch. If you win they will watch. This team has played prime time five times this year and really not worth putting them in prime time game. Get Nationally ranked and get rid of this crap. P.T. Barnum is what this is. Are the Irish going to be like Oregon or ND and above this crap. Green Jerseys ever year, this is bullshit.

    1. I don’t mind the helmets for a game, but I do mind the fact that they are wearing green jerseys (which I just found out) with these helmets. The green jersey tradition should be handled with more respect. You don’t break those out for Maryland.

      I liked the unis for the Michigan game, as it was historical and a throwback.

      But too many changes too many times I don’t like. And the green jerseys should come out RARELY.

  16. They look awful. What is that design? Checkers? Swirls? Since when has Notre Dame EVER had designs on the helmets!!? We’re Notre Dame! We have the most National Championships and Heismans of anyone (Since 1920). We don’t have to do this! Just buckle up and hit somebody! I’m not against change, but change for change sake is awful. I liked the change of the new helmets against USC. I even liked the throwbacks against Michigan. I even like the new change of the bumper music before kickoffs (AC/DC, Ozzy, Dropkick Murphy’s, etc).

    You know what 17/18 year olds like the best?

    Playing for a proven winner.

    1. You like the music before kickoffs? I like the idea of music, but they play terrible songs. Nobody wants to hear the intros to Crazy Train and Shipping Up to Boston 15 times a game. So unoriginal and a pathetic attempt to modernize ND football.

      I like the helmets and unis this year though. Just win.

    2. Go Irish Go,

      It is a popular design technique from the street rod guys known as “Engine turned finish” for dash incerts.

      Generally popular amongst 32 Ford owners and other classic car fans.

      I’m sure this is a holographic technique of that finish design on the helment.


      Hey, with the young guys they will probably have tatoos on the next helments??

      1. This type of finish on the helmets is called “pearlage” or more simply “engine turning” because of how the finishing process is produced. This type of finish was used in fine watchmaking long before the automotive industry, and is still very common today in fine timepieces. I personally like this look better than the new metalflake ones which just copies everyone else that has the flake (Ohio State, etc.)

  17. What can these so called purest say about Notre Dame football for the past 20 years or so…NOTHING, your tradition and your history will not win you games in 2011 and beyond so get over it… OLD FOGGIES always have a tough time with change….poor souls…

  18. Looking good. After all, they had shamrocks on their helmets in the 60s. I don’t want them there all the time, but mixing it up is good. And the kids expect that these days.

    1. Edit: Mixing it up is good, within reason, as long as there is a point to the change. Not just change for change’s sake. Happy mediums here.

  19. I think they look great. There is nothing wrong or damaging to tradition by mixing up the helmets. These new helmets get people talking about Notre Dame and like you said recruits will notice it. Now go out and beat Maryland.

  20. Frank – You’re right. As a hard core traditionalist it’s tough to see these kinds of changes, however; we must evolve w/ college football to get back on top of the game. I think Kelly is pushing all the right buttons, it’s just going to be a slow process that requires patience.

    1. I strongly agree with you! We do not need any of these awful looking fashions. If Kelly wants to be a fashion plate, go back to the sticks and fashionize there!! Notre Dame is in need of a winning coach and not a sad looking fashionista!!
      Get rid of the Shamrock!! Please do not substitute the Shamrock with the ugly offensive Leprecauhn.

  21. I have no problem with the helmet. I do have a problem with us wearing green in a game against Maryland. Those green jerseys are supposed to be sacred. It’s an important game for recruiting in the beltway, but this is hardly a marquee matchup.

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