Spring ’12 – Brian Kelly Practice Update 4/3

Brian Kelly spoke to the media on Wednesday and addressed a number of topics – including the absence of Aaron Lynch who left campus earlier this week for personal reasons. Relax Notre Dame Nation. Aaron Lynch is not transferring. He got in a scuffle during Friday practice with offensive lineman Tate Nichols and apparently it was one in which punches were thrown. Lynch will come back to Notre Dame on Monday.

Louis Nix is now on the second team defense with true freshman Sheldon Day replacing him on the first unit. It sounds like Kelly and his staff want more consistency out of Nix during the spring and just haven’t gotten it. I still expect to see Nix starting in the middle of Lynch and Stephon Tuitt come fall.

Jamoris Slaughter has been moved from his free safety position to the other starting cornerback position opposite Bennett Jackson. This move obviously means Lo Wood is not cutting it. The secondary will be the big question mark all season for the Irish after losing starters Gary Gray, Robert Blanton, and Harrison Smith to the NFL. Personally I’m not a fan of moving Slaughter to corner. Slaughter is an All-American candidate at safety and is probably the best hitter on the defense. I would rather see him facing the offense as opposed to having his back to the quarterback. Austin Collinsworth (son of Cris) will move into Slaughters starting spot at free safety playing along side Zeke Motta.

Quick Recruiting Hits

Obviously Brian Kelly can’t speak about class of 2013 recruits yet, but there was some news on the recruiting front on Wednesday.

The good news coming out of Notre Dame recruiting today is the commitment of cornerback Devin Butler out of Washington D.C. Butler is the second corner and 10th commitment in the 2013 class. Butler picked ND over Penn State, Michigan, and Nebraska.

Expect another commitment soon from Georgia defensive end Isaac Rochell. The 5th rated strongside defensive end visited Notre Dame this past weekend and came away very impressed and ready to end the recruiting process. Rochell would be a huge get out of SEC Country as he has offers from across the nation.

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  1. I still think tee is a good kid…i admire that he has played the hand that he was dealt its just funny/weird that ucla keeps ending up with nd transfers…

    1. Hey rock just saw that myself…hear he was visiting ucla this weekend..looking at how many nd recruits have ended up there and how good ucla has been maybe we have been/are better off…

  2. I am saddened to hear that, once again, Les Miles is”taking shots” at Guner Kiel. His continued statements in a public forum regarding Gunner Kiel show a lack of class and a lack of character. Can you imagine John Wooden doing something like this? Of course not. Just confirms that Gunner made the right decision!

  3. Ok, les miles is sounding like a scorned prom date…if i was a coach at a program competing for a recruit with lsu this would be exhibit A of why he is not worth spending the next 4yrs of your life playing for. Kiel was good enough to enroll early and compete for starting qb at lsu till he changed his mind. Ok whatever take your poke the first time but to come back 2 months later and not only attack the kid again but attack the team/school he chose. Kelly needs to post this quote right next to the play like a champion sign.

    1. Amen JTRAIN,

      I’m not really surprised to hear Les Miles on such continuous abject ignorance.

      Miles is a special narcissist, the dumb don’t know their dumb!

  4. I couldn’t agree with you guys anymore. I want to see ND opponents fear the Irish defense once again.

  5. Lynch stated in an interview that his passion for the game and how he plays will get him a couple of yellow flags a year. I have no problem with this happening at practice as long as it doesn’t happen anywhere outside of football. This team needs an attitude and ND needs to get a chip on it’s shoulder. If I was the coach I would really be pushing the fact that the SEC is considered football royalty and ND is consider a Dead program. I would drill it in their head that no one respects you at all. I want to see more of what I saw in 88 when they fought Miami. They took no shit off of any teams. They had a blue collar attitude. They need to get back to that and drop this Country Club mentality.

    1. Hell yes jack!!!

      Like shaz said weis used talk that big game about being nasty. Guys like lynch, slaughter, teo, and tuitt are actually playing nasty now. No problem here with an OL fighting with a DL. Just means they’re gettin after it. Thats what its about. This happens everywhere anyway..i read the bleacher report article (yea i know first mistake) about this being a bad thing…couldn’t disagree more. Maybe if it was wood and riddick fighting but not o vs d. Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight

  6. Hmmm, bare-knuckle-brawling? Chris Zorich comes to mind. Maybe a real serious year upon us, eh? Hopefully that translates into relentless- controlled-toughness against our opponents!

  7. As long as Lynch comes back and finishes his career here, I have no problem with a little spring training camp fight.
    Especially when it involves an offensive player vs a defensive player squaring off agianst each other.

    In fact, I like a story like this being out there for anyone to read.

    Charlie Weis used to “talk” about being nasty.

    Aaron Lynch “IS” nasty. (And I hope it rubs off on a few others.)

    Hope the coaches turn him lose this year.
    This guy can really wreak havoc if allowed to do so.

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