Notre Dame and Temple Reschedule 2014 Game

Notre Dame will travel to Temple in 2015
Temple Owls run onto the field during pre game introductions against the Villanova Wildcats at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame and Temple will face off for the first time ever on August 31 and the two schools were set to meet again next year in Philadelphia.  That trip to the city of Brotherly Love for the Irish will have to wait a year according to various reports that the game has been rescheduled for 2015.

While the Irish and Owls will still kick off the 2013 Notre Dame football schedule this August, Notre Dame needed to move two games off its 2014 schedule due to its obligation to play 5 ACC opponents a season starting next year.  Notre Dame had previously tried to cancel it’s 2014 trip to Tempe to play Arizona State, but that didn’t work out when the Sun Devils would not let the Irish out of the contract.

Even with the Temple game moved to 2015, Notre Dame will still need to reschedule or cancel another game from next year’s schedule with 13 games currently scheduled – one more than is allowed by NCAA rules.

Of the 13 games still on the schedule for next year, the one ones that it would appear Notre Dame could potentially move are Rice and Northwestern.  Notre Dame’s isn’t going to touch it’s games against USC, Michigan (the last in the series), Purdue, Stanford or Navy and already has five ACC opponents scheduled with Syracuse, Louisville, Florida State, North Carolina, and Wake Forest so those are going anywhere either.

We know the Arizona State game isn’t getting moved either so that just Rice or Northwestern.  With the Rice game scheduled for August 30 as a nice tune up game before the Irish host the Wolverines for the final time, logic suggests that Notre Dame would want to move the Northwestern game if they could.

Notre Dame’s deal with Northwestern calls for the Irish to travel to Evanston, Illinois as part of a home and home in 2018.  Perhaps the Wildcats would be more open to moving the game as long as it occurs prior to the 2018 return trip?  Notre Dame and Rice are scheduled to play just one game – next year’s at Notre Dame Stadium.

Jack Swarbrick still has some time to figure things out with regards to next year’s schedule, but things appear to be shaping up for the 2014.  However it ends up working out, Notre Dame will have 7 home games and 5 away games as both the Northwestern and Rice games are to take place in Notre Dame Stadium.

With the road game at Temple moving to 2015, the Irish schedule for 2015 will require a bit of tinkering now as well with 13 games currently scheduled.  The five ACC opponents for 2015 include Boston College and Georgia Tech at home and Clemson, Virginia, and Pitt on the road.  Notre Dame will also host Texas, UMass, Navy, and USC in 2015 with road games to Stanford and Purdue scheduled as well.

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    1. Michael the Angel I’ll say it until the day I die ” Tyler Eifert caught that pass inbounds!”

      1. The one team that was ecstatic when it was announced that Kiffin would be sticking around was Oregon. Theyre looking forward to dropping another 60 points on USC.

  1. @ Toulmin.
    The ’98 game vs. Michigan was indeed a classic ND win- defeating Tom Brady and UM that year. I remember Jimmy Friday’s blocked FG early, and I also remember the goal-line stand that year @ BC with Bobby Howard, Friday and Deke Cooper making huge tackles to beat BC that year.

    1. ND/(#3)UM 1998 is the largest margin of victory over a Michigan program in the storied history of these two colleges. The home field advantage is evidenced in South Bend on this hot August day ‘squared’ !!

  2. I’d like to see them drop Rice. Perhaps they could move Northwestern to that date. While I also am not so enamored of the Wolverines and their program, Notre Dame needs to leave that one alone. Michigan loves to take shots at ND given that the little Catholic school has outshined them greatly since 1900. While Michigan is a legend in Ann Arbor and in it’s own mind. Notre Dame is national. With Notre Dame re-emerging as a power, I want to see Notre Dame dominate Michigan through the next games. And folks, this series won’t end, it just won’t be consecutive.
    Rice just isn’t that interesting. Northwestern is a good school with academic standards. The only private school in the Big 10. Northwestern would be an honorable opponent and a game that should be filled with mutual respect.
    I have to say that overall I hope these mega conferences implode and more independents emerge. But more than that I hope the SEC takes itself and those who chase it’s business model out of the NCAA. Let those schools develop club teams with non students who do not attend the university, but play for money for the glory of the brand. I’m sure SEC fans care little about education anyway. So let their teams be made up of athletes who aren’t required to attend and come clean on the hypocrisy. Then Notre Dame and others like it can go back to the excitement of STUDENT-ATHLETES performing at a high level and inspiring us.

    1. C-Dog,

      Just having a little fun with Toulmin. I have no real axe to grind with Michigan as long as things don’t get out of control like Miami did. Fans spitting on our players is where I draw the line.

      I’m sure you’re right in the forseeable future we will see some mega conferences implode.

      The Big Ten definitely over played their hand with ND with their conformity and control wishful thinking attitude.

      I could not agree with you more on independent teams evolving from failed conferences looking to play ND in the aftermath. Right now I like how Jack Swarbick has ND positioned for the future.


  3. Hahaha, Now that’s the “post of the year” Toulmin! Shameless, absolutely shameless, hahaha. You’ll give our cantankerous King “Bedwetter” an excuse to rain holy hell down on your ND hat! Hahahaha! Goodluck! Nice knowing you! Hahaha!


    PS: Amen, drop whimpy-whining-Michigan!!! I love it!

      1. I root for two teams: Notre Dame and whoever plays Michigan. Every-College- Football-Week-End!


    1. My favorite ND game was the one where Teo’s girlfriend showed up to play defense in the national title game vs. Bama.

  4. (It’s only my opinion)

    Get rid of Michigan 2014.


    (barring the huge TV $$$ to be gained) A ND/UM marriage ended in a divorce.

    1. GREAT CALL! (sc)UM-suckers that they are, we have no use for them and it should be fun watching Brady-Wady cry like the cowardly baby he is!

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