Ronnie Stanley Returning to Notre Dame for Senior Season!

Ronnie Stanley - Notre Dame LT
Notre Dame Fighting Irish offensive lineman Ronnie Stanley (78) waits between plays during the game agains the Rice Owls at Notre Dame Stadium. Notre Dame won 48-17. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame got the answer it was looking for to one of the biggest questions it was facing this off-season.  Senior to be left tackle Ronnie Stanley will be returning to Notre Dame for his senior season per his own Twitter account.

Stanley had been considering leaving early for the NFL after many draft prognosticators had pegged him as a potential 1st round pick.  The NFL Advisory Committee, however, reportedly did not give Stanley a 1st round grade with their evaluation.

Stanley’s return, like that of Sheldon Day, is a huge boost for the Notre Dame offensive which now returns all five starting linemen from the Music City Bowl victory over LSU.

We’ll have much more on Stanley’s return and what it means for Notre Dame in 2015 and beyond, but for now Irish fans can celebrate another off the field victory for the 2015 season.

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  1. This team will be stacked with veteran leadership. The offense will have several multiple game starters. It should be 2 deep at every line position. The defense will hopefully get Joe Schmidt back, get Jarret Grace back and have Nyles Morgan. The secondary will have Russell back and a year under the Safties. Max Redfield reminds me a lot of Harrison Smith, rough early years, but when the game slows down he will be fine. One thing I would like to stress to people on this site is this team is stacked for 2 years on both sides of the ball. Even after next year they will not lose a majority of their team to graduation. This is attributed to the ability of Brian Kelly to recruit, now he needs to keep these kids in school for 4 years not 3. As far as offensive play calling, please 50/50 on pass and run.

  2. Excellent news and a big piece to a potential powerful offense. I still have concerns for the defense. A physical, punishing defense wins championships.

  3. Okay!!??? Who wants a nice sandwich or sex with Scarlett Johansson? Yeah, I guessed it…a good sandwich is hard to pass up. Have a great day.

  4. First, Day- then Stanley!
    It feels right that both will be back –
    choosing graduation with their belief that a championship season is a realistic goal.

    ND will also be measured in the future by how many of our elite leave early.
    It has become the cost of having elite recruits. (I’ll give odds Ohio State’s soph rb ‘Zeke’ won’t spend his senior year in Columbus, but higher odds EG will be back with Day and Stanley and Martin as well). But that’s for another day.

    As for today
    Stanley and Day
    deciding to stay
    made this a brighter day

  5. That is good news, but the oline has to play every week like they did against lsu. Also, this offense has great potential but can’t keep shooting itself in the foot so much- dropped passes, missed blocks, poor execution, etc. Notre Dame stopped themselves on offense this year more than their opponents did.

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