Could Showtime Backfire on Notre Dame?

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  1. This is 100% a recruiting tool. How do you get kids to the NFL? Make them like able/marketable before they are drafted. This is just another feather in the cap. You seriously think BK isn’t on board with this? This is a chance to show what ND is about and the quality people they recruit. Well done, this is going to be a very special season. GO IRISH!!!!!

  2. I believe it will be a beneficial exercise and will be well controlled by Notre Dame as to what content will be allowed. They will not have total control but I don’t see it be a negative hit piece on the University or the football program.

  3. I guess I am too old
    I guess we have to try something new
    Ok think outside the box
    Maybe this is the way to get 5 star recruits
    But I still miss the traditions
    Field house
    Basic uniforms
    National championships
    Sports illustrated. Says number 4
    Maybe duranko is right
    Maybe I have been drinking too much green
    Go irish!

  4. Lesar seems to have a lousy attitude. I think BK’s take on it is the way to go. I just subscribed to Showtime too.


  5. It is an opportunity to do something most college programs don’t get (including many of the past national champions the last 10 years). Seize and enjoy it. They go 8-4? Show integrity and the coaching staff’s ability to weather the storm. Go 12-0 and play for a championship? Great – it can be documented step by step.

    Champions, heck, successful people, do not look at an opportunity and immediately go to worst-case scenario. They embrace it and move forward.

    It’d be refreshing to see us – as fans and media outlets – do that as well. Instead of the typical, “the sky is falling” knee-jerk reaction.

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