Report: Max Redfield, Five Other Notre Dame Football Players Arrested

Max Redfield - Notre Dame S
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Notre Dame has potentially got it’s yearly off-season kick in the nuts this Saturday morning with reports of six Notre Dame football players including starters Max Redfield and Tevon Coney being arrested Friday night and Saturday morning in two separate incidents.

In total the six players reported to have been arrested include Redfield, Coney, Dexter Williams, Ashon White, Kevin Stepherson, and Devin Butler.  All but Butler were reportedly arrested together in Fulton County, Indiana according to ABC 57 in South Bend. The arrests came as a result of a routine traffic stop.

The group was initially stopped due to speeding, but police reports say Reason smelled marijuana and, after confirming with his narcotics detecting police dog, officers searched the vehicle and found marijuana and a loaded handgun.

All five players were charged with possession of marijuana. Redfield, Stepherson Jr., and Williams are also being charged with possession of a handgun without a license.

Butler meanwhile was reportedly arrested in a separate incident for resisting arrest.

The St. Joseph County Jail booking desk confirmed Butler was arrested by the South Bend Police Department early Saturday morning on those two preliminary charges. Butler was then brought to a holding cell at the St. Joseph County Jail.

When The Observer contacted the St. Joseph County Jail booking desk again, it confirmed the incident occurred at 1631 South Bend Ave., which is the address of the Linebacker Lounge, a popular student bar located just off Notre Dame’s campus.

What will come out of all of this is anyone’s guess right now as this story develops, but obviously this is potentially devastating to Ntore Dame on the football field.  Redfield is slated to be Notre Dame’s starting free safety and Tevon Coney was in a battle for the starting WILL position.  Dexter Williams and Kevin Stepherson were not up for starting roles but have been making plays all camp long and were in line for solid playing time.  From a pure football perspective, Butler and White were not expected to be on the field much this fall – especially Butler who is currently on injured reserve and was potentially looking at a redshirt season already.

There has not been any comment from Notre Dame regarding either situation to this point.  We will have plenty more as this situation develops.  It had been a relatively quiet off-season for Notre Dame but much like the academic scandal from 2014, this has the potential to deliver a devastating blow to Notre Dame’s playoff chances this fall.

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  1. Max and Kevarie were just shit when it came to consistency, they could both make plays and they both missed plays more often. I give Kevarie a pass because of his incredible interception at USC. I can’t think of a play like that for Max, I won’t even think about him again in 5 minutes…

  2. SO that’s why max has been missing his assignments in games all this time?? my man has been high as a kite during the games!

    hope these guys learn from this. I surely am thankful I was never caught doing the dumb stuff I did when I was at that age. Even the times I got pulled over when I should have got popped for drunk driving, but for some reason the cop was in a mood to deal with my speeding on the lowest level and just let me go with a warning. It’s a different case for these guys, but they will rebound even if they don’t end up with ND.

  3. I’m with you, southside! I am not blaming BK and this is not a doomsday scenario (except for some of the players involved). Luckily, we are loaded at linebacker and running back. This gives an opportunity for some of the younger guys with talent to play.


  4. Alley O’ Cat , you got it ! Too much jumping to conclusion before all facts are in. High profile athletes making headlines with misdemeanor charges. If some Frat boys did same—it’s a non issue. And they would be able to continue their education. Lay students don’t get expelled from Universities for Dui’s , pot possession –or even in possession of gun without license/permit. But , like you say—rules of conduct are different for athletes–and it should be. Let’s wait till all the facts come in –before passing judgement. If the misdemeanors are worst case scenario for the 5 guys in the car—they probably will be suspended from football by the Athletic Department. However , they should remain as students during their football suspension–like any other student runs a foul of the law. Now if it’s a felony — I don’t know what the University’s rule is on that. I’m speculating a year suspension from participating in athletics–football in this case for the 5 players in car. This means Max Redfield’s career at ND is over. The other guys will be able to return in 2017. As far as the other separate incident involving Devon Butler–I won’t comment on. It’s serious felony charges–that will impact this young man’s life. I wasn’t there–neither were any of us that comment on UHND articles. As far as the “blame Coach Kelly” comments — well that’s expected from the Kelly haters.—–Are we in a doomsday attitude before Texas game ? NO WAY ! The two players–two starters Redfield and Coney involved in arrest—are going to be capably replaced with some outstanding players on D — as is a new running back for back up Dexter Williams. This is nothing new for Notre Dame—guys come out of nowhere from the depths of the bench —some became legends at Notre Dame. Go Irish.

  5. According to reports I read Butler did not only hit a cop he also hit a female. And Jack, no one grabbed him the report says he charged a police officer after being ordered to back off. As I said before, the moment he went for the officer’s gun belt he put his life in grave danger. Since the officer has physical injuries I doubt this will be bargained down. He was also tazed because he was so out of control.

  6. I think they all go down if illegal stuff is in the vehicle and depending on the cop he can cut some a break or be a asshole about it Most ive encounterd aint into deal makin especially when theres a loaded gun in the vehicle

  7. I also think marijuana should be legal, but coaches and universities do have the right to set to set standards for conduct. The players, rightly or wrongly, are held to a higher standard. If some kid majoring in history gets arrested, nobody knows or cares. But a kid on scholarship in a big time football program gets arrested and its all over the news and social media. If this is Butler’s first brush with the law (presuming that he’s guilty), is he not entitled to a second chance in life? Did all of the kids have marijuana or were they simply all arrested because there was pot in the vehicle? Who actually owned the gun? We do not know the facts. Innocent until proven guilty, people. Yet, we have some on here already blaming Coach Kelly.

  8. I wish the trooper who pulled them over just would of ignored the stench of pot coming from the car.Told them be careful young men on their way back to south bend and say your prayers before you go to bed oh and dont forget to unload your unlicensed gun before going to sleep and have a nice evening he must of been a purdue fan

  9. Everyone seems so eager to treat this behavior as acceptable in the current age. In the end I just don’t think these players are the ones that will get you to a national championship. They don’t respect the coach, the school nor the team, I just don’t think KELLY will ever take control and make it happen. The defense is a joke and these players are a joke. He was always the wrong guy from the beginning. He proves it every year.

  10. Why do these clowns throw away a college education, especially from ND, for a night of drinking, etc.
    No brains, how did they get in the door? There’s got to be some type of entrance test designed to test
    character, discipline, etc. I can’t believe you give these clowns something that everybody has to pay
    for, and they throw it away.

  11. Redfield has NEVER been anything thing. Never lived up to his billing. Only makes plays when the game was over. Missed on meaningful plays. Now this. Off the team and out of school. As for the others same thing…see ya…They all had a chance. NEXT.Getting a scholarship to any school should carry some clout. Doesn’t matter where its from live up to it.

  12. Kelly is going to have to start being a hardass when it comes to speaking to these players about personal accountability outside of the football field. And he is also going to have to start finding a select few respected upper classmen that have a good head on their shoulders to help off the field. Kelly can’t watch these players 24-7. This is very disappointing these guys let the team down this bad, especially Redfield. Clearly he has higher priorities than being a senior leader to these younger guys. Two weeks away, really!? It never fails every year.

  13. Lots of off the field drama under Kelly’s watch. This could be the final piece that pushes him out the door and into the NFL. Has there ever been another HC at ND that has had to wade through as much off the field crap as Brian Kelly. If ND misses the playoffs this year i believe he will step away and look elsewhere.

  14. WTF are these athletes doing? “Kids these days…” Who the Cripe needs this? I understand the standards are wicked hard to liv-up to. But breaking the damn law is basic civil standards, nothing high/ND about them. C’mon mayon!

  15. I can only speak for Butler, I was in a bar fight and it was me against 2 guys. When I felt an arm around my neck I assumed it was the other guy…turned out to be an officer of the law. I explained to the judge and was released. HOWEVER, I was not on the ND football team and held to higher standards, these kids are idiots…what good comes from drugs and guns…ever?

  16. Amazing how many are already rationalizing this. My position has always been that Marijuana should be legal. But I could never condone driving impaired whether it be booze or grass. Suppose they’d have killed someone with a vehicle? Stupid stuff can have very serious consequences. Suppose someone was shot from negligent gun handling? This is far more serious than getting caught smoking a joint in a dorm. It borders on Thug behavior.

    Butler is toast and will be lucky if he doesn’t end up in prison. Many places in Florida he’d have been shot by officers if the news reports are accurate of what he did. Three of the other 5 are facing a weapons charge Redfield, Williams and Stepherson .

    By the way MTA, things have changed a little at FSU since the New York Times article, the Noles suspended one of their QBs today indefinitely. Things have changed in Tallahassee concerning athletes and their behavior.

    Now we’ll see if Notre Dame is really different from all the other big time programs or if they are just the same, because if these kids aren’t bounced from the program the negative publicity they receive this year will hurt future recruiting efforts for a long time to come.

  17. The weed is something you can forgive but having a loaded gun is just STUPID. Why are you riding around the “mean streets of Indiana” with a loaded handgun? Better yet why are you speeding when you know you have weed and a weapon in the car? Its just dumb. Max Redfield is suppose to be a leader. Really stupid on his part. Kelly has to come down hard on these guys and make a example.

    Beating Texas at their house is going to be hard enough. Now we have to do it minus two starters.

  18. Redfield has been an issue since he arrived. Hes all about Max. Plus he sucks as a Safety. Will see how this program reacts. 13 players booted in the last 2 yrs for different violations. Not a good record. Perhaps admissions will tighten up their standards which will require them to take on a more Boston College like schedule.

  19. 6 guys who made some pretty poor decisions in judgment. Of course, it also comes right before the start of the season. I am not going to lambast BK, he didn’t make this happen, the 6 players did. As in any football program, you will have some players with “integrity” issues doing things many would call dumb and asinine. We have seen plenty of examples from prior years at ND of this. I am wagering that 6 guys will be at minimum suspended for the year if not outright dismissed from the team altogether. The flip side, some guys may get increased opportunity to get playing time that before they wouldn’t have. Next men in and get ready to pummel Texas.

  20. I know im the first person to bitch about when nd isnt doing good they need to recruit better players.That bein said this is where they run into trouble better players dont mean better overall students etc you cant have it both ways sometimes these kids make stupid mistakes I wont blame kelly on this one yes nd can have model citizen boy scout types and finish 5-7 then the bitchin will start from everyone of us me included Thats what happens major football progams deal with this al the time anymore its win at all cost or get left behindl

  21. I would immediately suspend every player ( if the reports are true) indefinitely. Then Kelly needs to bring his team together and find the leaders from within the team and handle this together and figure out when or if any of these kids should ever play for Notre Dame again. This is where the value of players like Jalen Smith and Joe Schmidt can never be underestimated As far as Max Redfield, I think he has burned his last bridge and probably needs to go from the football team but not necessarily the University unless that would be the penalty for a non-athlete at Notre Dame. We live in a new era and cannot compare these kids to heroes of the past it is just not the same world I always joke that you need criminals to win in college football and it does seem that as Notre Dame’s talent increases so do these types of incidents. Handle this the Right Way, Coach Kelly. Whether or not these guys were starters is irrelevant. Next man in.

  22. re: ND’s D: if the safeties and the MLB are essential to running the D’, this D’ has the excuse to return to mediocrity- or game plan differently, as Texas will now aim at the free safety’s’ responsibilities now.
    Can BVG adjust, like each offense he faces has done preparing for his D’ scheme each week since the Michigan blowout two seasons ago? There’s still plenty of time for BVG to do that.
    Is he capable or willing? Stay tuned. We’ll know more sooner than later.

    When I was at ND, I did tons of stupid things and was often careless and thoughtless at that age.
    But I didn’t ever get caught. Well, once I did, and a campus cop told me to go back to my dorm and “grow up!” And thereafter I slowly began my ascent to the status of an Archangel
    – so there’s still hope for these six!

    At Florida State, the cops would have given them a ride home and called their position coach, as one Florida cop admitted to as the expected protocol because, after all, “we’re reminded they bring in a lot of revenue to Tallahassee.” At Clemson, the kicker who was busted for cocaine was suspended from the team- until the week of the ND game. So before we rush to judgment or drag them to the pillar and scourge them, let’s wait and see what happened.
    As Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts, M’am!”

    Was everyone packing a gun? Did everyone have pot on them ? If so, then they all should move on to more user-friendly football programs. If not, then we should all just shut up and wait and see.

    I recall a recent event when a well-respected albeit limited in ability past starting QB, a minor drinking at an off-campus party, fled the cops and, when being caught from behind (something that often occurred on the field as well) tried to kick the cop in the groin. Penalty: one game suspension- letting the punishment fit the crime- the American (but seldom the ND) way.

    The season isn’t over but I’m betting Jack is right, and neither Redfield nor Coney will play at ND again, maybe Dexter Williams either. But I’ll wait and see about that, too.

    And before we use this incident as not respecting “Kelly or the school,” it sounds like too many posters are too old to remember being that young and doing stupid careless stuff, like most of us and I certainly did. I remember post-game parties I’d sneak into at Grace and Flanner halls (they were residence halls then) but could never drink as much as the then underage starting LBs those Saturday nights. But if today’s athletes party differently than we did, that doesn’t make them any worse than when we partied too hard back in the day- or maybe even yesterday.

    Quick to judge others is easy. Ignoring our own stupidity while persisting in judging others is often easier to do. Neither is fair nor wise.

  23. Bruce — whatever you think of the Dunbar situation, calling the players or Lou “victims” borders on delusion. Yeah, I think the NCAA went too far in considering Dunbar a “booster.” Maybe the University was a victim in some way. But Dunbar didn’t force ND players to accept lavish gifts. Nobody made players engage in sex with a groupie. Those players were not the “sacred embodiment” of ND virtues.

  24. That’s an over-statement, Bruce. You are comparing today’s reality with yesterday’s fond remembrance. Think about George Gipp — the real George Gipp, not the movie Gipper. He barely attended classes and spent his time away from football gambling. Football players were a sacred embodiment? I don’t know. We knew far less about the day-to-day in the past. Lou made our expectations high? Yes. But he was also in charge when Kim Dunbar happened.

  25. This has happened too many times on the kelly reign. They are recruiting the wrong types of kids. They have no religious, moral or emotional relations hip to what the school represents. Imagine Rocky Bluer or Gejrge Kunz doing this. The team was once a sacred embodiment about what was great about the school. Now it’s s about money, contracts, tv shows, shoes, real estate, merchandise. They get the wrong type of guys because the good ones know that we don’t have the best coach that can win. So we have to reach lower in the barrell. Yes we want to win. But, They to often don’t respect Kelly or the school.
    Lou made our expectations very high. But then we are the Fighting Urish.

  26. Even though we don’t know the whole story and everyone is innocent until proven guilty, I think Max has burned his bridges at ND. The fact that a gun was involved is especially upsetting. I feel that the Irish do have the talent to make up for the loss of all of these particular players. Still, this is not what Notre Dame Football needed and these kids are about to learn some harsh lessons.

  27. Edited the Florida reference. Was making the connection of Williams, Coney, & Stepherson all being from Florida and combined thoughts.

  28. Why does the article say they arrested in Florida? They were arrested in Indiana. I don’t really mind the marijuana but guns and drugs and guns and booze don’t mix. There will probably be some other fallout from this because the NCAA will do some extensive drug testing. I imagine in order to try and preserve an image these players will be cut loose from the University.

  29. Great leadership on the part of Redfield, the lone SR in the mess. In retrospect, it isn’t that surprising that he never met lofty expectations. Physical talent is there. Something else is missing. Coney might be the biggest loss in the short run. Frustrating.

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