Gameday FAQ: Notre Dame v. Michigan State ’16

Photo: Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire
Photo: Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire

Get ready for today’s Notre Dame game with this week’s Gameday FAQ!

Who does Notre Dame play today?

Notre Dame is playing Michigan State today at Notre Dame Stadium.  The Spartans enter this weekend’s contest ranked 8th and 12th in the two major polls and bring a 1-0 record with them. Michigan State beat Furman 28-13 in their season opener two weeks ago and haven’t played anyone since.

For more background on Michigan State:

Who is starting at quarterback for Notre Dame tonight?

We can probably take this one off of the FAQs soon, but Deshone Kizer will start again at quarterback for Notre Dame this weekend.  Kizer completed 15 of 18 passes last weekend with a pair of touchdowns and his first interception of the season.  Kizer has started both Notre Dame games this season and has a lock down on the position right now.

Where is the Notre Dame game being played today?

The Irish and Spartans will be playing in Notre Dame Stadium for Notre Dame’s second home game of the season and its second straight home game.  The game marks the 251th consecutive sellout of Notre Dame Stadium.  Notre Dame was undefeated at home in 2015 and will look to match that in 2016 if it is to have any chance at the playoffs.

What time is the Notre  Dame game today?

Tonight’s game will be under the lights of Notre Dame Stadium for the first of two primetime home games for Notre Dame this year.  Kick off is just after 7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM PT.  This marks the second time in three weeks the Irish will be playing in primetime.

What channel is the Notre Dame game on today?

Tonight’s game will be broadcast nationally on NBC just as every Notre Dame home is.  NBC will have Mike Tirico in the booth doing play by play with Dan Hicks on assignment.  Former Michigan alum Dhani Jones will be joining the pre and post game shows for NBC as well.

What Channel is today’s Notre Dame game on?

As a home game, today’s game will be a national broadcast on NBC.  Mike Tirico will be doing the play by play for NBC for the second week in a row with Dan Hicks on assignment.  Doug Flutie will provide the color commentary.

Is today’s Notre Dame game available for online streaming?

Yes, the game is available on the NBC Live website – as well as on the NBC Sports Apps for both iPhone and Android users –

What is the weather forecast for today’s game?

UPDATE: The forecast has taken a turn for the better for the second week in a row on gameday.  As of last night there was a 50% chance of thunderstorms but as of this afternoon conditions look great for tonight.  There is still a slight chance of rain tonight but at 15% it should be a dry tailgate and a dry game.  That bodes well for the Irish and bad the livers of Irish fans.


Who is favored in today’s Notre Dame game?

As of late Friday night, Notre Dame was a touchdown favorite over Michigan State but had been as much as an 8 point favorite at different times this week.  The line finally started to trend towards Michigan State on Friday afternoon suggesting the late money is coming in on the Spartans.  Considering the line sat at (-8) and didn’t move for so long this isn’t surprising.


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  1. “The team, the season…It’s practically standing still now.

    I see it’s starting to rain again; it’s—the rain has slacked up a little bit. The team is holding on, Just.. just enough to keep it from ….

    Oh my god! It’s burning and bursting into flames! and, and it’s falling and all the folks agree that this is terrible, this is one of the worst catastrophes in the world.

    It’s–it’s–it’s the flames, oh, four- or five-hundred feet into the sky and it … it’s a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen.
    It’s smoke, and it’s flames now … and the game is crashing to the ground!

    Oh, the humanity! and all the fans screaming around here.

    I told you, I can’t even talk to people whose friends were there.
    Ah! It’s–it’s–it’s–it’s … o–ohhh! I–I can’t talk, ladies and gentlemen.

    Honest, it’s just laying there, a mass of smoking wreckage.
    Ah! And everybody can hardly breathe and talk, and the screaming.

    Honest: I–I can hardly breathe. I–I’m going to step inside where I cannot see it.

    Charlie, that’s terrible. Ah, ah—I can’t. I, listen, folks, I–I’m gonna have to stop for a minute because I’ve lost my voice.

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed”.

    Oh the humanity!

  2. There’s certainly plenty of criticism for ND football right now. I can’t argue with that. I just disagree with the fire BK now crowd. Right now the primary problem I see is defense. I admit, I was not for firing BVG at the end of last year. I was wrong. I really thought he would adjust his schemes, but he hasn’t. I’d be surprised at this point if BVG survives to the end of the year now. The look on BK’s face said it all for me, it was that “You have to be kidding me” look.

    I don’t agree with all of C-dogs points. Stadium upgrades are important. Most of your high profile recruits ND wants aren’t going to play in a stadium that looks like it did in 1950. And the grass playing surface was getting downright embarrassing. I think they did a good job of threading the needle, trying to bring the stadium to the 21st century but maintaining an old school look (i.e. slash marks in the end zones, probably the only FBS school that still does that). The addition of a training table was also a good move by the team. So they are doing some of the right things.

    But whether you like the stadium upgrades or not, frankly, when you get down to it, that’s not what ails the football team. The team isn’t going to win or lose because of a stadium upgrade.

    I also don’t see them firing BK for one other reason. Right now, outside the land of ND fans, the rest of the world thinks BK has improved the overall on field product of ND since arriving in 2010. They think we are nuts for even considering firing BK at this point. Right or wrong, that’s the perception I see out there. If ND were to fire BK at this point, they would think the administration is crazy, scaring off your good coaches thinking ND had impossible standards.

    Plus, as others have noted, they just finished paying off Charlie Weis. I think they’ll be happy just to pay one coach for a little while.

    So it’s probably a moot issue for now. BK is not going anywhere at least until after next year. The one thing they can do is retool the defense.

  3. Damian, when people of good will talk things out long enough they eventually find common ground. Wouldn’t you agree?

    There’s no way ND is firing BK. Not now at least. Unless there’s a great coach out there who wants the job we don’t know about.

    Hard to believe any one on here dares to criticize the ND football program, which like C-Dog points has been so successful over the last three decades that one wonders how they could ask for more. How dare the Debbie downers demand football success over the last two decades. 1-2 is a great record you Debbie downers. Why would anyone want to win a national title when you can be 1-2.

    But we’ll beat Duke and everything will be alright!

  4. 5 star TE Tyler Luatua has not lived up to the hype and TE Alize Jones has washed out academically. Alize Jones would’ve been a big part of the offense this year.

  5. SFR,

    I do agree with you that ND can afford to reexamine it’s admission standards and some of the things you mentioned. There are things they did during the Holtz years that were along those lines, while still emphasizing they’re are a school first. I’m am not beholden to a rigid standard. There are things the Irish can do, adjustments, without selling out.

    It really just comes down to I’m not ready to throw BK out yet, not while I see a shot with some fixes, mainly on defense, though Pete brings up a good point about the tight ends coach. Tight ends have been a disappointment the last 2 years. I’m not as firm on tossing him out yet, but there definitely needs to be some adjustments there. But I see a team that could have had an undefeated regular season last year if we have better defense. That’s why I say retool the defense first.

    But do misunderstand my original comment way back last night. I was by not means saying I want ND to be like Harvard, or even like Northwestern. You mention about the by gone glory years of the past. CFB has changes so dramatically just in the last 20 years. I’m growing concerned that maybe the only way ND can compete for NC’s is by selling out it’s core principles, that it would have to do the things even you, SFR have noted would be going to far. That is simply a road I would not be able to travel as a fan. I don’t want ND to become another LSU, Florida or Miami just to win NC’s. That’s really the crux of my argument earlier. That’s more an indictment of the landscape I see today, not that I’m ok with how things currently stand.

  6. Imagine if Jack Welch were the head of ND corporation. One of his special assistants says to him boss we have a guy that is an assistant to the guy that runs the south bend division. He lost almost 800 million in three years. Welch says did the division head fire him. The special assistant says no. Welch incredulous says how the hell is that division doing. The special assistant says mediocre. They don’t really care they just want a job. Welch says wasn’t that our best performing division at one time. The specialist assistant says the very best. Why the hell haven’t we fired them. The special assistant says
    They have employment contracts. Welch says what God damn lawyer gave em a contract without protecting us in the event of total incompetence.
    Welch says fire the lawyer, fire the division chief and fire the guy that lost 800 million (800 points so to speak). And tell them to sue us if they want to. I would rather do the right thing than to pay guys that used us. And find the very best lawyer in America to defend us and find the very best guys to replace them. I have to make up for those fools or the board of directors will have my ass.

  7. Hire Chizik for a defensive coordinator.. And while Kizer had great stats for the game he once again has proven his inability to win the big games. I hope when Zaire transfers he comes to play for the Gators.

  8. I do think Kelly is a very good coach. He won big everywhere he’s been. However , I’m not sold on some of his assistant coaches. The 2 I would replace are Van Gorder and Booker. Booker hasn’t done much with either the tight ends or special teams. Penalities, blocked field goal against Texas ,poor snaps, player not getting out of the way on a punt. Defense is setting records for ineptitude. Broken coverages, soft coverages, poor tackling players not lined up correctly before the snap, secondary taking bad angles, improper technique, db’s not turning to locate balls during pass plays, poor gap fits. Lets see did I miss anything?

  9. Our defense really stinks. Our guys are not in the right positions, apparently do not know how to tackle and the secondary is either getting burned or not knocking the ball down. I think after 3 lousy years Van Gorder has got to go. If Kelly won’t do it then he has to go too. Where is this offense that is supposed to be so good. If our O line is supposed to be so good why are there no holes for the backs to run through?

  10. FAQ. Notre Dame hasn’t won a national championship in 28 years. Notre Dame has been close once in the last 24 years. Notre Dame hasn’t had a signature win in decades.
    FAQ: Over $750 million in new stadium upgrades.

    FAQ: Fancy turf replacing that horrible grass that teams like Michigan State and Green Bay use.

    FAQ. Tix are among the most expensive in college football. ( some around $250 if seat fee is included )
    A few years ago Stanford was charging $11 per ticket and no parking fee.

    Kelly has a real comfortable position. So does Swarbrick. So does the limp wristed Jenkins.

    Ara and his team celebrated the 50 year anniversary of their championship season. The theme among the players wasn’t that they were champs but how they got to be champs. Tough kids who realized what playing for a school named after the Mother of God means. They had a chip.

    Nowadays the demand for political correctness and choked that chip. The school is very cuddly. And rich. To get donations for what they really care about they are selling past history not current greatness. People are dropping big coin in the hope that this year might be the year. Ok but it sure feels like the university is punking the fans and alums.

    Is that what everyone wants?

  11. Less Miles may be looking for a new home soon… I heard that LSU still refuses to settle for “mediocrity”. Muschamp would have made a damn good upgrade at D coordinator. Any other thoughts for new HC/DC?

  12. I know exactly what you’re saying, Damian. I don’t agree, however, that ND needs to settle for BK. Moreover, I’m not calling for his head either. But BVG needs to go. So we agree there.

    Bottom line is you’re just putting off the inevitable. BK is not the right man for the job. He’ll be gone sooner or later. He was also just given an extension. ND will not be paying for BK and CW as ex-coaches.

    BK has at least two more seasons after this one. So expect more garbage and more excuses and more talk about wait till next year.

    What ND should do is reexamine its philosophy and modernize its admissions for football players. Also, don’t suspend players for an entire season for mine academic infractions. If these issues aren’t revisited, it doesn’t matter who comes in to coach this team. Don Shula and Chuck Noll in their primes coaching together couldn’t win at ND under current restrictions.

    ND has compromised ideals in the past without forfeiting its essence. Time to do so again!

    Go Irish!

  13. SFR, that was sarcasm but i do believe he would do better than BK. In all seriousness there is one coach out there that could turn ND around. Chris Peterson Washington Huskies HC

  14. I like how people can “read between the lines of my comments.” I am not settling for anything. I never said BK was elite, but in fact, went out of my way to say he won’t be elite until he wins an NC.

    My contention is unless you can show me a better coach out there who is WILLING to come to ND, I am not for cutting and running. I am not at that point where I’m ready to reset, start over and hope in 3 to 5 years the next coach can bring us the NC. I am still of the opinion that rebooting the defense would be enough to turn this team around.

    But you cut the coach, and you’re back to square one, recruiting, schemes, coaching, everything. I am just not ready for that yet. Fix the defense first, and if that doesn’t work then we’ll talk.

  15. pete,

    Carroll is way too old now. He’s currently the oldest NFL head coach. Too late for him to pack up and start all over again.

    Plus, recall that he left SC on the verge of the death penalty. He got out cause he knew the rampant corruption of his program. Even the corrupt NCAA had no choice but take a NC and Heisman away from SC under Carroll.

    I want to win too but not at any cost.

  16. Meant to say know for a fact, not uno for a fact. Damn this new autocorrect feature!

    Kind of works like BK’s coaching and BVG’s D!

    And Damian, don’t mistake our passion for and frustrations with the present state of ND football for lunacy.

    What’s crazy is calling yourself a life-long ND fan and believing that what you’re seeing on the field now is acceptable.

  17. ND under BK has been unprepared for the start of big games. The pattern is fall behind, storm back, then fall just short, usually because the D let’s us down yet again. Then the faux apologist fans point to the comeback and claim a moral victory.

    The moral victory approach champion is none other than Damian. He seems to believe that ND should play football to finish 8-4, be happy with that, lose third-tier bowl games, get blown out by CFB elites, and then get on a self-righteous high horse and start making excuses for mediocrity.

    Make no mistake, cut through Damian’s discourse, deconstruct it, and what you get is that we should settle for BK because ND has become so mediocre no one else could do any better. So let’s revel in our mediocrity, all the while feeling superior in our holiness, and let’s just enjoy watching our poorly coached team because, heck, we can’t really ask for more.

    BS! If that’s what reality is then it’s better to stop the bleeding and compromising of ND football heritage. Until then, however, I’ll rail against the dying of the light! I’ll continue to believe ND can be great again. I won’t settle for garbage because I think I’m omniscient and uno for a fact ND can’t ever be elite again. What I do know is that with Damian’s logic, for sure ND won’t ever be great again.

    Fans like Damian grew up getting prizes for finishing in last place. So they think it’s OK to just compete. I’m old school. I’ll take Vince Lombardi’s attitude to playing and winning over Damian’s any time and twice on Sunday! But, who knows, perhaps Damian has had a better coaching career that we don’t know of than the legendary coach.

  18. It seems that the Irish are unprepared for every game. They are sloppy. They don’t tackle well. Their pass coverage is terrible. They don’t get to the QB. They need to improve on special teams. Dumb/costly penalties.

    I think there is not only a problem with their defensive coordinator’s game planning/coaching, there is a big problem with the over-all way the Irish prepare for games.

    You play the way you practice.

  19. All you may think I’m crazy and this is probably so far fetched that I would most likely hit the lottery before this happened but if I was notre dame I would go after pete Carroll. I want to win championships.

  20. God, do some of you guys need therapy. This attitude if ND can’t win an NC what’s the point of going on.

    Try looking at a few positives. ND is relevant again. In 2008 and 2009 we were slowly becoming irrelevant, to becoming the patsy on good teams schedules. ND is better today. Teams need to pay attention to ND and they can’t take them for granted, in fact, other teams consider ND a tough opponent. That is a big improvement.

    And make no mistake, I want more. Each of my pro teams in pro sports have won NCs in the last 10 years. I love NC’s. ND is the only one that has denied me thus far.

    I think our offensive coaches are fine for the most part. Yes that had a hiccup last night, but that is not the norm. Even Alabama has a hiccup once a year (they don’t usually go undefeated). What they need to do is make sure to keep those assistants on the offense. We field a typically dominant O-line, something Alabama does to win NC’s.

    The only coach on defense that I’d consider keeping is the linebackers coach. I’m not sure I would, but our front line seems to do ok. Seeing the look on BK’s face toward BVG last night told it all for me. I think BVG’s days are numbered. BK is not going to take a fall for BVG if he can help it.

    Right now about 85% of football fans would love to be in ND’s position right now. I want that to be 100%, but prior to BK that was probably 0%. Even ND fans didn’t want to be in our position then.

    With a better defense, even just an average defense, we would have been undefeated during last season, and probably this season thus far. We have good players on defense, they need better coaching. I’m not prepared to throw the baby out with the bathtub yet. Get better defensive coaches and KEEP THEM.

  21. Oh well. Looks like another 8-5 season. MSI controlled both lines of scrimmage. It was embarrassing during the middle of the game. Yet no one seems to have answers.

  22. When it’s feels like Kevin white
    Smells like Kevin white
    Tastes like Kevin white
    It’s only the hapless excuser jack swarbrick
    Fire swarbrick
    Fire kelly
    Fire Bvg
    It’s about responsibility and consequences
    If you want to be the best
    You hire the best

  23. I turned 60 this past August and remember Ara, Lou and Dan Devine. The good old days Notre Dame was an annual powerhouse capable of playing with anyone. I’m not sure I/m going to watch anymore. Very poorly coached team from Kelly and his entire coaching staff. There is a big gap right now between Notre Dame and the elite of college football on the defensive side of the ball. Notre Dame’s offense is pretty good but the defense puts them in a hole all the time. I do think the scheduling, structure, academics etc, does play a factor. How much of a factor I don’t know. Ask yourself this question. If Notre Dame was an elite football power why didn’t Urban Myer take the job. He had a chance to twice.

  24. I foresee 2 maybe even 3 more losses this season. This team is not good. I believe a change at D coordinator is needed and I think Kelly should turn over offensive play calling to Sanford and start overseeing the team as the “CEO” which a head coach should do to monitor overall the team aspect. I don’t want to hear “wait until next year” mantra. After 7 years, as a fan, it’s not UNREASONABLE to expect a better product on the field. As SFR has mentioned in prior posts, I remember Holtz era well. Some modifications to admission standards allowed Lou even then to match up more consistently with the football factory teams of the 80’s and 90’s. ND if it expects to even somewhat compete against the football factory teams and elite teams, it may have to look at modifying its admission standards for student players, otherwise, I see 7-5, 8-4, 9-3 record teams pretty consistently. Just remember, it has been football success that has generated much money for the university. If continued mediocrity occurs, the cash flow may start to dwindle. The bigger looming problem is who could be a replacement for Kelly. He could leave by his own merits too. There aren’t super marquee coaches indicating they want to come coach ND, and frankly, why would they, if it opened up. It’s painful to watch a team you are a fan of, not be very good. Yes, there have been some improvements in personnel, but, not to where they are even close to the CFB caliber teams personnel. Change the opponents who are scheduled so they are easier. I suppose but that only exposes you when you play a good team. As a fan, I unfortunately have to change my outlook too. I just don’t see any changes coming to help even get closer to an even playing field by ND. I don’t have much excitement right now as a long time fan. I guess let’s see what the next game brings but I see no surprises.

  25. If you remember the Lou days, then why settle for BK’s crap, Damian?

    If this is the best ND can ever be, then it’s time to really do something else in the Fall.

    ND needs to keep searching. BK is not the answer. Perhaps the luck of the Irish strikes again and ND finds another Ara out of no where.

  26. I remember Holtz. He was the first great coach I do remember growing up.

    I also remember the dismal Davie, Willingham and Weis years. How it got to the point I just hoped ND didn’t get embarrassed at the big games (which they usually did). How I had to hear about how ND’s glory days were behind them, that they should just join the Big 10 and hope it can contend for a Big 10 title every couple of years. How could I respond? ND was lucky just to get to 6-6 many times.

    So yes, BK is better than that. I’m not satisfied with that. I just hope BK can get ND to that elusive NC, because I don’t believe there’s anyone realistically out there that can do that for ND.

  27. I agree on your football related points, Damian.

    But if you’re also right that ND can’t do better than BK, and perhaps you’re indeed right, then it’s time to sell. ND should just either give up football or join the Ivy League. But of course it won’t give up the mammon football brings to the university. Too much integrity I guess.

    I’m just sorry this is what ND football is in your experience. I remember the end of the era of Ara, you see. I remember when ND could beat Bear, Joe Pa, Johnny Majors, Vince Dooley, Bo, you name it. So sad you don’t have those memories and therefore settle for BK beating Nevada.

  28. My point is, if BK can’t get ND back to elite, I don’t believe there’s anyone else out there who is willing to coach at ND who can.

    BK has been frustrating for me. He recruits well, he’s gotten more out of his prior teams (Cincinnati for instance, hardly a football power house). What is it about ND that he can’t do the same there? I sometimes think it’s a curse. How does a coach that won NC’s at the FCS level, overachieved at a school at Cincinnati, can’t get the same thing out of ND.

    Some fans (NOT all) want BK to be fired and for them to hire a new coach. Who? Who do you think is going to come to ND and win NC’s, realistically. Go back to D/W/W types and ND football as you know it will really be over.

    Personally, I think they need to do 2 things. Retool the defense. I made the mistake of believing BVG should be given a 3rd year (mostly because historically, it takes about 3 years to fully develop your schemes). But the BVG experiment just didn’t work. Seeing BK’s reaction on the sidelines to BVG at the end when they gave up a big play said it all, it was that WTF are you kidding me look. Offensively, I think we are ok. Offense had a hiccup tonight, but mostly they can score.

    Then ND needs to make sure it does everything it can to retain those coaches. Maybe they should have tried to do more the retain Diaco. I don’t know. But the defense was much better under Diaco. One reason Saban does so well, and Dantonio for that matter, is consistency with assistant coaches. ND may need to fork over some money.

    But that is one area I see that ND can do better.

  29. The problem is Damian you don’t seem to be old enough to remember when ND football was great. I’m not talking about Rockne or Leahey. I’m talking about Holtz. You seem to believe that 8-4 or 9-3 is acceptable for ND football. For those of us old enough to remember, that’s just mediocre. But I guess you’re right. BK is great compared to BD, TW, CW. Talk about faint praise and a backhanded compliment, Damian!

  30. Come on. Mediocre. D/W/W, they were mediocre. BK is better than that.

    Look at tonight’s game. Under Weis that game would have been done in the 3rd quarter. Under BK they fought back. They fight to the last second. Now that’s not good enough. But they are much better than mediocre. Penn State (I live in PA, hence the reference), is mediocre. ND is better than that. And before anyone says they have a 2-1 records, their 2 wins are against Kent State and Temple (this year’s Temple is not last year’s).

  31. Damian,

    If ND can’t do better than BK and his brand of mediocrity, then it should close up shop like U. of Chicago did back in the day, drop football, and concentrate on hiring Nobel Prize winning professors. I’m sure 80000 people will turn out to hear their lectures and NBC will televise live on primetime TV.

  32. Did I say ND should say F— to its academic standards?! No I didn’t! I said they should revisit past admission policies, such as those in place when Lou was winning a title and competing for several others.

    Are you old enough to remember the last time ND was great, Damian? Perhaps that’s the problem.

  33. SFR,

    I am not, NOT ready to throw in the towel. My original comment was 2 points. The first being if BK can’t get us to the elite level, ND may just be an above average team good enough to beat some good teams, but not all the time. That’s not Colgate, or even Northwestern. And I think ND can maintain that, enough to maintain their current NBC contract, and their semi-independence.

    And the second is just to answer that delusion some fans have that coaches like Nick Saban are just waiting for a chance to coach at ND. I don’t believe that for a second. They have everything they can want where they are, why would they leave.

    If BK leaves or is fired, my fear is that ND will be back to having to hire the D/W/W type coaches, hoping or a miracle that never comes.

    My true fear is if ND fails under BK, that ND will become like Northwestern or Colgate, that we will be reduced to becoming that. I want ND to win, but by keeping it’s priorities in order.

  34. Wow, ND loses a game and some fans here become rude and hostile. I have great respect for the Irish because of what they stand for. I always have.

    Sorry Zippy, I had to pay my own pay through college. That means I couldn’t afford to go the ND. I managed to get some scholarships, thankfully, but the rest was loans and me working part time through college, and I still came out with thousands of dollars in loans. I’m glad you were able to go to ND itself. Good for you. I’m kind of floored you’d want ND to f— it’s academics as you say since you went their. That’s more the attitude I hear out of subway fans, not fans that actually got to go to ND and see what a special plays it is.

    Now, that’s no pity party. It’s just a fact. I managed to get a good job, and I’m fine. But ND wasn’t in the cards for me.

  35. Let’s say you’re right, Damian. Then let’s just say ND should stop pretending it plays elite football and just join the Ivy League. But, oh, wait, Damian, then ND would lose that nice big fat NBC check. So much for integrity, I guess.

    Shit or get off the pot, Damian. ND football either needs to go back to the future, and relax some of its high-handededness like it did under Lou, or just schedule Colgate, Lehigh, Lafayette, etc.

    I wonder if some ND fans want to win. I agree not all costs. But I wonder if some ND fans care about winning at all or are happy with being lovable losers.

  36. SFR,

    Your exactly right. ND once won NCs while being an academic institution first. But college football today is a much different animal then it was in the 1980’s or even the 1990’s. Too many CFB teams today have sold their soul to the devil as you say today. Too many have become feeders for the NFL. ND is one of those that to this day has not sold it’s soul to the devil (though it does feed players to the NFL-which in and of itself is not bad as long as that’s not your sole reason for existence).

    For me it’s a fundamental issue. College should be a place of learning first. ND has that right and they always have.

    I won’t follow any other college teams. If ND ever does sell its soul, I just won’t follow college sports anymore. I follow an NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL team already. If I had to live without a 5th team, I’d survive.

  37. I ask you again, Damian, and get off your high horse for a second, were you a ND fan in 1988? 1989? 1993?

    Do you think football excellence and academic integrity were sacrificed at ND under Holtz? Are they mutually exclusive to you?!

    Did ND see-out when it changed its academic calendar to allow it to play in bowl games?

    I love the selective memory and hypocrisy of these so-called fans and faux traditionalists.

    Just self-righteous palaver and excuse-making for decades long mediocrity of ND football!

  38. Good for you Damian, I went to ND, class of 02, so when you are able to attend and graduate I will give your opinion the credence is deserves, till than dont give a rats ass what you say or think.

  39. Remember when BK was supposed to take ND’s O into the next millennium? Whatever happened to that?! I guess BK’s schematic advantage is no better than CW’s back in the day. BVG is BK’s John Tenuta!

  40. Well said Damian. Well said. Another frustrating season in the books by game 3. At least we found out now that we won’t make a NC instead of game 10. Priorities for the rest of the year should be to find a new D coordinator, get our young kids some reps, and finish above .500…

  41. SFR and Zippy,

    I follow the Irish for 2 reasons. One I went to one of their sister schools, King’s College, so it’s the only FCS school I have any ties to.

    The second is I’ve always taken pride that ND has always first been an institute of learning. They graduate more of their players then most other FCS teams. That is impressive.

    And I will stick to my guns and continue to be a fan of ND football and basketball as long as they keep their priorities in order. That is a must for me. Give that up, and that’ll be it for me. I see no need to follow what would essentially be a minor league NFL team.

  42. I thought Kelly should have gone for it on 4th and 7 but not surprised at all that he didnt. Kelly is the ultra conservative. Very rarely does he take any kind of risk. Many occasions BK elects to punt rather than take a chance. Gutless

  43. Damian,

    Rather than telling Zippy to go cheer for Bama or FSU, why don’t you go root for Colgate or Lehigh? I hear that they really have great students there too.

  44. I guess that Damian is either too young or too oblivious to remember when ND was a football factory under Lou Holtz, won a lot, competed for national championships, and actually won one. It didn’t sell its soul to the devil then, Damian, did it?

    So sad to see so many so-called fans accept mediocrity under the guise of self-righteousness. I mean just read so-called fan Damian’s posts above. He already concedes that ND will never be elite again. Wow! With fans like that who needs the haters?!

  45. With all the stupid errors and penalties, I don’t think you have plan argument on discipline.

    AND the university ( “Catholic” ) did have Obama come speak, so I wouldn’t say priorities are all that aligned either

  46. Damn that sucks. I understand why BK punted on 4th and 7. The defense has to make a stop and ultimately they failed.

    Zippy, maybe you should follow another team. If you want an NFL factory, you have Alabama, Florida State, LSU and how many others. I mean, most ND fans are proud of the fact that we still field an above average team (not elite, but top 25 level) and do it stressing academics and discipline. If all you want are NC’s, if that’s all that makes you happy you’re following the wrong team.

    Frankly, while it will never happen, if ND were to decide to become a mini NFL team, a la Florida State or Alabama, where football was more important than being an institution of learning, I’d stop watching. I’m already a fan of an NFL team, I don’t need another.

    For all the frustrations I have as an Irish fan, ND does have its priorities straight.

  47. Why the hell does Kelly put so much faith in BVG? The odds of coming from 29 down and we have the ball down 8. DO NOT PUNT ITBACK TO THEM!!! I know it is 4th and 7 but I will put my odds on kizer picking it up vs the D getting it back

  48. Seven-game home winning streak. How impressive! The NBC announcers make it sound like that’s some kind of accomplishment. Ridiculous!

  49. Zippy,

    Guys like Damian are idealists. Ideals are great. ND needs to join the Ivy League. That’ll make Damian happy. I’m not saying ND can win the Ivy League title. But they can at least keep up with Columbia and Cornell.

  50. My first sentence should read things are bad if I’m posting on here during a game (I forgot to add that–I know I do post here often).

  51. You know things are bad if I’m posting on here. Michigan State owns us tonight. I had a bad feeling about our defense. All the pundits were saying how well they did against Nevada and how they turned a corner. IT WAS NEVADA. I mean you defense would probably have to work hard to stink against Nevada this year. I figured ND would stop Nevada. But it’s not fixed. Sure they can stop an inferior team.

    I have to say I’m deeply concerned. Firing BVG now does no good. Either way this year is a wash for defense.

    Offense is a disappointment tonight. Now I’m not panicking yet in that case. ND does have some great offensive coaches, and if the defense were capable of making some stops, the offense is good enough to get the Irish back in the game (though it’s probably too late now). No doubt the offense is having an off night, and that’s where the defense needs to step up.

    My faith in BK is a bit shaken as well, and that concerns me more than anything. Because, BECAUSE, my gut feeling is if BK were to fail, and I’ve said this many times, that’s it for any chance ND has to be an elite presence in CFB. Right now Saban, Meyer, and probably Fisher own CFB right now. And those coaches will never come to ND. You can dream it, hope it, pray for it, but it will never happen. They can have anything they want right where they are at, no questions asked, and without all the academic and discipline that is required at ND (both things I do support–college football is played at colleges, and no matter what, should take precedence over everything else, even if it means ND never wins a championship again).

    So in short, if they can’t become elite with BK, I really believe ND fans will likely have to face the fact that we will have to settle for above average teams. Most years we will finish in the top 25, beat a few good teams but come up short against elite teams. That’s not being negative. That’s just facing reality. I keep thinking maybe next year, but we’re running out of next years. BK is a clear improvement over D/W/W, but is that enough. Time is running out.

  52. Thank God, Dantonio decided to take his foot of the accelerator.

    Bet you he regrets that! But let’s see what he does now.

  53. bruce,

    I guess like the prophets of the OT you’ve taken a lot of flack from the blind-ass crowd. I’ve even chastised you at times. But like Elijah or Elisha of olden times, time has proved you right.

    This whole program is terrible. It’s going backwards under BK.

  54. Jenkins must be blind.
    Bvg is a joke
    Bk is a joke
    Swarbrick is a joke
    782 points in two seasons and three games
    Now that is a defense

  55. Get a whole new staff. This one’s done!

    ND will not be great under BK. Bottom line.

    Anyone care to make a case for BK and his staff?

  56. I’m a masochist, Zippy. I want to see how bad this gets.

    Plus we’re seeing the demise of BK. He’ll stick around for a while since ND doesn’t want to make another Weis mistake.

    Welcome to the era of mediocrity.

    Can’t win with 3 star recruits and Rhode scholars.

  57. Miami, USC, too.

    This is a bad team. Poorly coached.

    Did someone here actually say they were disappointed ND wasn’t playing Louisville?! Louisville would score 100 on this team. Perhaps they were being sarcastic.

    Zippy, the usual delusional crowd has gone under cover since the Texas game.

  58. Im still waiting to hear from one of the writers of this site that this is a playoff team and thst the have a chance. We lose to Stanford and probably one other team.

  59. Zippy,

    Welcome to ND football under BK.

    Remember when he was hailed as an O guru?! Makes you wonder.

    This is very sad.

    Where are the delusional, blind-ass fans?

  60. I wonder if we will get a sack in the first 6 games, and I guess we are no longer Tight End U, as they still have zero targets and 1 reception on the year.

  61. Is that a Vizio 70″ flat screen Notre Dame is using as a scoreboard. Wonder if Costco cut them a deal since they bought two.

  62. Zippy,

    ND will not do that. Apparently it learned its lesson when they did that for Lou Holtz. Winning didn’t seem to sit well with the administration so it decided to become Harvard.

    Go (Harvard) Crimson (not Tide)!

  63. BK has peaked. Under BK ND will be a perpetual 9-3, 8-4 team. Bottom line.

    Even if ND wins this game, it’s disappointing to see how average this squad is and this whole program has become in the last twenty plus years.

  64. Lets face it this Michigan State team isnt as talented as last years team. The Notre Dame defense always seems to play well against the Spartans. No not really its an illusion.

  65. Good to see we are favored by 7, i should start to bet against the irish, that way I will at least make money on losses.

  66. Instead of yelling at #80 he should have asked for a review.! I didn’t see any contact on the review. Then he should have called a timeout. A cool dude he ain’t. Cost us 8 pts. Defense looks better tonight but kelly?

  67. What can you say?! This is ND football today. Totally underwhelming.

    Hopefully the Irish find a way to win. But nothing special.

    Every weekend I watch Saban building on his legend. BK, well, not so much.

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