Notre Dame Teases New Alternate Football Jerseys Coming

Notre Dame sent out a teaser on Thursday that is sure to get Notre Dame fans buzzing.  The picture above is from a tweet that @NDFootball posted on Thursday evening.  The Under Armour logo on the teaser suggests that an alternate jersey could be on the way.

There was some buzz earlier this summer that an alternate jersey was coming for Notre Dame this fall even without the presence of a Shamrock Series game on the schedule.  With the Campus Crossroads project completed and the stadium renovations ready for the 2017 season, Notre Dame did not want to use up a home game away from the revamped Notre Dame Stadium.  Apparently that might mean that some form of alternate jersey will still be used just as it has been every year since the Shamrock Series began in 2009.  Here is the full tweet.

Is that quote a hint that whatever will be revealed will be some sort of homage to Knute Rockne?  For those too young or who don’t get the reference, here is a reminder.

We’re going inside of ‘em, we’re going outside of ‘em — inside of ‘em! outside of ‘em! — and when we get them on the run once, we’re going to keep ‘em on the run. And we’re not going to pass unless their secondary comes up too close. But don’t forget, men — we’re gonna get ‘em on the run, we’re gonna go, go, go, go! — and we aren’t going to stop until we go over that goal line! And don’t forget, men — today is the day we’re gonna win. They can’t lick us — and that’s how it goes… The first platoon men — go in there and fight, fight, fight, fight, fight! What do you say, men!

It will be interesting to see both what the reveal is and if it is indeed an alternate jersey what game Notre Dame would use it for.  The double edge sword of alternate jerseys is that they can motivate the other team more than the team wearing them.  For that reason, let’s hope the Irish don’t wear them for Georgia or USC – even though this fall will be the 40th anniversary of the 1977 National Championship and the green jersey USC game.

Notre Dame also already wore green jerseys against USC to commemorate the 1977 championship team and that didn’t exactly go as well as planned.  Notre Dame got lit up by USC during their disastrous 3-9 campaign.

Other home games this year include Temple (home opener), Miami of Ohio, NC State, Wake Forest, and Navy.

If there are alternate jerseys coming, the forums and Twitter will be really fun to follow tomorrow.  The “first a jumbotron and now this” tweets and posts are inevitable and predictable.

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  1. I went to ND for 2 years, flunked out & went into the Navy. I listened to the 1966 SC game on a shortwave radio while on a midwatch in the mideast. I always have a problem deciding who to root for in the annual ND-Navy game, but there will not be a problem this year – go Middies!

  2. If there is any institution that is better than Notre Dame at squeezing every possible penny out of its storied past while plodding along in a mediocre present I sincerely hope I never find out about it.

    ‘Rockne’ jerseys. Is nothing sacred?

    Nothing is sacred.

  3. CBS says they’re wearing the Rockne uniforms against Navy. Smart move, as ND is usually able to at least hang with the Midshipmen.

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