Notre Dame Football Depth Chart: Boston College 2017

Notre Dame released its weekly depth chart on Tuesday and there were a few changes, but not many.  Dexter Williams is still on it, but as we learned last week, that does not mean he will necessarily get any carries.

  • Chris Finke is listed as the starter in the slot with Freddy Canteen doubtful with a shoulder injury.  Chase Claypool is the only backup listed
  • Notre Dame has the receivers to be three deep if they wanted to list them, but they aren’t.  Perhaps a message being sent?
  • Interestingly enough, all five tight ends were listed on the official depth chart – our format here limited the number we could show though.
  • Dexter Williams still listed as the backup running back along with Tony Jones Jr even though, you know, Williams didn’t get a single carry last week.
  • No changes on the defensive or special teams depth charts

Offensive Depth Chart

POSStarterBackupThird Team
QBBrandon Wimbush (Jr)Ian Book (Fr)Montgomery VanGorder (Sr)
RBJosh Adams (Jr)Dexter Williams (Jr)OR Tony Jones Jr (So)
XCameron Smith (5th)Michael Young (Fr)CJ Sanders (Jr)
ZChris Finke (Jr)Chase Claypool (So)
WEquanimeous St. Brown (Jr)Miles Boykin (Jr)
LTMike McGlinchey (5th)Liam Eichenberg (So)
LGQuenton Nelson (Sr)Josh Lugg (Fr)
CSam Mustipher (Sr)Trevor Ruhland (Jr)
RGAlex Bars (Sr)Hunter Bivin (5th)
RTTommy Kraemer (So)Robert Hainsey (Fr)
TEDurham Smythe (5th)Alize Mack (Jr)Nic Weishar (Sr)

Defensive Depth Chart

POSStarterBackupThird Team
SDEJay Hayes (Sr)OR Andrew Trumbetti (Sr)Khalid Kareem (So)
DTJonathan Bonner (Sr)Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa (Fr)Micah Dew-Treadway (Jr)
NGJerry Tillery (Jr)Kurt Hinish (Fr)Brandon Tiassum (Jr)
WDEDaelin Hayes (So)OR Andrew Trumbetti (Sr)Julian Okwara (So)
MIKENyles Morgan (Sr)Jamir Jones (So)Jonathan Jones (So)
BUCKGreer Martini (5th)OR Tevon Coney (Jr)
ROVERDrue Tranquill (Sr)Asmar Bilal (Jr)
CBJulian Love (So)Shaun Crawford (Jr)Troy Pride Jr (So)
SSJalen Elliot (So)Devin Studstill (So)
FSNick Coleman (Jr)Isaiah Robertson (Fr)
CBNick Watkins (Sr)Donte Vaughn (So)

Special Teams Depth Chart

KJustin Yoon (Jr)Jonathan Doerer (Fr)
PTyler Newsome (Sr)Jeff Riney (Jr)
LSJohn Shannon (So)Nic Weishar (Sr)
HOLDMontgomery VanGorder (Sr)Tyler Newsome (Sr)
KOJustin Yoon (Jr)Jonathan Doerer (Fr)
KRCJ Sanders (Jr)Tony Jones (So)
PRChris Finke (Jr)CJ Sanders (Jr)

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  1. Notre Dame has everything in place to contend in the top 15, except a head coach.
    Everyone knows that football is about SPEED … SPEED … SPEED.
    Unfortunately, Notre Dame has the slowest collective speed in college football.
    Notre Dame large players are always out of position to make plays.
    Bojangle Kelly is the worst coach in preparing a team for big games.
    Bojangle Kelly has NEVER beaten a top 10 team.
    The demoralized student body is shocked if he keeps his losses within three touchdowns … in the first quarter.
    Bojangle Kelly’s defining moment (Alabama 28 vs Notre Dame 0 in the first quarter) was the WORST title game in history.
    This season is done with a probable record of 7-5.
    Bring in the new head coach now to recruit 5 STARS STUDS and return Notre Dame to the top 10.
    America wish to see a competitive Notre Dame in the BCS … NOT a hollow log coach by a hatemonger.
    B. Knight

    1. First of all. Who cares what a team is ranked when they play. Off the top of my head, how about the Michigan State team in 2013 which finished #3. Only loss? ND.

      Notre Dame has beaten teams ranked in the Top 10 at the time of their meeting as well. Now there haven’t been as many as I’d like, but to pretend like they don’t exist is ridiculous.

      ND has worst title game in history?

      2014 4 Ohio State 42 2 Oregon 20
      2006 2 Florida 41 1 Ohio State 14
      2004 1 USC 55 2 Oklahoma 19
      1997 2 Nebraska 42 3 Tennessee 17
      1996 3 Florida 52 1 Florida St. 20
      1995 1 Nebraska 62 2 Florida 24

      I guess you don’t deal in facts?

  2. Notre Dame has been in a spiral since firing its greatest coach ‘Lou Holtz’.
    Bojangle Kelly is singularly the worst coach and most hated man in Notre Dame History.
    Players hate him.
    Assistant coaches hate him.
    Student body hates him.
    Staff hates him.
    Football fans hate him.
    Sportswriters hate him.
    4 STARS recruits hate him, then transfer out.
    5 STARS recruits certainly hate him to the point of NOT even visiting the beautiful campus.
    America wish Notre Dame the best, but will NOT support a purple faced screaming lunatic like bojangle.
    Just fire bojangle kelly today and bring in an NFL HOF (Bruce Smith, Lawrence Taylor, Deion Sanders) to attract 5 STARS STUDS.
    Offensive Coordinator runs the offense.
    Defensive Coordinator runs the defense.
    Head Coach attracts 5 STARS STUDS.
    Football/Basketball Players deserve to be paid for earning $100 Million per year in each top 30 school.

  3. “Notre Dame has the receivers to be three deep” – that sounds complimentary to me. I have no idea where all this hype is coming from. Up to this point, Claypool and Boykin are just bodies. They have very limited production in actual games that matter. Cam Smith has been disappointing, and Finke dropped one last week when he was finally asked to produce with a big game on the line. Don’t tout the depth at a position unless you’re touting depth with bona-fide, proven talent. Not interested in what goes on in practice or during the Blue Gold Game. Freddy Canteen is the starter when healthy – nuff said.

  4. Methinks some of the heralded wideouts not playing are going to pack up and get out of town. I would at least get some of these in for a play or two each week to keep them interested in the program. No wonder we have such an anemic passing offense. Same goes for the run game. Yes, UGA was like running into a brick wall, Dexter Williams should have got a few carries. This weekends game things should open up and these players should be able to spotlight their skills. I can’t praise the Irish defense enough. They are going to get even better every week as they build up confidence in each other. They not only are mastering the art of the sack and interceptions and ball stripping will be next.

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