Notre Dame vs. Miami ’17: Notre Dame Football Primer

Notre Dame is coming off an exceptional week offensively, coupled with a poor performance defensively. Nevertheless, a win is a win. The Irish will need to improve defensively next weekend as they take a trip to Miami to take on the undefeated Hurricanes. College GameDay will be at the game, and this has all the makings for an old time Catholics vs. Convicts matchup.

What you Need to Know

  • Game Time: November 11th, 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC
  • Location: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida
  • Matchup: Notre Dame leads the all-time series 17-7-1 (Last Meeting 2016: Notre Dame won 30-27)
  • Current Odds: Notre Dame -3.0
  • GameDay Events: The Notre Dame Club of Miami will be hosting the Pep Rally at the Clevelander South Beach Hotel and Bar Friday Night at 7:30 pm. For more information visit

Game Day Weather

The current forecast calls for a high of 81 degrees with an overnight low in the 70’s. There is currently a 40% chance of rain on GameDay.

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Miami Details

  • Conference: ACC
  • Head Coach: Mark Richt
  • 2017 Record: 8-0
  • 2016 Record: 9-4

Miami Storylines

Miami Peaking at Coming In.  Miami is coming off an impressive 28-10 win against the Virginia Tech Hokies. This was the first real dominating win over a power 5 team all season for the Hurricanes. Just two weeks ago Miami only beat an awful North Carolina team by 5 points. The Hurricanes have been living on the edge all season, but under the lights last weekend they beat Virginia Tech easily.

The Hurricanes are led by quarterback Malik Rosier who has a 56% completion percentage, 19 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions. Last weekend though Rosier threw 3 interceptions, something to keep an eye on as the Irish are always trying to force turnovers.

Another Mobile Quarterback.  Rosier is also a major threat in the ground game. He has 82 rushes for 295 yards and 3 touchdowns. Last weekend, the Irish struggled with the running ability of Wake Forest’s quarterback John Wolford.

Sibling Rivalry.  Another interesting storyline heading into this weekend is the matchup between brothers. Notre Dame running back Deon McIntosh will be facing his brother RJ McIntosh on the defensive line for Miami. RJ was the ACC Defensive Lineman of the week, two weeks ago against the North Carolina Tar Heels where he had 11 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, and a pass breakup.

The Hurricanes will be looking to end a four game losing streak dating back to 1990 to the Irish. In recent memory they have lost the Sun Bowl, Shamrock Series game, and the game last year to a 4-8 Irish team.

Notre Dame Storylines:

Brian Kelly leads the Fighting Irish into Miami for the first time in almost 30 years. This game will be held at the Hard Rock Stadium, not the old Orange Bowl this time around. In order for the Irish to make the playoffs they need to secure a road win against a top 10 team for the first time in a years.

Notre Dame a Bit Banged Up.  Most importantly Heisman candidate Josh Adams and quarterback Brandon Wimbush will be back for this weekend’s matchup. If Adams can have a monster game, this will go a long way towards his Heisman Campaign.

Defense Looking to Rebound.  The Notre Dame Defense did not show up to play in the second half last week. The Irish gave up multiple rushing touchdowns, which ended their streak of only giving up 1 all season. They gave up 37 points to Wake Forest, 17 more points than they had given up all season.

Many factors contributed to this lapse. First of all, the Wake Forest hurry up offense had the Irish off their game. Secondly, the run pass options from the quarterback also presented another challenge for the Irish. However, the Irish were playing prevent in the second half, and gave Wake Forest a lot of easy options that they eventually capitalized on.

I expect the Irish Defense to take their frustrations out on Miami, who conversely will be looking to duplicate what Wake Forest accomplished.

Notre Dame Offense Still Rolling.  The Irish Offense continues to be overpowering. Notre Dame had 710 yards of offense, almost setting a school record for the day. Again, the Irish need to be able to hit the long pass attempts to add another dimension to this offense. Last weekend, Wimbush was either slightly off his throws or the receivers let the footballs hit them in the chest. In order to beat the best of the best, this offense needs to start making those plays.

Head to Head Matchups:

Notre Dame Offense vs. Miami DefenseAdvantage Notre Dame – Miami has a solid defense. They were swarming the Hokie Offense last weekend. They were able to force 4 turnovers in that game. However, the Irish have one of the best offenses in the entire country led by arguably the best line in the nation. Only one team has been able to stop the Irish rushing attack and that was the Georgia Bulldogs.

If the Miami Defense wants to stop the Irish, they first will need to stop the run. This will pave the way for Wimbush’s passing game or ability to run when the play breaks down. The Notre Dame Offense has the advantage in this matchup.

Miami Offense vs. Notre Dame DefenseTie – The Notre Dame Defense had a slip up last weekend. This year the standard for is set high for the Irish. Although the defense has been playing well, there is no excuse for last weekend’s performance to happen again. I think the Irish will have a chip on their shoulder after giving up all the points they did last week.

Miami comes into this game with solid quarterback play and three talented running backs who all have at least 3 touchdowns. However, Miami hasn’t scored over 30 points since they played Duke 6 games ago. After last week’s performances by both teams, I give this matchup a tie.

Special Teams Tie – Justin Yoon attempted three field goals last week, which I didn’t think I would be saying. He was 2 for 3 with the only miss being a long attempt from 50 yards. I feel comfortable with what Yoon brings to the table. His counterpart, Michael Badgley is 12 of 14 on the season, which is very solid.

CJ Sanders almost broke a kickoff for a touchdown last week, but beyond that his returners have been below mediocre. From a perfectionist standpoint, after his success the last two seasons I expected more out of him this year.

Notre Dame v. Miami Prediction

When was the last time the Irish beat a top ten team on the road?  The last win that comes to mind is the 2012 Oklahoma game. I’m a little worried about our defense because of last week’s performance, but I think they will bounce back.

Miami presents a strong defense, which prides itself on creating turnovers. I think this game will be close throughout, especially since College GameDay will be on campus. This will likely be the loudest Hard Rock Stadium has been for a Hurricanes Football game this century.

But the Irish offensive line will wear down the Miami Defense. I have the Irish winning by 10

My Prediction: Notre Dame 31 Miami 21

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  1. If Miami wins this, they’re in position to play Clemson for the ACC championship. Win that, and they’d most certainly go to the BCS playoff, and as a very legitimate contender.

    So put all your money on ND…..because I’m sure no one at Miami will figure any of that out before Saturday.

  2. Toledo put 30 on Miami’s D. Scored one TD on Ohio
    tonight. I predict we will drop 45 on them.
    Notre Dame 45 Miami 24.

  3. Once you guys give a troll attention —it will light up the board with comments back and forth going nowhere with a troll. What a waste of a good article by a UHND author.

    1. You’re right Southside. It’s hard not to respond to ignorance, but it doesn’t pay. I get annoyed when someone complains about something, and then says they didn’t watch the game. And why if you hate a team, why would you post on their message board. I hate Michigan and Miami (like any good Irish fan :)), but I’m not going to go on their message boards and trash talk their teams. I have better things to do with my time.

      1. Oooh. I hope ND wins! I just love everything about them all the time! And I would love to live in Candyland.

        My mommy told me not to talk to strangers…because they can be bad men! The internet should send them all away!

        ……And sorry for making your eyes rain.

  4. Miami’s resume just isnt that impressive. The crowd will keep them on it(maybe),
    but I expect the running game and D to have its way.

  5. Miami will win. UND hasn’t played anyone with Miami talent besides UGA and they lost.
    Have Miami in a tight game by 12.

    1. USC has Miami’s talent and Notre Dame blew them out. Miami barely beat the worst team in the ACC. Other than Tech, Miami has been lucky to escape with a win multiple times this year.

    2. Kind of amusing. Miami finally wins a convincing game against a good team, for the first time this year I might add, and now they’re suddenly at Georgia’s level. Very interesting. And people talk about ND bias.

      Miami is not to be taken lightly. But I have to tell you, Georgia would wipe the walls with Miami.

    3. Look out….you’ll be branded a heretic with a rational thought like that one.

      “ND by 45!” will transform you into a revered prophet.

  6. Daves the idiot he says he doesn’t watch the games yet every week he,s on here cryin about something! BK admitted he was wrong about the way he did things. Time for Davey to do the same! We know your watchin Dave. GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Boz was no idiot. He had “I hate the Boz” shirts printed up. And he raked in the profits. David, prove yourself not an idiot and get out there and hustle them shirts.

    1. He hates BK and wants ND to lose every game until he’s fired. He calls BK a fraud, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

      1. Kelly focused on coaching the offense since he arrived.
        Offense was supposed to be very fast. ….Burnt more TO’s and got more delay of game penalties than any coach I ever watched.
        He was supposed to be a guru of QBs. ….He’s run more off than he’s developed, and the one now in the NFL he threw under the bus.
        He was supposed to be a sound, experienced game-day strategist and decision maker. ….Throw the ball 85% of the time, even in a hurricane.
        Red zone efficiency fell to the worst in college football, so Kellly made it a priority focus area. And it remained terrible.
        So under the very real threat of being fired, he delegated out the coaching. And Kelly looks like he might actually be medicated on the sidelines, saying and doing almost nothing. And the team is winning.

        Kelly is a fraud.

      2. Ok Dave. So he finally realized what he was doing wasn’t working and he made changes this year, changes that is leading to success on the field. Not seeing how that makes him a fraud. What you’re describing is someone who was simply a bad coach. It finally dawned on him it wasn’t working and he made some significant changes to turn things around.

        ND finally seems to be on the right track. If BK has changed his philosophy and that leads to a playoff spot and beyond, what’s wrong with being happy about it. I mean, if BK were a child rapist or something like that, I can understand you’re vitriol. But you seem to be angry simply because he finally seems to be having some success. You wear your BK hatred like a badge of honor, and see no problem with wanting the team, the players to fail just so you can feel better. I wanted a new coach after last year’s debacle. They decided to give him another chance, he made changes that seem to be working. I’m not sure what the problem is. But if ND being successful means you won’t be a ND fan, well whatever. You can join the band of ND haters out there. I hope ND wins a NC and it drives you crazy.

        ND is finally having success on the field. And they are doing it by maintaining their academic and disciplinary standards. Those are the standards I judge ND by.

      3. Jeff, I don’t disagree. Elko and Long, and their staffs, have done a great job with the turnaround. They deserve a ton of credit, and a raise if the Irish continue to be successful.

        I do give BK credit for finding them and bringing them to ND, adjusting his temperament and his interactions with players though too. The players really seemed to warm to the new BK, and that’s important too. If it pays dividends I have no problem with giving BK some credit as well. Unlike David, I’m not interested in seeing BK fail. If he can get the job done, good for him. While I wanted him gone after last years abysmal season, if ND becomes an elite football program with him as HC, I’m fine with that.

      4. So in other words, David, Kelly deserves all the criticism for past transgressions (which I agree are largely deserved), but non of the credit for present improvements and achievements. Got it.

  8. This truly is exciting. I haven’t been this excited about the Irish since 2012. Even then I knew we would lose to Alabama, I just did not think it would be as bad as it was. This year after watching what the Irish have accomplished thus far, I believe we can beat anyone in the country. Including Alabama or Georgia. I know we lost to GA but it was super close and we had a chance at the end to do so. Miami brings a different challenge. This game is on the road and we will not have the crowd on our side. If we win this game we will be in great position with only 2 games left. I look for a very hard fought game that comes down to the end. possibly win with a later field goal by either team. Defense MUST STEP UP this week and dominate their front line, get pressure on their QB and contain him in the pocket. we cannot allow him to get outside.
    Go IRISH!!!!

    1. Irish played “on the road” against Georgia. Despite having very little vocal support at home, they kept the Georgia game close. (Congrats to the Georgia fan base… that was a super effort!)

  9. Anyone keeping track of coin flips. Seems we start out receiving every game. I think we would much prefer to be on defense to start.
    Michael, I think it will be a nail biter, they will cling to us and ding us a bit, and fling balls in the air, but, in the end the Irish will ring their bell and the Irish will sing our Victory song on a wing and a prayer.

      1. BK wants the ball because he’s an utter idiot who never learns.

        BTW…an early lead is preferable to a later one? Didn’t know.

      2. That would be fantastic if ND actually scored on their first offensive drive every game. I can’t recall a recent game when the first drive looked good and resulted in points. First drive last week burned out after 1 first down I believe, first drive against NC state was terrible with a blocked punt, and USC had a 3 and out, no points against an adept North Carolina on the first offensive drive, etc. If these are scripted drives, they are not working, which defeats the purpose of getting the ball on offense first if you ask me. The defense starts strong, so why not let them start the game off and get the ball in the second half?The season has gone well thus far so it’s a tough argument to change it up at this point, but first offensive drives have been abysmal.

      3. Well David, BK obviously learned something since last season – he is 8-1 and ranked pretty high for the playoffs! And you can’t stand it, can you? Do you think he’d have a better record if he always deferred to the second half?

        La Crosse, Indiana

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