Sneak Peak: Notre Dame Rockne Heritage Helmets

After last weekend’s disappointment in Miami this weekend Senior Day in which Notre Dame will be wearing the Rockne Heritage uniforms and helmets lost a little luster, but don’t tell that to the helmets the Irish will be wearing this weekend.  Notre Dame head equipment manager Ryan Grooms tweeted out pictures of the helmets the Irish will be wearing against Navy and they are something pretty special.  Here’s the full view of them.

The helmets are meant to resemble the old school leather helmets worn back in the days of Rockne.  The paint jobs on them are pretty spot on down to stenciled faux stitching.

Notre Dame will also be wearing a special uniform to that honors the Notre Dame great and college football legend.  The jerseys can be seen to right with numerous features honoring the Rock.  The three stars are representative of the three national championships he won coaching the Fighting Irish.  The stylized ND above the number on the front is an old school ND logo from the Rockne Era.  Quotes from Rockne’s famous Win One for the Gipper speech are printed into the sleeves on both arms.

Notre Dame and Under Armour did a great job with both the jerseys and the helmets for this uniform.  In case you forgot, the cleats are absolute fire as the kids these days say. While the Irish are honoring Rockne with their jerseys, hopefully they will honor him with a rebound performance worthy of the coach they honoring.  Notre Dame will be looking to rebound not just from last weekend’s 41-8 loss to Miami but will also be looking to avenge last year’s 24-28 loss to Navy in Jacksonville.

Notre Dame has opened a 17 point favorite for the game.  Get fully ready for senior day with this week’s Notre Dame football primer.

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  1. Ahhh, I just poured myself a Manhattan with bitters and plan on spinning a few on the old Victrola….all gimmicks and money. Don’t mess with the legendary gold dome…

  2. What a waste after that total embarrassment last week. Maybe the helmets will help the O-line perform like they were hyped to do or Wimbush develop some (any) mechanics on how to throw a football. Sorry for the sarcasm but I am getting really tired of the money machine of yesteryear; look at the prices for season tickets and the new Jerry Jones suites are for corporate only.

  3. After that butt-kicking last week this is a perfect time for ND to get back to what they do best – making lots of money from a storied past to divert attention from a nothing special present.

  4. ” but don’t tell that to the helmets the Irish will be wearing this weekend. ” … hmm, did not know that helmets were capable of understanding.

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