2018 Notre Dame Spring Football Practice, Blue & Gold Game Dates

Spring football season is officially upon us.  The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will kick-off spring football practice on Monday with Brian Kelly’s annual spring presser.  Tuesday the Irish will conduct the first of 15 practices that will conclude with the annual Blue & Gold Game on April 21.

Here are the dates and times for the first 14 spring practices.

  • Tuesday, March 6 (7:45 AM -10:00 AM)
  • Thursday, March 8  (7:45 AM -10:00 AM)
  • Tuesday, March 20 (7:45 AM -10:00 AM)
  • Thursday, March 22 (7:45 AM -10:00 AM)
  • Saturday, March 24  (10:00 AM-12:15 PM)
  • Tuesday, March 27 (7:45 AM -10:00 AM)
  • Thursday, March 29 (7:45 AM -10:00 AM)
  • Thursday, April 5 (7:45 AM -10:00 AM)
  • Saturday, April 7  (10:00 AM-12:15 PM)
  • Tuesday, April 10 (7:45 AM -10:00 AM)
  • Thursday, April 12 (7:45 AM -10:00 AM)
  • Saturday, April 14 (10:00 AM-12:15 PM)
  • Tuesday, April 17 (7:45 AM -10:00 AM)
  • Thursday, April 19 (7:45 AM -10:00 AM)

The media will be able to attend all three Saturday practices for the entire session while they will get a 30 minute look in on March 6, 20, and 29.  That is a pretty good amount of access for the media this year compared to some other years.  Expect a ton of play by play charting of both Ian Book and Brandon Wimbush on Twitter from all of the ND media on those days.

2018 Notre Dame Blue & Gold Game

As for the annual Blue & Gold game, spring pracgtice will conclude on April 21 at 12:30 PM inside Notre Dame Stadium with the practice session being telecast on NBCSN again this year.  Last year’s game was nicknamed the “New & Gold Game” by Brian Kelly following all of the changes that were made to the program and all of the new faces that Notre Dame fans got to see.

This year’s Blue & Gold game will once again featured a highly anticipated quarterback battle between Book and Wimbush.  Last year Book outplayed Wimbush but it was Wimbush who was the unquestioned starter.  A shaky end to the 2017 season and a benching int he Citrus Bowl though opened the door for Book who ended up rallying the Irish and leading them to a dramatic, last minute victory over LSU.

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  1. Really looking forward to seeing the QB battle in the spring, as well as which receivers will be matched up with which QB. Book and Boykin seemed to have a rapport that showed late in the bowl game, and Claypool was really coming on with BW before the injury late in the season. He seemed to be the only WR with really comfortable chemistry with BW.

    I would be a big fan of seeing a live scrimmage for the QBs. I think it will help both Book and especially Wimbush in getting comfortable with the pass rush and making his check downs. This is obviously contraversial because you don’t want your QBs getting hurt, but protecting Wimbush all off-season and then unleashing a live U of M defense in September isn’t going to do him many favors.

    Am I the only one who thinks going live in the spring and fall is a good idea? Anyone agree? Now going live doesn’t mean you the D-boys need to lay anyone out, but certainly get your hands on him and make BW uncomfortable until he is “comfortable with being “uncomfortable”

    1. No Brendan, you are not the only one. We need some full speed stuff going on in practice a little bit during the spring and a lot in August. Some coach once said “you play like you practice.”

      BGC ’77 ’82

  2. Way back in the day, winners got chicken , losers got beans. Blue and Gold game, Winners get Minnesota hot dish, losers get deep dish Chicago style pizza.

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