Notre Dame Football’s Depth Chart for Ball State

Notre Dame released an official depth chart this week after both the Irish and Wolverines decided against doing so last week.  Not a whole lot has changed from the projected depth chart from last week, but there are a few interesting nuggets included.

Offensive Depth Chart

  • Robert Hainsey is still listed as the starter at RT.  He came out against Michigan and was replaced by Josh Lugg due to injury.  A case could have been made for him to be relieved by Lugg before injury.  Lugg is listed as the backup at RG, but he is first OL off the bend anywhere but C is seems.
  • Notre Dame doesn’t list a #1 RB but does have Jafar Armstrong’s name first in the list of “or’s”.
  • Alize Mack still listed as the #1 TE ahead of Nic Weishar and Cole Kmet.  Some speculated Kmet may have passed Mack in camp.
WR81Miles Boykin6-4228Sr.
4Kevin Austin6-2210Fr.
88Javon McKinley6-2219Jr
WR10Chris Finke5-9.5180Sr.
18Joe Wilkins6-1.5185Fr.
13Lawrence Keys5-10.5170Fr.
LT74Liam Eichenberg6-6.5308Jr
55Jarrett Patterson6-4.5290Fr.
LG71Alex Bars6-63085th
76Dillan Gibbons6-4313So.
C53Sam Mustipher6-2.53065th
57Trevor Ruhland6-3.5295Sr.
RG78Tomy Kraemer6-5.5316Jr.
75Josh Lugg6-7314So.
RT 72Robert Hainsey6-4.5295So.
59Aaron Banks6-5.5319So.
TE86Alize Mack6-4.75247Sr.
82Nic Weishar6-4.752465th
or84Cole Kmet6-5.5258So.
WR83Chase Claypool6-4.5227Jr.
87Michael Young5-10185So.
QB7Brandon WImbush6-1.75222Sr.
12Ian Book6-0203Jr.
RB8Jafar Armstrong6-0.75218So.
or6Tony Jones Jr5-11220Jr.
or2Dexter Williams5-11215Sr.
or3Avery Davis5-11204So.

Defensive Depth Chart

  • Jayson Ademilola moves into the 2-deep with the injury to Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa.
  • Shayne Simon is now listed as the #3 BUCK and will cross train at BUCK and ROVER.  This is an interesting development since Simon was considered a threat to Asmar Bilal at ROVER at the start of camp.  Bilal’s strong play week one however could have played a role here.
  • Jalen Elliott is listed as the starter at SS with Nick Coleman second.  Coleman was the top nickel last week after the loss of Shaun Crawford and figures to be again this week.  Freshman Houston Griffith could still be the long term answer at nickel which could bump Coleman up at SS.
  • Tariq Bracy looks like the 4th corner for the Irish right now behind starters Julian Love and Troy Pride and top reserve Donte Vaughn.
DROP9Daelin Hayes6-3.75265Jr
or42Julian Okwara6-4.5241Jr
19Justin Ademilola6-1.75246Fr
DT99Jerry Tillery6-6.75305Sr
57Jayson Ademilola6-3284Fr
NG55Jonathan Bonner6-3.752955th
41Kurt Hinish6-1.75295So
or97Micah Dew Treadway6-4300Sr
SDE53Khalid Kareem6-4265Jr
91Ade Ogundeji6-4.5255Jr
BUCK23Drue Tranquill6-22355th
2Jordan Genmark-Heath6-0.75225So.
33Shayne Simon6-2.75222Fr.
MIKE4Tevon Coney6-1240Sr.
52Bo Bauer6-2.75225Fr.
or45Jonathan Jones5-11.5227Jr.
ROV22Asmar Bilal6-2225Sr.
30Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah6-1.5215So.
CB27Julian Love5-11193Jr.
8Donte Vaughn6-2.75211Jr.
FS11Alohi Gilman5-10.5202Jr.
14Devin Studstil6-0.25200Jr.
28Nicco Fertitta5-9181Sr.
SS21Jalen Elliott6-0.5205Jr.
24Nick Coleman6-0194Sr.
or3Houston Griffith5-11.75205Fr.
CB5Troy Pride Jr5-11.5190Jr.
35Tariq Bracy5-10170Fr.

Special Teams Depth Chart

  • Jonathan Doerer is still listed as the top kickoff man after getting replaced by Justin Yoon.  Brian Kelly likes having a separate player handle kickoffs and place kicking so expect him to give Doerer multiple chances.  The same situation played out last year where Doerer had issues early and then settled in.
  • Alohi Gilman is listed as the backup punt returner behind Chris Finke.  Notre Dame clearly prioritizing hands over athleticism/speed at PR.
KO39Jonathan Doerer6-3200So.
19Juston Yoon5-10198Sr.
PK19Justin Yoon5-10198Sr.
39Jonathan Doerer6-3200So.
P85Tyler Newsome6-2.52155th
42Jeff Riney5-10.75185Sr.
LS54John Shannon6-2235Jr.
65Michael Vinson6-2228Fr.
HOLD12Ian Book6-0203Jr.
85Tyler Newsome6-2.52155th
PR10Chris Finke5-9.5180Sr.
11Alohi Gilman5-10.5202Jr.
KR8Jafar Armstrong6-0.75218So.
6Tony Jones Jr5-11220Jr.

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  1. Coach Polian’s special teams last year (2017) were much improved over 2016! They really did not make a huge gaff until the Citrus Bowl. Still, if you want to look at it that way, the Citrus Bowl and Michigan are big screw ups in two games in a row…both “big” games, too. That does not bode well for the future and it needs to stop now. These blunders (1. CitBowl: letting a punted ball hit you and go live…then lose what should have been a hard earned possession, and then LSU scored immediately afterward, of course, AND (2. “M”game: getting out of your lane?!!? really guy? and instantly getting stung for a 95 yard return, of course,…these blunders are on the players…not Coach P…BUT IT IS UP TO HIM TO PUT A STOP TO IT…and if we don’t…if it continues to evolve into a “trend”…which is what it is starting to look like, we could very well lose a game in the future. FOCUS, Children.

    BGC ’77 ’82

    1. Agree Bruce. But what about punt return and the things I mentioned? We have sucked forever at punt return. Zbikowski is our last good returner and hmm, Charlie Weis probably had an NFL type return set up for him to actually allow for something other than a fair catch or getting drilled immediately upon catching it. It’s on Kelly just as much it is Polian, if not more.

      1. We’ve not been explosive in those areas Chris. Maybe a new scheme is needed…but I think we’d do better just by executing standard special teams stuff…we are pressing for a big play on special teams too much I think…just get good at all the fundamentals and the big play will come to us. A somebody once said (I don’t remember who) “Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.” But that happened for Michigan…and they were prepared…they stung us. That must turn around.

        BGC ’77 ’82

  2. I know Notre Dame will probably never do this but I would like to see them make a few changes with their schedule moving forward. First I have no problem with 5 acc games every year. Also I’m okay with USC Navy and Stanford every year
    HHowever I would like to play USC or Stanford the last game every year. I think it is a bad advantage for Nortredame to always play the last game on the road. Next get rid of the neutral site games and add a seventh home game. It’s always to your advantage to play at home. Finally play a cupcake to start the season. Yes Notredame got away with this year but if you are breaking in a bunch of new players and a new quarterback it is not a recipe for success. Also the 4 games Notredame plays in addition to the 5 acc games andusc navy and Stanford should be against 2 traditional good top 25 teams and 2 cupcakes where you can get playing time for your second and third st 7thging. As the saying goes you COACH next year’s team this year. Teams in the future I would like to see Notrdame play Oklahoma State Kansas State west Virginia Iowa tenessee.

  3. Here’s my strategy for opening vs Ball State. Jailhouse blitze on every down on defense to start the game. On Offense, pound, pound, pound the rock on every down early, then play action. See if Ball State can handle that.

  4. Happy to see Javon McKinley listed. He will get good experience the next three weeks, then break out big time vs. Cardinals a team he could have played for.

  5. Frank,

    Is this really your opinion on punt return?

    “Notre Dame clearly prioritizing hands over athleticism/speed at PR.” – referencing Finke starting at PR

    Wow, did you not see Finke simply blow by two guys on that throw from Wimbush? I think you might be underestimating Finke’s speed just a tad and not to mention how shifty he is in open space. Watch some of the old spring practice tapes of Finke going one on one with tacklers. They could never get him down.

    Punt return’s problem has always been how we cover, not the man returning it. When gunners are in your face every effing time, what are you supposed to do other than fair catch? Polian honestly is a bad coach. Put multiple guys on the gunners on return. The priority should not be the guys inline as their first job is to block before running down field. These players are much slower and Finke would actually have some space if we would simply adjust to this type of coverage. Polian needs to watch the NFL and how they set up on return. It’s honestly embarrassing he doesn’t see that but I’m just a fan and can recognize it.

  6. Terrible Decision letting Doerer continue to handle kickoff duties. In your punter and your place kicker You have two seniors with a lot of experience and big legs that can put the ball out of the end-zone.

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