Notre Dame Locker Room Erupts Over Miles Boykin’s 40 Yard Dash

If you haven’t heard yet, Miles Boykin put on some kind of display of athleticism and speed on Saturday at the NFL Combine.  On top of posting the 2nd best vertical jump in the history of the combine, he also turned in what can be considered a blazing 40 yard dash of 4.42 seconds for a 220 lbs receiver.  That 40 yard dash caused an eruption in the Notre Dame locker room after their first practice of the spring.

Thanks to Chase Claypool, we all got a glimpse of Boykin’s former teammates celebrating his performance.

Chris Finke also had this to say.

It’s very cool to see the current team erupt in the way that they did.  It shows a close knit group that simply did not exist at Notre Dame a few years ago.  We’ve known for a while now though that the culture at Notre Dame has been completely revamped from what it was during that ugly 2016 season.

Interestingly enough, Claypool will be moving over to the boundary wide receiver position that opened up when Boykin declared for the NFL Draft back in January.  Brian Kelly announced that move on Friday during his spring kick-off press conference.

After the show that Boykin has put on today, Claypool has some big shoes to fill.  Claypool too is considered to be an athletic freak.  In fact before today most would have considered Claypool to be the more athletic of the two.  After today, I don’t know if that will be the case for anyone anymore.


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  1. This is the very reason that Notre Dame needs to go with Jurkovec. The ability of the receivers that Notre Dame had / has, is being misjudged due not having an NFL-caliber QB.

    1. Maybe so however it seems that Kelly up to this point has failed to produce a prolific offense capable of consistently rolling up points. The reason talent coaching play calling scheme structure or a little bit of all of those things?

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