UW Rebukes Report of Notre Dame – Wisconsin Game Moving from Lambeau Field

Over the weekend, there was a report that the Notre Dame – Wisconsin game, scheduled for October 3, would likely be moved to another location amid the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.  A day later, UW officials denied that those discussions have taken place to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

In the report, the Sentinel’s Jack Potrykus stated that, “UW insists moving the 2020 game out of Lambeau Field has not been part of any discussions.”

That doesn’t mean the game is definitely still taking place at Lambeau.  Hell, no one knows for sure which if any games will definitely be played as scheduled in 2020 – if any.  What we do know for certain is that there is going to be a lot of reports and rumors about the Notre Dame schedule between now and whenever games are ultimately played.

Also, remember that there were still Navy officials holding out hope of the Irish and Midshipmen traveling to Ireland at the end of August for the season opener.  And we all know that trip is almost certainly not going to happen in 2020.

Notre Dame currently has five games on its 2020 schedule that take place in stadiums that are not the home teams normal home stadium: Navy in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium, Wisconsin at Lambeau, Wake Forest at Bank of America Stadium, and Georgia Tech at Mercedes Benz Stadium.   It shouldn’t surprise anyone if some or all of those games are impacted in some way.

For the Notre Dame – Wisconsin matchup, the added complexity of any arrangement is the nature of the two game agreement that calls for Wisconsin to host a “home” game at Soldier Field next year.  If the two can’t play at Lambeau this year, one would assume that Wisconsin would not want to travel to Notre Dame this year and then Chicago next year as part of the series.

From the time the series was announced, some fans preferred the games to be played at each university’s true home stadium.  They might get there wish, but for now at least, Wisconsin officials are saying that there haven’t been discussions on moving the game.

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