Prominent College Football Analysts Still Think Notre Dame Will Make Playoffs

Yesterday’s blowout at the hands of Clemson was not the way anyone wanted the season the end – especially the players and coaching staff of the Fighting Irish. Notre Dame looked like the Irish of the past when facing an elite opponent instead of the veteran unit we had seen all season long. Despite losing by 24 to the Tigers, however, many college football analysts still have the Irish 4th and project them in the playoffs.

Here is Fox Sports’s Joel Klatt stating that he thinks the committee will go with Notre Dame at #4.

ESPN’s Chris Fowler, who called the game says he thinks Notre Dame is still deserving.

Stewart Mandel saying that Notre Dame still holds the edge for the 4th spot.

David Pollack of ESPN has Notre Dame in the his final four as well.

None of their opinions ultimately matter, of course, but if some of the most prominent college football analysts are right, Notre Dame might still sneak in the playoffs even after yesterday’s ugly loss.

Unless the committee completely changes their opinion on Ohio State after they struggled with Northwestern, the debate comes down to Notre Dame and Texas A&M. It shouldn’t, because Ohio State shouldn’t be getting a free pass into the playoffs by only playing six games, but it seems inevitable that that Buckeyes are in by default this year because they are Ohio State.

We’ll know for certain in a little over four hours if the Irish are in or out.

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  1. One very clear argument as to why we should not have been selected #4…had we played a complete Clemson team back in November, we would have experienced our first loss. With the second best record in the ACC on Dec 19th, we would still have played in the ACC Chhampionship…well we saw the results, we would have then been a 2 loss team, not worthy of a spot.

    1. Perhaps.
      It’s also possible tOSU would have lost had they played an additional 5 games. A&M would have lost if they were required to play Bama again.
      Not sure there are many teams that could beat Clemson twice in one season.

  2. As much as I would love to believe, the Irish do not deserve a place in the playoff . That being said, pushing OSU througj to the playoff is a sham of the first order.

    Next yesr? Go Irish!

  3. After ND got blown out by Clemson the last time we made the playoffs I had thought that a 1 loss Irish team would never get the benefit of the doubt again, that they would have to go 12-0 to get in.
    But thanks to unusual circumstances all the Irish had to do was have a respectable showing in this game to get in. We had a shot with one loss. So what did they do, they did everything they could to convince the committee NOT to give them a shot.
    And let’s be honest. If we do, somehow, miraculously get in does anyone think for one second we won’t get routed? Frankly, we’d be better off not getting in. It would only be one more reason for haters to pile on.
    ND fans might as well get used to the fact that our elite days are behind us. BK would be fine as coach at a school like BYU, Northwestern or BC, schools whose goals are mainly to get into bowl games, not win NC’s. But he’s not elite. And the administration and the people that hold the purse strings at ND, despite what they say, are perfectly fine with that.

    1. Damian,

      You’re a voice of reason.

      Please, dear Lord, no POs for this team. Bama will beat them like a rented mule!

  4. I think if Notredame does make the playoff they will play Alabama tough. I dont believe it would be a blowout but highly doubt Notredame will win. I said before that the formula to win a national championship in today’s college football is to have good defense and a 45 to 50 points a game unstoppable offense like Alabama,Ohio State, Clemson and LSU had last year. Kelly has not had that kind of offense at Notredame. Is it the talent or coaching or a combination of both. Maybe this off season he needs to look at his entire offense talent, coaching, philosophy scheme, play calling and makes some changes.

    1. Pete,

      It’s coaching, talent, and administration that doesn’t care about competing for titles but likes to win enough to cash its NBC checks.

      Lea got really exposed yesterday and Reese had no shot against a fully loaded Clemson D. It’s not all Lea’s or Reese’s fault, though. ND just doesn’t have enough skill players at key positions like QB, WR, LB, and especially DB. You’re not going to find to many potential Rhodes Scholars to admit and play for you at those positions.

      Ultimately, ND has to decide if it wants to be a glorified Ivy League program or really compete in today’s FBS college football against the likes of Bama, Clemson, Ohio St., OK, etc.

      BTW, Pete: why do you always write “Notredame”? You do know it’s Notre Dame?

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